This is from a series of files which initially were just some experimental file to create a certain mindsets… This file creates a feeling of helplessness in the listener… You will feel aroused and it’s a bit harder to think, but the primary effect is a feeling of helplessness, of being trapped… close to feeling a bit of panic, but the arousal keeps you enjoying it… This one plays a bit on the victim-theme and is a bit more extreme in the use of language! Use headphones, loop, feel free to masturbate while listening and enjoy! And don’t listen if the feeling of being caught or being helpless causes you to panic…

Entangled mp3

dollen via photopin cc

  1. All I can say is… holy shit.

    I actually take a whole “yeah, this won’t work” approach to this sort of thing- the whole erotic hypnosis thing, that is. I came here with a “lol why not” attitude and listened to this on loop while waiting for something else to download. I have to admit some of your recordings were good- the nightride induction in particular is fantastic- but this one was the first one to have any real effect besides making me sleepy(which can easily be attributed to the fact that it was about 5am when I listened to most of these).

    I now know not to just lightly fuck around with your recordings.

  2. Just tried this evil loop… Very evil but also good fun. I felt desperate instead of helpless but still trapped, controlled and kind of mindless. Took me 70 mins to achieve my explosion but was totally worth it! 😀

  3. Im loving this file and addicted so much I can feel myself losing more and more control. I would love more files like this mabe one combining entangled and addicted but with more feelings of control and mabe stronger concepts and language.

  4. This file appears to have scratched a deep itch I hadn’t known I had.

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