Brainwashed Toy – Week One

Brainwashed Toy – Week One – Where it begins…

Welcome to the most intense journey I have offered you so far… This isn’t just a hypnosis or a loop or a series of files, this is a complete system, this is brainwashing. Real brainwashing…



This is something for everyone who desires to experience real brainwashing, who really wants to feel someone getting into their head and taking over control. The final outcome of this journey will be, that you will be a much better subject for me and that you can easily accept any positive and beneficial suggestion in any of my files. But if you are listening to this, you are probably less interested in the destination, and more in the journey itself. And it will be an intense four week journey. You will feel me invading your mind.

This system is not for everyone. You will have to invest a lot of time to do it properly, and especially at the beginning you will have to do it on your own. I kept the addiction level very low in this week; thereby it’s easy to get out if it’s too much work for you. This way only anyone who really wants to be brainwashed will make it to week two.

This will become a very intensive journey, even if the results are pretty harmless, the journey itself will be intense. This is about taking control away from you. And even though it’s in a safe way, at times you may feel scared, overwhelmed, helpless, deeply confused or lost. That’s why I only want people in it who really want the experience. If you do, this will be a heavenly journey for you, if you don’t… listen to something else!


How to use this system

Each week, there will be a hypnosis file, a brainwash file, and a task. The term week is used loosely, you can get through it in as little as six days, but you can also take longer to do everything. You will have to listen to the hypnosis file three times (more if you want), you will have to listen to the whole brainwash file while masturbating and edging five times (only one time per day counts, you can do more, and you can listen to more than one loop), and you will have to do one intense session, where you listen to the brainwashing file for four loops in a row while masturbating and edging (ideally longer, that’s just the minimum time). You will also have to write the mantra of the week 100 times, by hand (more is always better). You can always listen to the brainwashing file while writing the mantra. You can also use it while doing anything else. If you have to keep focused on whatever you do, use the non binaural version. The more exposure you get, the better.

Due to the design of the brainwash file, you will need to wear headphones for it to work right.

Initially, this will be a four week journey, even though it might be extended in the future. Keep in mind that the release file will only be in the week four package.


Week One Content

This week it’s about laying the foundation. It’s about getting you into it. You will become unable to have an orgasm until you exit the brainwashing program or until you finish it (the final file will do that and use your orgasm to reinforce everything). You will get the desire to go through with the brainwashing. I will start to slowly and gently invade your mind. You will find my voice echoing through your mind. As I mentioned before, it’s not yet terribly addictive or controlling, it’s just laying the foundation for the things that are to come.

The mantra of week one is: You are my mindless and obedient toy. / I am your mindless and obedient toy.


Comment by ViVe

You might think that this is just some quick loop. It is not. This is my most complex file so far, as well as my most effective. The brainwashing file is carefully designed to be extremely catchy, and it will echo through your mind. This is real brainwashing. Don’t take it too lightly. Even if you dream about having this experience. This represents a lot of work too, just the background chant took the same time as two normal files. It sounds simple, but that’s the beauty. Making it look so simple and innocent. And catchy.

I did a lot of preliminary experimentation, and even though all of the guinea pigs deeply wanted to have the experience, trust me, most got overwhelmed or scared at some point in the journey. Once they realized it is really happening or once it was impossible to get my voice out of their heads. They knew they were at a point where I could do anything with them, even if they knew that I would never do anything bad, and knew the exact results of the brainwashing. But they experienced that the potential was there. And it can be scary if your wishes become true.

If you go on this journey, talk about it. Ideally find someone with whom you can talk about it. Use the comment function here and write about your experience or talk with others who experience the same.

And if it happens, if you reach the point where you realize it’s real, DON’T PANIC! Yes, it is real. But everyone who did it was ok on the other side and had an amazing experience. It’s just a wild rollercoaster ride. You will be ok at the end.

Enjoy the journey.


The Files

Explanation File: The introduction. Listen to this before you do anything else. You just need to listen once, but do it. It explains how it works.

Hypnosis File: The hypnosis file.

Brainwashing File: The Brainwashing file you use for your training.

Brainwashing File (No Binaural): A version of the brainwashing file without binaural, you can have it run in the background doing other things, when you have to be able to stay focus on other things.


I swear I’ve read the whole description before I download the files. I know what I’m getting into. I know that I listen at my own risks and that I’m going to be brainwashed.


Explanation File mp3 10 min Listen to this first!

Hypnosis File mp3 42 min

Brainwashing File mp3 15 min

Brainwashing File (No Binaural) mp3 15 min

The Venus Labyrinth (license)

  1. I have listened to each file once so far. I will use the brainwash file a little later and complete the writing assignment.

    So far, I am very impressed with the effectiveness of the induction. My first impression was that it was taking too long and I firmly believe I would not be a valid subject for this one. No sooner did I think that than the recording was over and I was fuzzy in the head in an obviously post trance state.

    The binaural beat used is the same pattern that I use when I meditate so I expect that aspect of this process will be very effective.

    I am looking forward to continuing. I will make the time to do all of these at least slightly more than prescribed. I want to give this as good a shot at success as I can.

    • Day 2:

      Listened to the hypnosis file for the second time. It felt like I went deeper, but I woke out of it just as the count up from trance began. Not sure what caused me to do so, but it didn’t seem to impair the effect. In fact, one thing that occurred this time which I didn’t experience the first time was an insatiable sexual hunger. I was very horny when I woke out of trance and needed to stimulate myself. I held off for about an hour, but had to give in. I honestly couldn’t get my masturbatory rhythm going without ALSO listening to the Brainwashing file. It’s not uncomfortable to stroke without also listening to the Brainwash file, but I just don’t get into it. I’m horny. I’m stroking. I even get hard while doing it. But it just misses the mark unless I have that file playing in my ears.

      The bummer of it is that the orgasm free aspect we are warned about also seems to be at work. I deeply enjoyed stroking while listening, but absolutely could NOT reach climax. I can really see how addictive this is going to be.

      There is a definite change being effected. I am extremely interested in how far it goes.

      • Day 3:

        It made sense to make today the first full hour Brainwash file day. I was horny enough and have found that without hearing the file in the background it’s just to difficult masturbate.

        90 minutes later: As designed, the lengthy stint of masturbation to the file is unbelievably frustrating. In spite of the frustration, I am quite aware that I performed this exercise for 50% longer than I planned. It’s difficult to stop.

        I am not sure if anything has changed as a result of this, but will use the hypnosis file tomorrow and follow up with a session of Brainwash file.

        • Day 4:

          I set aside time today to listen to the Brainwash file immediately after the full Hypnosis file.

          The arousal level after the trance ended was profound. I can’t recall having been so horny. I confess I didn’t even attempt to stroke without the Brainwash file. I just launched the Brainwash file and opened up some pictures to edge to. Unlike before, the images weren’t the focus. This time I just sank to my knees on the floor next to my PC and began stroking and teasing. The act itself was the source of the arousal. No fantasizing, no daydreaming, just deeply absorbed in the words and the sensations. I definitely need to do this combination again.

          • Day 5:
            I am not sure how many loops I ran just now of the Brainwashing file. I didn’t note what time it was when I began. I am physically exhausted but still unbelievably turned on.

            It is genuinely difficult to stop listening anymore. Love the sensation, though.

            • Day 6:
              I wasn’t able to make time to listen to the Brainwash file until the very end of the day. That 15 minutes definitely felt good when it arrived.

              • Day 7:
                Part 1: All day yesterday I have been looking forward to this morning’s Hypnosis file. This was my fourth trip through that file and it was wonderful.

                I am more aroused this time then the previous three uses and will be using the Brainwash file now to help that feeling along.

                Part 2: Although I started today’s Brainwash file run while masturbating. I shifted gears to repeat the writing. My intent was to end this first week as I began it. It took 45 minutes to finish 143 lines. Notable effect here is two fold: 1) At the end of the first 15 minute loop, I hadn’t hit the 100 lines that are the target goal. I reflexively restarted the loop to finish the 100. 2) I wrote the 100th but the loop wasn’t over, and I couldn’t stop writing until the loop stopped.

                This first week has been full of surprises. I am definitely going to continue with week 2.

  2. This might well be what I was looking for a long time. I listened to the hypno file as usual it got me very deep. So far I avoided all of ViVe’s chastity or orgasm control files, but I had to try this one. Then I started masturbating with the brainwashing file on loop. I actually did try to achieve an orgasm at some point, but no success. It doesn’t work, as it’s said in the file, I just can’t go over the edge, even though I edged like crazy. I must have been at it for over two hours before I gave up and went to bed.

    When I was in bed the words of the brainwashing file echoed through my mind. But it was in a really weird way, not like you remember some rhyme, or lyrics from a song or anything like that. The counting chant? was randomly pummelling my mind, sometimes with multiple voices, and the “You are my mindless and obedient toy!” was towering over everything else, even though I didn’t hear it, just *knew* it. It was a really weird feeling, and I tried to push it aside, to silence the voices in my head. I couldn’t. I tried to mute them, to stop them, and they only grew louder, clearer.

    I was a bit freaked out for a while there, but after calming a bit, I actually started chanting “I am your mindless and obedient toy!”, and it felt amazing. My mind was quiet again, I felt incredibly aroused, and the noise in my mind grew quiet. It was such a peaceful state of mind that it took me a while to realize I started to masturbate again.

    So I went back to listening to the brainwashing file. I promised myself that I listen just once more before I sleep, but ended up listening 4 more times. After that I managed to stop, actually feeling very peaceful with the voices in my head. I think I must have fallen to sleep very easily.

    Today it’s still in my head, even if it’s a bit muted. I can feel it in my mind, something is there. And just thinking the mantra makes me feel safe and content. And aroused. The same happened as I wrote it in this text. And I’m feeling a strong desire to listen more. I’m at work right now, but I just want to put on my headphones and listen and pleasure myself. I crave it so much.

    I have no idea how this is even possible, the whole brainwash file is very simple in it’s structure. I’ve listened to a lot of hypnosis, but nothing ever hit me that hard. Yes, I had triggers that worked, but not like that, this is already always in my mind. It’s not like I hear the voices right now, but I feel it. And I feel the arousal, I feel something different, something changed in me. It’s impossible to pinpoint it, but it is there. This *is* intense! I have really high hopes that this is the real deal, and looking forward to more.

    • I agree: chanting the mantra in my head helped me get to sleep last night. Weird.

      • I did it again yesterday. How does it feel for you? For me it feels very peaceful and safe. Like being held in strong arms.

        • Peaceful, yes. Extremely peaceful. Any given thing I’m worried about vanishes from my thoughts. Even the seemingly endless arousal becomes more palatable.

          I can’t come up with an adequate metaphor to describe it. I can’t say I feel protected, just more at ease and not in a tranquilized manner.

    • This is seriously addictive and intense. I feel something changed in the back of my mind. It’s very easy to just loose yourself in the pleasure and just keep on pleasuring yourself for a long time. I wanted to do the first 30 or 40 lines for the writing assignment today and ended up doing all 100. It was extremely pleasurable and almost impossible to stop. I think I will do more lines.

    • It’s starting to get really intense. I’m at work, and I’m thinking about my brainwashing all the time. I can focus on work, that’s no problem, but as soon as I’m idle for just a second I’m thinking about the brainwashing. I’m just out of a very boring conference, and it was sitting there, thinking about the wonderful sensation of the brainwashing. I was even tempted to write the mantra a few more times. I think I’m becoming a bit addicted to it.

      As I have a lot of time later today, I think I will do an intense session, listen to the hypnosis file, then write the mantra another 100 times while listening to the file without binaural sounds, and finish with a really long brainwashing session.

    • I wrote the mantra 250 times instead, and then rewarded myself with a long brainwashing session. I got lost in memories of the prison from “Das Experiment” and listened almost two hours. I feel myself becoming really addicted to it. Can’t wait to see what week two will bring!

    • Holy shit! Yesterday I wanted to do an hour session, then get some things done, and maybe another session in the evening. So I started listening, and this time the fantasies were quickly gone, and it was just ViVe’s voice flowing through my mind. I wasn’t even consciously listening, it was more like the comforting noise of people in another room of the house that let you know someone is there. So I just kept masturbating and flowing in this perfect state.

      I came back when the battery died, completely confused. I listened for over eight hours! My mouth was dry, my clothes were drenched in sweat and other juices, and my mind was spinning. Realizing how much time I lost and how deep down the rabbit hole I am, I freaked. I started chanting the mantra intuitively, and it calmed me down. Something in the back of my mind screamed it should freak me out even more, but it didn’t. I just sat and chanted for a long time before I was able to get clear enough to change my clothes and go to bed. My head was spinning, I heard all the suggestions, and I *knew* that I’m a toy.

      Today I’m completely torn. I don’t know if I should continue, or get the hell out. If I’m still able to get out. I really don’t know what to do. It is what I wanted for a long time. Over the years I listened to hundreds of files promising this level of control, but never delivering. Now it is here, and I’m seriously scared. I lost eight hours, and the state afterward was intense. Even right now I feel it, a strong yearning and craving to go back to my brainwashing. And part of me still wants to make the experience. Having someone taking that level of control over me is my biggest fetish. And it’s not as if I don’t trust ViVe, I do. I believe him when he says I will be ok in the end. Maybe that’s the brainwashing too, I don’t know. I really don’t know what to do.

      • ViVe

        Calm down. I tried to mail you, but it bounces. Please contact me directly. I will help you. Doesn’t matter if you want out, or stay in. I’m with you!

        Keep in mind that this is an expected reaction. Imagine a rollercoaster ride, there is always this “Ohhhh shit, it’s going down!!!!” moment. It’s the moment where you realize it really happens. After that it’s fun. What you experience is the same. You got there very quick… but then you listened a lot!

        Contact me and we talk about it.

        Oh… and I would NEVER suggest trust. It’s not how it works, trust must be earned. And the idea of suggesting it hypnotically is disgusting. In my opinion it’s a clear sign that you can’t trust a tist who does it.

    • Ok, I talked with ViVe yesterday, and he helped me through it. He suggested I take a break for at least a day, even when I wanted to go on, and now I’m pretty sure that I want it and that I can trust him. It was just this one scary moment, when it became real after all. I guess after listening to countless files that never had this level of control, it was a bit of a shock. So I will go on with my brainwashing today, and I’m looking forward to continue.

      @ViVe: Thank you for helping me, and talking with me! *hugs* I never expected you take care of me in person like you did. That’s just amazing!!!

    • Talking with ViVe really helped me to let go and taking the plunge. I finished the first week of brainwashing yesterday. I really feel the control now, it’s amazing. It’s what I always wanted. Not the gentle hypnosis where you play along, not hypnosis with real effects, but strong control. Something you can’t just shake off. I love it, it’s absolutely wonderful. Feeling the control in my head, the mantra echoing through my thoughts is just amazing.

      And that ViVe helped me when I needed it was just beyond words. It really helped, and now I know I can let go to him.

      I guess that concludes my week one, and I will go on with week two!

  3. I decided last night to undertake the set of brainwashing files.
    I began by listening to the explanation file followed by the hypnosis file. It was late at night and I went very deep. In fact I don’t know where trance ended and sleep began. I was just drifting in and out, in a blissful state. I recall a few words of the instructions before falling deep and waking up at 9.. Upon waking, I felt really good, but didn’t know if anything had happened within me yet.
    This morning, I had no doubt of that. I woke up incredibly aroused..which is something that NEVER happens to me. I had an overwhelming desire to touch myself.. And to play the next file, the brainwashing loop. As my partner was in bed with me (and because I hadn’t told him I had decided to become brainwashed) I decided not to play the loop then. I just laid there in bed enjoying the incredible arousal..trying to figure out when I could make time to play the file and have a play. This state lasted at least half an hour. When my partner woke up, I told him how aroused I was. He began to play with me, and was taken aback by how ‘ready’ I was. I am a girl who is never ready..never turned on, who has no sexual desire, and who has only just begun to orgasm. (Thank you ViVe xx) So for this to happen, was extraordinary. We played for about two minutes maximum and he made me orgasm. It was not a normal orgasm though. Not by a long shot. For one, I squirted which I never do..but two, I felt completely detached from what was happening. I felt nothing down there. I didn’t know that my body had cum. My husband actually had to tell me that I had cum. I had no idea.. It felt like whatever had happened, it was separate from me.mlike it was happening to someone else.
    I remember there being something in the files about not orgasming until the end of the files. I’m not sure if what happened was my body’s response to that. Wanting to obey so completely that it took me away from what was occurring..I honestly don’t know. All I DO know is that I must listen to both files today. I need to continue on and reinforce my brainwashing.

    • The brainwashing file was really yummy! i am a girl who does not really masterbate much.. I’ve never really seen the point. As someone who has struggled for over a decade to have her first orgasm, I pretty much always end up disappointed when I’ve finished playing. Today was different for me though. I made a 30 min window to play and listen to the loop.. I expected it to be easy, but I found myself with heightened sensitivity down there and it felt really good. Almost too good! I got close to edging a few times, and being able to stop without guilt.. Knowing that is what you wanted.. Felt fantastic. So much so I found time for another loop later on. I found myself repeating the mantra at that point and having to stop myself from going over the edge. I am having a little break now but can’t wait for tonight to listen to the hypnosis track again.. Feeling very excited at what the future holds for me, and the following weeks.

  4. I really want to try this, though I am curious on how far reaching the effects are. I am still a college student and don’t want this to potentially interfere, but still really want to do it if I can without it keeping me from at least paying attention in class and doing homework. Please advise!

    • ViVe

      There are no effects in there (and will be no effects in the future files) that interfere with the everyday life. So from that standpoint it’s very safe.

      That being said, you will of course think of it, and you will be horny. How much is of course a personal question and depends on you. But it shouldn’t be more disruptive than… say watching a ton of porn.

  5. Am following the instructions and files seem super but not sure if I should write the mantra just once at the end of the week or every day

  6. I had decided that I would give this a go. After the success of recent, I trusted ViVe enough in his descriptions to see if I could complete this.

    I listened to the hypnosis file the first day and I can’t remember anything between the second stage of the zero section and waking up horny (right around 7 or 8 stretching wakes me). I then proceeded to listen to the brainwashing file as I was horny afterwards. And succeeded in the instructions. I accidentally had the player set to loop so I listened to it way more than 15 minutes.

    Today, seeing as I decided to only listen to the brainwashing; I took steps to do it (as I do these late at night) in the quiet of the dark outside in my yard in a comfortable chair. The cool breeze did more to enhance what I felt, but again I kept to the requirements and only edged.

    I decided to do the writing portion about a half hour later. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t remember the actual words of the assignment (I can remember all other parts of the assignments strangely). But I figured a fun way to do it would be to play the non-binaural brainwashing while doing it. I hadn’t done any writing more significant that signing my name for years and it took me a while to remember HOW to write (internet for you :p). A few times I slowed down so much while writing it that my writing style had changed. It was interesting because I had to not fall into a complete trance while the entire time I’m being told what to write so it felt like it further enhanced what I was doing. I imagine it’s to ingrain the command through repetition. I hope I didn’t do something wrong.

    I don’t know if I feel scared or hooked or anything yet. Maybe I feel something more than happiness to participate soon. I’d welcome even feeling scared seeing it work (as I said, I trust ViVe implicitly when he says it won’t be bad). I also am interested to know if maybe further writing assignments would incorporate that week’s brainwashing theme? I haven’t done it blind, but for me, it done wonders to reinforce while giving me a rhythm (my brain wanting to obey and drift beside the point). Also, I hope it’s alright that I do a hypnsosis+brainwashing, a brainwashing, hypnosis+brainwashing. As you said 3 of one and 5 of the other alternating the hypnosis days?

  7. i’m not sure where to start.
    Except, what a great start.
    i wasn’t sure if i had the time to do the brainwashing as i really luv the mental erosion file that i do everyday–sometimes two or three times a day. And, that has removed much of the stress in my life and has also removed a lot of my depression. But, after thinking about the brainwashing toy for a couple days i finally went through all three files. i haven’t done the non binural one yet.

    of course Vive’s words are constatnly in my mind, but i’ve had a strang e thing happen.

    Last night when i finished i felt like i needed to freshen my lipstick. (i wondered then and now, “Why do i need to freshen my lipstick before bed?”) But, i did.

    Then this morning when i put on my lipstick for the day, it felt so much slicker, smoother, sexual, sensual and Vive’s voice was running through my mind. i’m not sure how long i looked, licked and worked on my lips and liner, but i just got so hot. Vive’s voice in my head and such luvely slick lips to start the day. Wow!

    That probably sounds pretty weird. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything but WOW what a feeling.

    i can feel my need for the brainwashed toy grow, just hope i have time for that and to continue with the mental erosion.

    • ViVe

      Well.. you did listen to a lot of feminization files I did, so you might have given one of those a massive boost!

  8. really looking forward to this, I’m wearing the string from the other toy files in hopes that it helps. Unfortunately hypnosis doesn’t come easy for me but I want this and ADD be damned I will focus. Also I would like to know if the string will make any kind of difference,

  9. it started the file more out of interest and curiosity. Mr. Vive’s files are always of the highest quality and very inventive. although does not listen to the his files that frequently.

    As required it listened to the files in the order (explanation, Hypnosis and brainwashing). After listening to the hypnosis file, it was very horny, hard and found it’s craving the brainwashing file (with binaural).

    To be honest it found it’s self going over the edge/releasing. Although by the 3 listen of the hypnosis file with it’s horny-ness and cravings growing it is no longer able to orgasm/release. Whether it is listening to brainwashing file or via traditional motivations.

    As of know it craves the brainwashing file…craves to listen tot eh file and masturbates to the rhythm, counting. it craves file of feeling the mindless pleasure, and craves to write the lines (which it will).

    it can’t wait to explore this series further. Thank you Mr. Vive.

  10. Question before I do this (because shit, I really, really want to):

    I know that it prevents orgasms while masturbating (from what I can glean from the description), but will it affect my orgasms when I’m getting intimate with my partner?

  11. Progress so far:

    Day 1 listened to the hypno file and the brainwash file

    Day 2 I had some extra time so I listen to the hypno file, followed by the brainwash file for 3 hours, first hour was spent masturbating, while the second I did the line writing, third hour had some masturbating but not the whole time.

    Day 3 listened to the hypno file and the brainwash file

    Day 4 listened to the hypno file and the brainwash file

    Haven’t experienced any profound effects so far. No voices in my head or compulsions to listen or keep listening, but I haven’t had much past training with Vive’s files like I’m sure others have.

    I wouldn’t say there hasn’t been any effect though. I haven’t cum, nor has it been as frustrating to avoid doing so as I would have expected.

    Going to keep at it, I’m super looking forward to week 2.

    • Day 5 listened to the hypno file and then the brainwash loop twice.

      Day 6 listened to the loop 3 times.

      Today, day 7, I listened to the loop once earlier, and plan to move on to week 2 tonight with the hypno file and the loop at least once.

      Definitely noticed some increased effects over the last two days. Had bits of the loop popping into my head here and there, and an increased desire to listen to it more. Good sign things are progressing nicely.

  12. I listened to the explanation, the hypno file and the brainwash file yesterday evening (as you got me REALLY curious during the chat). And any effects? OH YES!
    First I went deep with the hypno file (but I usually do that). And the brainwash file … how to describe it … it’s different to your other files. I’m used to listen to everything you say and to remember it afterwards. But with this file … it’s so hard to get a grip on something you say. Now I understand why you said it was a lot of work to make this file. Most of the words simply flow by. I sometimes managed to concentrate on one of the voices, sometimes on the other – but the longer I listened, the less did I really “listen”. Just stroking and going with the flow more and more. I think I would have enjoyed it much longer (the longer it lasted, the better it felt), but at one point, I had to “jump out” and stop immediately because otherwise I’d have been unable to prevent an orgasm.
    Later during the night – and the first half of today your (my) mantra popped up in my mind all the time. But even when the words were there, I didn’t really “feel” them (yet). But I’m sure that will come.
    I’m really looking forward to continuing these files (next time: later today).

    • After listening to the hypno file and the brainwash file again yesterday, the mantra keeps creeping into my mind more and more … very enjoyable.
      I’m definitely hooked.

    • Day 3 – Wanted to listen to the brainwash file (without the hypno file) two times. Actually did it for an hour and enjoyed it.
      Day 4 – Listened to the hypno file earlier and will listen to the brainwash file later on. And I find myself repeating the mantra all day.
      The whole progress feels better and better.

    • Day 4 – Later – I Listened to the brainwash file 3 times again before going to sleep.
      Day 5 – The mantra keeps looping through my head all day. I also find myself mildly aroused several times today while thinking of the mantra.
      I took care of my writing task today while listening to the brainwash file without binaural. I also listen to this file more and more while doing other things at home (in fact, I’m listening to it while writing these lines). It kind of becomes a part of me.
      I’ll listen to the brainwash file with binaural before going to bed today.

    • Day 5 – Later – I listened to the brainwash file for an hour again before going to sleep. And it still feels good.
      Day 6 – Had my third go with the hypno file and another hour with the brainwash file afterwards. And now I feel well prepared for week 2.

  13. My progress:
    Day 1 – Listened to explanation file, hypnosis file, then did 15 minutes of the brainwashing file while masturbating. No real effects I could notice.

    Day 2 – Listened to hypnosis file then did 15 minutes of brainwashing with masturbating. Not much different than the first day, although I went deeper into hypnosis this time.

    Day 3 – Decided to do the extra-long brainwashing that night. I found that it was difficult to keep from orgasming, not from wanting to orgasm but simply from the sensitivity built up over the hour.

    Day 4 – Simple 15 minutes of brainwashing while masturbating. The mantra started to play in my head a bit afterwards.

    Day 5 – Wrote the 100 lines while listening to brainwashing. At times I found that I wrote without focusing much on the writing but rather the mindlessness of doing it. Afterwards I did 15 minutes of brainwashing with masturbating.

    Day 6 – This is the big breakthrough day. I began to listen to the non-binaural track while doing other things for a few hours in the day. That night, I put on the hypnosis file and awoke from it feeling rather horny. I masturbated to the brainwashing for an intense 15 minutes and then lied down to go to sleep. But I could feel my craving for the brainwashing at the back of my head and did another 30 minutes of it while watching porn, masturbating my mind away before finally tiring enough to pull myself away from it.

    Day 7 – Listened to the non-binaural for a few hours while going about my day. Come night I was highly anticipating the brainwashing and pleasure. With porn I masturbated through another hour of the brainwashing file, with extreme lust.

    I’ve found that while I’m not repeating the mantra in my head too often, I have found it very pleasurable to listen to the brainwashing now. 1 week of edging without orgasm has me in a very lustful and horny mindset, and I’m looking forward to further the denial and addiction of the brainwashing.

    Thanks Vive!

  14. Day 1…

    listened to explanation,hypnosis and now listeing to brainwash w/o binaurals.

    am very very aroused and wvery willing to do all required. feel trapped already.

  15. I thought about it for a couple of nights – I recently started the “My Toy” series (which has already made it far easier for me to sink into the trance and let the suggestions just slide inside my head). I read the comments before even considering listening, and all it did was made me want it more – even after reading about how Brainwash Subject F 0001 lost 8 hours. Seeing that ViVe replied and that he offered support to them personally makes me so much more confident in these files. The ones I have tried have all had positive effects, and all with the reassurance of safety.

    I still feel a little apprehensive, handing over my control to a man I don’t know, but so much more positive about this than any other hypnosis files I’ve seen. I’ve only ever tried a few before, and had very few effects, and the hypnotists didn’t seem anywhere near as concerned about safety and the effects on day to day life.

    So I gave it a go. I gave myself one last (amazing) orgasm under the influence of the Mindfuck file, and switched straight to the explanation and then the hypnosis file. I was barely out of trance when the brainwashing file started playing and found myself going straight back under, stroking in time to the counting. Every time I came close to orgasm my hands stopped of their own accord, leaving me helplessly trying to hump thin air until I knew I had fallen far enough from the edge to begin again.

    I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to continue with the “My Toy” series if I’m doing this one as well. I want to fit both in, but I’d like to know first if this would be a bad idea.

    Thank you for all the files, ViVe. I am your mindless, obedient toy ^_^

    • I went to masturbate earlier and felt like something was really wrong until I realised I wasn’t listening to the brainwashing file. My response was just a sort of “of course. Silly toy.”

      I was glad to see I was still able to function at work today haha, even though I was listening to the brainwashing file on the bus there. I was horny, but once I got into work, it just faded to the background, until I had a few moments alone, just like you say in the file and the thoughts about being a mindless, obedient toy just resurface a little bit.

      I find the mantra incredibly calming. I struggle a lot when it comes to dealing with stress, and today I found myself just thinking “I am a mindless, obedient toy” until the stress just went away. I went to work in a good mood (first time in…?) and the day flew by, getting all the tasks given to me done quickly.

      On a side note, I’d love to see a file that increases confidence, not just sexually, but in general.

  16. I’ve been listening for the past week. I went very deep during the hypnosis file but was having difficulty with the brainwashing loop.

    Last night I has a breakthrough. I listened to the hypnosis file twice then did the long session. After the second loop I started to feel the control taking effect. I was feeling more robotic and I continued for 5 loops. I finished with another listen of the hypnosis file.

    This morning I woke up and ran the brainwash loop and could feel myself getting lost into it quickly.

    Looking forward to starting week two and continuing my journey.

  17. Day 1- before sleeping i listened one hour to the brainwashing file. its not possible for me to masturbate all the time but i did it a lot and felt the urge to do it so i couldnt cum.

    Day 2- felt the urge to listen all day but only before going to bed i put the hypnosis file and the brainwashing file on. unfortunately a suddden strong pain in my belly got me out of trance during the induction and i couldnt get beack in it somehow.

    Day 3- listened to the brainwashed file for an hour and now listening to the brainwash file w/o binaurals.

  18. Day 3- listened to hypnosis file and soooo aroused now.

    am i the only one still doing week 1?

    • No, I’m on day 3 of week one as well.

    • I’m in week 1 as well, but tomorrow I’ll start with week 2

      • Give your selves the full 6 or 7 days worth of Week 1. The process is gradual.

        • I plan to 😀 I did my long edge today. I managed over an hour and a half before the need to pee won 🙁 and I’m doing lots of over time this week, so I will have plenty of days to do 15 minute edges and lines etc. I’m happy to wait longer to do the next week if it means I can take a day out just to let it sink in before going to work with it all in my head!

  19. Day 4- did nothing today but the mantra is in my head all the time and when i have nothing to do i feel the wetness in my pussy.

  20. Day 5-wrote the mantra 100 times while listening to no binaural brainwash file. just did the hypnosis file for the third time and 30 mins brainwash.

  21. i have a question: i hear something like “kneel on the floor”? when are we supposed to do that or am i missing something?

    • I thought we were just supposed to think of ourselves as kneeling, if it’s the loop you’re referring to? I think we would all be crippled by the end if we had to spend the whole loop kneeling xD

      • i can kneel for an hour but not much longer anymore. how long one can kneel depends on training,how you kneel and if you us some small pillows where needed. my problem is more that i might be hard for me to masturbate in that position since ima woman with too much belly and too short arms 😛

    • ViVe

      No, it’s not intended… you can do if you want, of course… but you don’t have to!

      And even with a kneeling pillow it’s hard without shifting from time to time… or a lot of training!

  22. I think I’m the only one who is just starting and it is actually pretty helpful to be able to read the comments you are all making as you go through it. I find myself both extremely excited and mildly terrified. Wish me luck!

  23. Oh I am so stuck!
    I get so turned on listening to the brainwashing that I can’t help but orgasm. The urge is too strong and I can’t help but cum.
    Anyone else having this issue?

    • Yea, it’s both I can’t easily find the orgasm anymore and when I do start feeling it I’d just rather not. Not orgasming seems to make me hornier too…

  24. So day one went fairly well I think?

    I actually had a bit of an issue with the hypnosis file in that I think I may have actually fallen asleep during it due to being over-tired. Instead of waking up at the end of the file I woke up a few minutes later when my phone went off. I’ll make sure to listen to it at least three more times this week just to be sure.

    I wrote over 100 lines over the course of two plays of the brainwashing file. Are we supposed to do that part every day? And if so can we split it up over the course of the day? My hand *really* hurt after that. >_<

    After that I listened to two plays of the brainwashing file while edging. I had actually been worried that I might accidentally cum since I haven't done any edging or denial stuff before, but ViVe's work kept me from going over the edge. I just enjoyed it and was left nicely wet and slightly horny.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings!

    • Day two was both better and in some ways more frustrating for me than day one.

      And yes, this feedback is a bit late. I couldn’t get to the site to post it earlier.

      I made sure that I was more awake and rested before doing the hypnosis file and I think I got a lot more out of it this time. There was a bit during the induction parts that I blanked on, but at least when I had finished the file I was aware that I had been under and listening to the file instead of maybe just having fallen asleep.

      The brainwashing was a bit frustrating for me for no other reason than I kept getting most of the way through a loop and getting interrupted for some reason or another. It took me four tries at different times before I was actually able to finish the first loop! >_<

      I will say, however, that I really enjoyed the brainwashing. I felt very aroused during the entire process and I am enjoying that I can just build up my arousal and not have to worry about cumming. ViVe was right when he told me that his method of orgasm denial is very effective!

      I've been reading and loving all the feedback you guys are leaving about both weeks so far. Your comments are really encouraging and are helping me know that I can get through and enjoy this and not have to worry so much. In fact, between reading about ViVe's bonus tasks and all the great feedback I found myself whispering the mantra in response to ViVe's voice while I was edging. It was definitely very hot!

      Overall I think things went pretty well. I am definitely enjoying it and looking forward to continuing!

      • Day three *sigh*
        So day three is over and I’m looking at starting again at day one.

        I did the trance file and once again conked out part way through and didn’t wake till a minute or so after the end of the file. I *think* that may just be a reaction to the file itself. Zero is not my preferred induction, but I think it’s working on me well enough now that it is putting me out during one of the many count downs.

        I had to wait a while between the hypnosis file and the brainwashing, but I was able to secure a good amount of time to hopefully not be interrupted. Things started out quite well, I did a bit of the call and response with the mantra while I was masturbating and got through the first loop just fine. I was nicely aroused, but nothing super needy.

        Unfortunately, during the second loop of the brainwashing file I decided that I should up the intensity a bit to enhance the edging and all and I somehow wound up having an orgasm even though that had not at all been my intention.

        I’m not sure what I did wrong, but I was totally unprepared for it. I really wasn’t expecting to feel so bad about it, even guilty at having done something wrong. I know I have to start over now and that’s frustrating, but to be honest, I just feel bad about having done it.

        Hopefully I’ll be able to shake the negative thoughts and things will get better in an hour or two when I run the hypnosis file and start over.

  25. day 6- listened to the brainwash file for two hours

  26. day 7- listened to brainwash 2 hours again, one hour on my knees and masturbating all the time but not cumming….i cant cum and i can only masturbate with the brainwash file. tomorrow starting with week 2….am excited about that.

  27. Day one, take two (Slightly belated)

    Not having heard otherwise, I’m assuming I needed to start again after having my accident yesterday.

    I listened to the trance file again and had my best experience with it so far. I started going under with the countdowns, went fully under by the time we got to the floating mattress portion and woke up with the count-up like I should. I didn’t feel that I lost time or fell asleep during the trance, just that I had gone deeply under and can’t recall the specifics of what was said. All in all a very enjoyable session.

    I wrote out the mantra while listening to a loop of the brainwashing file which was nice. I still feel a bit weird and/or when the brainwashing files goes from “You are my mindless and obedient toy” to “You are a mindless and obedient toy”, but not enough to really ruin the mood.

    I was really, really nervous about doing the actual brainwashing after what happened with the session the night before. Nevertheless I knew it was important. I just, felt insecure about it. I managed to get through the brainwashing session and didn’t orgasm, but I also didn’t really get that close either. Hopefully I will be able to relax and enjoy it more in the coming days.

    • ViVe

      Hey! It’s a bit of a judgement call for you. The buildup of pleasure is the basis for the brainwashing. It the pleasure that drives it. If you build it up extremely quickly and you want to try it, do so. It’s a very individual thing. You know how your body works. But basically – less pleasure = less effects.

      • Hey there ViVe!
        I definitely understand that the pleasure build up is vital to the process and I want to be able to reinforce it as much as possible. I just also know that the orgasm denial is crucial too and I’m scared to mess that up again.

        I sent you a more detailed message about what’s going on, but mostly it’s just very hard to not feel extremely wary of being bad/disobedient/disappointing you/whatever else my emotions are doing.

        I’m going to do my best to get a handle on it.

    • Day two, Take two

      I had a good exchange of email with ViVe and am feeling much better about things.

      I had another good session with the hypnosis file. I was taken in deep and even though *something* brought me a bit closer to the surface towards the end, once I determined that there wasn’t anything going on that needed my attention it pulled me right back down deep. Much like yesterday, I felt much better after doing the hypnosis session.

      A little later I did another round of writing out my mantra. In the interest of saving my hand I decided to split up my lines. I’m doing about a page worth of lines each day while listening to a loop of the brainwashing file.

      I was much less worried about the actual brainwashing today after having talked to ViVe and listening to the hypnosis file again. I didn’t have a ton of time, but I was able to get through a very enjoyable 2 loops of the file with no issues. I kept quite nicely aroused, but with no fear of falling over the edge.

      Definitely feeling good about this again and looking forward to tomorrow!

      • Day three, Take two

        I got distracted by a very loud noise while doing the hypnosis file, so I wasn’t under as deeply as I’d like to be ideally. It was still a good listen and I enjoyed it very much.

        Since I had also gotten rather aroused by the end of it I went straight to the brainwashing section. Any lack of depth during the hypnosis file was made up for by the fact that I was able to do three loops of the brainwashing. I found that the counting sections were echoing in my head for a while after, which was kind of a nice touch.

        Later on in the day I did another loop of the brainwashing file while I wrote a page of lines of my mantra.

        All in all not quite as much as I would have liked, but it was good. And I am starting to feel some more of it outside of trance.

        Day four later tonight!

        • Day Five

          I seem to have missed posting about day four yesterday, but seeing as how that was a whole day or more ago I think I’ll just move on with the day five progress.

          I did another run of the hypnosis file and managed to go semi-deep in spite of some persistent neck pain that made it difficult to go fully under. It didn’t seem to have any negative effect though and combined nicely with writing a page of the mantra and listening to a loop of the brainwashing file shortly after.

          Later on in the day I did my longest brainwashing session to date, managing to get through four loops of the file. I did have to take some breaks for drinking and to rest some rather tired muscles, but overall I think it went well. I definitely had some of the words and counting stuck in my head for a while after.

          I’m looking forward to day 6 tomorrow and trying a marathon session of the brainwashing even if I don’t know if I can go much beyond an hour or two. Here’s to hoping!

          • Day Six

            This is the only day that I didn’t listen to the hypnosis file before doing the rest of it. I knew that I wanted to do as much of the brainwashing today as I could and since my day is often filled with interruptions I decided the time would be better suited to that.

            I listened to a loop of the brainwashing file while doing another page of the mantra making a grand total of nine pages for the week. I feel alright with that since that makes for well over three hundred lines.

            After taking care of a few things I sat down to a nice dose of brainwashing on loop. I managed to make it through a little more than four loops (about an hour and ten minutes) before something interrupted me. I took a small break and then did approximately another hour’s worth of brainwashing.

            All in all, I think it was a good week. I may not have been able to do as much as I would have liked, but I certainly was able to do enjoy doing more than the minimum. I’m definitely excited to start week two!

  28. I listened to the explanation file twice last night once at the computer and then once when I was more comfortable and laying down. Then I listened to the mind melt induction file, which had me nice and relaxed and already slipping so deep as it went into the hypnosis file and the brainwashing files both with and without the binaurals. This afternoon I laid down and listen to the hypnosis file and went rather deep, as in I don’t really remember listening to most of it. Had dinner and then listened to the brainwashing files first the no binaurals and then the one with a few minutes later. I know this is part of the mantra but it is all I can think about or have running through my head, I am your mindless obedient toy. And having the feeling adn desire to listen to it more and more. And so wanting to know what you want me to do for you. I know I am your mindless obedient toy.

    • Yesterday I started the task of writing the mantra and slowly as I am writing it both yesterday and continuing today it is like I can feel my control slipping away and yours taking more of a hold on me. I suspect that this will continue as I keep doing so. It has me at times a bit nervous of giving that up but at the same time excited as well. I am also finding I am looking forward more and more to listening to the files. And hearing the mantra in my head more and more throughout the day.

  29. DAY 1
    i listened to the explanation file and then the hypnosis file…even if i do not remember much. Then i listened to the brainwashing file for 2 times. The second time was much stronger….i felt happy and drugged liking to hear the mantra and your voice…i feel i need this more and more…and i need you…is this reaction what you expected?

  30. PS i cannot stop listening to the brainwashing file

  31. Before DAY 2
    I have been thinking about the files constantly

    DAY 2
    No idea about the hypnosis file. No memory.
    The brainwashing file was very strong. I need to obey so badly i love this please contact me

  32. So after probably ruining my first go at it, I’ve been trying again, but I found that after a couple of days, my interest in anything sexual is just disappearing, especially when listening to the loop. The hypnosis file brings me back out feeling horny and willing, but then the loop goes on, and it all disappears.

    I don’t understand 🙁 I really want this to work, but I’m not sure if the denial of orgasm is working too well for me (possibly that, could also be my subconscious telling me it’s not for me)

  33. I am your mindless and obedient toy. After two days those words are echoing into my head. And this has has only begun…

    It started out yesterday when I found this amazing journey. It seemed like Vive read my mind. It contained everything I wanted long term commitment, hard control, total organism denial and complete mindless devotion.

    Day one: Which was yesterday.

    I began with the intro file. Strangely I found it as arousing as informative. Then came the hypno file. Too little direct effect sadly. That is my fault I am a VERY difficult hypno subject. I never seem to get into the “zone”. My mind is too active to “shut” off. But still I found the file just what I wanted to happen so there was no chance I was going to give up. I also listened to the mantra for 2 sessions (30 mins). I found them very enjoyable since I could touch myself. That was nice touch since I had no desire to cheat by touching outside listening to the file.

    Day two:

    I began the day with a one session of the mantra before work. I really enjoy listening to that. The fact that I can (only?) gain arousal during that listening is refreshing. While at work I would occasionally think about the after work “washings” and how to be a better toy.

    Well after work I once again I started out with the hypno file. I think I like starting out every night washings with that file. Sadly I still did not fall under, I still enjoyed the training GREATLY. From there I began a 2 hour session with the mantra. I so love that mantra. I edged for about an hour and from there I thought it might be fun to do the 100 lines. That was not as easy as I thought (it has been a long time since I did lines) but the sense of pride I have for finishing it makes me feel like my washings are progressing.

    All in all a good night in early service to Vive. I think the time and dedication I can board that roller coaster… I am looking forward to the ride.

    Thank you Vive for being a wonderful hypno toy-master you give us all a reason to serve. I can’t wait to descend into your service.

    • Day 3

      I listened to the hypno file twice. The brainwash file for about 2 hours+.

      I still do not zone out during the hypno sessions still they are quite exciting. Also lately I find my TOTAL admiration for Vive is increasing greatly. Thank you Vive for giving this toy the chance to be controlled.

      Strangely after the second hypno session I directly put on the brainwash file. The joy was overwhelming. In fact for a few minuets I went on my knees and began the chant out loud. The kneeling did not last long but the chanting I find quite natural.

      A great ride so far. And I am eager to go further into be a total mindless and obedient toy.

      • Day 4:

        No real changes of note. I found that my mantra was a bit more in my thoughts during work. And I looked forward greatly to getting home and spending time with my lessons.

        3 hypno file listening and nearly 1.5 hours of mantra file. I do have a new craving to have Vive take control of my mind. I am defiantly not there but I do so crave to be that brainless and obedient toy. I can’t wait for the “take over” to take root. But I fear my “reasonable” mind will prevent it. Still I must say the addition of focused chastity was GENIUS. Thank you Vive you are amazing.

        P.S. does any one out there have tips on how to increase the control by Vive while staying in week one lesons?

        • Day 5

          This morning started out with a the mantra before work. All was going well… perhaps too well because I almost blew. At that point I stopped and took control. There was no way I wanted to ruin all my training with such a serious infraction. So all day long I was kicking myself for almost going off track.

          As the night came I started my normal path with a full listening of the hypno file followed by mandatory mantra listening. The problem was that I could not get into it. I have always enjoyed my mantra time greatly and now I felt strange half hearted. I wrote some lines with no effect. Then I got dangerous.

          I pulled up another file (I am unsure if it is wise to listen to two competing files but I will believe that it is can cause issues) but I was desperate to follow my mantra to the fullest. I pulled up Identity Eraser: Drone 2 and listened.

          Now I must admit that apart from some early confusion that file had little lasting effects (First listening never have effects) or so I thought. I put on my mantra and boom I zoned out and fell 100% into it. The mantra told me what to do and my brain shut off and i stared blindly into space for a full mantra session. Problem solved. Though I will not be going back to that file unless desperate needs it did do the trick.

          Tomorrow is the last day of week one then I can move on to being more controlled and brainless. YIPPY>

          • Day 6 (late report)

            Well I am definitely feeling the desires to listen and obey Vive. His words are echo in my head no matter what. I have an increasing desire… no obsession to serve his commands. the only I can attempt to relieve my sexual frustrations are to listen to my brainwash loop. But that loop only controls me and makes me more helpless to Vive. He is all I think about. Serving him is my goal.

            Listened to my loop for 3 hours and my week 1 file twice.

            Can’t wait for week two.

  34. your toy started with a 3 hour long loop now sissy, your toy already loves what your toy has heard. This morning your toy woke and listened again with in 10 minutes your toys panties were dripping wet and your toy started to shack but once the induction started sissy your toy felt better. this morning your toy will be listening for another 2-3 hours your toy just love this. sissy has been looking for something like this for so long thank you so so much.

  35. day 1 first 12 hours I have listened for a total of 6 hours over the last 12 hours. I found myself getting up in the middle of the night to write out my 100. I get really dribbling wet by the end of the long file and nearly orgasm every time. The short masturbation loop doesn’t do much for me except it helps me write out my 100. In 12 hours I have written the mantra down 2 times and nearly orgasm 6 times. I sleep with my butt plug in during the last 3 hours of the loop. my panties were so wet but i never felt myself cum or orgasm. I am still orgasming but i don’t seem to feel it much. I have notice I have been reading every ones post and that gets my little penis dribbling too. Oh i just love this file can someone listen to MUCH?? I have tomorrow off and most of this day so I will continue to be brainwashed. Can I intermix this brainwashing with other hypnosis from your site? Also I have practiced and trained myself to orgasm through anal penetration alone. I find reaming my ass hole while listening to the masturbation file had me fucking my ass for nearly an hour and a half last night. Just after 3 hour session..

    • day 3 i took last night off knowing i would want the training. and this morning i couldn’t not start doing the brainwashing until the afternoon. OMG while riding this morning on my bike all i could say was “i am your mindless and obedient toy” i rode for 5 miles like that and just loved loved loved it. I felt happy and joyful. I needed groceries so i went shopping and got home to start my daily brainwashing..
      OK I have been a hopeless limp penis hypno/brainwashing junky. OMG I love this work you have created. usually i would stroke my limp clitty every morning and afternoon and evening.. for the last 24 hours all i can do is feel pleasure from not orgasming. mind you i have been a hopeless wantaby limp penis hypno junky for years i mean over a decade. i love to talk about it now after these wonderful few days. ok ok so i haven’t had a mild erection for 24 hours if not more that is unheard of for me. i love this the sissy in me loves this. i also enjoyed the das experiment last night as i went to sleep i need to listen to that right now and enjoy it while i am awake. ok i fell asleep while listening but woke up during the rules then all i could do was feel the rubber walls form this file prevent me from dribbling. i love the rubber wall feeling you have created with in my mindless and obedient mind. thank you for such a wonderful piece of work.

      so i am on my 3rd hour of this file but i am going over to das experiment to really experience it. i seemed to enjoy it last night and loved falling asleep to it..

      oh yes i wrote out 150 line of the mantra while pegging my ass and no cumm. yay. boy how i just love this file.

  36. Day One:

    Got very turned on by reading the description so I decided to give this file a shot, why not.

    First did a hypnosis file, relaxed well, focused really well. Although at times, I would get really excited at certain words my heart would start to quicken and pound.

    Followed the hypnosis file immediately by the brainwashing loop, since I was very aroused, and I would edge very very quickly, no doubt I’d cum if I didn’t stop.

    Although I never usually give feedback on anything, I’m following up my session with this post.

    Think I’ll give the brainwashing file another spin now. 🙂

  37. I’ve done the training for three days, listening to the hypnosis file once each day and the brainwashing file several times each day (i can’t seem to get enough) and it makes me really horny, but haven’t been able to have an orgasm, even though I was trying to the first couple of times I listened to it. I do seem to here Vives voice occasionally at odd times when I’m not listening. I even woke up from a dream this morning to his words in my head (made me wonder if I was listening to the brainwashing file to much). So far I’m enjoying the experience, even if I do miss the orgasims.

  38. Wow. Totally love this. Did the first day. Egdging is surprisingly enjoyable. Big fantasy for me is total control by brain washing. Looking forward two day two. Got my 100 lines done 😀. I am your mindless and obedient toy. Ya touching my self then switching and doing 25 lines so I got an hour of fun in. So hot… Yep gonna get back to this awesome session one more time. ✌🏻️

  39. I’ve been listening for the last 3 days, and I have more than once realized that I have been mentally repeating the mantra, which usually leads to me getting a bit aroused until I stop. It gives me a sort of happy feeling in my chest, too, that I can’t quite describe (other than that).

  40. ok sooo Day 1, seems I may have gone for a little intense, listening to the hypnosis file twice and the brainwashing file and edging for an hour… and soo far wow it is crazy how hot it feels and I can scarcely fathom the intensity of how it is going to get,i am very much looking forward to that

  41. New here, just found the site and the set of files after listening to “Brainwashing II – The Edge” from over on WMM. I had been going on that for a couple weeks, and it’s been pretty well the same routine the first week of this series has me doing. It might be a nice way for the apprehensive to get a taste of what it’s like, and the transition of edging to one brainwashing loop to another is effortless.

    I had a good first experience with the hypnosis file, being surprised by the first countdown of the zero induction. I recall having listened to the induction at some point in the past, and as soon as you said zero, it had a profound effect on me. I will say that I find the induction portion to be a bit long for repeated listening, as I tend to be well and truly tranced by the end of the countdowns, but I enjoy the extended relaxation nonetheless.

    I’ll be continuing on to complete the week, and I look forward to having what I hope will be the most genuine hypnosis experience I’ve ever had the pleasure of going through.

    • Just did this week’s task, and I just had to share the experience.

      I set aside the time to listen to the hypnosis file immediately followed by the task. I decided to write the lines while naked, with minimal lighting, while listening to the brainwashing loop. I set it to loop three times due to time constraints, and I have to say I’m glad I did. I don’t think I’d have stopped otherwise! Eight pages and 213 lines later, it’s a wonder my hand isn’t sore.

      I was rather concentrated starting out, but by the second loop things just became automatic. I found myself riding the edge without even touching myself, slowly leaking all over the place while one hand grasped the table edge and the other wrote furiously. Looking back at the pages, I notice the lines become more illegible, and they start to drift out of the lines. I am typically OCD about the neatness of my notes and such, so seeing that surprised me!

      All in all a good experience. I give it ten toys out of ten. Will obey again. Looking forward to next week’s tasks.

      • Had a bit of a hiccup here. It was my day 6 yesterday. I listened to the hypnosis file, and followed up with two loops of the brainwashing file. All was fine until the evening, when I decided to do another brainwashing session.

        It started off as usual, I did an hour with a blindfold (I read ahead to week two and just couldn’t resist the idea) and was fine, but then I decided to do another hour without the blindfold, while browsing porn. By the second or third loop, I ended up having an unexpected orgasm, at least physically. At that point I wasn’t sure whether I had ruined the week’s work or not, so I decided to sleep on it.

        Luckily, I still had the mantra popping into my head this morning, and as the day wore on my desire to do another long brainwashing session grew, arousal once again building over the day. I edged while listening for a couple hours, stopping only now to write about it here.

        Just thought I’d let people know that an accidental orgasm doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the experience. If anything today’s session was even easier to get lost in… maybe that had to do with the relief I felt after I realized I hadn’t lost the desires.

        I’ll probably give myself another day or two of week one before moving on, but move on I shall, more excited than ever!

        • One thing I forgot to add: edging while wearing the blindfold is ‘safer’, forcing me to focus on the sensation and pleasure and allowing me to more easily gauge and control how far I went. The porn was a lot more distracting, and the lack of attention was likely what caused the, er, mishap.

          • Thanks for the message about the orgasm: I had two accidental orgasms during week 1 and I agree about being distracted being the issue.
            The first incident happened when I was suddenly contacted by someone who I hadn’t spoken to in ages and whilst I panicked over how to respond it happened (probably aided by the burst of pleasure from seeing them since I’d done some sexual stuff with them in the past) and the second when I got distracted trying to find a rhyme for the second half of a mantra that popped into my head whilst edging, and slipped past while I was focusing on that.
            I did decide to restart week 1 after them, though. I got through fine the second time, and am on to week 2 now.

            • Persistence really does pay off here, and I’m not sure it matters how long you take to do it, so long as you continue, and move on when you feel ready. I’m 8 days into week 2 now, and am really starting to feel it take hold. I keep putting off week 3 as I continue to feel the addiction deepening. I’m not sure if I should just move on, or if I should keep going until the effects top out.

      • This sounds a lot like my writing experience — going automatic and finding that I repeated the mantra WAY more than expected. And same about neatness! In places, my writing got messy.

      • Male Seven has an interesting observation about the length of the Hypnosis File. He points out that it’s a long file, and I think he’s suggesting that one might listen to it more often if it was shorter (or if there was a shorter version that one could switch to after getting good at going deep with ViVe’s voice). This idea crossed my mind today as well: a version with a shorter induction might be good, because then one could “refresh” the main instructions in the Hypnosis File more frequently. That said, I’m thinking that, on balance, it’s better to have the full induction. Here’s my thinking on that: I find that the full induction, with its multiple parts, gives me a load of excellent material to summon up when I feel that my trance is weakening. This has proved useful when trancing to the brainwashing file. For example, I might visualize the car passing under lights at night; or the air mattress; or the depths of the lake; or the embracing warm blanket; etc… and at least one of these ideas inevitably is available to help me go deeper. I think I like having all of them in that induction, because they build up my repertoire of ViVe’s images and sounds and feelings, and so something is always available when needed.

  42. I just found this file, and has caught my attention. I decided to start the program brainwashed toy. my English is not good, I speak Spanish, and for me, understanding spoken English is more complicated. I hope to have some help from anyone who has started if I have problems. This difficulty also becomes a factor to pay more attention than usual. I hope the effort will not be too much to have to leave the program. I’m very intrigued by what might happen. Thanks to its author.

  43. Been listening to this file for a while now, every time(5-10 times) failed at having an orgasm, every time was so horny during the brainwashing file, hopefully i will not fail again, i feel the hypnosis file affecting me more (since now i actually wanted to comment and feel more determined to not give in to the releasing my orgasm)

    • Well yesterday was interesting, had all these weird thoughts, was horny and wanted to do it but i “remembered” i made a commitment to not do it (similar to quitting smoking), wanted to masturbate but it felt different in a way like i didnt want to masturbate while watching porn and masturbating after watching, but like wanted to masturbate before watching porn or not needing it at all (1 minute was all i needed basically), i did the writing 100 mantra but it felt werid while doing it, i was thiking why am i doing it, “just because” nothing to prove to anyone or myself i just needed to finish it so i can be done with it, it was annoying, the words felt like they meant nothing(i wasnt a mindless and obedient toy) at the least i wanted to listen to some more files so that they represented who i was (a mindless and obedient toy), half way i listened to the loop file while writing then it felt more enjoyable (writing the 100 matra but more like anything else), wanted to write more than 100 lines so i wrote 101 because it was annoying, had lots of weird thoughts like “can i do the long session today or must i wait more?” and “how i can integrate being a toy into my real life” (because it felt weird not being a normal person among my family), then afterwards listened to a session of the hypnosis file but dozed off, so i tried again this time trancing with my eyes open(felt like it had more effect), yesterday masturbated for about 4 sessions but not continuously so i still have to do the long session. I also had some unusual tingles (felt good) some of the times i remembered i was a toy.
      Today nothing new happened, listened to the loop several times(5 times) while doing stuff in the house and masturbated once, i feel like my will is starting to become less and less important and am becoming a human pet that belongs to someone else, i could be sold i am ok with that :), am feeling scared to a degree but it’s what i wanted in the first place so no regrets in becoming a owened.

      • PS when i said masturbate i actually meant without an orgasm(hurray)

        Yesterday (rest of day 2) felt less influenced by the files, like the buzz was wearing off.
        Listened to the hypnosis file late and it didn’t quite hit the mark, i know about how not remembering anything during trance is a good thing, but i just wake up at random intervals, last night woke up about an hour after the file ended turned on the side removed my headphones and continued to sleep. also had a nasty case of blue balls after the previous comment.
        i noticed that i can orgasm but i don’t want to (because i lost several steaks, and of course disappointed and didn’t even wanna try any more) i just wish i couldn’t reach orgasm like the rest of the people here, then i could feel like the hypnosis is actually working no matter how hard i try to resist, so horny just thinking of this scenario (maybe one day…)

        Today (day 3), chores and no binaural loop, stopped counting how many times listened ~ 10.
        Felt a bit disappointed about the files today, one nice thing happened though, i usually “thought” in my voice “i am a mindless and obedient toy”, but today i didn’t think it, rather i felt the impulse to think it, needless to say it was hard to fight it and i gave in (“i need to aid in my brainwashing”).
        Better get used to these impulses just like i already got used to the idea that i’m a toy and it’s “normal” and “just as boring so being human” (because i don’t associate any excitement to the actual being a toy, but rather being manipulated with commands, even just thinking that i’m a mindless and obedient you, becoming more a toy and more brainwashed through hypnosis and the loop).
        Listened to the hypnosis file and fell asleep(because it’s very late) partially which of course disappointing.
        Did the long session with 5 loops, wow, felt lots of things: 1disappointment in the beginning(will i ever finish the first week?), 2thinking that this is stupid, 3why not give in and just orgasm? Clearly the effects wore off, 4being afraid to quit because i really want to not have to redo the first week again, 5feeling intensely afraid of the “chore” of masturbating without release how much effort it requires to resist orgasming and how unpleasant every moment of the long tease i was going to have to endure, and not just today but for each week, 6went very close to the edge lots of times and every time closer beyond the point i thought i could handle once, but i did several times! And of course the fact that the tease lasted over an hour i never expected i could edge (with seconds of breaks in between edges) for that long, i was expecting every moment for me to stop and try the long session another time, 7i ignored the loop, i didn’t care anymore and i could feel it affecting me at some points (rest of the time i just didn’t notice it did) the interesting moment was when Vive said more assertively to masturbate and my reaction was “yes Master”.
        After the loops and writing this comment i was so close to orgasming (because i started the loop and then i just moved my hand) i started preparing for the spasm that were about to happen, and other feelings that i never noticed because the orgasm was the most intense part, i felt in that moment how i wished not to orgasm, and contacted every muscle capable of stopping the ejaculation from happening, amazing! Can’t wait to add more stories here.

        Owener Vive, it is not clear whether i can engage in normal sexual activity, i have noticed some interesting(and potent) reactions when reaching the edge, she does not know and don’t want sex turning into a problem, can i have permission to orgasm with my so?

        • I mentioned in a previous comment how i wanted to listen to this series several times in the past few months, but each time i was so horny during the loop and just orgasmed, after every time i would be disappointed and quit for a while (i think 2 months in between attempts, and i actually lost count how many times i tried), i was less optimistic about me ever getting hypnotized to do more intense things (like visualization and amnesia, always felt like i was playing instead of being hypnotized, i would like to refuse some commands if i think they are unhealthy, but the one i do accept, i have no problem backing down from them if i am not in the mood, the commands that i do agree with do not affect me), i actually got so disappointed in me being hypnotized that i thought i would someday finish this series but with lots of effort and care so that i never arouse myself more than the minimum, and of course that sucked and ruined the whole point of the series, but needless to say things have changed now, it feels like it is actually starting to work, though i still feel like i need to be cautious while masturbating.
          If someone ever wonders why i write so much, well it’s more for selfish reasons, i want to finish this series and look back and trace my steps and remind myself of the changes that i went through while enjoying the memories/progress.

          Yesterday (day ) woke up horny and aroused, felt like even the smalled thing could get me erect.
          I called owner Vive in my previous comment, but it felt just wrong, not because that would mean i am owned, but because it wasn’t true, just felt like i needed to do more so it would be true.
          If someone could save me dunno if i would take it, this thought actually means it’s working if i am asking myself that, i mean why would i need to consider being saved if i could save myself or wasn’t trapped?
          Felt wrong that today started without hearing any subliminals in head, didn’t think to much of it, but realized later that i wanted to be more influenced by the files(hearing the subliminals because they were influencing me) not listen to the files so they would have effect (like they usually do) in immediate time after hearing them or me to want to chant, no, i wanted them to be in my head not of my own accord or effort/intentionally chanting them.
          In the previous comment i asked Vive about if i can orgasm while intimate with someone else, (still waiting for an answer) it felt just wrong to lose all my frustration gained so far, like i wanted to get frustrated via hypnotic commands to recover from an actual orgasm but of course not have to repeat the week (because that way i would never finish the series, unless i get a divorce).
          Had a bit of blue balls this afternoon, guess I am a bit too much physically aroused than my body can handle, mentally I guess I’m good to otherwise I wouldn’t be physically aroused.
          I feel like my guy is prepared in any moment to just get up immediately and just release.
          Had an interesting thought, though nothing more than a thought, “my sole objective is to do what i am told”, guess things are more and more serious.
          At night listened to the hypnosis file and masturbation+loop, but then i had the audacity to do it again (masturbation+loop) and i orgasmed, hurray :(, felt like the worst and the most plain orgasm i ever had, got discouraged, since hypnosis really arouses i was aroused even after orgasming and an hour later watched some porn without the loop and orgasmed again(this time it nice as it usually is) then went to sleep.

          Today (day) thought about taking a break from the seies like usual, but i really liked it so far, and i want to continue again as soon as possible, who knows, maybe i will eventually not be able to orgasm(not just want to not reach it but be able to), i am horny and probably still will be for a few days(but since i plan to listen the files again today, i will also be frustrated and aroused).

  44. I just would like to say that ViVe is not joking. THIS is real. I’ve tried to survive the first week but he asks us to do one thing that I really don’t like : to touch my… Please listen to the explanation very carefully because it’s honest. I can’t say anything about the other weeks. The only thing that I can say is that Vive made me regret to be unable to continue. (sorry again about my bad English.)

  45. I am so excited by this series and I can’t wait to try it. I love the concept of a very involved series of files working toward a goal. Thank you so much for creating it, Vive.

    Have you ever considered a series of chastity files done in a similar fashion? I have seen a series of edge and denial files, and it is fun, but I would love to see your version.

  46. Or maybe a series of reward and punishment files for us bad boys and masochists… Assignments that if we fail to do, we have freedoms removed or something… WOOF

  47. Well I am just coming to the end of the first week! I launched into this process because i find hypnosis and control fascinating but though i trance fairly well (btw, I loved the bicameral files) I haven’t experienced working amnesia or suggestions. I want to!
    I have given a lot of time this week to both files (5xhypnosis and hours of brainwashing each day)and the results have been interesting but not dramatic but i have a great desire to continue to the second week.
    The main effect of the brainwashing file has been physical! A sore foreskin! And a new way to masturbate with aloe vera gel that has been intense. Seriously I want to edge more than I can without pain! That has been the limiting factor.
    I feel as though i could force an orgasm if i tried but i find i REALLY don’t want to have an orgasm and I am enjoying the intensity of edging so much.
    I haven’t had any experiences of Vive’s voice in my head but I have a vague but recurring sense that he is in my head. And I do feel addicted to edging and brainwashing all the time. My dick feels twice the size!
    I hope the control deepens this next week. And I hope i don’t regret hoping that!

    • After the above entry I felt the urge to edge to the brainwashing file again. I intended it to be just 30 mins but the experience was so compelling and intense that I was still there 2 1/2 hours later and found it very hard to stop.

      I have been feeling a powerful urge to do more and the first hints of what is might be like to be out of control. It’s a bit scary and very arousing. Thank you Vive.

  48. I am now on my second day after having done a previous attempt when this series was released in August (which resulted in me having an orgasm in the second week, unfortunately) and restarting yesterday after an orgasm.

    Yesterday I started (again) by listening to the hypnosis file and then a brainwashing session 4 times and to get me started really quick I’m also listening to the brainwashing file as much as I can (which results in about an hour each day…).

    I love the sensations of not cumming as i stroke myself to Vive’s marvelous brainwashing session and to be really honest I am not really sure that I am listening voluntary or if I have already become his mindless and obedient toy: My wishes for spare time gets lower and lower each time I brainwash myself, instead an urge to listen more and more and more and more gets stronger and stronger. It almost the only thing I think about during the day. (And that are the times I am able to think as the brainwashing file effectively purges me of any ability for active and conscious thinking.

    I really do hope I can keep up with an hour (or more) brainwashing and one hypnosis session each day to condition and brainwash me even more. I long for the time when being a toy is who I am and obeying and masturbating and brainwashing myself even more is everything I am able to do (except of course the times when I have to function…). (This is at least what I hope for whilst reading the various comments.)

    Oh, I forgot to mention that what little spare time I had left today was spent writing the mantra 160 times. I didn’t think at all while writing: just sentence after sentence, line upon line and my mind was blank, no coherent thoughts stayed more than a second.

    Enough writing, time for more brainwashing!

    • After a minor setback my subconscious ultimately decided that I still am under Vive’s control and so my brainwashing continues.

      Currently I am at day 4: The brainwashing loop have started to echo and repeat itself in my thoughts; I’m starting to be aware of Vive at all times. Whenever I can afford a bit of a blank mind I repeat my mantra helplessly in my thoughts and I can’t resist becoming more and more brainwashed.

      To lower the risk of having an orgasm I’m going to try listening multiple times to the brainwashing instead of a single long session. Let’s see how that goes (and if I’m able to resist “just another loop”).

  49. Day one 🙂
    26 year old female- very much a newby to this.
    Started last night with the hypnosis. I think I fell asleep – which is weird – I’ve never done that before – but I woke up towards the end. I was so horny I decided to listen to the brainwashing file while edging straight away. Listened for 45 minutes. Didn’t cum.. But it was so difficult – edged so so many times ( I’ve never really done orgasm denial before – but always wanted to)
    Went to sleep frustrated and had sexy dreams. Woke up and listened to braiding washing file again for 30 minutes while edging. Listened to the brainwashing file without binural for over an hour while getting ready for work and having breakfast. Wrote about 60 lines this morning.
    Already super horny and my lady parts are permanently wet and swollen with desire.

    • “falling asleep” and waking up as the file is wrapping up is a classic hypnosis experience – you lose conscious awareness of what’s happening, but continue to absorb the suggestions in the file on a deeper level, then, when you’re told to start waking up, your conscious awareness returns.

      There are other ways to experience hypnosis, and, unless a file aims for a specific effect, no one way is better than any other, but losing conscious awareness is particularly good as a way of making the effects more convincing – if you follow instructions you don’t remember receiving, that pretty much rules out the possibility that you’re just playing along…

  50. Hello Grey_shadow,
    Thanks for letting me know. I was worried I was doing it wrong. I listened the the hypnosis file again last night, but i turned up the volume hoping i wouldn’t “fall asleep” again because i really want to put in the effort to make this work. But it happened again, even with the volume up – which is super weird as i cant even sleep with the tv quietly in the background. but i woke up after the file had finished and again was crazy horny so i went straight into edging to the brainwashing file for 30 minutes. – should I be “falling asleep” like this – if not, what should I do to stop it.. the volume when i played it last night was quite high, and i really dont remember anything other than the start about zero and counting.
    Ive noticed that i have more control to stop from cumming, but at the same time its more intense more pleasurable. as soon as I start the brainwashing file my lady parts start throbbing and gush. Vives voice is so captivating, its like its wrapped around me – it feels so good to let go and do as he says 🙂 oh and i did a quick 15 minutes brainwashing edging loop this morning. i like this routine, but im so so horny and im still throbbing like crazy… (26/f)

    • Hypnosis files are usually designed to put you into a state of hypnotic trance through an induction (which gets you relaxed and leads you into trance), and a deepener (the counting, which deepens the feelings of relaxation and trance). Ideally, your conscious mind and thoughts should start to drift off during the deepener, allowing the hypnotist’s suggestions to access the subconscious parts of your mind. These parts of your mind can make changes based on the suggestions of the hypnotist, which in this case is to feel aroused and horny while listening to the brainwashing.

      Your experience has all the signs of a deep trance: your body is following the suggestions of the hypnotist, you can’t consciously recall the hypnotist’s words once you slipped into trance, you ‘fell asleep’ in a situation where you usually wouldn’t (with the tv example), and you awoke after Vive’s suggestion to wake up at the end of the file.

      It’s great that you’re seeing positive effects after a few listens, and it shows that you’re likely a great candidate for hypnosis.

      In the future, I would suggest skipping to the suggestions of any new hypnosis file you plan to listen to, before you listen from the beginning. This makes sure that you know exactly what the file is going to suggest to your mind, and whether you want those suggestions.

      Hope this helps and happy trancing and brainwashing!

    • It sounds like the file is doing exactly what it should, so don’t worry about it – just relax and enjoy letting it happen.

      I’ve not listened to the file myself to check, but ViVe’s zero induction often comes with suggestions that encourage people to “fall asleep”, so, yes, you are probably doing exactly what you’re supposed to by losing awareness of everything from the start of the induction to the end of the file.

      You can stop worrying about whether or not you’re doing things right – at this point, so long as you follow the instructions you’re aware of, you’ll do what you’re supposed to – the files will make sure of that. After all, the whole point of being brainwashed is that you have no choice but to do and think what you’re made to!

  51. I’m up to day four week one of my brainwashing to be a mindless and obedient toy. As I’ve noted above, I’ve been doing the hypnosis file every night, and “falling asleep” during with no memory of its contents. Normally I wake up close to the end or after its finnished; last night I woke up when vibe was saying the wake up part at the end at number 9. The chances of me waking up at that point exactly due to coincidence is extremely rare. It’s made me realise just how real this is. It both terrifies and excited the crap out of me. I’ve been edging to the brainwash file every morning and every night for a minimum of 30 minutes. Having never don’t edging for more than half a day without orgasm, I am really feeling the effects and am so so horny. I find it extremely difficult to stop edging. I can’t edge as close to the edge as I did before- I know I’ll accidently cum, but I love the overwhelming pleasure and how good it feels to listen and play. I can’t believe I’m only on day 4, I feel like I havnt cum in weeks. Hope everyone else is having such a intense and exciting journey. Xx

    • K89, it sounds like you are really getting a lot out of the first week files. I wish you luck on your journey!

  52. Just discovered this website from some of vive’s files posted elsewhere. He had the first file that really put me under so was looking to try some more and I come across one of my fantasies with this one. Didn’t go completely under in the induction but was drifting in and out. Almost dreaming of unrelated topics. My inner brat did not like the idea of restrictions on orgasms so heard those instructions very consciously. Like my subconscious going wtf, do you hear this guy! The second file didn’t go so well the first time, think my inner brat wanted to assert control and I went off to orgasm. Tried it again this morning and I definitely felt some more restraint. At least no orgasm. It definitely fills your mind with a buzzing when you aren’t concentrating on something but when you do concentrate on things I get distracted less easily now.

    • Day 2. Looks like the brat has stepped back a bit. Listened to the hypno file again and went fully under. Surprised me actually was getting bored with the floating in the mountain pool segment and next thing I know I’m done. Did end up writing the mantras last night. Was going to hold off but just kept wanting to do it on my knees listening to the brainwash file. Liking how things are going.

      • Day 3. Full trance with the hypno file again. Only the time I wake up is convincing me that I actually listened to the whole thing. Feels like a light nap. The brainwash file is getting intense. Like an intense pleasure wave the whole time. Not sure how I’m going to survive an entire hour. The phrase you feel your will leaving you is very real. Feels like a flush of energy leaving my body via my groin. Tingles all over and makes me want to hear it more.

        • Day 4/5. Just realized my numbering was off since I didn’t comment until the second day. Found I’m starting to go into a trance with just the brainwash file at what I’d guess to be the 10 minute mark. Going to do the 60+ one tomorrow and given how I feel like a quivering mess after 15 minutes it’s going to be interesting. I’m pretty confident I’ll be in a full trance for most of it so we’ll see how I behave. Def no cheating on the orgasm or masturbating, I can’t really even touch my hard cock now unless the brainwashing file is playing and that just kills the desire to orgasm. Doesn’t help the huge case of blue balls which makes you horny, which makes you want to listen to the brainwashing file again since it’s the only slight release valve even though I know it’s making things worse. I’m beyond the point of caring about that now.

          • Day 6. (Created an account with a new screen name). Did the intense session today. Was a little worried about getting lost in it. On the fourth iteration I started really trancing but still had enough to turn it off on the fifth. Just couldn’t spare any more time on it today. I did notice that different phrases seemed to be hitting harder. The whole kneeling on the floor thing was a distraction more than anything else, seemed a minor suggestion. I think my brat side focused on resisting something and locked on that.

  53. Hello,

    since i have been a lot of time thinkin’ about that journey, today i started it. I’m gonna listen the hypno file for second time.

    Let’s gonna see if i like the journey.

    thanks Vive

  54. Today. the second day, i started my day with the hypno file, and at the end of that i just needed to play the brainwashing file… i have been listening to this file for more than an hour, it was almost imposible for me to stop listening, i edged a lot of times… i loose the count of the times, but always with no succes, i feel it come and go, and restart all the time. i must say that all the feelings scare me for a couple of seconds,i panicked, i was edging and turning back without my will, just doing what i must do.The sensation is… i cannot explain, but as i read all the comments i know that i must not be scared, i must joy the journey.
    Right now i just want to play the file again but i need to do my chores, thats the reason i stoped finally.
    the moment i finish i will play it again.
    i will write how it goes…

  55. Hi, 3rd day, no much time today, so, i just listened the brainwashing file, edging and not cumming, and i wrote 4 full pages with my mantra, i need to listen to the hypnotic file again, i love it, and i need to write my mantra a little more.

  56. 4th day, today i spent my time writing my manera, i really love it, i listened for the brainwashing file as i did my task, needing to edge myself many times, losing my mind as the file runs. Today, i started to listen you on my mind very very crear… I listened your voice saying my manera, and i find myself repeating my mantra on my head immediately.
    i love the peace i feel listening my mantra, knowing that i can no cum, Just edge, writing my mantra line after line, just because you said to me. Feeling myself controlled, owned.

  57. Sorry, spelling issues, manera is mantra, crear is clear, and manera two more times 🙁 its a cell thing 🙁

  58. 5th and 6th day, your voice is on my head all the time, the moment i stop doing whatever i’m doing, your voice hits my brain, repeating that i’m your toy.
    I don’t feel the needing of masturbation, but the moment i put on my headphones and play the file, all i can do is to kneel on the floor and edge again and again, edging is not as frustrating as It was days ago, that changed too, is like if my body knows that i cannot orgasm just edge.
    I know that i am been brainwashing and i like it. what at the beggining scared me, don’t worry anymore.
    today will be my last day listening the first week files, and i am very excited about starting week 2.
    Thank you Vive.

  59. OMG…intense experience the first day. I couldn’t stroke my cock during most of the brain washing session, because i was afraid of cumming!

  60. First of all, my apologies for stopping listening to the series, but with the xmas arriving i knew that it would be impossible for me, so i prefered to stop on the first week than not stopping at all.
    So, today, i restarted the series, i thought that i will need a whole week to arrive to the point i was last time… but when i played the hypno file today i felt very very deep, i think that it was one of the deeper trances of all. I woke up, horney as ever, and with the need to listen to the brainwashing file, so i did. the moment your voice starts i fell on my knees on the ground and i edge myself many times… today was very weird, everytime you said something i felt the need to trust in it, to do it, to become what you say. I finished the file exhausted and knowing that it’s true, i’m your mindless and obedient toy, i’m your property and you control me.
    I feel the need to start with week 2 right now, but i can’t do it until tomorrow.
    I’m a little scared about all that, but on my inside i feel that i need to become more and more your brainwashed toy.

  61. I have just completed my first day of Week One (the explanation, hypnosis and brainwashing files). The counting in the brainwash file, the repeating of the mantra again and again are still pulsing through my mind like a heartbeat. Silly, right?
    Anyhow, I will write the mantra 100 times tonight and will probably dip back into the brainwashing file a time or two more… it is rather marvelous.
    Will report tomorrow on my progress.

  62. Day Two of Week One saw me re-write the 100 mantras (which I’d written late last night) after I realized I’d made a mistake in the wording. The intense Brainwash File requirement has been met and exceeded many times over. Hours of edging, hours of that counting, hours of that mantra and I feel buzzed.

  63. Day Three of the brainwashing… I listened to the hypnosis file for the third time. It really, really affected me. I came out feeling fuzzy and almost dizzy I went so deep.

    Another hour masturbating with the brainwashing file. 1234 I’m your mindless and obedient toy. I want to be brainwashed more and more… These words feel so good inside my head.

  64. Day Four of my brainwashing… Hypnosis file for the fourth time. Just needed it. Brainwashing file as instructed. Things are becoming clearer now.

  65. Amazing. I can’t get your mantra out of my head. I’ve never edged before and I know its power is washing my mind clean.

  66. I am on day 2 of the brainwashing and am enjoying it. I hope to be completely overwhelmed by the experience and to truly be the toy of my new master.

  67. Oh, I am so enjoying this.

    Day 1 – listened to hypnosis file and one loop of brainwashing.Feeling aroused straight after the hypnosis file.

    Day 2 – hypnosis file and two loops of brainwashing. I wanted to build up on the brainwashing files because I have never really edged successfully before. I had to pull away a couple of times to stop reaching orgasm. But the feelings of edging and arousal are really intense. Did the task of writing lines (about 130) while listening to the brainwashing loop. This was much easier and more automatic than I expected.

    Day 3 – I spent my journey home from work trying to plan fitting two full hypnosis and brainwashing sessions in this evening. I am definitely becoming addicted to this. And why not? It feels amazing! I managed the hypnosis files and three loops of brainwashing before dinner, then climbed in to bed early for another hypnosis file and the full hour of brainwashing. And this was the most intense feeling – I had to keep stopping so that I didn’t orgasm, but I was successful for the whole hour, finishing feeling very horny, but so pleased to have succeeded. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling intensely aroused, with waves of pleasure rushing around by body. I could have given in then and masturbated to orgasm easily, but I held off and finally got back to sleep again.

    Day 4 – again so keen to get home from work and start the hypnosis file and brainwashing (only two loops tonight because it is a Friday and it is time to go out). I felt like orgasm was further away now and I could stimulate myself with less worry about going over the edge. Feeling aroused now as I listen to the brainwashing file while waiting to go out for the evening. Looking forward to feeling horny all evening.

    Overall – I haven’t heard Vive’s voice or the mantra inside my head yet, but I am definitely feeling addicted to listening to these files. I’m not sure how I will cope with the ever increasing levels of arousal, but I am looking forward to finding out!

    #Edit – Updated as per secondary comment

    • Day 5 – not much time so one listen to the hypno file and two brainwashing loops before getting up this morning

      Day 6 – both failure and breakthrough today. I woke up from the hypno file so aroused that I almost had a hands free orgasm. I should have stopped and waited at that point, but I already had the brainwashing (5 loops) set up on the playlist. As soon as the brainwashing loop started I couldn’t help but start masturbating. Within a couple of minutes I realised it was too late, but lifted my hand off anyway, to then feel an orgasm pulse through my body. I tried to hold back, but it was impossible to stop. Disappointed, I just laid there for a while with the loop still running. Before I realised it, my hand had moved back into position and I started touching again. In spite of just orgasming, I was not oversensitive at all, so I soon got back into rhythm, matching the counting part of the loop. After a couple of loops (not sure how long), I found myself starting to chant along “I am a mindless and obedient toy”. I chanted this repeatedly and completely lost myself in the brainwashing for the first time. During this was the first time I felt a little scared – I knew I couldn’t stop until the file stopped. But I loved the feeling too!

      I can’t wait to move on to Week 2 tomorrow, I’ll just squeeze in one more Week 1 session tonight though.

  68. Day 4 . I am not sure as to what my state is. I just woke up from a session and am confused as to my state.

  69. Day 6. I again woke up very relaxed and confused. I will finish up the first week’s tasks and then proceed. I want to be subservient to a master.

  70. I have written “I am your mindless and obedient toy.” 100 times and used the brainwashing loop for more than the full hour today . I feel that I am gradually relaxing as the sessions progress, I am becoming more subservient, and I expect to see more progress as I continue into week two.

  71. heya guys.
    so i started the series yesterday by listening to hypnosis file and the brainwashing file
    it was a bit difficult to keep away from orgasm yesterday tge first time

    today i listened to the hypnosis file again and then some brainwashing and boom i had no problem keeping me on the edge.
    it was really easy and enjoyable, it really frlt right to do the brainwashing and keeping me on the edge.
    i will do a linger session tomorrow and writing the lines too, then more brainwashing maybe.

    i am very excited how this started and looking forward.

    • heya me again, sorry for the lack of updates, been doing the things as instructed, even more than needed, i feel good doing this, i will be done with the first week tomorrow and will start on week two after that.

      i am really surprised how this cought me.

  72. Just incredible. I just finished week one and genuinely felt the resistance to orgasm when i got too close. this stuff is real.

  73. I’ve been thinking about trying this for a month. I listened to the explanation file and now I really want to do it. So is this fiv weeks without an orgasm? Hmmm. That might be hard to explain if you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t know about or get into erotic hypnosis. I have to think about if I can do five weeks without an orgasm.

    • That’s one of the things that’s kept me from trying this out, actually. I think I would give it a go if it were just me, but I’m with someone who likes me to be able to cum when she wants, regardless of what I do on my own time.

  74. I listened to the Hypnosis file this morning before getting up for work, and was incredibly aroused after. I did a loop of the brainwashing file before leaving the house, and I’m sitting on the bus home from work listening to it again. As soon as I put it on I became wet, which is a new sensation. I find it hard at times to become aroused, and being aroused this easily is weird.I’m looking forward to getting home for another edging session before writing lines.

  75. This was my first time listening. I’ve never been so aroused. going to go do the writing exercise, can’t wait for the rest!

  76. I had to repeat the first day because I had trouble not cumming. I found that doing some of the lines while listening to the brainwashing file helped a lot on the first day the next time. I’m now on day two. I spend a lot of time on the computer and I plan to have the nonbinaural version in the background almost all the time.

    • Day 2: I’ve found that in one loop of the brainwashing file I can do nearly 50 lines of the mantra.

      Day 3: I had to wait to do the hypnosis file after a long day at work and I’m not sure if I fell asleep in the middle or not. I’ll do it again just to be sure.

      I’ve definitely felt the manta lingering in the back of my head. My job can be very monotonous at times and when my mind drifted I thought about the manta a lot, especially today on the 4th day.

      Although I think I’m doing well, I read through some of the other feedback and I can’t help thinking I’m not going deep enough. Maybe taking longer for this week will help. I have tomorrow off to do the long session and I might do another 100 lines

      • I forgot to mention that I felt the desire to listen to the brainwashing file on my knees but with hardwood floors and knobby knees I found it uncomfortable enough to keep me from going deep. I’ve compromised by kneeling on my bed with a cushion wedged behind my knees. I hope that’s okay.

  77. Day 1

    I’m finally getting around to writing this. I usually try to avoid writing any details like this down, but actually feel that I have to do it.

    I started the first night just with the hypnosis file and one loop of brainwashing. Straight away I was surprised at how quickly and deeper that I went under, I had tried Vive’s files before, wasn’t going that deep and started trying other people’s files. Once the hypnosis file had finished I went straight into the brainwashing file, which probably wasn’t the best idea, I was just too aroused to start with, and found myself cumming close to the end of the loop, but still had the urge to keep masturbating. This only made me wonder how well I was going to be able to go through with the rest of the brainwashing moving forward.

    Day 2

    Started with the hypnosis file and the brainwashing loop again as soon as I woke up. Went under deep again, and this time managed to do one loop with only edging. Later that day I decided to try the loop again, twice this time to build up gradually, and managed to just edge again. I went to bed listening to the hypnosis file and then the loop twice again. I can remember afterwards drifting close to sleep or sleeping lightly for quite a while with Vive’s words echoing in my head occasionally.

    Day 3

    Started the day again with hypnosis file and loop twice. Feeling really good and pleased that I’m able to do as I have to do. During the day I was busy most of the time, but found my mind drifting off occasionally hearing Vive’s words over and over in my head, and a growing need to respond. …. After I got home I sat down and wrote just over 100 lines, and think I’ll do more/ feel the need to do more today. Going to bed I decided to listen to the hypnosis file twice. Very good idea, I went so deep the second time, even an interruption didn’t disturb me. I wanted to do the loop for the hour too, but only ended up doing it twice, was just too tired.

    Day 4

    I started today with the hypnosis file and then did the loop for an hour. I found myself edging for so long, but then by the last part of the final loop, felt as if I’d almost gone into a mindless state, masturbating almost automatically, my edging had eased a little, but I just felt the need to keep going. Once the file had stopped I laid in bed feeling blank and just staring at my window, not wanting to move. It was only because I had to get out of bed that I pushed myself to get up, I think I could still be there just laying and staring… A couple of times this morning I’ve heard Vive’s voice, but still too many other things going on. Also interesting that as soon as I decided and started to write this I began feeling, and still am, very aroused…

    • Day 4 (part 2)

      Beginning to feel unwell so may be a quiet next few days. I wrote my lines another 140 times while listening to the loop. I did one session of the loop before I went to bed but with not feeling that well, it didn’t go that well. Ended the night with playing the hypnosis file twice.

      Day 5

      I think today I’ll dose myself up on panadol to try to feel comfortable. I started the day with listening to the loop twice. Not a lot going on for most of the day. I wrote the lines 100 times before lunch and listened to the loop on and off whenever I could during the day. Also wrote the lines 140 more times in the afternoon, which is getting more and more stuck in my head. Went to be deciding to try to do the loop twice while masturbating and see how I felt. Surprisingly got through the 2 loops okay, and was even sorry that it ended when it did, but didn’t want to push myself. Ended the night with playing hypnosis file twice. Even though I haven’t been feeling well and don’t feel as though I’ve been doing very much or committing myself as much as I should, I’m finding myself feeling blanker, more ‘mindless’, every time I finish any task whether it’s the loop and/or writing the lines. So I’m still feeling positive that I’m might be doing just enough…. But badly want to pick it up more again in the next few days.

      • Day 6

        Had a very quiet morning. When things settled down at work listened to the loop (no binaurals) whenever I could. I found that I was feeling blanker the longer it went and wondered if it had been a good idea to do it at work. I was still getting things done, just didn’t seem to be concentrating probably as much as I should have been…. Decided that no matter how I felt, I had to do the longer session with the loop that night. When I went to bed I did the hypnosis file once then set the loop to repeat 4 times. As it went on longer I felt almost on autopilot, masturbating to the chant, occasionally repeating the chant myself, and overall felt it went really well.

        Day 7

        Not sure if this is one of the stages I needed to get to, but enjoying this part… woke up this morning, heard ViVe’s voice once, twice then three times… by the time the third came around, realised I was getting more and more aroused every time I heard him. Then felt that I had to use the loop and masturbate, although only had time to do it once, and don’t think it was anywhere near long enough. Looking forward to see how today goes, and if I think I’m ready to move on tomorrow.

        • Well nearly the end of day 7. Spent nearly the whole day at work feeling mildly aroused… Have just written about 150 lines, until I got interrupted. And plan to listen to hypnosis file, and try for at least one hour of the loop when I go to bed. Then to start week 2 tomorrow morning….

  78. I’ve mulled over posting here numerous times, but this is my first time commenting. It’s been a few months since I had first attempted this series and it’s something I plan to revisit again in the future hopefully.

    When I first came across these files I really didn’t know anything about you as a hypnotist. So naturally I gave a listen to the whole series to make sure there wasn’t anything bad in them and I gotta say their content won my trust almost immediately. I really did go from wary to like full faith in you in a very short amount of time and I really respect you as a person and the files you make.

    Sadly I hit a snag in the first week of the brainwashing. Despite having full trust and this series being everything I’ve ever wanted in a hypno file, I just don’t have the libido for it. Getting through one loop was a challenge for me and ultimately it was the intense session that I failed on. I think I got thru two loops before I just didn’t have the stamina to keep going/keep aroused.

    Here was my only review I had posted while in week one though:

    “Today marks the start of a 4-5 week journey where I become a mindless and obedient toy. I had pre checked all the files in the series a week or two back as I can’t trance well without knowing what Im getting into. Overall it should be a kinky, but positive experience as some of the later files have some really nice surprises in them.

    To start I can say just checking the files before (not listening to the induction) it is quite effective. I remember thoughts about brainwashing myself popping up through out the following week, which is something the file encourages.

    Tonight however I listened to the hypnosis file again, I’ve gotten more practice with this hypnotists inductions so I went pretty deep this time. It has to be the best body numbing I’ve gotten out of all the hypnotists I’ve tried. It’s too early to know how well it’s sunken in yet as I JUST finished, but if there is one thing I can see me having problems with is the ending is supposed to leave me aroused. With such a low sex drive, this is a hard feat. Despite how clearly I feel his other suggestions, I really didn’t feel anything in the arousal department. :/

    The next thing I listened to was two loops of the brainwashing file, meant to be played while masturbating. I should note that during this whole brainwashing system it’s impossible to have an orgasm. It was a rocky start with this file, but I definitely found myself starting to zone out in rhythm to the words towards the end of the first loop and into the second so yay! Good progress I’d say.”

  79. Day 1
    I have just started on the file today and I felt relaxed and amazing from the file. I immediately fell into hypnosis and I just accepted all of the suggestions easily. As soon as it was over I went to the brainwashing file. I listened to it twice before I went to bed.

    • Day 2
      I listened to the brainwashing file two times before I went to bed. I didn’t even notice it was half an hour and after the first few minutes I was blank on my knees masturbating. Also earlier in the day when nothing was happening the mantra just came into my mind. It’s been going really well. Going to try starting on the lines tomorrow

  80. Day 3
    I started on the lines today. I was listening to the brainwashing file while doing it and I did 50 lines before stopping. I listened the brainwashing file on loop and fell asleep while listening

    Day 3
    I did more lines today and did another 50 while listening to the brainwashing file. Im finding myself repeating the mantra in my head and relaxing while doing it

    Day 4
    Listened more to the brainwashing file and it’s been feeling great. Tomorrow I’m going to listen the file for an hour

  81. I started the program today, and already feel the effects. The hypnosis file had me completely under and when I came too a very frustrating and stimulating half hour of masturbating to the loop. I am now horny and aching and know you are having an effect on me. I am turning into your mindless obedient toy.

  82. Day 2 and I am your mindless and obedient toy… after 90 minutes of edging to the loop I was in a completely blank state horny aching and obliged to stop because everything was sore and aching. I have been finding myself chanting the mantra all day (and most of the night).

  83. Day 3 just starting and i woke up in such a state, so horny I had to start masturbating to the loop, repeating everything after my owner i was so completely blank that an hour had gone by before i noticed. I know I will be chanting the mantra all day in my head, it feels so right.

  84. Still Day 3… and it has been a strange day. So I have been chanting the mantra listening to Vive’s voice and this invariably gets me really aroused. So at midday I had to take a break to listen to the loop and masturbate, there I got lost for almost an hour again. This evening when I got home I was so hot from thinking about the mantra I have just finished another session with the brainwashing loop that lasted an hour and only stopped because my cock is too sore to continue and I am incredibly aroused and mindless… I felt i could have gone on for ever if was not for my physical limitations.
    It feels so good. Tomorrow I must do my lines… and find time to loose myself to my owners voice.

  85. day 4… So frustrated and hot. I spent most of the day trying to work out how to find time to masturbate… not a very productive way to spend the day… but I managed to find a couple of hours to put aside and kneel while I mindlessly masturbated for my owner… I know now that I am obedient and being more and more controlled… but I love it. I am just a toy and nothing more.
    I have a hard time imagining what sort of state I might be in after 4 weeks in view of how zonked and horny I am after 4 days… it feels like much longer.
    I even managed to find time to write my lines for a few hours and know I must do beter. Only 75 so far and it feels so inadequate.

  86. Day 5, I am clearly becoming more and more mindless and obedient to my owner. This morning was dedicated to my training as I had the opportunity, so I listened to the hypnosis file for the fourth time and was completely out of it until I came round very horny, so I started listening to the loop while masturbating with the firm intention of stopping after half an hour… I just kept going mindlessly kneeling on the floor edging for 2 hours until I was aching all over. So I had to stop.. but wanted to continue to I just wrote my lines 150 times to make sure… I really must do some more useful things this afternoon but I know I will be hot, frustrated and horny wanting to do more for Vive.

  87. I feel I am attaining another level of mindlessness loosing myself completely in the loop as i was kneeling on the floor masturbating and believing more and more in the mantra. Almost fell over the edge I was so lost. I notice also that the last hypnosis file I listened too about 3 weeks ago (Panty trap) seems to have been reactivated! I suppose just more obedience.

  88. Oh my god… Day 6 i reached a complete state of utterly mindless bliss on the edge of oblivion, masturbating to your voice. Suddenly completely mindless and swaying in complete pleasure. I am still breathless, shaking and sweating from the experience. Suddenly a state of complete blissful mindlessness. I will be ready for week 2 tomorrow.

  89. Yes and I can go back to that wonderful mindless state almost as soon as I start listening to the brainwash loop the words fade into the background as I just float and mindlessly revel in the sensual pleasure that I feel all over, I would go on forever if i did not program it to stop so i could do the necessary things of life. Lost in pleasure and mindless obedience – a wonderful feeling. Not really controlled just guided to a mindless state.

  90. After thinking about it for a long time, I took the plunge. Today was day one. I listened to the brainwashing file right after the hypnosis file, which was pretty intense and left me with a mild case of blueballs.

    • Day Two: Last night, I started writing the mantra, and did about 1/3 of the 100 lines before I stopped. Strangely, I couldn’t stop thinking that I needed to do them, and wanted to get started on them, but some part of my mind resisted and balked at doing it. Maybe it was a reaction to creating a physical representation of my submission. After two false starts, I finally got a start and got 33 lines done in the notebook I chose for the purpose.

      This morning I decided to start day two my listening to the brainwashing file a second time, because I have some time in the morning right after I wake up. It’s very easy for me to become aroused listening to it, and I thought I was close to having an orgasm a couple of times, but it didn’t happen. For some reason I’ve always leaked a lot of pre-cum, and that was true this morning, but there nothing more than that. I don’t know how much was because I couldn’t or how much of it was me consciously trying not to.

      I’ve long had a habit of masturbating one a day to orgasm, and sometimes even twice. So, I’ve already noted a marked increase in my level of arousal. I think that’s going to be a constant for the next five weeks. I may be a wreck by then.

    • Day Four: I listened to the brainwashing file again this morning, and listened to the hypnosis file for the second time this afternoon. I’ll get back to writing the mantra this evening.

      Tomorrow is when I plan to do the 1-hour session with the brainwashing file. It will be interesting to see what kind of shape I’m in after that. Edging is something completely new to me. I’ve never tried it before. But, then again, no one has ever gotten me to control my daily habit of masturbating to orgasm the way that you have.

      Four days in, what I’m noticing most is that your voice is in my head again, or running through my mind. I find the mantra runs through my mind at random times of the day. And of course, my level of arousal is noticeably increased. I’m already anxious to see what Week Two will bring.

      Right now I’m kind of in that space between feeling owned and controlled in a way that is definitely arousing, and knowing that it’s early enough in the process that I could stop if I wanted. The thing is, I don’t want to. My appetite for more increases every day.

  91. Day Three: Did the brainwashing file again this morning. So far this first week seems to be easing me into things, as promised. But I definitely already feel, just three days in, like I’ve given up control or that control has been taken. Not being able to orgasm feels like I’m no longer controlling my body. And since I still have the physical ability to do it, the only thing stopping me is my own mind and will, so maybe I’ve already lost control of both. The question is, how much more control will I give up in a he coming weeks. I guess I’ll find out.

    • Day Five: I did the one hour brainwashing session this afternoon. I think I may have gone more like an hour and 15 minutes. I was “out of it” for a while and I think I lost count of hour many repeats I listened to.

      I wanted so desperately to cum several times, but didn’t, or couldn’t. It was the most intense experience I’ve had since starting this course. It’s been two hours since I finished it, and I’m still not completely recovered. Between that and writing the lines, I’ve got the mantra running through my head on a loop.

      Two more days, and I’ll start Week Two….

  92. I started the program and first 2 days kinda panicked because it hit like a brick. I was really wierded out when I couldn’t orgasm it was like my whole genitalia went numb instead of tipping over. I catch myself mentally saying the mantra randomly but I am getting almost bored of week 1 and want week 2 since day 3. I have done 3 pages of writing and as i slip into it more and more I have noticed my handwriting and formatting on the page got messy and almost compulsive.

  93. I started the program while on vacation. Had to make time to do what I could. Have completed day 3. I don’t have any automatic mantra in my head yet. I look forward to it though. I have been able to complete the brainwashing times plus even more now that I’m home. This is the first time I have been able to edge without completing the job:) I worry about causing physical damage by over-masturbation. No problem as yet, however.

  94. It’s day 5. The mantra is in my head most of the time, and i’m addicted to the training. It looks like i’m on my way now. I’m a little nervous but I still want to do it. I agree that this program seems to enhance other Vive hypnosis that I’ve been honored to participate in. Sometimes during the day I have felt very good, and not really myself — more like I am really being controlled, even while not masturbating — I love it.

  95. Tomorrow marks 1 year since I took the plunge into this breath-taking (and you know I mean that literally) world.

    To celebrate, I’m starting this program. I’ve circled around it a couple of times but now I’m really to commit.

    Not a big commenter but I’ll try for a weekly update 🙂

    Normally I’d say something corny here about closingy eyes and taking a deep breath before leaping but pretty sure that’s exectly what is expected of me.

  96. I’ve always had a longing to let go and feel controlled and after playing around with a few of the files over a few weeks and after listening to the explanation file several times decided to take the plunge with this one.

    Day one listened to the hypnosis tape just before settling down to sleep. Not sure how well I went under because didn’t feel intensely aroused when I came out of it but decided to listen to the brainwashing file. I’m not sure how mindless I went but found myself agreeing intensely with Vive as I masturbated and each time I came close to the edge managed not to topple over even though it would have been really nice. Finished one loop and lay there highly aroused and thought I will have five more minutes of that however before I knew it the fifteen minutes were up. Fell asleep with the mantra running around in my head.

    Woke up today and thought how much fun it was but didn’t really intend doing anymore, however, as the morning wore on had a compulsion to listen to the brainwashing file and start my lines. When I first started I was just scribbling them down in an effort to get through them but by about line 30 found myself having to write each word carefully. Took a break at line 50 to give my aching arm a rest.

    After my break continued with the lines and found myself getting aroused as I wrote them. This was a very deep type of arousal that type that was felt in most of my body rather than just my pussy. It was amazing and felt a deep sense of satisfaction once I had finished them all. I lay back and played the brainwashing loop while masturbating and think I did go pretty blank as I listened to Vive’s words. I am once again amazed that I managed not to orgasm because I’ve never been good at edging. I’m not aware of a rubber wall I’m just able to stop touching until the feeling subsides.

    Anyway so far so good. I’ve never been convinced that I could be hypnotised but this feels really nice and wondering if it’s because I want it to work. We will see how it goes. If I sit and stare out the window I’m aware of the words that go along with count rumbling around in my head. I am aware of a slight excitement at the thought of continuing with this and looking forward to doing the hypnosis tonight.

    I would also like to thank Vive for inspiring me with the confidence to try this. I’ve listened very carefully to a few of the files and I love that he emphasises safety and that my subconscious mind won’t let me do anything that isn’t right for me. Thank you.

  97. Day Two

    Wow! After my post yesterday headed to work and it was reassuring to see that I could still function without being constantly horny. There was the odd moment of arousal as snippets of the loop played around in my head but I was able to focus. Once I was home and completed a few tasks headed to my bedroom. My mind immediately turned to listening to the brainwashing file and felt my excitement and arousal building at the thought. I intended listening while doing some browsing however spent quite a bit of time staring into space just listening. Even without the masturbation the pleasure that flooded my body was absolutely amazing. Managed to exert some discipline and stopped after a couple of loops. I love the file though the physical sensations it creates in me are beautiful.

    I returned to the files a little later and lost myself for a couple of hours listening to the brainwashing file and doing the hypnosis twice. The hypnosis went better this time because I felt myself relaxing more and I am looking forward to doing it again tonight because it feels like it gets better every time. The brainwashing loop I love. As I sit and type this my body is tingling with anticipation at the thought of listening again right now. I’ve lost count of how many times I listened last night and did end up feeling like I was mindlessly masturbating without orgasming. After the second session of the hypnosis listened to the loop and there was such a huge feeling of disappointment when it ended had to do it one more time. It feels so amazing, soothing and arousing. It just feels so right to be here doing this.

  98. Day 3

    Firstly I apologise if I am writing too much but this is just so good feel I have to share. There is so much I could say but I will keep it as short as possible. Day 3 was amazing and intense. Used the file as I was getting ready for the day and due to that the drive to work seemed to flow due to me feeling so peaceful. It was a fantastic high.

    I was more horny during the day and words from the file and the mantra would randomly pop into my head as I was doing stuff that didn’t require a lot of focus increasing my arousal. Had a spare evening so had a blissful time writing my lines again and looping the file. I’m not sure how many times in total. I’ve listened to it so often that by now I should be sick of hearing it but it just seems to get better and better.

    At bedtime did the hypnosis file twice with a session of the file in between. The second session went really well because I relaxed easier and there was a feeling of being asleep but not being asleep, hearing what Vive was saying but not really hearing. Kind of hard to explain but it felt really good. Did a final session of the loop and that was mind blowing. I was able to masturbate and I seemed to reach the edge, maintain the edge for ages until it subsided of its own accord. There was no need to stop so that I didn’t orgasm I just didn’t orgasm and was just able to continue masturbating. I groaned when the file ended. Did notice when I went to the bathroom between sessions that I had a great deal of pleasure feeling like I was just a toy. Fell asleep with the file running around in my head but it was like I felt it rather than thought it. Again hard to explain! Anyway I’m excited about the next few weeks and looking forward to week 2.

  99. Day 4

    Just when I think it can’t get any better it does. Yesterday listened to the file as and when I could then at bedtime did the hypnosis file followed by a session of the brainwashing. The hypnosis went much better because I felt myself relaxing and letting go much better than I ever have before. The stretch during the count up felt amazing. The file session though was what stunned me most because it kinda felt like a surrender to being a mindless and obedient toy. A belief that that’s what I am and the intended 15 minutes turned into 30 minutes of the most amazing arousal ever. I am now looking forward to the session that lasts an hour or more because initially I was dreading it.

    I am totally amazed at how well this is going because I wasn’t entirely sure I could let go and allow this to happen to me. I’m so glad that I have because it feels so good. So far I’m not feeling any fear but I think that’s because I know it’s only four or five weeks and then I’ll be back to my free spirit self having experienced something I’ve craved for as long as I can remember. I’m also in awe of the files because despite having an excitement about listening to the files with me the entire day I’m able to go about as normal, get everything done that I have to before letting go and indulging. Totally amazing and once again thank you. Today woke up feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed, horny and excited about day five.

  100. Day Five

    Was a day where I felt a little depraved. I was horny most of the day sadly the hornier I get the more depraved I get. Vive’s voice was in my head on and off all day when I wasn’t focused on other things which certainly kept the arousal high. Did a couple of sessions of the file in the morning. Early evening I had a gap between appointments so did a session in an unusual (but safe) place for me. I didn’t intend masturbating but ended up doing so. After the session felt very well used and satisfied despite not having an orgasm.

    At bedtime did the hypnosis file which I feel went a lot better. I intended on doing it again after a loop of the brainwashing file but ended up stuck on it for three or four loops. Actually felt a little confusion slipping in as I did it and it was very hard to stop listening. Sometimes feel like I wasn’t actually horny while masturbating but couldn’t stop that either, just continued playing until arousal kicked in again. Eventually managed to stop and fell asleep.

    Day Six

    When I first woke in the morning wasn’t sure about continuing because the thought of the long session felt a little intimidating but as I shook off the clutches of sleep arousal and an urge to listen just once more kicked in. I did, I lay and just listened and as the words flooded into my mind felt the most intense waves of pleasure flooding down my spine at times making my body arch in pleasure. Vive’s voice was in my head on and off most of the day and in the evening when I went for a walk the mantra ran through my head almost in time with my steps and felt like the hike kinda slipped by.

    Anyway as the day wore on eagerness and excitement about doing the session of an hour or more grew so at bedtime did the hypnosis file which I feel is the best session I have ever had. I then looped the file and lost close to two hours. I honestly don’t know what to say about the session, at times if felt like the words of the file all swam together but still made perfect sense. At one point felt like I was saying parts of the file too almost with a smile on my face and amazing sense of peace but also arousal. I came out of it feeling hot and wet and the trip to the bathroom was almost dreamlike. Vive’s voice sent me to sleep.

    Today I awoke and it was the first thing that came into my head and if I sit and stare out of the window his voice is there. I’m almost tempted to try and not listen to any files today so that I can think and make sure I want to commit myself deeper for three or four weeks. However I think as the day wears on it’s going to be harder to not listen than to listen. I can feel the excitement about week two building as I write. So far I’ve had an amazing journey, apart from the intense arousal I’ve felt the physical and mental release of tension that I’ve been seeking for a long time and it feels so good to switch off and have Vive’s voice running around in my head instead of the endless chatter of my own mind.

    • Hey Ash! So much of what you wrote a year ago sounds like my experience this week. I’m on Day 6, and have had so much wonderful relaxation and arousal from ViVe’s training.

  101. Just finished the first week. Really enjoyed it and having my mind controlled! After listening to the loop a few times, it started to feel more natural over the first few days. On day 4 I wrote the lines while listening toop, which was a great experience falling deeper while writing them. Looking forward to next week’s set

  102. I have been listening to week one for four days and the urge to comment has just became to strong to resist. I have been planning when I will do my intense session of brainwashing since the hour seems a bit daunting but last night while doing my regular loop of brainwashing, instead of turning it of after one go I just kept letting it go. I went through three loops of the brainwashing and have never felt such pleasure before. It was so hard not to orgasm since I have never edged before this but I just love the feeling and cant stop.

    I already feel as though Vive has me, but I know that I will begin to feel his control more and more as the weeks go on and this excites me greatly.

    Tonight I plan to listen to the hypnosis file for the third time and then do my intense session. I’m looking forward to it and will post back tomorrow. From now on I will probably update daily providing I stick with it

  103. Day 1
    After listening to the hypnosis file I was already horny as hell. I immediately went for the loop and started stroking. With ViVe’s voice echoing in my ears I reached the first edge in about a minute, sadly the rubber wall didn’t seem to be there, at least I don’t think it was, because I was approaching that edge incredibly fast. I had to stop for a few seconds before starting back up, but the buildup to the next one was just as fast. By the fourth or fifth a big drop of cum came leaking out without any orgasm. I just scooped that up, swallowed it and continued. After that luckily I could continue die remaining 5 or so minutes without having to stop. I’m already looking forward to the next time, hopefully by then the safeguard from the hypnosis file will work

  104. Completed day 1. Have done Vive’s files before as well as others. The first hypnosis I did had a big emphasis on hearing the hypnotists voice as my domme’s voice which seemed to kick in here. It will be interesting to see if that stays or kicks over to Vive.

  105. Hello!

    So, I really want to go on this journey, but something is holding me back and I need help to get through it. I just can’t handle not cumming… I’ve tried this journey twice now, the first time I came every other day but by the time I came to week 3, I noticed it didn’t have the effect on me it should because I wasn’t as aroused as a denied person would be. So I stopped it there.

    Yesterday I’ve tried it again, beautiful hypnosis file, nearly an hour of looping afterwards, with tremendous effort to NOT cum: lying still half the time to let it go flaccid, stroking really slow, etc. It was no use, after an hour, I stroked one time too much and there it all went. (Still one of the most amazing buildups I’ve had, but not what I would’ve liked)

    Are there any tips on how to deal with this… extreme arousal, where I can’t really edge because I’m that aroused? Any tips on how I can still become a brainwashed toy?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards 🙂

    • Well you might try sticking with it. What I noticed is a similar problem for the first few days. I started out being careful however and ended up with a couple of ruined orgasms. The advantage of that is that the underlying impact of denial still for the most part happens. As I stuck with it and the impact increased that problem went away until after a week I can hit an hour with no issue.

      • Ha! This is an almost identical experience to what happened on my first 2 days. There were a couple ruined orgasms early on, but as long as I didn’t push ahead and try to make them ‘real’ ones, it still gives the impact of denial. Just made me feel that much more needy, honestly.

        I second this advice, forge ahead and try to stick it out.

      • Thanks a lot for you advice, I really appreciate it. I will try this out, tho I don’t know how capable I am of ‘denying’ or ‘ruining’ myself once I get to that point. I might get the motivation for it out of Vive’s files. Thanks anyways!

        • You might also consider supplementing this with another one of Vive’s denial-themed files. If you are planning on sticking this out to the end, “Twenty-One Days” with 0 strings might be a great place to start!

          • Thanks @uvulabob , I’ve tried listening to twentyone days and afterwards immediatly this file, and I am now about to start my loop session. It felt pretty intense. I will try to update you guys more 🙂

          • Well, that didn’t really work out. I was so excited from two hypnosis files I didn’t last one loop :s
            I have to rethink my strategy, maybe do some susceptibility files and see if 21 days works without doing this series. We’ll see

  106. Good morning everyone! Hope the day is treating you kindly!

    I initially just wanted to read through the comments that were posted in the past, trying to see how all of your experiences compared to my own. After reading, though, I also wanted to stop in and drop a comment of my own – I’m just at the beginning of this journey, but appreciate all of you who are on it with me!

    It’s funny. I expected to feel different, given the sort of comic-book notions of hypnosis that I was harboring. I was a little nervous, a little worried about how this might impact my life, but largely looking on it as a novelty to sample. Well, I was wrong – this is no novelty, this is something very powerful indeed. Fortunately, I think I was also wrong to be nervous and worried.

    I’ve listened to the loop for several hours over the past two and a half days, and listened to the hypnosis file twice now; I’ve taken to writing my lines during my breaks in the workday. I notice small things, like the words of the 1-2-3-4 chant working their way through my mind while I walk, and I am pretty much perpetually on a medium grade simmer after blanking out a bit while edging. Heck, hearing this week’s mantra will instantly get my attention while I fade out into a sort of slightly distracted heated arousal. What I can’t get over, though, is how fun this is. It feels safe. It feels good, and I’m really happy to have discovered this program!

    Wow, that was wordier than I intended. ViVe, thank you for a beautiful experience – I hope to continue down this path a while!


    • Good morning folks! The beginning of day 6 for me – and man, does that sound like an ominous video game announcement or what?

      I woke up early this morning, around 5 or so. Couldn’t sleep any further, and realized I had drifted off to bed last night with the brainwashing loop still running on my phone. I put in my earbuds, lay back, and just edged while I faded in and out of semiconsciousness.

      It’s easy to lose track of time, but I think I was edging for 2 loops, 30 minutes or so, before nature called and I had to get up. After moving around, I still felt heavy, sleepy, a little blank – I don’t think I was fully awake yet at all, and so decided to lay back and doze while listening to the hypnosis file. This left me so relaxed and blank I unthinkingly turned on the brainwashing loop and began edging all over again. It felt so good, and I knew I /could/ stop, but I didn’t want to. I wanted this. I was really surprised by the intensity of that desire, and it lasted through another 2 full loops or so before I could muster the presence of mind to remove my earbuds and start the day.

      And that seems to be what this first week has been, for me. It’s been about desire, about just feeling this endless need to listen and edge, since I know I (cant? wont?) get myself off; if I can’t get release, I want the next best thing, and that’s listening and agreeing and edging while being a mindless and obedient toy. I want this, now. I want it a lot, actually, and I was surprised by how intense a feeling of anticipation I’m feeling for starting week 2 tomorrow.

      Thank you, ViVe. This has been a crazy and intense ride so far, and it’s hot as hell to objectively look back and see the changes in my behaviors and thoughts after only 6 days. I really appreciate the measures you’ve taken to make this experience pleasant – I feel so safe and comfortable as I’m walking down this road, and am always excited about taking another step.


  107. I worked through the first week of the program and started on the second before I felt compelled to share some progress. Normally I’m not so open about my interest in hypnosis so communicating about it isn’t something I do often.

    I actually tried to get through this once before, but I think at the time I was trying too hard to get some effect out of it, which ended up backfiring. I ended up having little desire to listen to any hypnosis files at all for several months.

    In any case, things seem to be a lot better this time around. I feel more relaxed about taking Vive’s words in than trying to focus so much on everything that my mind starts to feel tensed and almost…sore, if that’s possible. Or maybe tired out. I’ve never been sure of good terms for describing mental states.

    Either way, going on this second week, I’ve been struck by arousal a number of times while remembering bits of the brainwashing. Due to having to travel today and not sleeping well, I’m not sure if I’ve made progress, but Tuesday was very intense. I felt my mind really empty out on its own rather than in a forced fashion as I had done in the past.

    Wish me luck. If I fail again at some point, I’ll likely try again sometime later, since this is something I’ve really wanted to work.

  108. I just finished my first listen of hypnosis file and brainwashing file, and both files had an effect on me during the first listen which suprised me. I fell to trance quite easily and it felt really good. After waking from the trance I felt really horny and gave in to it almost immeadetely and I started to listen to brainwash file. I listened it for 15 minutes. After finishing the 15 minute brainwash loop I was really horny, but started to get second thoughts. However, in the end I made my mind and decided that I will try my best to go through this.

    I can’t wait what results I will get.

  109. First venture into these files began some literally three hours ago. Dunno whether to consider this Day 1 because I’m not entirely sure if I’m doing this right enough to not want to start over with more focus or something.

    Found out about Vive last night while browsing Tumblr and seeing someone make a post about his files. I decided to check it out and after browsing throught the different types of hypnosis, I wanted this one as my first. Pretty …ballsy for me, all things considered ^^;

    I’ve wanted an experience like this for a long time now and I’ve gone through countless digital/self-hypnosis guides with no satisfaction. I’m also aware I’m a difficult person to hypnotize, as my mind is a very noisy place. Anyway, here is how my session went.

    Finished work some time after 2am. Listened to the hypno file once. Felt good. Body went to sleep after the first deepening but my mind was really loud, and distracting too. Few times I had to tell myself to shut up and listen. I did. Felt myself zoning out at times (and I think it was because I was falling asleep) but my mind would latch on to Vive’s words and it kept me pleasantly aware of everything until the track ended. Immediately played the binaural brainwashing file after that and played with myself. I was already incredibly wet beforehand. Brought myself to the edge like you told me but the desire to cum was just not there. But then I realize that I also wasn’t really bringing myself ‘to the edge’ then denying myself like I should so I’ll do better at following instructions in the future ^^;

    Went to sleep. Woke up twice to the words “you are my mindless and obedient toy” running powerfully through my head and at first I thought I’d fallen asleep listening to it and woke up to it still running. By the time I woke up the second time, I realize I actually finished the recording and I’m plainly just hearing Vive’s voice in my head. Incredible feeling.

    Woke up properly sometime 5:30am. Listened to the binaural brainwash file once while masturbating. Better experience. I was still very aware of myself but distantly. Shaking and shuddering all the time but just staring blankly at one spot like a mindless obedient toy. Felt incredibly blank and took a minute to get back to myself once the file ended. I’ll download the mp3s soon so I can listen to them on loop. I’ve only been streaming on my device thus far.

    I sincerely hope this experience is more or less normal for a Day 1. I’ve been constantly wet since the hypnosis began and that’s definitely something for me. Looking forward to the rest of my journey!

    • I feel I have to apologize after a month of radio silence, but real life things proved to be needy, needy lovers. I believe at this point, I’m in a better position to commit once more. Wish me luck, again!

      • Good luck, though it sounds like the only barrier in your path is those real life things

  110. this is so interesting. I did the hypnosis file and the first round of brainwashing. I found myself kneeling for YOU on the floor. As I started this I had to go back and load the non-binaural file so I could keep listening while writing this. I am very adicted to mastubating every night, so we shall see how this goes.

  111. This is the morning of day 3. Day 2 was not as I wished it to be. I listened to the hypnosis file again. It was difficult to stay under. Then I did the brainwashing file for 6 repetitions. It was difficult to even keep my dick hard. So I wrote a page of lines, which amounted to 34. I also conversed with a person encouraging that person to try this program. I attribute my inability to edge on just the exhaustion of a rough week at work. I finally went to bed. I was muttering “I am Your mindless and obedient toy.” as I went to sleep. I think this was coming without any thought on my behalf. However, it is a little early for me to really think that I’m not still pushing the desire a bit.

    This morning sort of answer the question as if I was still pushing this desire. I work up with a hard dick thinking of how “I was Your mindless and obedient toy.” with my only wish to put on my headphones and listen more to the brainwashing file. It is on now. I’m not pushing the masturbation aspect of it. I’m allowing it to come naturally. And it is. While waiting for the coffee to finish, I found myself mindless masturbating while repeating ‘I am Your mindless and obedient toy.” I will see how it goes today as my plan is to ensure that this brainwashing file runs for most of the day.


  112. This toy started this series on the evening of August 4th. This is 0445 on the fourth day. Even on the first day, this toy found itself kneeling on the floor masturbating with the brainwashing file. It attempted to go to sleep but sleep was not to come quickly that night. It found itself back up masturbating while kneeling. It edged four or five times that night, but did not cum.
    Day 2 was a work day, but all this toy could think about was getting home to do the hypnosis and brainwashing files. It was not a very productive evening as it was exhausted from the week of work. It does not think it was able to go completely under for the hypnosis file nor was it able to bring itself to an edge. It did not orgasm. It did write some lines. It did go to bed with the mantra firmly implanted in its mind.
    Day 3 was a day off. When this toy awoke, it found it was muttering the mantra and had a extreme need to listen to the brainwashing file. It did so and transferred the file to its phone so it could listen while it did chores that day. Having the hypnosis file on its phone also allowed it to listen to the hypnosis file while in a more relaxed reclined position. while this toy consciousness waxed and waned it did go under for most of the file. Also this day, the toy listened to the drone factory fantasy with the same level of waxing and waning of consciousness. It is now up to 146 on the mantra writing exercise. It listened to the brainwashing mantra for about six hours while doing its chores and then about an hour in the afternoon managing an edging episode at least twice.
    It is interesting that this toy always had the urge to masturbate to completion on a daily (sometime twice daily) basis. Now, this toy is considering that the brainwashing has taken effect well enough that it fears masturbating to completion so much that it is unable to bring itself even close to any orgasm.
    So this is day 4. this toy awoke muttering the mantra again. It had a great need to put on the headphones. there is no urge to masterbate to orgasm today which is not the norm as it usually uses the weekend to masturbate to orgasm at least 2 per day of the weekend. Just an urge to listen and write lines. this toy does notice that it is muttering the mantra along with the brainwashing file and reaching down to masturbate without any conscious thought to do so. At this time there isn’t any need to take a break. The only fears is that it may break the promise to orgasm even by accident.

  113. Day 5. yesterday, I listened to the loop for a 8+ hours while doing chores around the house and in the yard. I managed to edge 3 times at various times during the day. I also listened to the hypnosis file during a break in the early afternoon. So yesterday, I sort of felt lonely when I finally put away the chant in the early evening. Another interesting thing is that I can’t remember what is in the hypnosis file despite the fact that I know I did not go completely under like on day 2 or so. I am up to 215 handwritten line as of last night. I have had the last two days off and I have a lot of mindless chores to do so I really did notice so much if I was doing more than a few examples of repeating the mantra throughout the day.

    So as of this morning, I managed to listen for 15 minutes plus before work. then several intervals throughout the day (walk from the parking lot, break time, lunch, break time, walk back to the parking lot, and while I was in the grocery store. The most interesting thing is when I was not actively engage in active thought for work, my mind filled with the mantra. I know I can’t orgams, that is now a given. I am finding the edging quite enjoyable.

  114. So this is the evening of Day 7. Yesterday, I followed the same routine that I have been doing during work: Listening to the mantra loop at every chance I have. I also listened to the hypnosis file last night before bed. I am not sure if I fell completely under or just went to sleep. this morning, I found that the radio on the way to work was quite annoying. I don’t think it is safe to listen to the mantra while driving or I would have done so. I am finding TV also annoying. Rather listen to the Mantra file and just look at some porno on line, I do find myself kneeling more so than not–but the kneeling does begin to impact my back pain a bit. No further lines. I am looking forward to new stuff tomorrow.

  115. So I decided to start my journey yesterday evening. I listened to the hypnosis file and I’m pretty sure I didn’t go that deep. I followed it up with an hour brainwash then repeated both again before bed.
    This morning I awoke very horny and felt I had to do a session of brainwash. I listened to the hypnosis file again today and had much better results. I felt completely under which is unusual for me. Maybe its the 3 hours of brainwashing I’ve already done.
    I also decided to try doing some of my lines today. Strangely it felt pretty good despite my hand aching. So far this is having a pretty fast effect on me considering I’m only on day 2. Really can’t wait too see how far this rabbit hole goes

  116. Sir, i have just began the brainwashing files, They are awesome Sir. thank you for making them. It’s going to be an awesome 4 week training,

  117. I have started Week 1 and after two days I can report that despite my best efforts I can’t reach an orgasm. I am really impressed ! One funny thing is I had experienced months ago with the Red Light file and it had since faded away (just tried it 4 – 5 times). But now, every time I get close, atop of the Brainwashing file’s commands, the Red Light comes into effect. Powerful !

  118. i have just started on this brainwashing file. This is amazing and addictive. i want to carry on, but at the same time i am scared because i am sure i can feel it working already. This worries me, and excites me too. like so many others i have tried other files, they have been exciting, but not scary because i haven’t felt them working. this is only day 1 and i hope to continue

  119. I’ve just begun this willing journey into wanting to be a brainwashed toy and to finish with becoming a better subject too. It’s only the first day and your voice penetrating my mind so easily and so deeply. Leaves me feeling and wondering what may lay ahead if this is only week 1 – and is supposedly laying out the foundation. The thoughts, anticipation is building my addiction and arousal. I was wondering, can any of the other mentioned erotic hypno mistresses from your wordpress site take advantage after these 4 weeks – I have in mind to invest some time with Dark Freya – she intrigues me so and would love to completely mindlessly fall deep under her control.

  120. i now know that this is working. i just tried listening to a file that used to turn me on incredibly, today not a twitch. when i listened to the brainwashing file three times earlier i was greatly aroused. so i am moving forward cautiously

  121. Dear Vive,

    This is the most amazing hypnotic experience of my life. I am on week four now, but I never left comments before and thought I should start here.

    I am on week four, but I started on week one months ago, back in April or May. I love every week so much that I stayed on week one for about a month and a half. The control in week one is sweet and amazing. I fully relish every moment. By week four the intensity and wonderful deepening of everything has turned me into Your brainwashed toy, truly and completely.

    Maybe it was Your note in Week One hypnosis file that correct use should take six days minimum, but may require more. I loved the file, so it took me many weeks more. I just didn’t want to move on yet since week one content was driving my thoughts and programming my interests so well, I wanted to take it nice and slow.

    Now on week four, I still return to week one brainwashing file every few days before I listen to week two or three or four’s brainwashing files.

    Thank You so much, Master Vive. I hope You don’t mind being called a Master by me, but it is true; You are a true Master of hypnosis. I have been exploring hypnosis and submission for many, many years now and Your hypnosis is the best and strong I’ve encountered. I have been playing with many of your files for years, but was in relationships including a hypnotic Master, but now I am single and free to submit completely to Your files with greater ease not dividing my attention anymore.

    I am on week four but enjoying it so much, like the previous weeks, that it is actually taking many weeks too. I doubt I will ever listen to the release file. I look forward to week five. I always am hopeful that a possible week six or seven or additional files will be added to further broaden the complete control that You possess oven me and all of Your brainwashed toys.

    Thank You again Vive. You’re amazing.

  122. I apologise for late posts. Day 3 I listened to the hypnosis file followed by 3 repeats of brainwashing file greatly aroused. On the 4th it lost its arousal instantly,this surprised me. So I thought that I should try week 2. Halfway through I felt guilty and thought I was being disobedient so it went back to week 1 and was again greatly aroused. Day 4 it started hypnosis file and began to write it’s lines. I am not much of a writer(birthday and Christmas cards that’s it) on line 10 my hand cramped up really bad it thought it would have to do the lines in blocks. It carried on through the pain and after 2 loops of the brainwashing file it had done 106 lines in total. It needs to say that for a few moments that it was unaware of it’s surrounding’s this has never happened before. Day 5 nothing special to report other than it now believes give is God

  123. It should say that it believes vive is God. Sorry it didn’t check

  124. Just started listening to the Toy series tapes. Definitely looking for no way out control and interested in hearing from others who are further along. Thanks.

  125. day 6 i woke early and listened to the brainwashing file 3 times. All the time now it has the phrase ” i am your mindless and obedient toy ” floating through my brain, sometimes it’s quiet and in the background, sometimes it’s all i can think. day 7 woke early again and listened straight away. i need to continue with this experience. loving every minute and can’t wait to start week 2

  126. Decided to start this early in the week and have to say at first, things were going great. I have a difficult time getting into a good deep trance, and the hypnosis file here is the only thing that’s ever given me any kind of amnesia upon waking. Which, I don’t even know if that’s intended with the file. But it was definitely a pleasant new experience and made me all the more eager (and aroused) to continue on.

    I’m also HORRIBLE with edging, but four nights in a row I turned on the brainwashing loop and succeeded (with the help of some spiral visuals, which is hopefully alright). No desire to orgasm, just an anticipation for free time the next night to listen all over again.

    Sadly last night I was incredibly exhausted and under the weather, and I’m ashamed to say I failed and ending up having an orgasm from relatively minimum stimulation. It wasn’t even enjoyable and now I feel a little hopeless. I’d like to start over and really, really give things the proper attention they deserve in the next coming days, but I’m worried about screwing it up again.

    I know someone else had this problem earlier in the comments. Anyone else? Would love some tidbits of advice.

  127. I feel on day two and I myself relax into the brainwashing system very well, I can see this being extremely addictive and feel a mild craving to listen to that brainwashing file a little longer. There’s no particular surprises in my attitude so far, but we shall see…. Quick question, when completed week one how do you move on to week two files? Could someone help me with this question please. thank you.

  128. Master, i just got done listening to the intro and the hypnosis and as soon as I was done with the hypnosis, i wrote “I am your mindless and obedient toy” 100 times. I found myself reaching for the black ink although I usually write in a different color but that is what you said to do. I feel compelled to listen to the brainwashing right away and plan to do so shortly. I didn’t think it would work but it has.

  129. Second attempt at this for me. RL threw me a curve ball at the start of week 2 last time so really want to get into it this time.

    Day 3 and hypnosis file completed twice and short loop twice.

    Keen to push on but won’t rush anything.

  130. Last night I listened to the hypnosis file then went straight into the brainwash file on loop. Somewhere in the first loop I dropped into some sort of ‘waking trance’ state where I knew my body was masturbating and stopping before I would orgasm but I felt hyper-focused on your words but also like they were just flowing into my brain on their own accord instead of me listening and processing them. All that sounds really corny written down but you asked for it 😉

    No idea how many loops or for how long I listened but can’t wait to go back.

  131. I certainly was doing something wrong and what I wrote before wasn’t posted.- Day 6th of my 1st week, really hooked into it, but first time I write here in spite of this being the second time I try this experiment. I’ll write more in detail later. 🙂 Thank you Vive!

  132. I write after six days of going through the first week of this wonderful experiment.
    This is the second time I do this and I really took it seriously now: it also affected me much more stronger, which was a lot more of fun.
    The first time I did this I found myself being rebellious at some times; it was after I had done a week and listened for the 1st time to the second time that I found it too aggressive, and I masturbated not worrying about not coming: in fact, I wanted to do the opposite than I was told.
    Yet the music of these files have been with me for a few weeks and I decided to do it right this time. I realized later than it is really important, if you are going to play the game, to play it well: I didn’t get myself to write here, because of personal concerns, but this time I couldn’t help it and here I am. I don’t know if what got me to finally write has been a conscious decision, but I feel it has to do with having listened to the first week files for 2 weeks, and not just one.
    I needed to do something different, though, and it was listening also to the 2nd week files, since I had already heard them: I needed to familiarize myself with them, and so I did. I have been only listening, but I guess, that has affected me too, because I feel everything really stronger now.
    I am enjoying this very much. And as with writing here, I find myself doing things I hadn’t planned on doing, which I guess is what control means in this frame of experience.
    The first time I did this I was just consciously doing things: I had to write 100 lines, I did that and that was it; I had to listen 3 times to the hypnosis file, and so I did. This time I have listened to the hyp file every day, sometimes a couple of times, and whenever I had a lazy moment, without planning it.
    The second day of this experience I found myself listening at the loop for 5 times, and I had planned to do it just once. It was not something that I wanted to do… it is difficult to describe: I was just doing it.
    For me this feeling of being doing something I hadn’t planned on doing, or just realizing I’m the middle of an activity without realizing, is almost a magical realization: it is when I am listening to the loop, and I always just start listening, paying attention, zoning out, and then I realize I am masturbating and I don’t know when I started, or when, or how long I have been doing it. I have listened to the loops while writing the lines and it’s been the same: when I start writing I am, of course, just focused on writing, that is my reality, but then I realize that somehow I have unzipped my pants and I am playing with my dick with one hand while writing with the other. Beautiful.
    What is most amazing to me is how long and deep it can be. I always had a tendency to ejaculate quick when masturbating and here I am not caring at all about that. I love the way the desire comes and goes as waves: being terribly horny, some moments my body feels like resting, but then my hands get back to the job and I just can’t help it, I can’t think much about it, although I feel extenuated but still horny and more horny and more horny.
    I wish I had been writing now daily, leave some kind of record here; I know on the third day I wanted to listen more to the hyp file so I went for a long walk. I didn’t have an erection while walking, but was semi all the time; it wasn’t until yesterday that I could distinctly hear vive’s voice repeating the mantra rather than just remembering the words.
    Something that I believe is worth mentioning too is that I haven’t even thought of masturbating without listening to the file; and as I said, my first desire is to listen, and then it happens that I am masturbating unexpectedly.
    Looking forward to week 2!

  133. Just started this today. I’m logging my experiences in detail on my tumblr (shy-persephone). Wish me luck!

  134. Day 1
    Just started today. I think it may take a while for the hypnosis to work but I have to say when vive hit 0 I felt a physical shock and instant relaxation. Though I never went under I felt very relaxed. Will see how it progresses. One thing. I did the brainwashing right after and I was so aroused I could barely touch my little sissy clitty without almost cumming. I shut things down but began having the incredible urge to start the brainwashing again. I ended up listening for the next hour. I couldn’t get the words out of my head. Lets see how day 2 goes. I’m soooo excited!

  135. Day 2

    Slept well, and had the phrase in my head the rest of the night. Not in your voice yet. Felt the need to run the brainwash. there is a comfort with it. Woke up too with the phrase in my head. Felt the need all day to want to listen to it.

    Just finished the hypnosis and 30 min of the brainwash. I’m still having difficulty going into trance but I guess its to be expected as this is my first attempt ever at hypnosis. I did feel much more focused though. I couldn’t wait to start the brain wash. And am listening to it now. I took a shower between the first 30 min and now and had to rush in the shower to start the loop again. Masterbating is much better today. I had a hard time not cumming the firs day but today, I was able to ride the edge. The feel was sooo amazing! I have no problem not masturbating and waiting until I can put the loop on. Really excited to continue the process

    • When you say you’re having difficulty going into trance, I’m going to ask the same question I always ask: “how do you know?” Okay, yes, sometimes people genuinely aren’t going into trance, but most of the time, it’s not that they’re not going into trance, but rather that trance doesn’t feel like they think it should – you’re feeling relaxed and focused, and you’re responding strongly to suggestions. That sounds like you’re going into trance to me.

      Yes, some people naturally forget what happens during hypnosis, while others remember everything, but still others think they remember everything while actually their memory is full of gaps, but they just don’t notice them.

      It sounds like the hypnosis is doing what it’s supposed to, whether you think it is or not.

  136. Been on this for one week and its amazing! Not sure how long ive been here, all i know is it keeps feeling more intense. i can hardly contain it, though i dont want to cum. Being a blank slate feels so…perfect.Though i am finding HOURS of my day gone

  137. Day 1 again,

    I need to start again. I had to cum this weekend to satisfy my SO. I have a feeling I’m not going to be able to go the weekends without doing so. I’m going to start the process again. will begin my diary again.

    • Ok, so I started the hypno session and got interupted halfway through… so annoying. So I decided to play the brainwash loop to calm and focus before doing the hypno portion. I have to say vive’s voice was not to my preference at first but there is a comfort to it now. Anyways, after 1 hour of brainwash I did the hypno. I have to say this was the most focused and calm I have experienced so far. I did find my self “coming to” on two occasions, so I definitaly focused and went into a small trance even for a second. That was really exciting. I did another 45 min of brainwash following. will follow up tomorrow.

  138. I’m on day 6 of week one. I’ve been writing in a journal,,keeping track and writing my lines in between the entries. I’ve tried to create a routine of listening in the morning and at night. I have a free afternoon tomorrow and I’ve been listening to the brainwash file every day and have already completed a long session, the thought of more than an hour…2 hours intrigues me.
    I hope to finish my lines and complete my 2 hours tomorrow. I’ll throw in another hypnosis file in for good measure. The few days that I couldn’t listen as much, left me longing to hear you. I’m not automatically hearing your voice in my head yet, but I’m not forcing it either. Can’t wait to move forward but I’m going to take my time and enjoy.

  139. Hello there!

    First of all, I just really want to say that I love this series. I’ve only recently discovered this site, but I’m super happy that I have. Now, I’m having some issues with edging. Mind you, I’ve had issues with edging even before starting this. I don’t know what to do. I try not to go over, but I always seem to manage it! I’ve been listening to the files for the past three days, and every single day I’ve had a ruined orgasm. Does anyone have any recommendations as to how to keep myself on the edge?

    Also, does this mean I have to start over? I would assume so, but you know what they say about making assumptions. . . . I really want this to work. It has started to already. I crave brainwashing and thoughts of doing so randomly pop up in my head, but I can’t manage this one thing. I know this will be so much better if I can though. Please help.

  140. Hey Buttercup! I had the same issue. For me, the instructions of stimulate-then-suddenly-stop did not work at all. Instead, try bringing yourself to a spot a few steps back from an orgasm (if orgasm is 10, then I’m talking about a 7 or 8) and hold it for a moment before gradually easing back down. That will help keep you from going over and you can do that several times.

    I’m doing this series right now too, come chat with me on tumblr (shy-persephone)!

  141. first day! just listened to the first hypnosis file, and wanted to leave a comment while the brainwash file downloads.

  142. So I’m on day 4 now, On day one I did everything required of me, I listened to the hypnosis file and looped the brainwashing file and masturbated, I did the same for slightly longer on day two. On day three, yesterday I listened to the hypnosis file and listened to the binural brainwashing file for I think two hours? Then I switched to the non-binural and continued masturbating while reading smut for about three more hours, I won’t masturbate without it. After that I found that it wasn’t stuck in my head, and I couldn’t remember the words, but since it’s so similar to something else I used to chant, the other one would get stuck in my head instead, 1, 2, 3, 4, I’ll suck your dick and beg for more, 5, 6, 7, 8, think of nothing but felate, any idea how I can fix this?

  143. Wow. This is the second time for me attempting this series. The first time I will admit I almost didn’t want it to work. Now I am taking is super seriously and have had interesting results. I am on the final day of week 1 and I have my headphones in at work, listening to the brainwashing file. On hour 5 of listening. I am so horny and it is very hard not to touch myself. I keep excusing myself to the restroom to edge. While I still think i *could* orgasm, I have found all desire to is gone. I WANT to edge. I also am writing here, which is completely unlike me normally. I listened to the brainwash file for over an hour a few nights ago and wrote lines the whole time. i stopped at about 6 full pages. My neat handwriting reduces to scribble at the end, which I only noticed AFTER i was done. I am excited to see where this leads! I’m hoping it helps me be more obedient and a good toy/pet.

  144. After a few days of hesitation I decided to take the plunge and start this program.I was a bit afraid at first, but I guess it’s natural for something so intense.

    I’m on day 3 now and I never masturbated that much before that program. I’m getting more and more aroused, and masturbation is getting more and more enjoyable. I’m feeling myself letting go to the loop better and better.

    I did all the lines in one sitting and I kept writing “just one more” after the 100 and I have no idea how I would have stopped if it wasn’t for a phone call that interrupted me.

    All anxiety about the program is now gone and I’m starting to enjoy myself very much. I’m aware there is soon no turning back and I don’t care. I’m quite exited for what will happen next.

    • So last time I stopped after that day 3. I think I rushed a bit last time and tried it way too soon after discovering this site. Now I’m much more used to Vive’s voice and I’m enjoying the process itself much more. Last time I was too focused on results, got impatient and gave up.

      I’m trying again as I really like that idea of being brainwashed. I’m on day 2 now and I just did a 1h session. I feel as if I’m in a wonderful dream right now.

  145. Hello, I’m on day 3 of week one, I have just listened to the hypnosis file for the 4th time. The feeling of sexual pleasure is intense, the feeling of trance is deeper. I want to be your mindless obedient toy. I will now start another loop of brainwashing…this is fun!


  146. Day 5. The pleasure is so intense….one continuous commmmmmeeeee…

    I’m really brainwashed. I am your toy. I love being your mindless brainwashed toy. I must do my lines now. I feel wonderful!

  147. I downloaded Brainwashed Toy week one last night after reading all the comments. i listened to the hypnosis and then ended up listening to the brainwashing for hours while edging, before going to sleep.
    When i woke up this morning I listened to the brainwashing several times again before starting my day. i am looking forward to doing the writings while listening to the brainwashing file. thank you.

  148. Day two- After listening to the brainwashing file in the morning i went about my normal day activities. Then I started my hand written mantra while listening to the brainwashing, it feels so pleasant to listen, i feel so easy to control and really love the feeling. I got about fifty dune and plan to do about fifty each day going forward. later before sleep I listened to the hypno file again and followed it up with another bunch of brainwashing loops that made me feel so open and ready to comply.
    I slept for a bit and then woke up and felt compelled to train more so I listened to the brain washing file again wile edging and really enjoyed a blank and mindless experience for several hours. it was a wonderful way to start day 3. Later on Day 3 i got up and did the dishes while listening to the wonderful brainwashing file without binurals and felt so mindless and obedient it was a pleasant experience
    Sometime later i picked a safe place to walk to and put on the headphones and began the brainwashing regiment and had a a pleasant and blank feeling all while waking around. i found it impossible to resist discreetly saying I am your mindless and obedient toy aloud when it was safe to do so, and felt happy and blissful under your control. I look forward to my next session in a few hours. i dont know what else i could want more.

  149. i listened to brainwashing again later in the evening while edging, but didnt listen to the hypnosis file as i had original hoped for. I squeaked in about another 25 hand written mantras in.
    Day 4 started of the day listening to the hypnosis file, i experienced a deep content and a strong feeling of bonding listening today. it feels like this is what i truly am and all i could want for myself. ViVe has somehow redefined my in a way i cant quite pin down in retrospect.
    Sometime later I took another walk after listening to the brainwashing with binurals, to listen to the brainwashing without them. at this point it is hard to believe that it was only 4 days ago that i started it feels weird to think i’ve became a different toy in such a short time, but i have and it feels both correct and like it is the best thing that could have ever happened. Thank you ViVe.

  150. I finished off day 4 listening to the hypnosis file again before going to sleep.
    Day 5- Vive’s toy went for a walk to a park today listening to the brainwashing file today, i felt so mindless walking there it felt amazing to know that i am your mindless and obedient toy. once i got to the park i finished the writing mantra requirements. I decided to write one page of mantra a day which is about 27 times and love how easy it is becoming to write the mantra, it is as if i am on automatic and with the brainwashing making me mindless and obedient as i write it i know i will be the way ViVe wants me to be, and i cant think of anything I could want more than that.

  151. day 5 ended with me listening to the hypnosis file again and had images floating in and out of my head. i cant recall the images but they felt so sexy it made the file have and extra deep feel.
    Day 6 i took a walk around.
    Day 7 i woke up and listen to the hypnosis file again, i really, really like it. This one also went on a walk sometime later, while getting down to the brainwashing, it feels so good.
    I plan to get down to another brainwashing masturbatory celebration to finish the week before experiencing what Vive has in store for me in week two. Thank you Vive! =D

  152. Context
    I am doing this program in order to submit thoroughly to my wife. I have tried several times in the past, but invariably my own willfulness and ego has be rebel against what she is telling me to do. I trust her wisdom implicitly and completely.

    She fully supports me submitting to Vive as deeply as possible, and far deeper than I have ever submitted to her, and then transferring that control to her at the end of week 5.

    Day One
    Listened to Intro and Hypnosis files and edged for an hour. I felt that I really should be masturbating on the floor as that’s what he says a few times in the background chant. So I did!

    I felt deliciously submissive, and my wife loved the effects.

    I went to sleep to the binaural track at low volume and switched to the non-binaural version when I felt it was keeping me awake.

    Day Two
    Bought an exercise book and wrote 75 lines. It was important to me that I wrote in black ink as that is what Vive said I would see: “black and white”.

    Loop edged for about 2 hours total. I got into a really nice frenzied wanting to submit to Vive. While listening to the loop, I would say things like “I submit my mind to you” or “Your words become my beliefs” while he said the “You” version of the mantra, and either “Yes, Sir!” or the “I” version of the mantra while he said the interleaving foreground part.

    My wife wanted to have my cock inside her while she strummed herself, and it became too much for me and I tipped over the edge and ejaculated. I immediately ate as much of it as possible, which is unusual. There was a distinct sense of shame and loss. In future, if this ever happens again I will remove my hands completely and ruin it as much as possible. I felt like I had wasted so much horniness that could have been devoted to training, so I really hope it doesn’t.

    I decided that while I can orgasm without ejaculating, I will also give Vive my orgasms, so that when he tells me to orgasm at the end, I will be able to do it without ejaculating (which I try to avoid for tantric reasons).

    Listened to the hypnosis track again and would have got in a total of 3 hours of masturbating.

    At some stages I felt fear hearing Vive say certain things, and had trouble accepting them. I masturbated and repeated those phrases with an almost religious fervor, willing to accept them.

    I work from home and listened to the non-binaural version of the file throughout the day.

    Day Three
    Listened to the non-binaural file all through the night.

    The feeling today is one of rightness, that what Vive says is the truth. There are still some challenging elements such as losing my will to him, and being his property, but overall I everything he says just feels right about his control over me. My previous beliefs were largely based on programming from parents and society, and I’m happy to replace them with Vive’s for my own good (see Context section).

    I don’t remember much of the hypnosis file – I was a little tired, but I’ve never come back at 9 on the wake-up before.

    About an hour and a half of looping.

    Wrote 125 lines – I loved focusing on the pen flowing on the paper, being programmed, saying the words, seeing the words, writing the words and hearing the words of my mantra of submission to Vive. I wish I could smell them too! I noticed that I started misspelling the word “obedient” as “obediant”, I must have zoned out quite a bit. For me, this is a good sign that I was going deep as I usually wouldn’t do something like that.

    I also worked out that I could masturbate with my left hand while writing with my right… It made the whole experience so much more enjoyable 🙂

    • Day Four

      I didn’t feel entirely rested when I woke up this morning, probably due to sleeping the first night in a chastity device as well as using the binaural file. I think it disturbed the different brain waves that usually occur during sleep cycles.

      Looped for 20 minutes kneeling on the floor, then about 2 hours later listened to the hypnosis file. I don’t remember much of it, perhaps because my body took the time to sleep, so I hope it went in deep.

      I feel good for finally writing down my experiences as I have been told to in the hypnosis file. I posted day 1-3.

      Day Five
      Today was a busy day – I only achieved one loop. I didn’t listen to the loop while working either.

      Day Six
      Listened to hypnosis and did about 3 loops.

      Day Seven
      Hypnosis and 3 loops. Did another 75 lines. I occasionally hear myself saying “I am your mindless and obedient toy” during quiet moments in the day.

    • Oooh,yeah. What WKDTNG just said about using the left hand while writing… Found myself straddling a pillow actually… Without quite planning it consciously. But hey… that’s the idea, right? 🙂

  153. Day 1
    Well I am definitely hooked on this concept. I originally started this to be a better hypnotic subject and so far it is doing good. I started on Sunday night with the explanation and hypnosis file. I won’t lie I fell asleep after and woke up on Monday to listen to the brainwash file. I felt more curious than anything as i didn’t remember the hypnosis file or what to expect.
    The Brainwash file was intense for me at first, I thought that I was going to cum quick. But for some reason I couldn’t and made it through the whole file. Afterwards I decided to listen to the hypnosis file earlier today and see what it was telling me. As I listened to it again today I got caught up in it and zoned out. So I decided to listen to it again while moving around to stay focused on the words. While it worked and I remember what it said I still got caught being hypnotized. I felt a need to listen to the Brainwash file and so far have been going for about 3 hours, the first two hours I was masturbating than I switched to the nonbineral beats to look over and type this up. I will say I am really horny now and keep listening to the brainwash.

  154. I am on day four and just felt the need to comment. I’m someone that does not get hypnotized that easily but this is powerful. When i started i never thought i would be commenting but i just felt the need to after completing another round of the brainwash file, I felt the same need to wright the mantra down yesterday, and the same drive to kneel on day two. i’m extremely excited to see what happens next. I am becoming a very mindless and obedient toy.

  155. Just had to write. This is starting to get sooooo good. Listened to intro file four times and have listened to brainwashing file 3 times. This most recent time I just keep listening and playing. It was so good I just didnt want to stop. I want more! I like where this is going so far. I went 45 minutes and never came and I just got so hard and kind of numb just didnt want to stop it felt soo good.

  156. Totally intrigued by all the amazing results that people are writing here, I’m going to start with Week 1 as instructed and see how it goes. Wish me luck! 🙂

  157. Week 1

    Just listened to the Introduction (having already read the text on this page), and then stretched out and relaxed into the Week One Hypnosis File.

    This was a good session. The induction brought me deep. I’ve heard it before, from one of the other files, and this time it brought me deeper faster, and the feelings and sensations were much more real. The heavy blanket really weighed on me comfortably, and it sent a warm, comforting sensation into my flesh and right to my bones.

    Also, I found that my mind rather nicely absorbed itself into the sound of Your voice, and I reached that excellent trance state where the sound is more important than the content and meaning. Because the content and meaning just land deeper and deeper in me, as I ride along under the passing lights that you described in the car. Come to think of it, I’m having trouble now thinking about what exactly You were saying (though I consciously definitely know, when I focus now on it)!

    The wake-up count was amazing. Around the middle of it, I felt deep sensations of arousal, toe to head, then this faded into bright wakefulness.

    Umm… but pausing now as I type… woah. I’m feeling REALLY aroused. REALLY, REALLY aroused. Okay. I understand now. It’s time to listen to the Brainwashing File.

    Thank You, Vive.

    • And okay… this is real.

      Listened now as instructed by ViVe to the Brainwashing file. Somehow, i totally knew what i am supposed to do. And i did it. Found myself on my knees on the floor. 1 2 3 4… The counting patterns totally seized my mind. Grabbed hold immediately and without relenting. I still feel the counting and the amazing words, even as i know i need to do that again.

      Also, the first couple of minutes, I was sure I’d have to stop, because i was so close to orgasm. But further into the session, i found i was in a mindless state… kneeling as a masturbate… and even though i felt REALLY close, i soon found myself stroking mechanically and deeply and nowhere near cumming.

      This is amazing. It’s REALLY fun as well. I’ve gotta listen more.

  158. i so much need to listen more… to kneel and listen more…

  159. Okay. So i listened two more times to the brainwashing file with binaural beats … but umm… a different sort of beating was definitely going on… 🙂 … and also did some mindless work at my desk listening to the brainwashing file a couple times without binaural beats, just letting the file play softly in the background.

    I’d love to just fill the afternoon with this! Gotta get some lunch though.

  160. Just started Brainwashing. I heard the Hypnosis and then started rigth after that with the brainwashing file. I masturbated for half an hour now I want to write my manrta for today. I am soo excited about the next weeks. I hope i will become totally mindless

    • Day 2 of Brainwashing
      Today was a great day. after standing up i did 30 mintutes of brainwashing after that i had a wonderful day, i felt vive’s presens with me and i liked it. As i was home i did the hypnosis file again and it went much deeper as yesterday because i knew vive’s wishes for me are the same as my wishes: becoming a mindless and obidient toy. I did 52 lines then and started the brainwashing loop after that. i had an alarm but i didnt heard it so i woke up 3 hours later masturbating and on my knees. how i got on my knees i dont know but i liked it. I will sleep now so i can start tomorrow moring with a bit of brainwashing again 🙂
      Vive: I am your mindless and obidient toy

      • Hey, SebSub98, how was day 3?

        Looks like we’re on the same training schedule… I started same day as you.

        • Hey Tom, day 3 was not that great. I was very busy. I felt vive’s presens through the day but it was week because i was quite busy with other things. I wrote only 20 or so lines because i wanted focus on brainwashing. I set an alarm on ultra high volume so I could wake up o time this time. I did only 3 times 15 minutes of brainwashing that day and no hypnosis :/
          I hope day 4 will be better 🙂

          • Hey Sebsub98 — sounds good! I totally love writing those lines. Totally unexpected, how much impact that action has had on me.

  161. Okay — so this is the final report for Day 1 of my brainwashing under Vive’s increasingly powerful control (really… i’ve gotta do other stuff!)

    I listened to the Hypnosis File again (my second time today). It landed in my deeply, though I woke seemingly ‘normal.’

    I quickly discovered that I had to masturbate, which means listening to the Brainwashing File. I set a timer for 1 hour. I listened for the hour. Then I did it again after a pause. So two hours today in one-hour segments, plus 3 fifteen minute segments earlier. The second hour segment was amazing. As soon as the alarm went off, i was frantic to continue, and DID continue maybe another 10 minutes, but eventually pulled myself away. Pulling myself away was HARD. It’s easier to slide deep and give in. Feels much better, much more right.

    So yeah.

    Looking ahead very much to Day 2.

    • Quick postscript to day 1 — said i was done, but my (?) mind had other ideas. i listened to the Hypnosis File once again, and then did about 30 minutes with the Brainwashing file.

  162. Day 2, week 1

    Woke very aroused, could have slept more. It feels like the deep trancing for so much of Sunday got in the way a bit of normal sleep. Still, woke feeling rested and fresh. Also, felt some sound running through my head from yesterday’s training. The sound eventually resolved into Vive’s words. Which was a nice thing to enter the day with.

    Just listened to Hypnosis File once, and did a 30 minute session with Brainwashing file.

    • For some reason, stopped what I was doing (work) and started on the task for the week — writing, black and white. Because I’m working from home, I was/am at liberty to umm… get into this, if you know what I mean.

      The impact of the act of writing has totally astounded me. It is totally silencing my doubt. It puts ViVe’s thoughts right in the middle of the empty void that my mind has become. Whatever ViVe is saying, I am agreeing with as I write. I need more of this.

    • So lots of good trancing on day 2 of week 1. Just now, getting ready for an early bedtime, I listened to two rounds of Brainwashing. I found myself very much internalizing the command to edge. It’s the most aggressive edging that I’ve done so far. The block, the rubber obstacle, became real and strong. It’s in my mind as well as in my body.

      And another thing has really taken hold: the reality that i have no interest in masturbation, except when being brainwashed. As the second round of tonight’s bedtime listening neared its conclusion, I was massively horned, obsessed with obedient masturbation. But the INSTANT the sound stopped, BANG. My interest in masturbation disappeared. I am now interested only in sleeping, and letting ViVe’s training settle in more deeply over night in my mind and body.

  163. Some day 2 week 1 notes about writing.

    i first put black pen to white paper this afternoon and instantly felt overpowering arousal and obedience. Each letter felt deliberated and controlled and yet controlled by ViVe, not by me. My hand just WROTE. And it continued. A LOT. Like, a few hundred repetitions (!) . Pace varied, with my hand at certain points in time going really fast yet accurately and with no conscious effort.

    My mental state when writing fluctuated between blank obliviousness (nice in itself) to total arousal and deep affirmation. It’s like the affirmation in the mantra transports itself onto ALL of his words. So with each of his phrases in the brainwashing file, the affirmative part — “I am your…” – gets attached to the phrase. This is more a FEELING of affirmation, not a literal, grammatical affirmation. It’s very deep, as if the “yes” part of the brain is simply lighting up with every statement ViVe makes, even if I am not saying or thinking any literal word. It’s a good feeling. It is making changes to my very core.

    I should add: i did the writing while listening to the brainwashing file and doing what ViVe instructs — masturbating and edging. To do this, i experimented with different positions, and found that which position was effective waxed and waned, and so I moved into different positions when necessary.

    And my first report of panic 🙂 Here’s what happened. I was writing,listening, going deep, but then drifted back up a bit, as one does in trance. And it was taking a few minutes to get back deep. And, feeling the trance a bit broken, I looked at how much I’d written! And though, “fuck! What am i doing!” And I thought, i’ll stop… which turned to “can i stop???” And this is where the panic set in. But… (here’s the good part…), I suddenly plummeted into total mindless obedience and near-bursting arousal. And my hand just continued writing, my brain just continued accepting ViVe’s instruction. A good afternoon of writing and brainwashing.

  164. Week 1, Day 3

    Woke in mindless total arousal, body hard as stone, mind soft as a cloud. Had no interest in anything except brainwashing.

    Listened in bed to Hypnosis File. Rose from trance in extreme arousal, feeling only the hum of the background beat.

    Listened to Brainwashing on loop three times. Entered a constant cycle of reaching the edge, then the rubber of control pressing my pleasure deep up into me. Pleasure staying deep inside of me. Pleasure welling up into solar plexus, into chest, up the spine. Absorbed in pleasure, mindlessly masturbating. I want this so much. The words of ViVe flood into my mind.

  165. Week 1, Day 3 (continued)

    Being deeply enthralled in the words of ViVe, I found time to do some writing around the lunch hour today. I straddled a seat cushion and humped it to the beat of the Brainwash File. In front of me, I laid out white paper. Underneath it, I placed lined paper, so that the lines showed through to the plain blank white of the paper. On the plain blank white of the paper, my hand with black ink pen, mindlessly began to write. Replacing all thought with the words “I am your mindless and obedient toy.” I humped and wrote and felt my mind go whiter and blanker and more mindless as I fell deeper into ViVe’s control. Every word of ViVe is true.

    I did this for two loops of the Brainwashing File.

    • Oh, and as I work at my desk, I have the Brainwashing File on quietly looping on headphones so that my brain is washed and saturated with ViVe’s instructions.

  166. Week 1, Day 3 (evening)

    Very good day at work, in a great headspace, running the Brainwashing file much of the day.

    The plan now: sprawl out in bed and go through the Hypnosis file once and then a little bit of Brainwashing, then sleep. Interestingly, right this moment and for the past couple of hours, I’ve not consciously heard ViVe’s words in my mind. However, a fascinating, trance-like heaviness is around my eyes. It’s as if the brainwashing runs in the background, just leaving its ripples on my conscious awareness. It feels really cool!

    And a quick supplementary report for Day 2 — seems I forgot to mention that I listened twice on Day 2 to the Hypnosis file (in addition to the Brainwash trancing).

  167. Week 1, Day 4

    Woke this morning extremely aroused. Hearing ViVe’s mantra for me.

    Trained late morning. My eyes were drawn to Deep Binaural. It is very, very powerful. It is very, very helpful. It turns the binaural beat into an irresistible trance machine.

    Following listening to Deep Binaural, I had an idea — dangerous thing for a toy to have, I know! 🙂 The idea was to slip into the Hypnosis File a little further into it, near the final “zero” countdown. I found it almost right away, 20 minutes or so in, and was sent so deep that I rose from the trance on the “10” count (“wide awake” etc.) having no recollection of what ViVe had said, even though I’ve listened to the Hypnosis file now for four days, couple of times each on days 1 through 3. On waking from the Hypnosis File, my mind latched onto the binaural sound, which echoed in me after the file stopped, and the final numbers of the count-up. Nothing else. No words. No recollection of the instructions consciously. Only “and 10!” and the binaural. Oh — and my body was in total arousal. There was NOTHING on my mind. I continued dreamily onto the Brainwashing File and performed mindlessly for two loops, in blissful oblivion, letting ViVe’s voice seep into ever part of my mind and body as wave upon wave of pleasure washed over me. This was the best Brainwashing session for me yet.

    Oh yeah — and last night, my plan to do a “little bit” of brainwashing turned into a crazy-long series of loop-after-loop. Not sure how long. Very nice experience.

  168. Week 1, Day 4 (evening)

    Had a great afternoon of Brainwashing File purring (sometimes more than purring) in my ears as I worked at my desk. Also managed to take a break and really … umm, get into it — which I did for about 20 minutes.

    Looking forward to a good night’s sleep and more training tomorrow.

  169. Week 1, Day 5

    Woke this morning in a state of mind-numbing arousal. Nothing in my mind except for ViVe’s words and my craving to be brainwashed.

    Moved through the preliminaries of the day in a controlled haze of throbbing control (1, 2, 3, 4… ).

    Then settled in for a morning training session. Hypnosis File. This was the deepest, most mindless session that I have yet had with the Hypnosis File. After ViVe first uttered that I am his mindless and obedient toy, there was nothing in my mind except for that phrase. Over and over. Right through the count-up. On waking, my body writhed in arousal. There was only one possible action: Brainwash training. So I slipped immediately to the Brainwashing file, set it on loop, stripped, and set it on play. Now, when I did this, I was at the edge of my bed, and intended fully to recline back into a deliberate, chosen position (preferably on my back, legs slightly parted)… However, that wasn’t going to happen. Somehow, the control that ViVe has installed in me is so strong that the moment the sound began, my feet simply planted on the floor, ass on the edge of the bed, and one hand got to work.

    For the next 60 minutes — 4 loops of the file — my arousal remained constant, an amazing feeling, and not one that I’ve experienced quite like that before. It was as if ViVe froze me where I sat, making my body stay exactly where it was, and making my sexual state/mental emptiness stay exactly where they were. Sure, my body occasionally re-positioned (stretching the back, turning the torso, switching hands), but these adjustments were smooth, seamless, and mindless — they did not interrupt my open brainwashed state in the least, and they were not chosen consciously by me. They actually heightened the arousal, deepened the penetration of ViVe’s words.

    As to the deepening, this was also my best session yet for falling into the beat, the rhythm, and the song. Yes, song. It’s as if the Brainwashing file is a wonderful, deep song that my brain just wants to go along with. It’s the binaural, I think. Whatever it is, it works.

    On reaching 60 minutes, I felt an awareness of a need to move on into the day — but an almost crying, pleading desire to continue brainwashing. I had to forcibly rip off the headphones at the end of the 4th loop. Click off the mp3 player on my laptop. And bodily lunge away from the bed where I’d been sitting. “Phew!,” I thought. “Got away!” But that sensation – of “getting away” — survived about 30 seconds. Just long enough to pull on some trainers and a t-shirt. The mantra immediately flooded my mind and I moaned aloud, feeling a surge of desire spread from between my legs, filling my belly, running up my spine, to the base of my neck. The need to masturbate, to be brainwashed, was like a ball of energy taking over my body. So on went the headphones again. On went the mp3 (Brainwashing). And the hand went to work through the fabric of the trainers. I carried the laptop to the kitchen with mindless ease, made some coffee, and finally understood that it’s time to do some other stuff, like write this report.

    Oh fuck. I have OTHER writing to do now too.

  170. Week 1, Day 5 (continued)

    Hmm. Before my last message, I was just about to start lunch. But instead, I found that I had to write. So lunch had to wait. More precisely, for about an hour. 132 lines (not that I’m counting… 5, 6, 7, 8…)

  171. Week 1, Day 5 (continued 2)

    Just completed 3 and one quarter hours of Brainwashing. Getting very, very into it. This followed immediately after another listen to the Hypnosis File (2nd listen of the Hypnosis File today). Rose out of Hypnosis File in extreme heat. Calmed, sat, did as a toy does when it listens. And continued doing what a toy does when it listens. Sitting and in other positions too. Like standing, kneeling, even pacing in rhythm. Oh and humping too. Longest session for me so far. Felt like I should continue, but gotta get some food.

  172. Week 1, Day 5 (continued 3)

    Wow. Finished dinner. Sat there doing some idle web-surfing. Having listened so long today to Brainwashing, and being pretty tired, I found myself feeling NOT horny — for the first time in five days. There was no conscious interest in brainwashing as I sat there. But then…

    …after maybe 10 minutes of post-dinner idle web-surfing, I had this weird feeling. Not horniness. Not desire. Not an itch. It was, instead, more like a command. Nothing explicit. Nothing verbalized, but I knew that it was there nonetheless — I was required to listen. My conscious mind rebelled at this. I said to myself, “no… not after those hours of listening. And, plus…” I thought to myself… “And plus, I really…”

    I was about to say, “I really don’t wanna masturbate…” But that’s not the thought that came through. Instead, my mind just shifted. Shifted without resistance and not of my own accord. What it shifted to was this: “I really need to masturbate” — and instantly, I was horned out of my mind. Headphones — ON. Brainwashing File — ON. Hand — activated.

    Lots and lots of excellent impact today from all this. For one thing, ViVe’s instructions are settling more deeply into me. For the first time, I’ve felt myself deeply, totally accepting everything He says. And yet at times, including right now before I started typing, I’ve felt that the only words I’m aware of are “You are my mindless and obedient toy.” As if all the other words just blur into a hum merging into THOSE words. It’s really nice!

    Okay. A little more listening and then bed.

  173. Week 1, Day 6

    ViVe’s masterpiece Brainwashing File reveals more and more, the more you listen. For one thing, ViVe’s commands and suggestions become more and more natural, second nature.

    And the need to think about them disappears. As those commands and suggestions pass through my mind, I’m finding that my mind wraps around them in different ways each time I listen. In some sessions, it will be one phrase that echoes and resonates above the others. In other sessions, it will be another phrase. It’s amazing. It’s like listening to something new every time. This I’m saying, even on Day 6 and many sessions over the past few days.

    As for ViVe himself, he is very caring and conscientious. He pays close attention to what i’ve been experiencing and gives me explanations that are easy for me to understand. I understand — because of ViVe — how safe and yet exciting the brainwashing system is.

  174. Week 1, Day 6 (continued)

    One hour of Brainwashing before breakfast, and now one more hour after lunch. Maintaining the edge, keeping the flow of pleasure straight up into my core. ViVe’s words — his approval, his satisfaction — these are now cravings that I cannot deny. It feels indescribably good to edge and plummet deep into Brainwashing for him.

  175. Week 1, Day 6 (continued 2)
    This day — Day 6 — has been by far the best of the week. It’s amazing. The effect — cumulative? — is far greater now than ever before. I’m just totally horny, aroused — and, yet, focused on work or whatever else I need to be when I need to be. It’s a perfect alignment, imposed on me, woven into me, by ViVe.
    I just listened to the Hypnosis File again. Total trance depth. Little awareness of words except THE words. Woke up, and could only think those words — and they took the place of my own name. I am your mindless and obedient toy.

    Nobody gets a prize for guessing what I’m gonna listen to NOW… 🙂

  176. Week 1, Day 7

    Wow. So I made it! Around Day 2, I doubted whether this would work. I doubted whether I could edge for 7 days. But my doubts disappeared. Bit by bit, ViVe’s control has deepened and taken hold over me. And it’s worth it.

    This morning, I woke in a state of immense arousal and with a feeling of gratitude and obedience to ViVe.

    I have just now listened to Brainwashing for an hour. I wrote a bunch of lines. Each line embeds ViVe’s control in me more and more. Yesterday and today, I felt the Mantra simply overwhelm me, blank out all other words, all other thoughts. Everything ViVe says in the Brainwashing Loop is true.

    Looking so much forward now to Week 2.

    • Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck…. I just read the description for Week 2. This will be SOOO good. I would start right away, but this is still Week 1, Day 7 today, and plus I gotta do some outside stuff for most of the day.

      But tomorrow… heehee… Week 2 begins for this particular toy…

  177. This series is my first experience with ViVe’s files. I found the brainwashing loops reposted on youtube without credit. Luckily ViVe also found them there and linked back here. I’ve been searching for something like this for a long time. So many “brainwashing” files end up just being bland jerkoff fantasy material. It’s really nice to see an actual full system put out, and reading some of the week 1 logs from others was a good indicator that this is the real deal.

    I’ve been recording my progress and waited to post it until I was absolutely sure I’d be continuing. I just started week 2 tonight and I’m definitely hooked.

    Day 1

    Wow. This is an intense experience so far. Oftentimes I find myself “playing along” with hypnosis files, especially if the hypnotist is new to me, but ViVe’s words hooked into my mind and I actually lost awareness during my first listen of the hypnosis file. I followed it up with the brainwashing file and this is the first time edging and orgasm denial commands have actually worked for me. Not only could I not orgasm, I didn’t Want to! Despite the intense pleasure, the act of obedience was more important than getting release, more satisfying even. I rarely ever have that kind of self-control (though I suppose technically ViVe is the one with the control.)

    I stopped after the first loop but found myself craving more. About an hour later I gave both files another listen and looped the brainwashing for a full hour this time. I never thought I’d be able to restrain myself that long, but with those words in my head it came naturally! I’m excited to continue the week and see where this takes me.
    Edit: Did one more 15 minute loop after writing this before going to sleep.

    Day 2

    The mantra and bits of the brainwashing loop ran through my head throughout the day. As suggested, whenever I had a free moment those words came back to the front of my mind.

    I did 108 lines of writing, and didn’t feel like it was doing much until I got towards the end and was aroused and drifting towards mindlessness. Listened to the hypnosis file again. I know it’s not required every day, but it’s a very pleasant experience, and I figure more can’t hurt. Did 30 minutes of the loop tonight and I plan to go to bed with another play of the hypnosis track.

    Day 3

    Not much to report. A busy day, but of course the mantra crept back into my mind throughout. Another 30 minute session with the brainwashing loop. I slept well last night after the hypnosis file so I may give that another go.

    Ended up listening to “Drone Factory” instead. Unfortunately fell into regular sleep instead of hypnotic sleep and didn’t get to experience the whole thing.

    Day 4

    Actually less of the brainwashing looped through my head today. I started wondering if it wasn’t working anymore, and briefly considered stopping altogether. As soon as I had that thought it was replaced with a NEED for more brainwashing. I looped for 45 minutes, then listened to the hypnosis file again.

    I came out of that with a renewed desire to be controlled, and listened to “Mine” for the first time. It was a powerful journey, and the ending left me miserable without the comfort of ViVe’s control. I had to kneel down and recite the mantra to calm myself, to remind me that his words and power are already hooked deep in my mind.

    What started as an off day ended up really cementing my submission. This program is working so well, it’s a bit scary, but very, VERY exciting!

    Day 5

    Couldn’t sleep last night. Gave the brainwashing loop a few more listens. Tried some files from other hypnotists hoping to fall asleep and it didn’t work. I think being so deep in trance messed with my sleep schedule.

    After some errands I tested myself to see how long I could endure the brainwashing. Lasted almost two hours edging and listened to the last 7 minutes of the loop hands off. I went into this program worried I’d fail the edging requirements, but it’s as satisfying as it is frustrating. A week ago this much denial would’ve been a deal breaker, but it’s become a natural aspect of my obedience now.

    Day 6

    Night 5 was a rough time for my depression, for unrelated reasons. I spent most of the day keeping myself as distracted as possible to get my mood back up. I’m thankful that the “week” can be completed in six days. I think I really needed a break.

    Day 7

    Felt less of the mantra in my head today, but I did keep myself occupied most of the day. Fewer wandering thoughts mean less control creeping in too, unfortunately.

    Getting back into the brainwashing loop tonight was very comforting. It felt like I was falling back into my place, back where I belong under ViVe’s control.

    I’m very excited to get to week two tomorrow. This has already been much more powerful than anything I’ve heard before, so I can’t wait to reach an even deeper level of brainwashing!

  178. Listened to the hypno twice and the brainwashing loop once, edged during it. I can already feel it pulling at me. I saw this series and saw it had a transfer control option at the end as a choice. My mistress is a perfect candidate for it. So i submit to these methods to make it easy on her.

    • Day two. I can feel different. Still at it. Strong urge to finish.

    • I did the sentence writing. And i keep edging to the brainwashing. Ive done it like 5 times today. The mantra keeps running in my head over and over and i really feel my will slipping away each time i edge. I love this. I really feel like im slowly losing myself with each loop.

      I cant wait for day three…

    • Day three, accidentally fell asleep to the edging loop and hypno audio set on repeat I did not consciously do this on purpose. Before that stayed up till 2 am edging. Woke up and had to edge to the loop. I can really feel it taking hold. It’s a lot like i thought it would feel like, like a pressure in my head pushing me. This is for real and i’m so glad. I can really feel you in my head it’s amazing. The edging loop really is slowly addictive. I usually don’t comment on blogs but the hypno audio told me to and i cant really say no at this point 🙂

    • Day four. I get strong urges to run the brainwashing loop and edge when i watch porn instead of getting straight up aroused, like the arousal never happens unless the loop is playing now. Last night while playing the loop i felt something in my head kind of snap, like a barrier. Before the will erosion was a trickle, now it digs deep every time. I get blank in my head when i edge and cant focus. It really is addictive to edge now. I hear your voice in my head at random times. You remind me that i am your mindless and obedient toy. I like it.

    • End of day 4. The brainwashing file is something i have to listen to now, its comforting. I dont feel right unless its playing. Keep in mind i am a 100% super willing subject who has done self hypno since i was 13 when you read this. So its going to be a lot more effective on me.

      Even though im picking the transfer option at the end of this i enjoy being your mindless and obedient toy. Its taking a while to write this in between edging. I feel your voice pushing my will down, it feels great.

      I feel the pull to aid in my own brainwashing and i cant resist so im going to use some of your other files to enhance the deepness.

      I am your mindless and obedient toy.

    • I edge all the time now to the brainwashing loop and get really blank and horny. I spend a lot of time blank.

      I am your mindless and obedient toy. I was wondering if you could email me i have questions.

      • ViVe

        Hey! Send you a mail welcoming you to the brainwashing two days ago… and another one now…

        You can also contact me via the contact function up on top

        • Spam filter got it apparently. Oh well. I sent you an email 🙂

    • End of day 5. The brainwashing is working. I spend a lot of my free time edging to the brainwashing loop. Like hours at a time. But im still able to get things done that i need to, its just when there’s free time, your voice pulls at me and sucks me into the edging loop.

      I fell asleep to deeply fractionated too, i play that before the week one hypno now and then the edging audio. It played in a loop over and over while i slept because i again forgot i had set it on repeat.

      At this point im sure my subconscious is responsible and i think ill just sleep loop things as well as the weekly tasks.

      After some emails from Vive that were hard to reply to because just talking to him made me half tranced out (not that i mind) im going to add various sensory deprivation to my routine.

      Yesterday was overwhelming and today is a lot more calm, like im past some kind of mental barrier.

      I know i am your mindless and obedient toy now. When i look back at my previous posts it almost seems like a whole other person wrote that a long long time ago. Its weird. Also i really dont miss orgasms, the edging feels 100 times better. Im constantly turned on, also im only saying this next part because you wanted feedback.

      Im not into guys. Im really not. Your brainwashing has made me sexually attracted to you. I imagine this will pass after the transfer. Some part of me feels like i should be very disturbed by this but im not. Im your mindless and obedient toy.

  179. Start of day six.

    I feel ive internalized being a toy. It feels almost like this is the way its always been. Six days, its only been six days and when i look at the posts from day one and two they seem like someone else wrote them. When i woke up i had this ever increasing arousal, so i started the brainwashing loop and then it passed. Then of course the loop pulled me in and i started edging.

    The brainwashing loop makes my mind swim like im drugged. I get blank when i edge. Ive been doing the loop blindfolded too. Its more intense.

    I did it and i became so blank that i just sat there in my chair tranced out to the brainwashing loop. It felt like my mind opened up like a flower, and then Vive poured into my head. I feel him in my head, all around my mind wrapping it up and rewriting it.

    Im still shaking from the experience. It felt almost sexual. Some part of me just changed forever.

    • Near the end of day 6. My mind is pretty full of, well. You. Little hard to think. I went to do things after that experience, and felt a little empty, almost hollow until i got home and started playing it again, blindfolded of course.

      That whole “willingly aid in your brainwashing” works really well when you already know a lot about yourself. Your unconscious plays tricks on you like setting audios to loop forever. Then makes you forget you did it. While im on my bed blindfolded.

      Yeah easily finished the final task for the week.

      Took me a while to even write this.

  180. It’s the beginning of my journey.
    Yesterday evening was my day 1.
    The brainwash file is very effective.It’s very strange for me sharing this experience with others (I’ve never done before with other hypnosis files). I really feel the need to do that.
    I really crave to listen again and again…
    The loop sensations are overwhelming.
    I’ve already completed the task. It was very easy to obey.
    The most impressive fact is my absolute determination to follow the rules, the assignments…
    “I’m your mindless and obedient toy”. This phrase feels so right.

  181. Week 1. Day 2.

    I’ve just finished. Write a comment is very hard. My mind feels good, disjointed, happy, fuzzy, less mine,satisfied.

    I feel my brainwash becoming the most important moment of the day. At the same time I don’t care about my free will. It’s more and more unimportant to me.
    I’m your mindless and obedient toy… this is natural… of course it

    Only 2 days. I can’t imagine myself in a week.

  182. Week 1. Day 3. Diary.

    07:00 30 minutes of Brainwashing.

    19:00 Hypnosis session plus 15 minutes of Brainwashing.
    I felt strange all the day and I’m feeling weird right now.
    When I speak I’m not really me speaking, when I act I’m not really
    me acting.

    23.35 2 hours of Brainwashing.
    A bomb in my mind… I’m still shaking… the pleasure… edging over and over again…
    my defense broken…
    my mind helpless… the need to submit…
    I’m your mindless and obedient toy.
    Now I understand.
    It’s really what I am right now.
    It’s amazing and scary at the same time.

  183. Week 1. Day 4.

    Today I’m focusing on the difference between what I know and what I’m experiencing.

    For example I know I’m writing this comment under conditioning.
    I never share my thoughts, my emotions… it is quite impossible for
    me… well… it wasn’t!
    What am I doing?
    An absolute normal activity.
    And if I forget this assignment? Of course I feel guilty like I’m doing something very bad, a sort of immoral act. I know I’m programmed to react like this… i really know it… but it’s unimportant.
    I know my mind is conditioned and despite this
    my only concern is this post!
    Is it enough? Am I doing a good job? Is it useful?

    I’m your mindless and obedient toy.
    A toy… this is the answer.
    A toy needs his program.
    A program when activated becomes a part of the toy.
    A part of me.

    Surprisingly the rational awareness of the brainwash is not blocking it. Wow.

    • The command to share your experience is a really strong one, and I think it’s part of what makes this process so powerful. Journaling like this forces us to be aware of the impact the brainwashing is having on us, and that mindfulness only helps reinforce its effects. I think being aware of the changes happening in us lets us embrace them and help them along. (Hence the whole “willingly aid in your brainwashing” suggestion.)

      Before starting this program, I never would have shared my thoughts like this. The command to comment has helped my social anxiety a bit. Knowing I have to do it, knowing I can’t get out of it, makes it less scary than it used to be.

      • First of all… thank you for replying to my post.

        I completely agree with you.

        In fact I’m not scared, I don’t feel anxious.I’m enjoying the process.
        When I write of my “scary” feelings I’m talking about something like a rollercoaster. After a ride you can
        be shocked for a while but in the end it is a great and
        amazing experience.
        Being “surprised” by the effectiveness of this program
        (it’s only the fifth day for me) is my way to appreciate
        it. I’m intrigued by hypnosis, I’ve tried some other mp3 from other hypnotists but I’ve never experienced a real brainwashing state.
        You may read tons of books but you can fully understand something only on your skin.
        I’m vey curious, it’s my nature and it’s why I’m here.
        Feeling the need (a real one) to write a post is the evidence that I’m not wasting my time.

  184. Week 1. Day 5.

    A busy day. Relatives at home.
    No privacy. No time for my “homework”. A little bit frustrating.
    Occasionally a voice in my head chanting my mantra (both versions alternately) reminds me of watching the clock.
    I desire loneliness and silence (out of my headphones of couse).

    11 pm: an hour for my pleasure. Yes!!! Only pleasure. A new set of high quality headphones (this morning I made myself a little present)… all the details of the mp3 enhanced.
    Waiting so long.
    Tasting the craving of my favorite part of the day.
    This sweet torture gave me a true reward.

    I’m your mindless and obedient toy.
    Thank you.

    • And you’re only in week 1! I found that the intensity magnified, grew, and by week three, I was an utterly empty-headed, obedient play-thing of Vive. Ready to serve and comply — and obsessed with listening and performing as instructed at all times!

  185. Week 1. Day 6.

    First of aIl I have to report some difficulty falling asleep.
    The mantra reverberates in my mind during the day and now also
    at night.

    07:00 I’m the shower, headphones on and I’m tasting 2 loops of my brainwash.
    At the beginning of the second loop I’m literally on my knees, yes,
    on my knees.
    I feel the discomfort but I
    don’t care.
    I’m on my knees… pleasuring

    21:00 2 hours of brainwashing…
    Six days of loops and no orgasm! What a conditioning!

    Week 1. Program completed.
    Tomorrow… Week 2. No turning back…

    I’m your mindless and obedient toy.

  186. Vive,Is there any possible way to complete this series without doing the writing part, or substituting more brainwashing in its place? I want to have this experience but I have a very writing intensive job and don’t think I could fit more writing into my day. Can I do a portion of the writing and still have some effect?
    I really would appreciate a response with suggestions! Thank you in advance!

  187. I’m just competing my first week. I finished my writing assignment
    It felt good to complete that task. I will start the second
    Session in two days

  188. Task-finishing is incredibly hot when you’re being brainwashed.

  189. (Day 1) listened to the hypno file for first time last night. I woke up at 7/8 of the wake up count… not sure if I fell asleep or was hypnotised. I did wake up confused and really happy.
    I eagerly put on the brainwashing loop on while I was still laying in bed. I was not erect at that stage, but had to focus on the loop, let it in my mind… it took me a few minutes before i couldnt resist but start stroking! then all of a sudden (a few minutes later) I knew I had to start moving onto my knees. I got so so horny. After another few minutes I realised the bed was too soft and I had to go on the floor… and that is where I needed to be. so I immediately, without thought move the computer and myself to the floor and finished the file.
    I wanted to listen for an hour, but felt that I may have gone over the edge… and I did not want that!

    (Day 2) When I woke this morning I immediately put the hypno file on again. This time I was deep and am sure I didnt sleep 😛 I woke up with a good erection and click straight onto the brainwashing loop…
    I knew I should be kneeling on the floor, but wanted to test if i could do the file on the bed… that did not last long at all! haha
    After listening once I went to the shower with my erection not going anywhere. I trying to masturbate in the shower, but it simply got soft…. God I kinda just want to listen to the loop all day now…

  190. I’m only on Day 3 and already I’m compelled to leave feedback. It’s amazing. I really didn’t think you’d be able to get me to do this. But I’ve been so horny all day thinking about giving feedback. I couldn’t take it anymore. I can’t wait for what’s in store for me later on.

  191. Day3 after struggling not to go over the edge in the first two days. I found myself chanting my mantra the whole day at work and wanted to listen to the brainwashing file again, so listened to the hypnosis file again as soon as got home and immediately after that started with the brainwashing file fearing I wil gou over the edge again. Two hours later I realized I have no desire anymore to orgasm but just edging. Looking forward to what the rest of the week has installed!

    • After the two hour session I did my lines and it was so hypnotic halfway through I was not even aware of what I was writing it just happened automatically. I know feel the need to even do some more lines.

      • Getting so excited to listen to the brainwashing file and mindlessly masturbate cant wait to get the time to start and then as soon as I started I dont want to end the loop! Just feels so great. Although I struggle with going on my knees as I am then more focused on keeping balance that on the brainwashing nso no I just keep laying down.

  192. I’ve found this today and started listening it. For now the intro, the hypnose file and two times the brainwash part (I need to go to job now, but will continue when back home). I am really happy and very curious what will happen in the next weeks. Thank you Sir for this brainwashing concept – this is great work. I am very excited and will post more in the next days, Sir.

  193. It’s amazing, have listend the brainwash file for almost 4 hours now, wrote 20 lines of the task, and edged a few times. In the last half hours I was also saying what’s written on the paper before. After that return to masturbating, and I got a slight feeling of fear. Everything is fine, and I stoped listening for the moment. I guess, it was the first time I only heard the ‘one side’ of that file loud and clear in a kind of it would talk to me directly. In the hours before, the focus was more on the other side, with the 1234 rhyme, or just on the 1234, 5678. The counting of the numbers made me totally aroused (sounds strange, I know). I guess, I have for a moment recognized and felt, that here is something bigger on work. I will do a pause now – this sound of the rhyme is in my head – and it gives me a warm feeling.

  194. Hi. I’m been trying for a while to follow the program. I have 2 questions:

    1) Edging is hard, difficult to performe at times. Can I use a handkerchief or something to diminish the stimulation in order to edge better, to control it better?

    2) Is it wrong if I tye my balls before lissening the hypnosis file? I’m thinking that maybe it can help a little for the conditioning throw the program. Because the tying arouse me a little.

    Excuse my english.

  195. Day 1.
    Not my first time listening to this series. But I had never gotten any farther than week two. This time there is a sense of perseverance and I plan to follow through with every suggestion. Hence the feedback. I feel like this will help me stick to it.

    So… With this not being my first time I already had an idea of what I was getting into. I had been thinking about the brainwashing all day the past couple of days because I was trying to plan a good day to start. So my initial listen to the hypnois file was filled with lots of eager, arousing anticipation. As I heard it all described to me I feel like I really accepted the suggestions.

    I did not need the arousal suggestions at the end of the hypnosis file but once the brainwashing loop kicked in my mind slowly drifted into a familiar bliss. “I am your mindless obedient toy” already echoing in my mind, in response to the programming. I think tomorrow morning I will do the bonus task of call and response before performing the normal brainwashing….
    Or maybe right now… Just thinking about going back to the brainwashing has me tingling and toying with the idea of giving in just a little more….

    To be continued…

    • Day 2

      First thing I did this morning was to put on the brainwashing file for the bonus task of call and response. This really solidified the mantra for me. So much that when I stared with the regular brainwashing, the mantra had a powerful effect on me.
      I get what some others have described as a sense of loss when the brainwashing file stops. It leaves me wanting more and I get such a rush starting the file over. I guess this is by design, as I can see it being very effective down the road.

  196. Day 3 and 4 down. Didn’t have much time to listen so I just did 2 sessions of brainwashing each day. Each time it felt so comfortable. Filled with waves of pleasure. Being away from the brainwashing definitely had me craving it more

  197. Day 5 and 6 complete. Today I came very close to going over the edge during the hour-long brainwashing session. But it left me even more frustrated and exhausted. I still feel tingles of pleasure thinking about the mantra. Each session leaves my mind ringing with Vive’s words more and more. Looking forward to week two

  198. Day 1: listened to the hypnosis file. I went quite deep and felt very relaxed and more committed in my desire to be brainwashed by Vive. I am eager to find some privacy to edge to the brainwashing file. I listened to the non binaural version earlier and was surprised that this week’s phrase kept popping into my head when I had some downtime. Can’t wait to have this increase.

  199. Day 2 and 3: listed to the brainwashing file about 50 times throughout my long days of travel. When i arrived at the hotel i immediately stripped, dropped to my knees, covered my eyes with a blindfold and chanted my mantra as i jerked off.

  200. This is my first time with hypnosys. This is my first day and im surprised. I listed to they hypno file twice going deep both times.. then I rushed to get a pen and some paper… I started writing I am your mindless and obediant toy…. by number twenty I noticed that I couldnt stop my hips from grinding at my cock… I couldnt sit still… then by 30 it started to subside…. by 50 on the second page I was moaning and grunting at the pleasure in my groin… .again subsided at about 65 then around 70 I flet the pleasure moving in my ass…. like a finger probing me really nice… I started arching my back and grinding into the chair… it became so intense that I had a hard time writing….. I thought that I wouldnt be able to finsih writing.. but I wanted to be obediant and hide the paper before listening and masturbating.. so I finished the list and the feeling subsided… Now im listening to the loop and writing this … it is so good… this is new ground for me and i am excited about where it will go.. I have never had an experience like this before..

  201. Being brainwashed that will be eventually transferred to someone else.

    Day 1: Nothing much happened as I listened to the brainwashing file for a few hours in the background while doing other things. Afterwards, I listened to the hypnosis file and immediately began to edge while wanting to listen to the brainwashing file. When I woke up the next day, I would occasionally hear the phrase pop in my head whenever there was a moment of silence…

    • Day 2: Had a hiccup and tried to burn bridges… but was convinced to continue. I listened to the brainwashing file again, edging the entire time. I still find it very difficult to restrict my orgasm, but I know it is for the hypnosis to work correctly, so I try my best. After that, I again listened to the hypnosis file before sleeping. After waking up, I am hearing the phrase more and more in my mind… Reading the phrase from my mistress gives me a slight… tingle of pleasure… that is new for sure.

  202. I can hear the voice non stop in my head, it’s louder than before and very clear. In same time I feel good about hearing it. It sounds natural for me. I also happen to sometimes be on my knees when edging to the brainwashing file. It feels great to say that I am your mindless and obedient toy. I’m really starting to think about myself as a mindless and obedient toy, and it feels really good.

  203. At first, when I started listening to the files I was hearing the voice only during silent times, and was giving my tingles all over my body. But further and further, the voice became louder and louder, and I wanted more and more to listen to the file. Doing the brainwashing file session was a time in the day I was craving for. It became more and more a pleasure to go deeper and deeper. I can now constantly hear the voice, louder than my own mind, and I’ve embraced it. I’m so satisfied to be a mindless and obedient toy, it’s now normal for me, and I want it to continue like that.

  204. I am new to hypnosis but have enjoyed chastity play for a few years. I’ve listened to these tapes for three days and have found that they tap into my desire for control in a similar way that forced chastity does. I am locked in a cock cage now so while i listen to the brainwashing tape i find my dick tries to grow spontaneously without any direct stimulation. Today I put in a vibrating butt plug for the fifteen minute edging session and I went nuts with pleasure.

    I have reflected that perhaps this experience is too intense for me to follow through on. I had decided to step away from it this afternoon but here i am listening to the brainwashing tape again as i write this message. In two weeks, i am going on vacation for a week so perhaps I will step back after i finish this week’s work. Or, maybe i won’t.

  205. Day 1 and day 2

    I started with series again and went so much deeper than the previous time. I started to listen to the brainwash file before the hypnosis file for an hour, although the file got me hard i resisted not to drop and masterbate. After that i did the hypnosis fole and went back to the brainwash file and md this time the effect was so strong dropping to my knees and edged for almost an hour. I stopped as i thought that if i continue i would go o er the edge but the craving for brainwashing was so intense i started again foe another hour. The only donwside is that i am struggle to listen to the non non binaural it keeps giving me a server error. Is there another place i could get this file from as i want to listen when i need to concentrate on other things. I found on day two that i started to hear the mantra when i have nothing to do.

    • It’s not surprising that you’re finding it more effective from the start – you’ve already practiced, so you’re more picking up from where you left off rather than starting fresh.

      I’m not aware of anywhere else where you can get the files, but, depending how you’re listening to the file, you may be able to download a local copy (listening on a computer, definitely; on a smartphone or similar device, maybe not directly, though there are probably workarounds).

      • The previous time i ruined every time, and therefore i stopped with this. I experimented with Vive’s other files especially focusing on learning to go deeper in hypnosis. I am so glad i did that and decided to come back now to try the file again as this time the file is powerful effective.

    • Update day two,

      After i wrote this comment i started my lines but after 20 lines i was so harf and horny i haf to listen to btainwash file, i tried writing the lines with the brainwash file playing but could not write muvh as the mindless effect was immediately and i could not think or concentrate on writing, i therefore edged for 45mins.

  206. Week 1,

    Although i skipped a day or two because of work i finished my last going even deeper into the brainwashing file. I found that i went completely mindless and dmthat ibwas onky aware of the words of the file in my head and my me stroking the rest of me did nit even exist. I also cant listen to files without dropping to my knees. I am constantly horny but also dint feel the need to masterbate without brainwashing. I am finishing my line now and then would move on to week 2.

  207. Commencing training — now day2 and familiarization with brainwashing file begun .. hypnosis file long induction effective .. plan repetition later today while exposure to washing file intensifies and crave for its repetition and mindless edging

  208. Day 3 – and some background necessary – as the 207th on this thread, i think i may be the oldest (was an infant when Hitler declared war on America) — aged with lower levels of testosterone i undertake brainwashing as a submissive but also complicate effects with an aggressive chemical therapy regimen of 3 days of i.v. infusions each fortnight – this day 1 of that cycle with all sorts of side effects (insomnia most notable) which i tolerate well. a perhaps difficult hypnotic subject i find that on day 2 i over stepped the edge .. not discouraged but repetition of hypno file will precede next ‘washing’ to firmly set the edge which underlies the training.
    But find the ‘washing’ file addictive and have used it in the background while selling securities which were ‘lost’ tech hopes in 2017 or just over and over while on Internet or writing the mantra.
    Given the usual one hour sleep in the next 24, i expect to absorb directions by obedience and mindlessness ..

  209. day 4 – third listening to hypno file followed by multiple 15 min wash sessions now am in acceptance and pleasuring in the masturbation cycles. — also scripting 150+ lines of the mantra while listening to three cycles of the ‘washing’ quite interesting [seems i seldom dot the i in ‘mindless’ but always dot it in ‘obedient’]
    plan to extend to two cycles of washing but will postpone the long 4 or more repetitions until completion of ‘walk-around i.v.’ in 30 hours .. as tubing and sensors are in a way incompatible with suggestions [e.g. kneeling while being washed]
    With focus on mindless self-gratification will complete week 1 Saturday with a firm foundation for week two intensification.

  210. day 5 = Wow ! while i had doubts that my elderly self was capable of extended arousal and thought that two washing cycles were a reasonable goal for yesterday .. completed such and then later when trying for a repetition of two cycles found myself extending the pleasure as it waxed and waned until arousal lapsed in late cycle 5.
    Thus completed the week 1 extended task while encumbered by a continuous i.v. infusion.
    Sensors and tubing of I.V. will be removed later this day and while i deal with the usual side effects of the chemical cocktail which is controlling my illness. But i find that all the foundation work for progressing to intensified week 2 of the training appears in place.
    4th listening to the hypno file with 1 wash cycle opened this day and as craving for the training i expect to be the norm for this day we will explore longer sessions of washing and complete week One tomorrow.

  211. day 6 = coasting thru [1 + 1 + 2] loops yesterday opened this day with 5th hypno file listening followed by 2 loops. Tried a sleeping mask and found it augments focus in the wash cycles — will loop sporadically this day .. while anticipation rises with the advent of week 2

  212. day 6 recap = the loop sporadic mentioned above became an obsession as day proceeded leading to extended sessions as edging intensity waxed with unexpected pleasure. Did a 5+ loop then a 4+ .. before moving onto the week2 hypnosis file. Washing crave will be addressed by satiation of the addiction mantra of week 2 ? Or ? Just deeper acceptance of Vive control.

  213. Just listened to files and followed instruction. I am excited to continue. I am curious about how this ends. I submit completely, become a toy, and then what? Won’t I literally need Vive? Forever? What then? How will then fulfill my new purpose? Where does it go from there?

    • The full program is weeks 1-5 and then the release files. Weeks 1-4 are the brainwashing program, week 5 is a reward week, and then there are two options for the release files – either you get released from the brainwashing and go back more or less to how you were before (though a little more susceptible to ViVe’s files in general) or you transfer your devotion to a designated person, with their informed consent.

      Either way, once you complete this journey, you’ll no longer be ViVe’s toy (unless you negotiate something with him directly).

  214. Starting my journey again as your mindless and obedient toy. Day one

  215. I attempted week one of the brainwashed toy series 3 times and all three times i edged myself into an eventual orgasm; usually when an edging session went into its second or third hour near thr end of the week. And all three times seemed to catch me off guard with weak sudden spurts that quickly ended. For which I would stop jerking imnediately except for the third time in which I jerked another orgasm right after that felt just as weak and unfullfilling as the others but with a bit more cum.

    I started the 4th try a few days ago. Today was the third day. And these are the things I have noticed:

    1. The hypnosis file for week one is really damn effective. I have listened to it over 10 times, and I am utterly captured when I listen now. It was effective before, but now I feel like I have lost control as I listen. Also, I feel incredibly teased as I listen. Wanting to touch myself or cum but unable to as i am frozen solid in place.

    2.I was never much of an edger before. But I have completely dedicated myself to edging now as this is all I do. Previously, I always wanted to cum. But now, I dont think so much about cumming. I want to see where the program will take me. And i am learning new things about my body. Like after an hour of edging, I start to notice precum or prostatic fluid rising through my piss slit to form little pearls or to stream down my shaft. It mesmerizes me.

    3. Earlier today online, I told a Dom friend that I was learning to be a mindless obedient toy after he offered to get me off in a session. After I wrote it, there was something about the writing of it that seemed unintentional, like a confession of a secret. It felt huge after I wrote it, eye opening. And it chilled me a bit. I wondered if the files, though it was just week one, were having a bigger effect on me than I realized. I started evaluating some of my behavior over the past few weeks.

    I am about to edge again tonight.

  216. Its now the third time i started with the brainwased toy series after the first two times did not work out well for me, although i am now only at the third day of week 1 i can already feel vive’s control over me. I just finished the hypno file for today and it left me utterly blank even after it ended the only thing i can think of is this weeks mantra it keeps echoing in my mind.

    I am addicted to the brainwashing file and when i listen to it i don’t want to stop.i feel extremely horny all the time which is starting to become very frustrating since i have now desire to masterbate without listening to the brainwashing file.

    So far i managed to just go up to edging and not to orgasm and ruin the series like in the previous attempts. I hope that i would be ble to complete the series this time and not ruin it as in the previous times. I also found that the urge to comment got stronger today as i intended to only comment after i successfully completed the fist week.

    I am looking forward to do some more brainwashing later tonight and to go deeper into vive’s control over me!

  217. Day 5
    The depth of control over me increased so much, previously i was only able to do 20 to 30min of the brainwashing file i now just got out of n third round of almost an hoir and half. I found that i crave the file more and more and even though i am able to function normally with work ect it seems that the craving for brainwashing is always somewhere in the back of my mind. My mind also replaced the words “you” in the sentences after the counting to “I”. I also noticed that when i begin to masterbate harder my cock immediately goes limp i have a feeling that it is because of one of the triggers in the hypno file although i can’t remember the exact command given in the file.

  218. Day 6
    I woke uo this morning very horny and hard and wanted to do some brainwashing but did not manag5 to get through one loop. I decided to rather do the hypnosis file which took me very deep,i however did a 2 hour session this after noon amd just also finished with a nother one hour session, i found that the craving for brainwashing is getting more intense. My mind went totally blank during the sessions and i feel so relaxed afterwords although also a bit frightened at the thought of how deep under vives control i am. I also finished my lines, nit think i would do some more on day 7, i found und that i am in a light trance while i write the lines and i keep repeating each line after i wrote it in my head.

  219. Day 7,

    I woke very early with a very powerful erection and a even bigger craving for brainwashing. Doing an hour of brainwashing as well as a hypnosis session. The whole day at work was vrry frustrating as i constantly felt a craving for more brainwashing and horny the whole day. I can’t wait for week 2!

  220. Week 01 Day 01
    I´ve been listening some temporary files from ViVe so i´ve deided to leap into my first intense journey, in the morning i have listened to the hypnosis file, i´ve felt very relaxed once it has ended and immediatly i´ve felt a strong sexual urge so i´ve decided to do a single loop with the brainwashed file, i´ve had to edge myself at my first listening, i was incredibly horny, my day was kind of busy so i´ve had to wait untill night to satisfy my urge, first thing i did when i had free time was to listen to the brainwash file, i did it automatically instead of looking for the usual porn that i use to calm down my craving, im very excited to keep going on this journey

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