Subject 0.84

Subject 0.84

This file combines the “Deep Down” Induction with the trigger from “Subject 0.5”. You will be brought down into a deep trance, then I will set the trigger phrase “and let’s begin” that I use in almost all of my files as a trance trigger.

Subject 084 (White Light Version) mp3

like to drown (license)


  2. I accept the induction trigger, I write it to with the flow of the file, perhaps it will help me to trance better and be an ‘actor’ in the other files, I don’t think I trance very deeply, I blank more or less over the zero induction, the from the tank to the end I tranced but not very deeply I think (perhaps a little more than my first time with ‘deep down’), at each switch of story I had some weird muscular twich but it wasn’t a relaxing trance, I often have cramp in the neck when I trance as my head roll on one side.
    How do you become an ‘actor’ of the story in your head during the trance and feel everything ?
    Even the sound of my apartment in not quiet in my head, only feel more distant and less important.
    I would love to really experience ‘The Bull’ and a few other files (around pup/doggy subject, the humper, the heat and/or the chastity ones)

  3. I accept the induction trigger, great file, not much to say, can’t wait to listen again.

  4. I accept the induction trigger. So deep, so nice. The mind is still slowly restarting. Thank you

  5. I accept the induction trigger, and now I got to hurry off 😉

  6. I accept the induction trigger. I remember the servings round of white light. Then nothing. Then you counting me up. I feel good.

  7. I accept the induction trigger. Went so deep I remember nothing!

  8. I accept the induction trigger. Not often that I go so deep that I remember nothing. Just the beginning of the zero induction, and being counted back up.

  9. Is it recommended I watch 0.5 first, or is this an alternative?

  10. i accept the induction trigger.

  11. I accept the induction trigger.

  12. I accept the induction trigger.

  13. I acept the inducción trigger. Thanks.

  14. I accept the induction trigger. Thank you

  15. I accept the induction trigger. The mirror was a little scary. A “perfectly safe” bit might have helped. My core was a cylinder of glowing plasma protected by thick glass, and there was no way it could be touched or affected by anything. So the book became just a safety/training manual, and putting it in the box was useless. I was goofing off at that point and distracted, but feeling happy to be in such a strong active imagination and dreamspace. So saying the trigger words served to send me deeper in that room after having used Fractions a few times. I will probably stick with simple Fractions, but did enjoy this trance. Danke.

  16. I accept the induction trigger.

  17. I accept the induction trigger.

  18. I accept the induction trigger.

  19. I accept the induction trigger. I still can’t shut down my conciousness, even in my deep core. I end up with zero thougts, but still listening and kinda aware. thanks

  20. I accept the Induction trigger

  21. I accept the induction trigger.

  22. I accept the induction trigger. Awesome file.

  23. I accept the induction trigger.

  24. I accept the inducion trigger.

    I listend to deep induction before and loved how deep it took me. This time I was listing late night and in the middle of file was like “oh hell no I’m much too tired, gonna stop listing and sleep” but I couldn’t. I actually felt like forced to listen to an end. Very nice file, hope it will strengthen effects of your others files.

  25. I accept the induction trigger. Went very deep and loved every moment. I want to experience this feeling again.

  26. I accept the induction trigger.

  27. I accept the induction trigger. listened deeper then ever been

  28. I accept the trigger. At least I think I do, I have very little recollection of anything from about the time I started listening. I was awoken mid way through by an external distraction (during the blanket covering I think). I now have a wonderful feeling of satiated inner vagueness. What a wonderful feeling. I will listen to this again, a lot! Love the extra induction ViVe, which augmented the zero induction perfectly for me.

  29. I ACCEPT THE INDUCTION TRIGGER. Without an interruption this file has obviously worked better. I feel refreshed yet I feel remember everything.

  30. I accept the induction trigger. I am your obedient subject.

  31. I accept the induction trigger. I do feel that I may get bored with the deep down induction because it is so long. I already start part way through the zero induction. I did notice the trigger phrase at the start of each story, so maybe I could begin at one of these points…

  32. I accept the induction trigger.

  33. I accept the induction trigger. I listened after the subject 1.0 and Subject .05 files and found that I was able to go very deep.

  34. I accept the induction trigger.

  35. I accept the induction trigger

  36. I accept the induction trigger.

  37. I accept the induction trigger.

  38. I accept the induction trigger… what an amazing trance I feel great after the trance and just remember going sooo deep

    • and it works amazing…. I do not remember a word of the induction in the file i just listened too… and I was much much deeper than previously… Wow

  39. i accept the induction trigger.
    I DO accept the induction trigger!
    well….. that was interesting!
    towards the end i did notice that i felt some slight discomfort in my body from not moving for so long and i worried that that ment i wasn’t actually very deep into trance but as soon as you started brining me back i realised how deep i truly was.
    i’m really curious to see how this trigger will work in the future.

    side note: there are 3 files called subject ……. and it’s unclear to me in which order they should be listened to this one clearly mentions that it continues on from the subject 0.5 one but i can’t figure out where the subject 1.0 fits in. logic sas if 0.5 goes before 0.84 then it’s counting up and 1.0 should go after 0.84 but the text at subject 1.0 says that it’s the first of a series implying it should be first………….

    • Subject 0.5 is a preliminary file that isn’t really part of the series.

      Subject 1.0 is the first (and, so far, only) file in the planned series.

      Subject 0.84 is a reworking of Subject 0.5 to (ideally) be more effective.

      So 0.84 replaces 0.5 and neither is directly related to 1.0, but all three have the intention of making you more responsive to ViVe’s other files…

      • thank you kindly for the explanation that makes it all much clearer for me.

        i’m bummed to report no real noticeable effect from this file and the trigger, i suppose i’ll just have to give it a couple more tries in due time 😉

  40. i accept the induction trigger

  41. I accept the induction trigger.

    So relaxing, have no idea what happened but the first line means I know something did 😛

    Great file 🙂

  42. I accept the induction trigger.

  43. I accept the induction trigger

  44. I accept the induction trigger…

    The multiple levels of the deep down induction was very effective on me. I had a bit of trouble clearing my mind at first, but the various levels helped me overcome that problem. This is definitely the deepest I have ever gone. I felt very refreshed coming out of the trance. I have not had a chance to try out the trigger with other files, but I am hopeful. I may listen to this one again first just to help solidify the trigger.

  45. I accept the induction trigger. This was so intense, so good.

  46. I accept the induction trigger.

  47. I accept the induction trigger

  48. I accept the induction trigger

    Wow the deep down induction was really intense really took me deep down and froze me. still feeling the effects and it has been about 15 mins since I came out.

  49. i accept the induction trigger

  50. I accept the induction trigger.
    This deep down induction extension is incredible.
    It’s never happened to me before but you took me so deep here I woke to my alarm 8 hours later, not your wake up Vive. I remember getting to the end of the standard zero induction and then nothing more. ZERO.
    It’s a bit spooky but ……. Exhilarating at the same time.

  51. I accept the induction trigger

  52. I accept the induction trigger.
    This file is great. Went real deep, although it got a little scary near the end. First time I think I really tranced. Thanks ViVe!

  53. I accept the induction trigger.

  54. I accept the induction trigger.

    I’ve listened to some of your audios, now and then, since I first found your site, roughly two months ago. The ones I’ve enjoyed thus far until now, have been in your story/internal adventure, “fantasy” category. Not all of them are to my tastes of course, but a good number of such, are.

    Now, I’m sure I would have gotten around to leaving commentary on at least the audios that I particularly enjoyed. Both to express my appreciation, and because artists need feedback. Often the more in-depth the feedback, the better. And preferably, from many and varied sources.

    But, I literally, could NOT simply “leave it for later sometime”, as far as writing my comment response, here. Not for this audio.

    Until I put in at least the required reply information, and then the initial “I accept the induction trigger”, opening sentence…I was, I believe, to some extent or another, still partly in trance. Functional, but my mind and body both, were sluggish to think and to act, even in response to the comment making task at hand, itself.

    However? Once I had typed out my acceptance of the induction trigger, I was able to pause writing more for that moment, and do a few things away from my computer that needed attending to. And, reasonably quickly, but in a gradual, fluid, easy fashion that felt quite natural; I was soon again, completely alert, aware, fully physically responsive and mind running at a mile a minute, per usual for myself.

    As far as immediately after listening to the audio itself, went…I was aware of what I was doing, and I knew even then, that I COULD have NOT done so, if I’d HAD to, or if I VERY strongly, DIDN’T want to. But other than that? Honestly, this is the first time that I’ve experienced a true, real, full-blown, physical post-hypnotic “triggered response” from a hypnoses audio. Well, other than a few mild, hypnotic suggestion caused, physiological response reactions, from some audios of other hypnoses artists.

    This experience though, was both much stronger and much more intense, as to the reaction to a triggered effect. Though not at all, in any sort of negative fashion. Rather the opposite, really. And all in all, both during, and afterwards, in reflection upon…Fascinating!

    There’s so many things that I’ve enjoyed, admired, and appreciated, about your audios that I’ve listened to, so far. Way too many to even list, never mind elaborate on. Fortunately, sometimes the best manner of expression, though it may seem too flat, stale, blunt…

    It’s bluntness, is part of what holds it’s potent poignancy, all of it’s own merit:

    Thank you, ViVe.

  55. I accept the induction trigger. This is very helpful, thank you ViVe.

  56. I accept the iduction trigger.
    Thank you very much for this file and all your effort. Really appreciating it.
    Keep on going… 😉

  57. I accept the induction trigger.

  58. I accept the induction trigger

  59. I accept the induction trigger

  60. I accept the induction trigger
    Deep and wonderful experience, my first successful trance
    Didn’t feel my body at all for a wile after waking up
    My only problem may be the breathing. My body can’t seem to do it on his own like it would went I sleep and I have the constant feeling of being slightly out of breath. Also, my heart beats too fast. Is that normal? Is there any way to prevent it?

  61. I accept the induction trigger
    Thank you so much, I tried hypnosis before to try and relax (I have anxiety issues) and never made it. I feel so good right now. I can’t remember ever feeling this relaxed

  62. I accept the induction trigger.
    Loved the trance especially the part off switching places with my reflection, can’t wait to see the results of this file

  63. I accept the induction trigger.

    3 letters: WOW!

  64. I accept the induction trigger.

    There, got it out! Now I feel complete.

  65. I accept the induction trigger. Thanks! I lost all awareness somewhere in there. Woke up in a laboratory.

  66. i accept the induction trigger — and hope this makes it take ro0t more firmly when i relisten later!

    had the previous listen yesterday late afternoon with terrible amounts of external noise pollution (sharp, random, varying lengths; my neighbourhood is terrible and my headphones have no noise-cancel. time to fix at least that last point, maybe..! it was so. distracting. i was getting pretty frustrated by the dozenth time but kept trying to remind myself of what was learned from Enter Trance (let the thoughts come, let the thoughts go..) and keep my temper down and allow my physically relaxed state to remain as such, just concentrate harder on the Voice. i did manage to sit through the whole file but am not.too.sure about exactly how effective it was..!) and had to deal with other stuff after so…

    well, i’m here to comment with le sentence as above! missed the optimal less-noise timing window for the relisten earlier this morning (actually began to, but since i couldn’t get physically comfortable .and. got jarred with the realisation that the “and let’s begin” line was said without me feeling the auto-relaxation (i’d also listened to subject0.5 in hours prior and enjoyed the building effect) i decided to get a shower and midway through remembered i’d yet to leave the first-line above.

    thanks for sharing your extensive collection of awesome with us..! i’m a fairly new listener who thought it wasn’t wise to spam your inbox, but if comments .are. actually welcome i’ll make an effort to leave more of them ^^” / (and hopefully constructive, actually-feedback ones, too; i realise this one is completely not that.XD”;; will hopefully get to rectify .that. whenever my next successful listen-through happens & i’ve something to report!)

  67. i accept the induction trigger.

    thanks again…! i completely enjoyed the depths achieved again on this second listen, even though i was sleep-deprived and think i fell asleep mid-induction (before the tank even, possibly..?) and woke up to hear the the induction triggers being suggested, to some dismay — but despite missing out on it on the conscious level it must have taken anyway; i was pleasantly surprised to find that i was in about as deep as the last time if not more; the sheer rubbery and limp of my limbs when i got back to them was alittle alarming, if kinda exhilarating (shouldn’t let self get distracted during the waking, the script’s instructions are great; stop running on ahead, self. /sigh orz)

    i have trouble with staying properly focused sometimes (i trance only too easily in the everyday, but then if i start thinking too much about it i trip up over mental blocks; still working on it) so i was a little concerned if i would even manage to benefit from such a long file — but i think i rather-really enjoyed this one and how it’s worked so far..! thank you again :D” ((several of your files look awesome to try; am lo0king forward to them..!))

  68. I accept the trigger. This was the deepest I have gone and am eager to continue to learn to let go and trance deeper and deeper. Thank you for guiding me.

  69. I accept the induction trigger.

    So I have been trying out some of the other files here and wound up trying somthing New here. I used the clicker induction and the later half of the deep sea induction to get down before the main induction of the file. Part of this seems to be I have trouble when the induction repeats, as most of the white light ones do.

    Somthing interesting to me was how hard the suggestion would up hitting me. It was almost like a massive panic that I had to do it. Even still deep in trance, almost felt like I was going to pull myself out of trance to hurry up to post this.

    I have to say, so far it has been one of the more intense files I’ve tried to but I am hopeful and excited to try and accept more of the files now.

  70. I accept the induction trigger. The journey down was both scary and wonderful. I am ready to serve.

  71. I accept the induction trigger. Awesome file, it really worked

  72. I accept the induction trigger. This file took me deeper than I have ever been. Thank you Vive for helping me explore hypnosis. I appreciate how you were so reassuring during this file. I was at times nervous but it always seemed to happen right before you reassured me. I am looking forward to the next time I trance!

  73. I accept the induction trigger

  74. I accept the induction trigger.

  75. I accept the induction trigger.

    Wow, I loved the layers. The mirror was intriguing. I felt the cloudiness before you even mentioned it. Willing my core to slow down was a challenge but I did it. I had a hard time coming out of the last countdown, so I’m glad you made that distinction about the real world. I felt frozen, but didn’t miss the feeling of my recliner until you mentioned feeling what was under me!
    I remember it all and it was delicious. Is it possible that I’m now heavily aroused? I want to listen to a file that I can touch myself now.

  76. i accept the induction trigger.

  77. I accept the induction trigger.

  78. I accept the induction trigger.

  79. I accept the induction trigger.

  80. I accept the induction trigger

  81. I accept the induction trigger

  82. I accept the induction trigger.

    Really good file, I’m glad I invested the hour or so to do this. I became aware during the wake-up sequence and felt that I was being reminded of the various stages as they were removed.

    Vive, if you’re looking for ideas or requests, may I suggest something along the lines of the Kegel file, but for the deep abdominal breathing that we’re all supposed to do a bit of every day but might not remember to? As breathing itself is part of the whole hypnotic process, you might be interested in training or manipulating your subjects’ deep breathing.


    (Substract? Is that what Doms do?)

  83. I accept the induction trigger.

    • I accept the induction trigger. Again.

      I have other thoughts to add to this, but will have to write them later.

      • I’ve been training with this and Subject 1.0 for about a week now.

        This file is over an hour in length and was difficult to find time for. My original idea was to give myself extra time before going to sleep in the evenings to listen to this and then reinforce it with Subject 1.0 in the mornings right after waking up.

        The reality is that I only made the time for this file twice, but that’s okay! A “low” visualization induction (White Light) and a “high” visualization induction (Deep Down) worked very well together and I found the combination rather potent.

        As to the “payload” of Subject 0.84 itself, I can say that it works, albeit subtly at first. I think that the reinforcement from Subject 1.0 helped to properly make the trigger stick and I definitely recommend people train with them together. I’ve noticed myself going much deeper with far more ease than previously, and the speed at which I drop is now rather rapid. Despite being very tired after my first listen to this file I felt a desire in the back of my mind to come to this page and comment as suggested, which is good! I felt the same desire after the second time as well, which was even better! I intend to give the file a third listen tonight and see how I feel afterwards.

        It’s also become a bit of a kink in-and-of itself. There’s something really rewarding about being a good hypnotic subject.

        I’m not sure I can provide any more useful feedback for this file, as recalling it is like recalling a fleeting, fragmented dream. I suppose this is due to a combination of the two inductions as well as learning to go deeper into trance. I remember intensely listening to ViVe’s voice and what was said, but I can’t really put it into details.


  85. I accept the induction trigger. Mother of dragons this 0.84 takes you so deep it’s like my body was cut off from my mind. It was almost exactly like I was in some sort of mirror world. My memory of the experience is somehow altered. Like my mind was a computer that was slowly being turned off. Does any of this make any sense at all ??

  86. I accept the induction trigger!

    Intresting… I tried to, but I couldn’t start to write this comment until I typed “I accept the induction trigger!”. And I can’t stop myself from commenting. Weird and funny!

    Actually I can’t remember almost whole recording, remember only the beginning of induction and ending (approximately from magic phrase “I accept the induction trigger!” and to the end). It seems I fell asleep during induction.

    In my opinion, this recording is overloaded and too long. 40 minutes would be enough.

  87. I accept the induction trigger.

  88. I accept the induction trigger.

  89. I accept the induction trigger.

  90. I accept the induction trigger.
    This was a very cool experience. It was my first time going so deep so I wasn’t sure what to expect.
    I remember you saying in one of the first files that I tried that I shouldn’t fight my thoughts floating in and out, so I didn’t. I just watched them coming in and leaving quietly. The further I got, the less the thoughts came in.
    Then we got to my inner spark and we slowed it down and it turned solid and then the weirdest thing happened to me. A few nights ago I listened to the GCS file and it seemed to work for a few hours and then wore off. Well, the second my inner spark solidified, the thought of the GCS popped into my head and I got an instant erection. While I was aware of it throbbing and pulsing, I was still very deep. Then when you asked the spark to start moving again, the erection disappeared. Odd no?
    Thank you for this experience!

  91. I accept the induktion trigger, erst hatte ich Schwierigkeiten das letzte bisschen in Trance ein zu tauchen. Aber das wahr bisher die tiefste Trance die ich je erlebt habe.

  92. I accept the induction trigger. Love the deep down induction!

  93. I accept the induction trigger.

  94. I accept the induction trigger

  95. I accept the induction trigger… again.

  96. I accept the induction trigger!

  97. I accept the induction trigger!

  98. I accept the induction trigger.

    I was having extreme difficulty getting into trance to use your files before, always feeling twitchy or uneasy in some way. Even another file meant to help me understand how to allow myself to let it happen better wasn’t giving me any real success. I’ve tried because I think it’s safe and will provide me with a way to help myself with some things, but trusting in this process with the help of another person, even in this removed sort of way, has been extremely challenging for me. Prior to trying this file, I couldn’t get any suggestions to take. I needed this lengthy, layered approach to finally manage it. It didn’t go perfectly, but I’m hoping that, because I experienced what I think was a mostly smooth and genuine trance this time, and because I’m now choosing to follow the voluntary suggestion at the end, it’ll be enough.

    Thanks for your help in this part of my self-directed journey of exploration, understanding, development, and, I hope, healing. You’ve provided me with some excellent tools to work with, and I look forward to utilizing them effectively at last.

  99. I accept the induction trigger.

    I tried this one because it also had the deep down induction which I really like. Probably because I have worked as a systems admin so the computer room part of it really resonates with me. It’s weird that the most terrifying thing is the eerie quiet of a computer room completely shut down because the battery backup system did not work. However, I find that analogy works very well for shutting down my mind.

  100. I accept the induction trigger.

    At some point I blacked out completely but… I have thsi weid urflge to type this.

  101. I accept the induction trigger.

  102. I accept the induction trigger.

  103. I accept the induction trigger

  104. I accept this induction trigger

  105. I accept the induction trigger

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