The Dandelion

The Dandelion

This file is a bit experimental… It brings you back to your childhood and lets you relive a nice memory… then helps you to experience the same memory as your ideal female version of yourself… If you want, you can hold on to this memory as your preferred truth and let it change your other memories into their female version…

I’ve gone at this very gentle, so this file doesn’t make you forget that the memory change happened and is very permissive so that you can hold on to every original memory you want. The gentle approach should also prevent any problems that may result from being confronted with your “old” past…

It’s still a permanent file, so be sure you want it and listen on your own risk!

The Dandelion White Light Induction mp3
The Dandelion White Light Induction flac

nicolee_camacho via photopin cc

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  1. Can you please make me a teenage girl named Jessica

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