Deep Clean

Deep Clean

This file uses the “Deep Down” Induction to get you into a very deep state of trance, and get your innermost mind to where you can erase all triggers and suggestions that you don’t want anymore. You can either focus on a specific suggestion/trigger, or let your subconscious mind decide which ones are deeply positive and enjoyable for you, and then delete all other triggers and suggestions.

Deep Clean (White Light Version) mp3
Deep Clean (White Light Version) flac


Eye-ris (license)

  1. This recording got me rid of a lot of suggestions I still had from interacting with another hypnotist. It was over a year since I managed to break free from him and I didn’t even realize how many triggers was still in my mind. I want to thank you for this recording very much! I can’t describe how much better I feel since I listened to this. And I know I have a safety when I listen to any other recording by other hypnotists. Thank you for freeing me!

  2. After listening to “i need a plug”, i thought i was gonna be in sugestion forever, thanks to this file, i was able to clean all siggestion, thanks, you save my marriage
    A little advice, i think this file need more highlight, it wasn.t easy to find it

  3. That was probably the deepest I have ever gone. I lost awareness somewhere near the beginning and do not even have any recollection of the labs. I came back when I was already in my mind. The one with the all the computers so I was able to accomplish what I needed to. All I’m able to say afterwards is wow, that was cool.

  4. Does this file work with all of the non-temporary files on your site?

  5. The mental visuals were very strong! I LOVE the black blankets, and I ADORE the way you help me see my mind as a computer room. I feel like I cleaned my mental brain-space of all the dust and cobwebs and did a format of unwanted data.

    I felt you as my guardian/parent/sub-deity figure as you helped me. Coming back awake, I felt comfortable being naked in my mind, and I just wanted to hug you so much.

    I feel so relaxed and clean. Thank you so much! You’ve earned veneration from me moreso.

  6. Oh my!!! Deep! I will report more once I have gone a few days to see if the triggers are gone, but for now, WOW! Over one hour and it seemed like 15 minutes. My body feels rung out. My mind is clear! Did I say Deep??? This was a few times more deep than any other files I have ever listened to, including yours that claim to go deep! Thank you so much!

  7. (Same person as Wanderer)

    I have used this 3 times in 14 hours. Yes, I am motivated. I will keep using it for a while to ensure permanence.

    So far, I feel like it is working very well.

    I remember very little. I came out 3/4 of the way through for a moment and did not recognize that part at all, even though it was the third time through. Is this because you take us so deep or is there a suggestion to forget?

    Excellent file!

    I recommend that anyone that uses these files give $5/month through Patreon!!! We need Vive to be on this full time! He needs his paycheck! (No, I do not get anything for saying this!) Vive puts out the only free hypnosis like these without surprising us as to how our minds are being changed! A mind is not something to put into a crap game!

  8. thank you so much for posting this it worked fantastically and i went so deep, it is about an hour long but it only feels like 15 minutes or so it takes you that deep, and the best part is i could only remember most of the inductions you gave afterwards and only snippets of the actual cleaning. A wonderful file that has helped me get away from some very evil hypnosis.

  9. Hello Vive. I would like to know if I can make my younger brother(12 years olds) use this file as I’ve noticed him get more tense since he’s been interacting with a ‘therapist’.

    Thank you

  10. Wonderful. Very positive and for some reason it goes with a lot of humour in my case. I woke up with happy tear in my eye 😉 And visualizations was so strong that I could write a novel about this whole trip. Perfect, I may come back to it just to stimulate my imagination again in such amazing way. Many thanks 😉

  11. I just came out of trance after using Deep Clean. I feel more free than I have in years. Deep Clean seems to have deleted many of the old, unused, unwanted, and useless triggers I accumulated. I hope it deleted old training suggestions as well as some unwise curse file suggestions I listened to. I acquired hordes of suggestions over my years and decades of heavy hypnosis and subliminal usage. I suspect many of them suggestions were contradictory.

    I need to check if the suggestions I desired to keep are still working.

    Hopefully, Deep Clean will have cleared out suggestions that impeded or prevented files from working as well as the unwanted triggers ane suggestions. This can be checked by listening to one file again. Time will tell.

    I know that I cannot remember the suggestions, though I can remember the structure they had, that made some older files extremely troublesome. I hope these suggestions are gone.

    I plan to use this a few more times to give the file a chance to get every suggestion I don’t want or need.

    If this report seems confused, well, … I just woke up from trance.

    I will report on progress sometime around New Year’s Day, definitely by January 10, 2015. (I’m moving over New Years’ Weekend, so things will be a bit busy then.)

  12. Thank you, ViVe.

    This file eliminated many old hypnosis triggers and training that were no longer useful in my life. When I woke up, my mind felt so much more clean as well as less cluttered.

    The useful hypnosis triggers and training still work but all other suggestions seem to be totally gone.

  13. I’ve only used this twice, each time as I go to bed. Both times I’ve used this I’ve woken up in the biggest funk I’ve ever had. Low energy, low feeling, low everything. It might be just some baggage I took into it. It feels like building yourself from the ground up. I actually needed to use some motivational hypnosis to finally feel like I’ve woken up. Very powerful.

  14. That.Was.AWESOME!Thank you Vive!

    I´m just back out of trance and feel really good right now. Maybe i listened to a bad made File but i recognised physical changes i really don´t want. I guess i have to listen more than once to change it back to normal but for now i feel like released from a curse (and i didn´t listen to any curse files).

    At some point i passed out for a moment or my thoughts drifted away but i came back at the computer room and went deeper. While the cleaning suggestions i felt like i lost so much mental ballast and it felt so very good – and still does!

    Then you brought me back through all the layers of deepness and for a moment i felt like i have to thow up and instantly i thought “this must be the ‘bad’ stuff that has to go out”. Just a moment later everything was okay again. But then things got weird. After waking up completely i had to pee sooooo bad! And i´ve been before trancing so i can relax completely. Instantly i had the same thought about bad things to get out of my body.

    Some comments on this File say they had really good visualisations. As i am a analytical mind, i haven´t had “dream-like” visuals but i guess for visual minds it should be great.
    Is there any File to train or make it easier to visualise?

    Thanks again for your help and all your great Files! 🙂

  15. Hey vive will this remove curses? Also will it get rid of things I got from other hypnotists? If so that would be awesome.

  16. I decided to use this file as a more thorough cleaning than was advertised. I interpreted the meaning and source of negative suggestions and triggers very broadly, given that I’ve heard trauma and surprise can cause susceptible altered perception and the spontaneous lodging of suggestions and/or triggers in unsuspectingly vulnerable people. Having experienced abuse in my earlier history, and having encountered unscrupulous people over the course of my lifetime, this felt like a liberating reboot for my brain. I know it will take time to thoroughly take effect, there being so much crap to clean out. I may even feel the need to listen again. I’ll trust my gut and go with it on that, now feeling more confident to do so. In the meantime, I think I already feel more at ease about things.

    As I was brought out of trance, I was happy and relieved, thinking, “I did it!” I hadn’t had any breakfast yet, so I was hungry. I also felt tired, though it’s not that late in the day, probably because I did such hard and extensive work over the course of such a lengthy file. It was worth it, though. I now have the deep feeling that I’m going to be all right. This is a wonderful supplement to the sessions I’ve been having for the last several years with a very excellent and trustworthy licensed therapist. Perhaps this will help further crack apart the wall of anger and pain I’ve struggled with for so long.

    Thank you for this. The effects may be subtle at first, and slow in becoming noticed by me, but I suspect the final result, in combination with everything else I’ve been doing over the years to try to help myself, may be quite profound.

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