Das Experiment

Das Experiment

This is a very special and intense fantasy. I bet you’ve heard about the Stanford prison experiment. It got me thinking. Not about the obvious moral question “why did the guards do it?”, but about the question “why did prisoners and guards go along so well with it?” And after thinking about it more… I found an unending supply of arbitrary rules that we as humans like. Is there a kind of basic switch in us? Something that makes us like following rules blindly?

So I designed my own little prison experiment. You can call it the ViVe Prison Experiment if you like. It’s a pure thought experiment. Once you are deep in trance, I will subject you to a prison environment, where the rules are absolute. The guards are drones, robots, and they follow all rules to the letter. And so will you. Sooner or later. This is partially a fantasy of a prison experience, and partially a social experiment. Once it’s over, and you’re back to your normal you, you will still be in the obedient mindset this prison creates. You can enjoy it for the rest of the day until the next time you sleep, or will it away at any time, and it will just do so.

Please give feedback, remember, it IS an experiment!

This is not for everyone. It’s an intense experience; the prison is designed to subjugate you completely and objectify you. Not objectify as in “serve as an object,” but as in “only act on orders, never on your own volition.” It’s an intense experience. Yes, there are the usual safeties, but it’s one of my more extreme fantasies.

For everyone who doesn’t have someone to obey, there is a repetition of the prison rules at the end. Yes, the rules. The ones that helped you survive the prison. That gave you orientation, comfort. That guided you. Just as a bonus for everyone listening to this alone, if you want to enjoy the state of mind a bit more.

Das Experiment mp3 68 min

Emily Rising (license)

  1. This was a real eye opener for me. (I did not know of the Stanford experiment before this, but have since read up on it.) Firstly, I enjoyed the relaxed and insightful introduction. The file itself I found equally shocking, creative and thought provoking. I found myself really there.. Experiencing it all.. And trying to keep myself in obey..even when i was alarmed. I was surprised at just how quickly I found myself not wanting to leave as the file began to end..wanting to cling to the mindless obedient state..not wanting the pressure of thought, emotion or any other peril of modern day life. Very well done ViVe, this is one which will no doubt stick in my mind for a while.

  2. This contains spoilers. Consider yourself warned.

    How do you give feedback to a file like this? Katje is right, it’s a mix of shocking and thought provoking. A really strange duality, where you don’t know if anything is good or bad or if it matters at all. And yes, in many ways it was thought provoking and eye opening. It shook quite a few assumptions and presumptions about myself to the core.

    Maybe it is because I’m doing the brainwashing, but I found myself falling deeper and faster than ever before. Or maybe it was the thought provoking introduction. I could immerse myself into the experience very easily. Waiting. Alone. Lost. And when the flashback started I was really there, just like in a dream. I felt myself being tied to the chair, and sitting there, restraint, while the prison rules droned through my mind. It was a really strange mix of emotions and sensations that are hard to describe. I could feel the expected shock, outrage, and humiliation, but with every new rule I also felt a little bit more trapped. A bit like walls moving in on me, not physically but mentally. As if the my mental options, the things I can do and think about, became more and more limited. And with every rule it got tighter. When the rules finished I felt completely trapped in my mind. I also lost the mental image of being tied in the chair, retreating into my mind. I still was more there than in the real world, but even there I had retreated into my mind. Then the behavior rules came, filled with added humiliations. I really loved the part about the drones being designed face blind and scanning the RFID tags embedded into you. That was the thing that hit me hardest. I could practically feel my identity shattering into pieces while it was explained to me. I actually saw myself being penetrated by the drones when that part came. Forced to look up at the faceplate of the drone. And the punishments tied it all together, increased the level of helplessness further. The rules are worked out really nicely.

    Then ViVe was back and started to create the memories of being in the prison, especially the first few days. Learning the rules, being punished. How the human behaviors slipped away from me. And while ViVe build the story, I could feel it. How my identity, my personality, my emotions all faded away, replaced by the rules. They became the one safe thing, the absolute right thing, the absolute truth. I could feel myself changing, from fighting it to accepting it. And once I accepted it, how good it can feel. Never thinking, nothing to worry about, nothing to take care, just react. Only obey and do what anything the drones told me.

    And I wanted to stay in this state. When ViVe started to get me back out, I realized it’s even worse, I’m just in my bed hypnotized, not even in the release cell. I clung to the mindset for all I was worth, wishing myself back in the prison. When I woke up, it was a bit overwhelming to be back in the real world, I really wanted back into the prison. Then the rules repeated, and it was calming and peaceful. I must have listened two or three times to them, before I went to sleep, all the time wanting back. Thinking back now it’s insane how much I wanted it, how much I craved it. I would have gone into the prison for the rest of my life, without hesitation. That’s really something.

    This was a really intense experience, and it really shook a lot of my preconceptions about myself. This will give me food for thought for a long time.

    • I’m clearly still mentally working on this one. While I did my brainwashing yesterday, I lost myself in fantasies of being back in the prison. It’s really hard to find words for my desire to go back there. If someone would offer me to do the experiment for the four weeks in the real world, I would go without thought. To be honest, if someone would offer me to be locked in this prison for the rest of my life, leaving everything behind, I would probably still go.

      I thought a lot about why I want back. With all the pain and humiliation and restrictive rules, i shouldn’t want to. But I guess ViVe was right about desire for strict rules. The guard drones are absolutely merciless, but at the same time absolutely fair. All that counted were the rules, and any punishment was something I caused. And having everything decided, and never having any uncertainty feels really safe and good.

      This really caused me to think about myself.

  3. very intense indeed and even though i knew i would be ordered around a bit in the house for a few hours after the file,i too didnt want to leave the prison and no w i want to go back…yes i feel it is addicting. after the file i stayed in a mindlessly obedient state for about 2 hours and both my partner and i enjoyed that a lot.

    thank you Sir for this file..this is really dehumanizing and it works so very well on me.

  4. if someone created this prison, I would volunteer. I still feel like an object ready for orders and use!

  5. This was a very interesting and effective file. Afterwards, I just laid there for long time. Even though I was in my own house, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. After an hour, I turned on the television, but not without looking over my shoulder like I thought I was going to be caught doing something wrong. The rest of the night I had this feeling no matter what I was doing they I didn’t have a right to do anything. It left me feeling like I’d been turned into an object, and had to get used to feeling human again. I’ll have to listen to it again and try the second version as well.

  6. This file really appealed to my lust for humiliation and control, however, it took a step further and gave me a taste of how it would actually feel to mindlessly obey. Like the others above at the end of the file I didn’t want to step out of my cell back into the world where I would have to think for myself, make my own decisions. I liked the security of knowing all that difficult thinking stuff was taken care of, all I had to do was obey. I felt very aroused as the rules were drilled into me and the positions! Wow! My god if real prison was like that I think that I would turn into a very clumsy pickpocket just so I could get a taste of the humiliation and mindless obedience. I am amazed at how real ViVe made the experience and how easy he made it to slip into the feeling of being mindless. The experience has given me lots of lovely ideas to add to my many fantasies of subjugation and humiliation. Can’t wait to listen to part two.

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