Thought Limiter

Thought Limiter

This will limit the thoughts you have left for the day. With every thought you think, you will become a little bit dumber. You will forget about the topic you thought about, because you used up the thought and it will vanish from your mind for the rest of the day. When you talk with someone, the effects will be accelerated and all topics you talked about will fade from your mind even faster.

Should anything unexpected happen that requires your normal mental capacities, you will instantly revert back to normal.

Thought Limiter (Mind Melt Version) mp3
Thought Limiter (Mind Melt Version) flac

FUCK YOU (license)

  1. That was a weird experience. Usually such effects start out really strong, but this was different. It’s super effective! Especially the forgetting, everything you think about just vanishes from your mind. It was a good thing that i listened quite late in the day, after an hour or two i was completely blank and horny. Very interesting experience and something completely different! Thank you for this!

  2. Interesting mindfuck. More like it!

  3. Yesterday morning, I listened to Deeply Fractionated, Fuzzy and Happy, Mindfuck, Thought Limiter, Mind Melt Brain Scramble, and one more Thought Limiter, with the intent of being fucked up all day. I was pretty happy all day, but noticed no other effects. That evening, she commented that the only effect she had noticed was that I was more cheerful. I do remember at one point wondering if I just have way too many thoughts for a single day to be long enough to drain them all out. Or maybe these types of files shouldn’t be combined like this.

    • Hypnosis being concentration, having that many files at once can be a bit distracting. Best to focus on one or two behavior files at a time.

    • Jamie is right. Hypnosis bypasses the normal conscious processes (for the most part), but is not magic with instant power. Repetition, daily, for up to a month, is often recommended when trying to make changes. Even then, occasional listening is still needed in most cases. There are exceptions. That is for one file. More than one file that is similar can work, but may not. Many disparate files can just conflict. They can be used for immediate effect, such as a story, but when post-hypnotic effects are attempted they will often distract from each other.

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