The Bicameral Mindfuck

The Bicameral Mindfuck

A lot of the people who tested the “Bicameral Mind Induction” reported that they had amnesia, even without me suggesting it… A lot of people also asked for a full file using the Induction… So here it is – The Bicameral Mindfuck!

It’s probably not as bad as it sounds; it’s just a little – and very harmless – posthypnotic suggestion within a few amnesia suggestions… just to prove the concept and see what’s possible with this approach…

As this file is quite experimental, feedback is especially welcome to help me develop it further… and please also tell me which version you used…

Like with the induction there is a normal version and a full split version…

The Bicameral Mindfuck mp3
The Bicameral Mindfuck flac

The Bicameral Mindfuck (Full Split) mp3
The Bicameral Mindfuck (Full Split) flac

Danikapierce via photopin cc

  1. He heard this file and he love it

  2. He’s not sure what happened, but this file relaxed him. He wants stronger and long lasting audios from You.

  3. He’s not to sure what happened, he thinkis it worked he guesses

  4. I loved this induction and thought it was a little short, but sweet.

  5. This is a great file (the Bicameral Mindfuck full split version). At least for this listener, it induces trance almost immediately and results in total amnesia of the file’s contents. Please make more files using this induction. The trance is so deep that it would be especially good for brainwashing files that are intended to create substantive changes in behavior.

  6. Incredibly file, the split version really takes you down very deep. Would love to see you use more of this technique, as it certainly is very effective. Agree with poster above, this would be great for brainwashing files.

  7. He enjoyed this, and he ‘d like to say the induction was wonderful.

  8. He found it difficult to follow along very well, due to both voices saying different things, but he also can’t remember what was said! Since he can’t remember any of it, he guesses that means the method was effective, despite being tricky to follow normally.
    The amnesia is working on him much better than amnesia suggestions tend to.

  9. He really enjoyed this and would love to hear more files with this induction.

  10. He thought it was really relaxing and he enjoyed it very much! Honestly not sure he remembers much or he’d try to give more info. He used the normal version.

  11. It wants to tell you how much it loved your file. It only remembers feeling so deep and then feeling so good. It wants more of this. This works amazingly on it.

  12. He enjoyed it. I didn’t fall as deep as I could have, but I suppose that comes with repetition and more experience with hypnosis.

  13. She loved the way this made her feel. The emptiness in her brain is truly blissful. She wants this to be in more files and to have more triggers put in her. She is so confused though.

  14. He really really enjoyed this file. He was only planning to give it a test listen but went under anyway without even meaning to. Amnesia isn’t complete but amnesia suggestions have never stuck very well with him in the past anyway. He couldn’t help masturbating to this file, even though it wasn’t sexual, he felt so good. He doesn’t even remember the induction, it’s probably his new favorite induction since it works so well so fast. Used the normal version.

  15. She thinks it didn’t work on her. She wasn’t in trance but it was still very relaxing. She just wanted to say.

    • I think it did work! That’s amazing, wow! Wonderful file! I was certain it didn’t work until I send this comment and read it! Amazing!

  16. Very wonderful file, very relaxing. Her entire body was tingling during the body of the file.

    She will definitely listen again sometime. 🙂

  17. No amnesia for her but she is really confused. And she feels sooo good right now. She realizes exactly what’s happening but can’t do anything about it. Wow! Thank you for this experience.

    • ViVe

      Interesting! Would you be willing to get a throwaway mail address and contact me? Would love to hear a few details about your experience!

      • I created one. It should be in the information related to this reply.

  18. The file didnt have any effect on him. Waste of time. He didnt even go into trance!

  19. She liked it very much, although she thinks she can remember something.

  20. He had no effect at all from this file.

  21. Interesting file. Seemed to have an impact of not quite the full one the file suggested. Very impressive induction though – seems to switch between which side is most clear, with the binaural as a “third voice”. Fairly sure it worked to store extent, but amnesia didn’t, so kinda automatically adjusting reactions in light of knowledge of what suggestions are. Will definitely pay attention to bicam files though…

  22. I guess it didn’t hit me hard enough.The bicam approach doesn’t see to hit me as hard as it should?

  23. Hi Vive, he wanted to give you a quick feedback. He thinks your file is quite good, but he is not sure if the amnesia trigger worked very well. Willow feels that he remembers some parts of his trance.

  24. He was impressed with the audio in this one(split) and he went down very deep. He enjoyed this file very much.

  25. He went really deep quite fast and felt quite dizzy, but not in a bad way, it felt like he was split in two but it felt quite good too him. He enjoyed the file very much.

  26. Jack really enjoyed this file. He doesn’t think the amnesia worked but he has a bit of light-headedness right now. When he tried to focus on both sides at the same time he got lost in your voice and he went into trance much quicker than he has ever gone before. It felt different for Jack though as his mind was working in overdrive but not going anywhere instead of the normal lazy inactive feeling other trances give him. Great job Vive. Jack would really like to listen to other files like this using the same technique.

  27. This was really cool. The one thing that detracts a bit from the experience is that I(haha, he can say that again now) knew what was coming and expected of me before I even listened to the file because of all the comments. However, reading those comments was very entertaining, especially when I joined the ranks.

    Here is a suggestion on how to make it so both you and the user know it is really the post-hypnotic suggestion and not just the person acting out what he/she thinks the file is suppose to do. Instead of having 1 file, have five files. Label them with something innocuous like colors. Have each file suggest that the person comment with a different personality. One could be a slut file, with the user posting how horny he/she is. One could be a trash-talker file, with the user using at least 2 obscenities each sentence. One could be a know-it-all file, with the user proving just how intelligent he/she is by using the most complicated words he/she can think of when simple words would do. These are just suggestions you could use or you could come up with your own personalities.

    You could keep all these files together like the dumbing down series and even say all the personalities in the description up top, but not which personality goes with which color. Also, in the post hypnotic suggestion perhaps you could have it where you tell them not to reveal which color they used in the comments but instead to email you the color they used so you would be able to tell if the personality they posted with fit the file they used.

    Just a suggestion. Thank you for all the hard work you do with these files and for keeping them free for poor folk like me. I’ve been listening to you since the pig series(sorry I dropped off in giving you feedback on that, I can be a bit flaky at times) and you just keep getting better and better with your technique.

    • ViVe


      Thanks for the feedback!

      It’s a nice idea, but I would never do anything more than a really harmless phs without telling the listener what to expect… In my book that’s irresponsible, because anything could potentially trigger some bad reaction… safety first… even with telling them what all do…

      But the beauty of such things is – people will always think “meh, I’m doing it because I want to”… I don’t mind.. Oh – and that’s true even with the most absurd suggestions! 😛

      • JackTheWriter

        I was suggesting just have the personality for making a comment on the file only, just like with this file. Having 5 different files and the person not knowing which one was which would add to the mystery and fun of it.

        • ViVe

          Moved your comment…

          I know what you mean… but I’m a safety freak – and not comfortable with it…

          Also – don’t know if the work/benefit ratio would work out.. Considering I could do five other files in the same time just for a little experiment… not sure if people would appreciate!

          • It’s very hard to create a hypnosis file where someone can’t find out the intended effect by listening to it (well, okay, very hard to do so while still actually having the effect) – so it’s almost impossible to avoid someone knowing what the intended effect is. If you can block the memory of the file, you can probably also block someone’s prior awareness of what the file’s intended to do temporarily.

            Also, as ViVe touched on, someone who’s “just playing along” can be even more fun than someone who accepts and acknowledges your control – I played with someone once who I eventually got to admit was being influenced by me directly (I think it was when they realised their justifications for their odd behaviour were just parrotting things I’d said to them) – but 20 minutes later, they’d once more managed to talk themselves into believing that nothing strange was going on – after all, just because my arguments were compelling doesn’t mean I have any sort of control over them – it just means I made some good points once they really thought about them… 🙂

  28. The induction was great, very relaxing, and the overall approach worked well. The amnesia was good also, but sadly, the post-hypnotic effect didn’t… I (:-() think that I’m just really resistant to them for some reason. I wish I could play along, but…

  29. She is not sure how to describe it but wishes that something didn’t interrupt IRL the way it did, it ruined the suggestion a bit, but she was already thinking of doing it before she even became aware. She also switched genders during it so she thinks this would be a wonderful process for feminization.

  30. she really felt good after listening to this file. she is so grateful

  31. This is a wonderful file. He enjoyed it very much. At some point, he thinks he fell a sleep and he doesn’t remember very much what was in the file. But, he is feeling wonderful anyway. He is very grateful to you.

  32. She felt wonderful and she really enjoyed the video

  33. She almost completely went in to trance for the first time. It did seem to have an effect on her.

  34. She went into trance and as she is writing this comment she realizes that the file works just fine, there is a strong urge in her to write this comment

  35. i feel like i remember the suggestions (thought that may be a result of reading the previous comments) but i enjoyed the file none the less (i think im just resistant to suggestion, though i guess ill see when i reread this)

  36. It’s a nice file. I seem to be getting closer and closer to getting into a trance, but even these bicameral files don’t seem to do the trick :'(

    I did notice that you missed one of the powers of 2, it’s not 33768 but 32768, and you should probably update your induction ;-). If you have any tips for the trancing, please please let me know. I tried many of these files (on WMM and here) and although files like the dumbing down series are nice to listen to and I even do the whole chanting stuff (which does seem to have some effect) I have yet to find something that really really works.

    I love the idea of amnesia though.

  37. I also made the mistake of reading the comments first, which I think made me resistant to the suggestions.

  38. This is a very nice file. The induction seems very effective and now that she is awake she seems very… disoriented and a bit confused. She feels really good though and has enjoyed it very much. She is looking forward to trying more o these, maybe even with the 3 voice style she enjoyed in the experimental files.

    She can also vaguley understand what was said, but it still seems to be affeting her… she wants it to affect her and it is. She is very happy about it whether she remembers or nt. It is… hard. Her mind sems to not want to focus on what the file said to her and told her to do. She just knows that she likes it.

    • Is it bad that I am less surprised by the results than I am appalled that I was disoriented and out of it enough to make so many horrible typos? =P

  39. It is really funny that when he tries to think about the file he only hears about he has to remember to forget and that he feels good now. He felt really good and the amnesia part really kicked hit him hard. He is unsure if he really went as deep as with other inductions but he has to try it more to compare it.

    For a first time he thinks it was a real success and he liked the file very much.

  40. He’s not sure what happened but he is confused because he doesnt remember anything and he’s talking strangely, can someone tell him what happened? Please?

  41. yeah uh I realized what happened and I think it was that the amnesia suggestions were a bit strong and I guess it made forget what the file was about and if I were to take a guess, i’d say there is a post hypnotc suggestion to give feedback whitch made me skip the description, all the comments then give my own feedback

  42. He remembers that he was supposed to forget someting, but he forgot what it was, he went deep, btu he wasn’t sure if it wass as good as the other inductions.

  43. Well, I listened, relaxed, and am not particularly remembering any of it (more by not trying to than by having it on the tip of my tongue) but I think that’s all that’s happened – I’m aware of the intended side-effect (it’s easily deduced from other people’s feedback), and, while it’s possible that my perceptions are just that thoroughly messed up and I’ll post an additional comment in a moment (from the time I post this one), it certainly appears to me that I’m using “I” and “me” a lot in this comment…

  44. So feel a bit out of it. Great induction.
    Sort of aware of the trigger though – since I read the comments beforehand. Couldn’t help but try and fight it a bit. Took a bit of effort to use ‘I’. The amnesia sort of worked – definitely forgot parts of the trance. Really as I am typing this I seem to recall less.

  45. his head if feeling a little fuzzy after thi. he finds it difficult to put his isdeas together because of this. He seems to remember some of the suggestions and he’s not sure if he’s using the thid person because he’s just going along with the file or because it’s a suggestion. he isn’t looking at what he is typing either, so there may be some typos in this test,. it seems to be spilling out of his mind in s freflow way.

    he enjoyed the file a lot and will probably listen again.

    • typos aplenty.

      That was a strange feeling. I always read comments for files, so I knew what the suggestion would be.

      When I was just about to start typing, and thinking what to say, my mind seemed to completely fog over and get stuck in some quicksand for a few seconds, then what you can read there just came out.

      Very interesting.

  46. Sorry no post hypnotic effect. I liked the file…but the bicams don’t seem to do it.

  47. She really enjoyed this file.

  48. He doesn’t think the amnesia part worked because he remembers being in trance and he remembers your commands.
    But he loved the feeling that he felt. It was a good file. :3

  49. I can’t remember anything from the file apart from the first few minutes of the induction, and the count-up at the end. I went deep, that’s for sure. Waking up at the count-up is a sure sign of having been in trance. The amnesia certainly seems to work, although I tend to get somewhat like that from any deep trance, even without suggestions of amnesia. The induction is possibly the best I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve likely listened to more than 50 different ones over the years.

  50. renate went very deeply and enjoyed the relaxatiom. renate needs to relax more everyday.

  51. He really enjoyed this file and this file made him go the deepest yet

  52. he went under deep and woke up at the end. not sure what happened in between

  53. I felt really relaxed but that was about it

  54. He thought that this was an OK induction but he didn’t go as deep as in the trance training file

  55. She really liked this file.

  56. He listened to the split version. He found this one unusual. The induction was good, it worked well for his way of thinking. He listened to this file as the first file from this site so he doesn’t know how this induction compares to ones from others, nor does he yet know what this difference between the split and non-split versions is.

    He feels like there was something more to this than a feeling of well-being. Like he wants to get something but then doesn’t want to get it. He doesn’t really know if that makes sense.

  57. That didn’t feel like it took 20 minutes. That seemed like 10, which was really cool he though. He’d never done any files before here though, so not sure if it worked or not. It probably did, cause he’s feeling pretty good right niw.

  58. this was his second try with this file and he was not disappointed. he isn’t sure if he fell asleep or went extra deep.

  59. That was a very interesting experience. He doesn’t really remember going down, just waking up and his body feeling restful and energized. His mind is feeling blissful, but a little tired; like he was struggling with a logic problem for a long time. A very unique file, thank you.

  60. He said this was pretty amazing and he doesn’t remember what was said before being reawakened


  61. He thinks it works, and remembers some of the suggestions. He definitely felt relaxed.

  62. He like it a lot. He found it powerful 😉

  63. He has trouble remembering what happened in this trance but regardless, he is sure that he enjoyed it.

  64. This is a good file. His headphone doesn’t work fully in both channels, so he is not sure he got the full effect, but it is very relaxing. He is grateful that this file is available.
    He would recommend this file to anyone who is interested in the subject.

  65. I have to admit that I found it very relaxing. Not sure if it fully worked. I fount that my mind did tend to wander. I have to admit it was pleasant.

  66. She found this file to be extremely relaxing. She can’t wait for more files like these.

  67. She knows what the suggestion is and struggled a bit to resist it. She knows that she’ll feel good following the post-hypnotic suggestion, even if she’s aware of what it is. Obviously, the amnesia didn’t happen for her, but it was still a relaxing file, and she was surprised at which parts she listened to the left brain and which parts she listened to the right brain.

  68. She thinks she fell asleep but isn’t really sure. She enjoyed it either way!

  69. She enjoyed this better than she expected she would. She knows she is using third-person pronouns on purpose, but she thinks that its important that she continues doing it. She is convinced that she didn’t forget anything, but the file did seem much shorter than 20 minutes. She can’t remember why it seems shorter. She plans to listen to a similar file which also experiments with amnesia, for comparison of effectiveness. Maybe she will post feedback there, too. Golly, she feels good about posting this feedback. Was “feel good for posting feedback” part of the posthypnotic component of this file? She doesn’t remember.

  70. it thoroughly enjoyed the trance and felt so much pleasure from its little nap. It felt completely paralyzed from the effects of the induction but more on its right side than its left – it tried to twitch its eyelids a few times during the induction and the left eye responded several times but the right never did – perhaps because it’s right-handed?

  71. It really enjoyed the file, it thinks. It has a hard time remembering specifics, but was enjoyable. It knows what the suggestion was because it read the comments before but it still has to do it. One thing that bugged it is (it was taught) your brain is cross-wired so when you hear something in your right ear, it’s processed in your left-brain.

  72. Sorry, didn’t work for me, heard and remembered process and suggestion, tried many hypno and none work for me, guess I’ll have to resign that I can’t be hypnotised!

    • ViVe

      Too bad… glad you’re a nice guy and followed the suggestion to write feedback anyway! 😉

  73. He realizes that he can not really remember what’s happening. He feels that he knows that hes typing he instead of he. But, he’s still confused right now. He hopes this feedback is helpful.

  74. She knows how wicked she is. She can not stop touching herself. A penis shaped lollipop sliding in and out of her mouth. She is barely able to type. Cumming is inevitable. She thanks you for her orgasm.

  75. He enjoyed letting his mind slip away

  76. She feels dizzy. Her eyes are going in and out of focus, but that may be because she was listening at a rather late hour. She thinks that this file was likely successful in what it was meant to do, but isn’t sure.

  77. Wow. He listened to this file right after sweet surrender, and he spent most of the time listening to the left side, but felt it all slip away near the end. He has had trouble entering trance in the past, but after waking from this file, he really has to focus to even type straight. He typed “wow” wrong initially. So good. he’ll be listening to more!

  78. Wow this file was good. He really enjoyed listening too it and felt so relaxed. He found it very hard to recall any of the contents of the file. He thinks this file is one of the most effective he has heard so far.

  79. Wanderer is really glad he is making a long stop here. This is the most safe website he has visited. You say what is in each hypnosis. Thank you very much. I feel fantastic and happy. Happy is unusual for Wanderer as he has been in deep depression for almost 5 decades. THANK YOU for suggesting happiness!!!! I do vaguely remember things, like to do this in third person, which was automatic except once when a mistake in that was made.

  80. Ben really liked to listen to this file. It sent him deep into trance – even when the amnesia didn’t work on him (he never managed to experience amnesia yet). He even remembers why he’s writing this comment the way he does – but it simply feels right to use the third person – although Ben knows that it’s a suggestion that he shouldn’t remember.
    Thank you so much for your great work.

  81. She liked this file. She’s not sure if she remembers anything or not. She Brain feels funny.

  82. she went so deep so fastm she;s nor awake yet realy, she doesn’t know what was said, she couldn’tt follow both channels like normal. her spelling is atrocios because she doesn;t want to watch her fingers, she’s starinf at the furniture a bit off to the right, she wishes she.d learned how to touch type better for you

    Alright, that’s embarrassing to look at. Now that systems are back online… With the exception of a few words that were offset and didn’t look like words, I’m gonna leave it. Truth in advertising 😉
    I flipped my headphones around before really getting started, because I was taught that the right ear audio gets processed by the left brain and vice versa, and I knew it’d bug me and I’d keep wondering about it if I left them on the “matching” side.
    Worked quite well, clearly. As stated above, I have no idea what was said, which could either be the suggestions or just that I’d let go of trying to consciously follow both sets of words because it was Too Much. (The moment I gave up on that felt sooo nice and I could feel myself sliding smoothly down into a really good trance)
    I didn’t want to wake back up. The awakener lightened the trance, but I just kind of blissed out and let myself float for a bit before coming to give feedback. I knew what the suggestion was from reading the comments beforehand, didn’t see any reason to fight it or not play along. It’s one of those things where I don’t know whether I was just “playing along” like I thought or if the suggestion took root and I was only justifying it to myself.

  83. she went so deep for you, not sure what was in the file but she still feels so relaxed and tingly with pleasure 🙂

  84. Mandy thought this file was great! She’s very relaxed and felt like she went very deep

  85. He listened to this file and he thought it kind of worka. He doesn’t feel as if there is any amnesia though. He does, however feel very relaxed and hopes this induction will be used again.

  86. She thought this file was great. The feeling of relaxation really stuck with her. The amnesia seams to be partial, because she can remember the induction, but not much that comes afterwards.

  87. He wasnt sure this would work but there was a definite push to leave you some feedback even though he remembers what you said.

  88. Interesting file, i do remember parts of it, ill probably come back to it later. Nice to have just feel good files every now and then

  89. He feels nice and relaxed when in trance, though the both sides can be quite disturbing when he is not sure which one to follow, but it is a good feeling.

  90. He listened to the full split version, not sure if it worked on him completely since he does realize that he can not seem to type the word he. So he guesses it did even though he remembers being told to refer to himself in this manner. Maybe he is just playing along but to be honest it doesn’t feel that way since he does realize he is thinking he but is typing he. So he guesses in some way it must have worked on himself. Thank you for the wonderful files He has listened to several now and he has had some effect with all. The bicameral full split inductions seem to have the best effect on him. he seems to have a deeper experience when he listens to those types inductions. The Experiment still seems to be the best response he had so far he will have to listen to it again. He also wants to try the Xenophile mp3 but since he doesn’t have a lot of free time alone he has not had the chance yet. He just want to thank you again for such wonderful work. He is so glad he found your site.

  91. I love the feeling of the split voice induction. I don’t think the amnesia or the trigger worked, sadly, since i wanted it to.

  92. He really had no intention of leaving feedback on any of the files, but something made him. He’s having a lot of trouble focusing on what was in the file, every time he tries his thoughts just stop.

  93. He doesn’t quite know what happened! He suspects he knows the gist of the file, but that may just be his left brain inferring a few things from context 🙂 All he remembers about the trance itself is the bicameral nature, something about holding hands… multiplication? It’s all pretty fuzzy. He also feels really good about posting this for some reason 🙂

  94. Great file. Bicam always works best for her. Went so deep and don’t remember much at all.

  95. He really liked the idea of this file and would like to see more files using this technique as he likes the approach of directly talking to his mind from the begonning to the end.

  96. He couldn’t tell if the trigger worked or if he just wanted to do what the trigger told him on his own to reinforce it.

  97. She found this file very relaxing and pleasurable. For a little fun she listened to this then oblivion/Reboot then this again. While she was listening to the files words of the feedback to say kept popping up in her mind, and went under in oblivion faster than she has before (though did not need to reboot after). Remember parts of the file but she looses it shortly tare.

  98. I am not sure that it worked for me. I recall most of it. That said I had trouble remembering anything until after being counted back up.

  99. I enjoyed the two voice effect, but the amnesia didn’t kick in, and I don’t think the post-hypnotic suggestion had an effect.

  100. Well, he’s beginning to get the hang of these more deliberate amnesia suggestions. He remembers the induction (a combo of the fog suggestion and the…well some of the induction, anyway). He also remembers the bit where the fog is lifted and the bits leading up to the awakener. That whole fog suggestion really seems to make it easier for him to block of the bits he’s not supposed to remember, and he’s pretty sure he can remember an almost physical shifting sensation in his brain when the fog lifts. He knows he’s still in trance, but it’s as if a different part of him is responding. Anyway, it was a masterfully done file, and he hopes to see this approach used more often, primarily when amnesia is to be involved.

    • Blast it, I knew I forgot something! I listened to the non-split version.

  101. He went deep and found it hard to focus on any side of the file. He is not really able to remember what was said or why he’s very much compelled to write this feedback… He had fun listening!

  102. I liked the induction overall but suggestions never seem to work on me! It felt like only five minutes, though.

  103. Monique really enjoy this file. It made her relax so deeply. Voices all over her, so soothing but it also made her a bit dizzy. She loved being led, she wants it to happen again sometime soon. Please Vive take her back there again.

  104. What a happy girl you made Monique. You took her back into the fog once more.
    Guiding her looking after her. Thank you Vive, Monique loves you for it.
    Monique xxx

  105. i really enjoyed the trance it was deep and relaxing. Don’t think the amnesia thing worked tho -.- difficult for me to let go and release controll. Good job tho 🙂

  106. Unfortunately I didn’t get either the amnesia effects or the suggestion properly from the file, might try again later.

  107. He really liked this file. He fell so deep into trance, much deeper than others he has tried. Thank you so much. He would like to see more with this.

  108. he is feeling more and more pleasure now too

  109. This was an…interesting file. She thinks that the amnesia worked, although she still remembers the beginning. She thinks this was the most effective induction she’s ever experienced, something about the split voices makes it difficult for her to focus to anything else.

  110. She thought that this was a strange file, but she really enjoyed the relaxation. She wasn’t sure if it would work, but in the end it did.

  111. she is not quite sure if the trance worked on her or not

  112. I don’t really think that it worked too well

  113. He felt pretty good while in trance.

  114. I think it didn´t work as it should. Feeling pretty good, a little confused but i can remember a little. And i´m feeling horny.

  115. No amenesia for this girl, but she only remembers what was said on the right hand side. A little disorienting and I accidentally woke up a little too soon. ^^; Would like to try more files though!

  116. Monique loved two Vives talk to her at once

  117. He really enjoyed it it worked even though he saw all the comments but who knows

  118. Was confused when end just cut off feel good remember though just lay there for a few minutes when it ended felt nice forgot to move for a bit just stayed relaxed still feel some now but yeah he remembers but still felt nice

  119. She felt weird coming out of that. Her mind was fuzzy, and it took her five tries to enter her passphrase, and fix spelling errors.
    She feels nice though. The fogginess in her core somehow brings her joy. Although, she should probably go to sleep….

  120. He loved this session. He doesn’t really remember much. Just how good it felt to fall asleep while listening to the two voices.

  121. he guesss he’s here writing feedback but he’s not sure what the big deal is?

  122. Monique truly loves this one.
    She’s feeling so warm and fuzzy now and wants to thank Vive for fucking her mind is such a good way.
    M xxx

  123. She is slightly comfused, and feel like she does in fact remember the suggestion to type in third-person, but cannot type in first no matter how hard she tries. She doesnt remember anything before the first “mind-wipe” but everything before the second one

  124. he needs to leave feedback. he loves being brainwashed.

  125. I enjoyed the file but I don’t think the amnesia worked on me because of my pre-knowledge from reading the comments. I’d love to know if its possible to still implant the post hypnotic conditioning on someone who has prior knowledge or if you just have to stay spoiler free. Maybe I just didn’t go deep enough.

    • As I was typing I did have to blink forcibly everytime I typed in first person. So I guess there was something there as disobeying the suggestion caused a bit of a physical reaction I think.

  126. He went very deep. He remembers some of the suggestions but not the whole file. It was good.

  127. She is not sure me that the suggestion worked… like if she is doing it to make it work of doing it be a ur it worked…… hm. . she was aware of it and thinks that next time she could do a better hob of being suggestible. I am pretty sure it didn’t reammt wkrk o me and I cans say I again now

    • Holy frijoles, look at that spelling! I think this only half-worked. Maybe being aware of the suggestion was what watered the effect down. I also have always been a bit of a control freak, so giving something like that up is pretty difficult for me since I am a little scared to “let go” so easily. I was also having a hard time looking at my keyboard and caring about which buttons I was supposed to press haha. I remember fog and “forgetting to remember and remembering to forget” but just mow that I try to remember more of it….. it kinda fades…. I don’t remember the induction I don’t think…. maybe? Ok, maybe this was more effective than I thought. A very cool file! First time trying a post-hypnotic suggestion! Thanks ViVe.

  128. While I do feel like I experienced some amnesia, an you can tell by my grammar I didn’t get all of it. But that’s just a side effect.

    The two induction thing, with one in both ear really put me deep (at least by my standards) and is likely one of the more effective inductions I’ve had. It was layered beautifully, and really just put me down in a way I didn’t fully expect.

    Now, I do feel like I have some gap in my memory , from the beginning of the fog until you started the suggestion about feedback, I feel like I’m missing something there,like there was a part I DID forget, or maybe it just went to fast. I’m not sure, but I’m finding that not being is kind of exciting.

    I came back into when you started the suggestion on feedback, and using the third person. I still feel compelled to leave feedback, but the third person suggestion just didn’t stick, for whatever reason. And I still remember the rest of the trance from there, so maybe I came up a bit to much in that section or something.

    Anyway, I do think this file is awesome, I and it seems to have worked for many people before me, so maybe someday soon it will work for me too! Thanks ViVe!

  129. He tested the file but can remember everything. He tried to write HE, but failed.

  130. When will he be able to write he again?

  131. Ok, now He writes he.

  132. I’m not sure what I just listened to, but I enjoyed it. Normal version. I couldn’t really follow anything, numbers sequence and deeper and lot’s of left brain. It was quite relaxing and I wonder what it would have been like if I hadn’t read comments beforhand.

  133. He was aware of the voice(s)? in the middle, but unfortunately, when they all combined at the end it snapped him out of trance somewhat

  134. wow,he felt really wonderful after listening to this file. it makes his mind a bit nervous and stressing at the beginning, but soon his mind felt deeper as with other files. he hopes the other files will soon have a same nice effect.

    the merge of the voices at the end was a nice experience too.

    thanks for the file

  135. I’m pretty sure, I’m not supposed to know that it makes you talk about yourself in 3-person beforehand. Oh well, I’ll try something else

  136. It found the file to be very relaxing. It enjoyed it very much.

  137. He remembers what was said but still felt he should follow the suggestion after some debate.

  138. VvamtI stemmed to the full split file. Is was really cool how stuff just bounced around so vacant’so focus switched between ears. Vacant thoughthe it would be confusing but it wasn’t at all.

    • Ummm yeah.
      “Vacant listened” should be the start of that 😉

  139. He really like the file it felt nice for him to go down. This was his first amnesia file and he loved it!

  140. He really enjoyed this file. Very deep induction.

  141. He has trouble remembering the file, but it is still there a bit.

  142. He didn’t forget suggestions and he tried to fight desire to leave a comment, he tried not to use third person sentences (even in this sentence he tried to write another numeral, but hands refused to type something else but “third”). WoW! He didn’t think it will work on him and for the first (wow again! here he can type “first” without any trouble!) hour after listening he just didn’t think about commenting and live his life. But then he suddenly thought “why not to comment?”, after another hour little intention became an urge and finally he surrendered. What was a surprise when he found out that he could use only third person sentences!
    Amazing! He realizes that he is writting about himself in third person manner but it is the only way to satisfy the urge to comment, only that manner he can type! And he remember that this urge was implanted into his mind.
    He think amnesia suggestion didn’t work because of comments he read before listening. He paid special attention to the third person suggestion during trance and spoke to himself “not to forget!not to forget!not to forget!…” till the end of file.

  143. This was an interesting file. it was listened to after listening to the my toy 1 for the 2nd time. and this file was very enjoyable. this one really enjoyed the full split of your voices and felt very blissful and floaty. thank you for the pleasure you bring this one.

  144. He went quite deep and was quite relaxed. He enjoyed it a lot.

  145. So like her arm totally fell asleep, probably because she sat up in. The bath for this. The file was pretty fun, although she does remember a bunch of it (don’t sit up Dani! Lie. Down.) But whatever. Had a weird thing where her left right neck relaxed at different times (right, then left, then right), maybe because the induction hit her left/right/left, but I thought I would report it. Anyway, she’s kinda weirded out about the first person pronoun in the last sentence, two of them, but this is my report so Dani can just lump it. Any-hoo, I did enjoy the file (mp3 full version). It’s fun to give the report for her. She still listens to like 3.5 hours of your files nearly every night, for the past two months. Crazy, right? She loves it. You’re awesome ViVe! Hugh and kisses from accross the internet!

  146. he really this liked file, he feel really relaxed right now and he thinks he is going to listen to another of your file.

  147. I dont think the she/he/nickname work for me, I don´t know if a remember it all, because I feel lke the 20 mins passed unusually fast. But I being looking something to fell more into trance. Any recomendations?

  148. He really liked this file he went into trance very fast he feels relaxed

  149. He finds that the finger will just not press the letter of the first person. At least not as a word on its own. He recognizes that this is happening, and could possible force the keypress if he really wanted but it does not come out and he doesn’t.

    Vive, thank you, he really enjoyed this.

  150. He can’t understand why, but he feels it’s such a big deal to post a review. He liked it, that’s for sure

  151. Jessie Thought this was quite well done. He felt very floaty and warm and he can’t remember much of anything after the memory fog. Normally he can, but not this time.

  152. Jose fand diese Datei klasse. Sie würde gerne mehr von diesen Dateien hören, denn sie fühlt irgendwie, dass es sie auf eine besondere Art glücklich macht. sie hörte full split in der Nacht, kurz vor dem Einschlafen. Gleich nach dem Aufwachen hatte sie das Bedürfnis, diesen Kommentar zu schreiben. Was allerdings in der Hypnose gesagt wurde, keine Ahnung. Immer, wenn sie versucht es zu fokussieren, “schnalzt” es weg.

  153. She realizes what happens and enjoys it. She feels very relaxed, a bit fuzzy and very good

  154. He had a nice time with the session. The split audio made him feel really nice and confused, as he slipped easily. He is thankful for the experience.

  155. She doesn’t know why she is leaving a comment. She can remember only a small amount at the beginning of the file, and that the file seems much shorter than it was. She doesn’t remember why she is referring to herself in the third person. She feels very pleasured and is happy to leave this comment

  156. Not quite sure what went on in that file. He always jumps when the voices begin to come back together in these binaural files, and jumps a little bit when the countdowns seem to skip or make the left brain say, ‘Wait a minute, what did you say?’ Can’t decide which voice is louder in his head. Feels like he could type a vertical letter if he wanted to, but just feels it’s more fun not to. He remembers the bit about the feedback, isn’t sure what else was in there, if anything. More power to your elbow, Vive.

  157. He thinks this file did not work it is ok tho alot of files do not work on him

  158. He loved this file and he used the full split version. He felt very strange during this file, he would love more like it

  159. They only remember small bits of trance but very effective.

  160. He really enjoyed this file. He didn’t think he could go so deep but wow what a trip. Very good!

  161. This felt wonderful! they really enjoy these kind of multilayered vocal tracks. It was easy for them to lose themself and sink deeper as the words jumbled in their head. They found themself more consciously focused on the left track. Amnesia suggestions don’t typically work for them, but they still feel compelled to leave feedback, even with a vague memory of what they’re meant to do.

    • They’re still thinking in third person after commenting. Trying to get out of that headspace is difficult. I can force an “I” for a moment but they keep drifting back to “they” again. They wonder if this is their brain’s way of compensating for their lack of amnesia.

  162. I decided to give this one a go out of curiosity and it was a very interesting approach (fullsplit version, btw)- I tended to listen only to the right side but maybe as a suggestion, I only felt myself go REALLY deep at the end when the two voices suddenly merged. I do have that kind of foggy feeling in my head since it was so hard to really keep up with anything but I do remember the hypnotic suggestion even if a little foggy.

    Maybe had there been some playing with the merging voices/unmerging the voices, it would have even gotten me even deeper, as it’s an interesting concept to play with but that was honestly when I felt the deepest in the trance. Then again it might just be my resistance to certain hypnotic suggestions at play and the way my brain is wired differently too, so take this opinion with a grain of salt.

    It was still a very good trance since it gave my mind more to work with and concentrate on which I tend to have issues with concentration at times. I’d be interested in seeing more inductions like this!

  163. Wow…. he really wasn’t sure how much this would work. It got him deeper than he has been before. He still knows what’s happening and he can’t really shake the suggestion – he wishes hypnotic amnesia worked on him better but he has a tough time letting go of his safety and fear.

    Maybe he needs to watch more Vive.

  164. First time she tried the file it didn’t work. This is the second time and she doesn’t remember hearing the content this time, but remembers from the first listen, so she knows it worked. She realizes what’s going on and tries to put it in the first person, but is unable to move her hands to those keys or think on what to continue typing. One time she managed to press the key for first person, the result was a mixture of ‘She’ and ‘It’ mixed together.

  165. Well he read the comments before he listened to the file, so I don’t think that suggestion will work. But the file was very effective. He went into trance very quickly, and he thinks the amnesia did work to some extent. He thinks he remembered most of the file as I came out of trance, but now it seems to be more difficult to remember it, a bit like a dream. Very nice file!

  166. He really liked this file. Amnesia triggers are his favorite, and this one was very powerful. Being controlled without his awareness is really great for him.

  167. She thought it was an alright file, but she remembers a little bit. She thinks the suggestion may have been somewhat effective, though. She also enjoyed it, but as this was her first mindfuck file she wasn’t sure what she was getting into and often found herself swapping back and forth between tracks. She honestly couldn’t hear the third track in the backgound, but she suspects that may have been intentional.

  168. he remembers bits and parts of it, and is worried he may have fallen asleep during the file. but he feels good.

  169. He feels unimaginably good. He can’t remember the content. But he suspects it was entirely focused on relaxation. And he also suspects that multiple voices guided him nicely down. He is so happy and refreshed. He would love to hear more.

  170. He didn’t feel like he went under as deep as other files, but he still felt quite rested and happy when he woke from trance.

  171. He doesn’t know or remember what happened. Full split. In lala land. Totally checked out. What are you doing to him? He is very excited. He cannot think form himself. He seems happy.

  172. This was a weird to relax to. It took longer than normal it thinks but gave her a nice floaty feeling and it felt really happy afterwards. It like the fact that it was fairly short too. It would listen again.

  173. Dear Mr. V

    Thank you for this file, he was very intrested in the dual channel audio and it did not dissapoint. He is going to have to return to this file to experience this again.

    Again, thank you

  174. he thinks it didn’t work, couldn’t feel trance maybe another listen?

  175. He feels so nice, it is so amazing, his mind got literally fucked, it feels incredible, thank you sir, he is really happy

  176. He does not really know what happens but it was Nice and He want more 🙂

  177. It was alright. She found it fairly relaxing and she enjoyed trying to listen to both sides. She wishes this were used in more files though.

  178. I can definitely type in first person and the amnesia suggestions didn’t work fully – though I remember the basic content, I don’t remember a lot of the specific words. The urge to leave a comment is definitely there tho.

    Full split.

    I definitely do like this style of file though. I’ve often messed around with similar things myself, just overlaying multiple files with the same or similar triggers, just to overwhelm my conscious mind.

  179. She enjoyed this file a lot She thinks you should do more like this. It was hard for her to stay focused.

  180. Full split: She feels very relaxed and cannot remember the contents of the trance. She liked it a lot and will try it again soon.

  181. Toyslave enjoyed the file although he cant remember much. He just know it feels good en relaxing.

  182. I don’t think it really worked. I am pretty conscious of what I am writing. I felt good in trance though.

  183. I don’t think it really works. I am pretty conscious of what I am writing. I felt good in trance though.

  184. I came all over my fingers. wsa that supossed to happen? i can’t think anymore.

  185. scatslavegay enjoyed not just this file but many others of your creation. it has been seduced by your voice. The inflections of your voice seem to take a wide number of nuances that lead to those who listen to a wide world of situations. This makes scatslavegay impossible to resist and awakens an inescapable desire to obey. He has also enjoyed your audios about erasing ego and pigdom and would really like to be led by your voice to even lower levels of humiliation and degradation.

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