Male Red Riding Hood

Male Red Riding Hood

This is the genderbender version of “Red Riding Hood”. Like the original version, it’s gender neutral, but this time you will experience it as a male version of red riding hood. Of course the wolf is still male, and he’s still not out to eat you.

It’s probably enjoyed best without any spoilers, but if you want spoilers, you find them under the picture

Male Red Riding Hood (Mind Melt Version) mp3
Male Red Riding Hood (Mind Melt Version) flac

Basta el instante de un cerrar de ojos para hacer de un hombre pacífico una bestia. (license)
SPOILERS: This file contains mindcontrol (pheromones), slight d/s elements, sex with the wolf, and an orgasm trigger.

  1. New gay file? Yeah. Thank you. Will listen!

  2. Just as awesome as the original

  3. After i listened to the original version i gave this one a try. I’m a woman but it still was incredibly hot. Not really sure if i could decide which one i like better. I can probably relate better to the original version, but having gay sex as a guy was an awesome experience.

  4. Oh my gosh … what a trip. A really intense experience. Okay, I switched between first person and third person experience several times – but this is what I often do in trance.
    I’m sure that I will listen to this file again.
    Thank you for this great file.

  5. Holy shiz that was amazing! I would say something more in depth but I’m not really that coherent yet.

  6. Hello Vive.

    First of all I want to thank you, Vive, for an amazing experience.
    I am a straight guy, but I am also bi-curious, and this file looked interesting.
    I was NOT disappointed. WOW!
    I have been listening to this file several time now. I never quite ejaculate, but I do get a feeling of a very strong orgasm and it often leaves me shaking for a minute. Love it. Can’t stop listening. I need more 😉

    But.. (of course there has to be a “but”) I am tired of running away from the wolf. I KNOW what will happen and I welcome it, so why run? It doesn’t make sense, and it almost brings me out of trance now.

    Soooo.. Suggestion for “Part II” 😉

    “You are walking through the forest to your little cabin. It’s been a few weeks, and you have been to your cabin in the weekends and it’s been quiet.
    You kinda hoped that HE would be there, but no. You reach your cabin and you open the door. Then it hits you. A strong smell of feromones. You instantly get dissy.. And aroused… He is here. In the cabin. Waiting for you…”

    What happens next? I don’t know.. Yet 😉
    Maybe he ties me up and uses me all night long?
    I do hope the fucking part will be a bit longer this time though, as I sometimes don’t get quite aroused enough for an orgasm when listening to Part I.
    Also while I have to admit that I do like the feeling of d/s, I don’t want it to become nasty in any way. Him having his will and using me is fine.. No.. It’s fucking awesome. 🙂
    Oh… and also.. Maybe have a longer afterglow time? I would like to just enjoy the feeling, for just a minute, of having been used like that before the file ends 🙂

    I also listend to a few of your other files. You do great work.
    So far the Zero induction seems to work best for me. The Wonderland is a bit to short for me to go deep, but I really like the idea of getting into THAT mindset before exploring one of your little adventures 🙂

    Keep up the good work.


    I have a few ideas for some files for you.

    Just for a couple of hours, when you look at pictures or movies that normally get you a bit aroused, you go into a very slight trance and gets totally horny and aroused. 10 times as aroused as normal.. But.. you cannot masturbate. You might be able to cum, just by thinking about it, and if you do, it will be an amazing orgasm, but no touching yourself.

    Maybe a story in the Star Wars universe? I like sexy Twi’lek women.
    And thinking about a big Wookie “stick”? Gets me going too.

    Maybe a story? or an induction? set in the Star Trek universe. Or to be more precise. The holodeck. You can simulate ANYTHING in the holodeck.

    (Yes, I’m a bit of a sci-fi geek :p)

    You get visited by a succubus or an incubus (or maybe both?) one night. They don’t totally drain you though, since they might want to use you again. 😉 They DO make you cum though (maybe several times?), since they feed off your sexual energy.
    This would be most awesome if it could be kinda like a lucid dream. Meaning you listen to the file, go to sleep like normal, and then, during the night you start dreaming about the “visitor” and you are aware of it. Difference from a lucid dream being that you don’t get to control the dream. They are using YOU, not the other way around. And of course you vividly remember the dream when you wake up.
    This might need a bit extra of your awesome safety measures in place, since it will be happening in a dream and your subconsious sometimes can come up with some “not so pleasant” things. Making sure that it will be a pleasureable experience.
    The reason for wanting it in a kinda lucid state? Well.. That is how a “real” succubus/incubus traditionally is thought to visit you. Well maybe not you being aware, but if you weren’t there wouldn’t be any fun in this idea, would there? 🙂

    I think that is all I can come up with right now. I might mail you more ideas if you like (and if I come up with more :p ).

  7. As I was listening I didn’t really feel like I was in a trance, however when the ending came, so did I. 😀 Well done, and thank you.

  8. Well Done!!! As are all the files on this site!!!!

  9. Whew. Actually had to snap out early because I was too turned on and needed to take care of myself. I’m excited to listen to a couple of the ‘be a better hypnotic subject’ files and try again. That was intense and so hot. Thanks!!

  10. This was one of the most incredible experiences in all my life and I mean it. Always fantasized with the idea of reaching orgasm without using one’s hands (like you sometimes -but very rarely- do when dreaming) but I thought it was simply not posibly outside of these dreams. I did tonight listening to this audio file, and WOOOOW!!! not to mention the (even scary sometimes) increase in my heart beats when reaching the end… I’m a believer now, and I’d like to contact you with some further questions soon if you don’t mind. Thanks for a thrilling experience… now I’ll get some sleep 🙂

  11. I have tried this twice (along with the Wolf and Red Riding Hood). The first time, I wondered where I was going and felt like I lost the thread towards the final layer–but I came out of it on the ‘Five’ of the wake up sequence. I had no idea what had happened and actually felt a little frustrated but I suspect that I had gotten in a real deep trance without conscious awareness (or I fell asleep from boredom). However, the ‘boredom’ theory is not likely because of the way I snapped back awake.

    The second time I did not feel like I had gotten that deep in the trance and actually wondered if I was in a trance or just was just aware in my virtual identity. As the file proceeded and I was imagining the events, I became incredible aroused, so much so that my back started arching rather than laying relaxed. But I didn’t have an orgasm on the on the trigger or even afterward. (Well, a little afterward because I was aroused for awhile and had to relieve it). Between the two, I am not sure which was the more effective experience–the first was a stronger trance experience or the second was a strong but subtle experience.

    The Wolf experience was more like the second time with the Male Riding Hood. I had a strong arousal with back arching intensity but this time I ‘cum’ on cue. But I also felt like I was more aware and was actively engage.

    Red Riding Hood was equally intense but psychologically more interesting. Again I was more physically active, stoking my breasts and running my hands over my body so I am suspicious I may not have been in a true trance.

  12. I love listening to this audio! thank you.
    I want more of these hot gay audios.
    Maybe something a bit shorter would be great!
    Look forward to the next audio!

  13. Close to the Boy Who Cried Wolf but amazing too. I love your voice, it’s so warm and comfortable. Thank you, it’s amazing. You’re so gifted for hypnosis ! Please make more !

  14. Still incredible. I forgot a little so it was nice. I didn’t cum but there’s precum down there so let’s say it’s the best experience yet ! I enjoyed it a lot. At the end you say « to be continued, maybe », I can’t say how happy I would be if a sequel appears someday ! I like the wolf ❣ thanks again for everything

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