The Feminine Light

The Feminine Light

This file is a variation on the “White Light” file… instead of putting you into a mindless happy state it creates a very feminine and girly state of mind… The feminine light flowing through your body, relaxing it and all your normal and all your male thoughts are drown out in the bright feminine light…

Like the white light this file can be used as an induction especially for files along those lines (there is no awakener), just for itself to make you feel very feminine and it’s also loopable (but if you just loop it on it’s own please use a sleep timer or a playlist so it stops at some point – just to be safe!)

After you awaken, you can stay in this (wonderful feminine) mindset as long as you like. But you will revert to normal whenever you decide to or when you go to sleep, whichever comes first.

This file is actually completely gender neutral and can be used by anyone who wants to get into a more feminine mindset…

There are different flavours of this file, a “normal” version as well as two versions using a female TTS voice…

The Feminine Light mp3
The Feminine Light flac

The Feminine Light (Light TTS Version) mp3
The Feminine Light (Light TTS Version) flac

The Feminine Light (Heavy TTS Version) mp3
The Feminine Light (Heavy TTS Version) flac

Anya Sergeeva via photopin cc

  1. Listened to this on loop last night and ended up falling asleep. Woke up this morning with my headphones still in my ear and still listening. I usually toss and turn when I sleep, but I seemed to sleep fairly this time.

    When I was wake though, this file took me deep, just like White Light did.

    I realize that sleeping through hypnosis doesn’t actually help that much, but I haven’t noticed much of a change in anything as of right now.

    I think the toughest thing about this file, much like feminine conditioning, is that there are no suggestions on how to act. It is left up to you to determine what is feminine or girly, and what that means as far as actions, thoughts, and behaviors. Maybe I haven’t committed to either file enough to get an effect, but it is just hard to tell if it has any effect when I don’t know what effects to look for.

    • ViVe

      Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

      Usually it’s considered that suggestions during your sleep won’t work – though it’s still debated if they influence your dreams (do you happen to remember any dreams?)…

      But it’s nice it helped you sleep! (I found out a lot of people use the white light as a sleeping aid)

      I usually go with the “use your own definition” as i consider my feminization files more as “self help” and not as “forced feminization”… i want to help you to have a nice experience, not “force” you to do anything i decide… and if you have the desire you usually have a pretty good idea of what you want…

      For a more specific question – do you feel more confident with your feminine side? Safer with it? More in tune with it?

      • Well, I’ve been listening to Feminine Conditioning, Sissy Acceptance, as well as this file, I haven’t noticed my feminine side being more confident. However, since listening, I have been more confident in general.

        As far as being in tune with my feminine side? I’m not sure either. I’ve been coming more in tune with myself lately because I am starting to realize that what I have passions for are not what I’ve committed almost four years of college life to. I’ve been tuning into my overall self in that respect.

        I should note that I have a tough time sitting down and committing to a file. I’ll listen to it for two or three days and then drop the routine when something big for school comes up.

  2. Well, it’s a great induction and I thank you for it, ViVe. Your voice is really soft and nice in the first file and I enjoy it but I think that the TTS are not a good idea. I would prefer a human voice, yours in this case, much more commanding. (the type of voice you use in your brainwashings). Sorry again about my English.

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