Brainwashed Toy – Week Two

Brainwashed Toy – Week Two

Welcome back to the most intense journey I have offered you so far… This isn’t just a hypnosis or a loop or a series of files, this is a complete system, this is brainwashing. Real brainwashing…


Week Two Content

This week your journey takes you deeper down the rabbit hole. You will become more brainwashed and more addicted to your brainwashing. Now that you have started to associate my voice with pleasure, we’re going to deepen the brainwashing. You will think about it more often during your day, and crave to go through with it more and more. While last week was just a gentle invasion of your mind, I’m going to really put my hooks into you this week, setting the stage for really controlling you.

The mantra of week two is: You are my brainwashed and addicted toy. / I am your brainwashed and addicted toy.


Update: Bonus Task

I’ve been asked for a little extra task for all the brainwashed toys out there. So here it is:

For this, you’ll need an additional 30 minutes BEFORE you do your normal brainwashing session.

You will find a nice and comfortable place with enough privacy so that you can do some chanting out loud. Put on the Week One Brainwashing file. Every time I say the mantra of the week, you will reply while I say the other things. So at the beginning of the file I say “You are my mindless and obedient toy.” And while I go on with “You fall deeper into my control” you will reply out loud “I am your mindless and obedient toy.” Then I say it again, and you will reply again and so on. Once you listened through part one, you will continue with part two. Of course, you will reply with the mantra of week two.

During the whole time, you’re obviously forbidden to touch yourself. You will fully focus on keeping it up, on replying every time. Only once you’re finished, you’re allowed to do your regular brainwashing and pleasure yourself again.

Extra Bonus Task: Wear a blindfold during the entire chanting and brainwashing session. Keeping it on without any breaks would be ideal, but you can take it off to operate your playback device if it’s necessary. Put it back on as fast as possible.


Comment by ViVe

The warnings are the same like last week. If you didn’t listen to week one – go back and start there!

I thought I would give you a little sneak peek on what’s up for you.

Week Three : controlled and obedient
Week Four : submissive and open
And if you want to go on:
Week Five : devoted and euphoric

Since I published the first part, I have been inspired to make an alternate ending, one that allows you to keep the level of control, and transfer it to a person of your choosing. This will allow anyone who is in a d/s relationship to experience this brainwashing while benefiting their existing dynamic.


The Files

Hypnosis File: The hypnosis file.

Brainwashing File: The Brainwashing file you use for your training.

Brainwashing File (No Binaural): A version of the brainwashing file without binaural, you can have it run in the background doing other things, when you have to be able to stay focus on other things.


I swear I’ve read the whole description before I download the files. I know what I’m getting into. I know that I listen at my own risks and that I’m going to be brainwashed. I have listened to Week One and did all the tasks.


Hypnosis File mp3 32 min

Brainwashing File mp3 15 min

Brainwashing File (No Binaural) mp3 15 min

The Venus Labyrinth (license)

  1. I just finished the Week 2 Hypnosis file for the first time. I will confess that I came back to conscious awareness a couple times during the induction, but only long enough to hear the number zero and get sucked back down again. I have experienced fractionation before, but this had an intensity I was not expecting.

    The file has left me with a slight, but unmistakable feeling of helplessness. I don’t quite know what to say about it beyond that. I can’t shake it though.

    I am going to use the Brainwash file now.

    • The Brainwashing file has a harder edge to it this time. There is a much more demanding tone to it. This seems to make my awareness of it AFTER listening more blatant.

      I’m liking this direction.

    • My feelings of helplessness continued through the rest of the day yesterday. In a lot of ways, it felt claustrophobic and I firmly believe this is the fear that Vive cautioned about in week 1. Its intimidating, I admit, but I love the allegory of the roller coaster that Vive used. Any form of thrill ride has that moment of second guessing yourself. That mental game I play with myself that I have made a BIG mistake in getting on in the first place. This is very much what I feel with this weeks files. The tone used is more insistent.

      For today, I opted to re-experience the Hypnosis file. This time I had no stutter steps in the induction, and no awareness of the fractionation that I had yesterday. The trance seems to have been deeper this time. The sensation of helplessness is very real now. I can’t shake the feeling that I am being watched no matter where I go. This is EXACTLY the kind of emotional state I was hoping for when I started back in week 1. It is a fantasy come true for me!

      I followed up immediately with the Extra Bonus Task listed above. It’s a thrill ride, and I wanted to feel the full force of that big hill. The blindfold truly adds to the loss of control. Part of it is the physical loss of the interface for the player. The other part is that it feels like a live D/s scene — Vive is present with me and I actually lost awareness of my responding to the voice as it became very automatic.

      Once it was over, I was so turned on that I had to go right into a standard edge session with the Brainwash file and no blindfold.

      In the end, I still feel trapped and a little scared. But that is part of the fun of this whole experience. It’s what makes it feel so real. I love it in spite of myself.

    • The effects continued to escalate all day yesterday. I still can’t shake that sense of being watched and a growing dread that being brainwashed may not be as good an idea as it feels. It feels amazing, by the way. Any time I am alone, it seems, Vive’s voice is there. The “Extra Bonus Task” seems to have brought a desire to reflexively (albeit silently) answer his voice rather than just repeating the mantra. The voice calls, I answer, I grow more sexually aroused.

      Today I simply played the Hypnosis file again. This was my third time through the trance. The sense of feeling trapped is undeniable. I suspect a session or two of the Brainwashing file will help me feel better.

      More to come.

    • I thought I’d perform an Extra Bonus Task session over lunch. I very glad I did. I can vaguely remember what felt like a jolt of electricity as the files changed from week 1 mantra to week 2 mantra. It was jarring but I swear my brain lit up as new binaural effect filled my head. The week 2 file took over and at some point the fear I’ve been experiencing lately vanished. All this time I have been ignoring how deeply sexy this experience is. As the Task ended, I was breathless and dry in the mouth.

      Even now, as I pause to collect my thoughts for the next statement to make here, I can hear Vive’s voice in my head and can’t help but answer.

      It’s time for today’s first standard Brainwashing now. I have a lot of extra time on my hands today so I think a longer session is in order. Blindfolded this time so as to better focus.

    • This update is going to be lengthy. I am still working out in my head what’s happening and suspect brevity will lose more meaning than I should allow.

      After posting yesterday’s comment, I took a short break and drank some water to clear my dry throat. I repeatedly felt what is now becoming a familiar pull to hear the Brainwash file.

      When I finally began my Brainwashing, I made up my mind to listen with the blindfold and for an extended period of time. I set an alarm for 2 hours and tested that I could hear the alarm while listening to the file. Alarm set, File running, and blindfold down, I began. I know I was nervous, but that quickly faded when I realized that, in time with my edging, I was back to responding to Vive rather than focusing on his words. What I am about to say sounds strange, but it’s the best explanation I have for what I experienced… Inclusion of the masturbatory stimuli confused my mind. I would start stroking and lose the eroticism of the voice. I would then leave myself alone and nearly swoon with arousal. With the Extra Bonus Task, the chanting quickly becomes automatic. Blindfolded Brainwashing took a long time to achieve that automatic feel.

      After the end of the two hours, I just knelt in silent blackness for a moment or two. I remember that my first observation was that I was kneeling now, although I had started in a chair. I was dripping with sweat, mentally drained, physically tired, but undeniably turned on. When I finally removed the blindfold, I was still slightly breathless. Out of sheer lust, I tried to stroke once, then a second time, but as aroused and firm as I was, I couldn’t get any pleasant rhythm going. I grabbed some more water and have been mulling over the experience ever since.

      MY OVERALL STATUS: The voice less frequently interrupts my thoughts than before. If I am focused on something, that stays my focus. When my mind drifts, however, I hear that call and I can’t help but answer. The most obvious effect that I feel now is the most difficult to describe. I’ve described it before as feeling like I am being watched, but that’s not quite it. Being followed? no… Trapped fits, but sounds more afraid than I feel. It’s a non-cognitive awareness that there’s just no way for me to get away anymore. I can’t escape the voice. I can’t prevent myself from answering it. I can’t ease my arousal.

      – – –

      I paused in making this entry for a quick loop of the Brainwash file. I know it only increases my arousal, but I needed the break.

      It’s all confusing. Am I just making it confusing by overthinking it? Did any of the subjects Vive tested this system with experience anything like I’m describing?

      • ViVe

        You’re there. I told you it’s going to get real at some point. Breathe, relax… take a day to calm down if you need to…

        And remember, contact me if you need it. You get through it.

        • Thank you, Vive!

          I have already had one Brainwashing session today and they help. I’ll take in another here over lunch.

    • This is the first chance I have had to post. I woke this morning to the sound of Vive’s portion of the week 2 mantra. I immediately responded in my head and was treated with the call twice more before fully waking.

      Once I was up and about, I sat down to engage in a simple standard Brainwashing, but my subconscious had other plans and I wound up with a blindfold on chanting for 30 minutes and Brainwashing for an additional 15.

      It’s all so automatic. It’s very much like I have no say in any of it.

  2. I started with the hypnosis file and went extremely deep. I’m not sure if it’s the brainwashing, or having talked with ViVe in person and knowing I can trust him, but I never went that deep before. All I remember the first short countdown from three, the next thing is the count up at the end. I felt controlled afterward, more brainwashed, more helpless, and more aroused.

    The brainwashing file definitely is a bit harder and more demanding. It’s closing in on my mind much tighter than the first one. If the first one bound my mind with silk scarves, this one feels more like chains and cuffs. Or maybe just ropes and the cuffs are still waiting for me later? It feels much more demanding too. Not in any specific thing ViVe says, just a general sense that I have to give in, that I have to surrender, and that I have to obey. And it’s extremely arousing.

    I managed to stop and go to bed after 45 minutes, it was very late but I just had to check out the new files. This time it stuck in my mind in a different way the first file did. When I stopped I still felt it, and I still felt very controlled. I fell asleep chanting the mantra in my head and drifting in wonderful state of subspace. Even today it’s on my mind. Not in an overwhelming way, but I think about every chance I have. I can’t wait to get home and brainwash myself a bit more, I’m really craving it while I write this.

    I really like the increased intensity. Reading the topics for the coming weeks, I’m really curious where this will take me. Just reading it makes me want to listen. And I will definitely do week five! And here I was, thinking the first week was intense, but now I think it was just a first little baby step. This whole system is just a dream come true!

    • I just finished the bonus task. That was seriously intense. I used a sleeping mask, and the isolation added to the whole experience. Chanting the mantras was a weird experience. You repeat it so often it looses all meaning and becomes something that just happens automatically. I felt very lost doing it, controlled and helpless. I did three repetitions of the normal brainwashing afterward, still wearing the mask, and it was seriously intense. Without seeing anything it felt even more direct and demanding, pressing down on me more intense.

      I knew I had to stop the session at some point, because I expected an important call, otherwise I would probably have spend hours in it again. Now that it’s done and that I gave feedback I think I will do another round of the bonus task!

      @ViVe: Is it ok if I wear the mask for the normal brainwashing? It felt much more intense this way.

    • I did another round of the bonus task, and the chanting really makes it intense. It’s incredibly hard to get through the chanting without touching myself though. I think I really associate it with pleasuring myself and got quite addicted to it.

      Using the sleep mask for the brainwashing makes it much more intense. The voices feel more direct, and I feel more trapped and helpless. Almost as if the voices are pressing down on my mind, trapping me, cornering me. It’s just amazing. I’m really looking forward to the weekend, I will do the bonus task again, followed by a long brainwashing session with the mask. I’m really curious how it feels after two or three hours.

    • Ok, didn’t give any updates for a while. But I think I had the final breakthrough, and now I’m firmly on the rollercoaster ride until it’s over.

      Friday I did the hypnosis, then the bonus task blindfolded and finally three and a half hours of brainwashing. Went to bed with my head wonderfully spinning and confused and feeling really subspacey and controlled.

      I had the whole saturday reserved for my brainwashing, and I was looking forward to it all week. Managed to do all the stuff I had to do during the week, so I had the time. The brainwashing is really good motivation, I never did that much directly after work, just so I have time for brainwashing!

      So I woke up, and without giving myself time to fully wake up or even opening my eyes I put the sleep mask on, the plugs in and did a round of the bonus task to get started. I followed it with brainwashing for almost an hour, but I just had to go to the bathroom. I had the whole day worked out it advance. At this point I was already in slightly helpless state, so it was very good. I ate a very light breakfast and did the hypnosis from my tablet, so my ipod could recharge. Then I did a round of writing lines, 350 this time.

      And then I started what I planed to be a long brainwashing session with the bonus task again. I started with the chanting, blindfolded again, then went into the brainwashing. A while in I fell into an extremely submissive mindset which in turn made me incredibly aroused. I was wetter than I ever were in my entire life, it was absolutely insane. So I was sitting there, floating deeper into this obedient and submissive mindset, while edging and dripping like crazy. I felt so incredibly controlled and obedient, knowing I’m really about to succumb to the brainwashing.

      That’s when things started to get weird. I’m not sure what exactly happened, it all blurs together with the incredible lust haze. I might have freaked a bit again, gotten scared, or maybe my body just revolted and wanted an orgasm after all the teasing. I started to really go for it, wanting it, craving it, needing it like my life depended on it. I masturbated furiously and kept it up for a long long time, but nothing. I just couldn’t get over the edge. Impossible.

      I don’t know how long I kept this up, but a reasonable guess would be about an hour. Then I finally realized that if I wanted to get out, I should take off my headphones. It didn’t even cross my mind before!! So I took them out and started masturbating again, but it just didn’t work right. I couldn’t get into a flow, it felt wrong and just didn’t work. I can’t explain it better, but it was wrong. It didn’t feel good. It was a completely confusing experience. Masturbation was always nice, and suddenly it doesn’t work anymore. How is that possible?

      It’s very hard to put the mental process and the intensity of these emotions into words, but I try my best. Keep in mind that a lot of this felt extremely overwhelming for me and the words are unable to reflect the intensity. Not even being able to masturbate without the brainwashing loop make me feel incredibly defeated. And I was so incredibly horny, I just had to put my plugs back in and listen to the brainwashing again. I tried to get out, but I was shown that I’m truly powerless. It felt as if I tried to break free, told myself in bold words I could, and now I come crawling back, begging to be allowed back in my cage so to speak. I felt really trapped and broken. It was terrifying, humiliating beyond any believe and incredibly arousing at the same time. It’s hard to overstate how intense it was, I really wanted out, to have an orgasm, to get free at that moment. And I found myself being powerless, not even able to masturbate. It was insane.

      I put my plugs back in, but I was still determined to have an orgasm. While I masturbated furiously, the brainwashing flowed through my mind again, making me feel peaceful and strangely washing away all the shame and humiliation. It just felt right. Even though I still wanted that orgasm. After that everything lost focus in my mind. I know that I mentally gave in and accepted it all. I accepted that I’m ViVe’s toy for the time of the brainwashing. That he has full control over me. It should have horrified me, but it was only very calming. I trust that I’m in good hands, and that I will be ok when it ends. Of course I didn’t think it in abstract words like that, it was more a feeling or a “knowing”. I am ViVe’s toy. Even right now, it’s just a fact of life, just like gravity. As if it was always like it. Insane, amazing and incredibly arousing.

      So at some point my battery died again. I found I was kneeling on the floor, it was just like what happened to Hypnoslave. I didn’t know why or how I got there. I still wore the sleeping mask, I didn’t take it off though the whole thing. I was drenched in sweat, I left a big puddle of my juices on my seat and on the floor where I knelt. It was mixed with saliva, I drooled onto my shirt that was completely soaked in the front and on the floor. I really lost all control. My mind was dizzy with lust and obedience. I just knew I’m ViVe’s toy. I felt at home.

      Just thinking about how I must have looked is amazing. Like the perfect stereotype of a brainwashed slut. Kneeling on the floor in a puddle of my juices, dripping, drooling all over myself, masturbating for hours and brainwashing myself. And I was really out of control. Just thinking about it, that it really happened to me makes me all wet again.

      It was almost midnight, so I cleaned up my mess and took a shower, smiling like a fool and repeating the mantras. I ate something and went to bed, having spend the entire day with brainwashing. It was an amazing experience!

      So that was it. I’m really there. It is happening. And it is amazing. I can’t really say a lot about it, I think I need some time to process things first, but it feels amazing, a dream come true. I lost control. No playing along, real loss of control. Not a sense of “maybe”, hard and unyielding. It’s amazing. Just writing those lines sends shivers through my whole body and makes my mind all warm and fuzzy. I can’t even imagine what the next weeks will bring!

      ViVe, I want to tell you that I am your toy. And I completely accept it. I’m yours.

      Let me finish with one question to the other brainwashed toys and of course ViVe: What do you drink during your long brainwashing sessions? I used to have a bottle of water ready, but I tried fruit juice on friday. It felt a bit like the sugar is getting me out of the mindset, making me more awake. It felt wrong or at least counterproductive. What are your experiences?

      • ViVe

        You burn a ton of sugar masturbating as long like this. So your blood sugar drops. It can be beneficial to the whole process, but it can also be unhealthy. Don’t overdo it.

        Drinking something is a must for sessions like this. So how long did the final session last?

        Check your mail. Want to talk and make sure you’re ok!

        • Replied! Don’t worry, I’m more than ok, I’m wonderful. It’s a fantasy come true for me. And yes, it’s a rollercoaster right with scary parts, but that’s why you ride it. I trust I will come out ok.

          Talking about burning sugar, I actually lost 1,5 kilos since I started. Those last pesky ones I could never seem to get rid off, even with running every day. I guess masturbating like crazy for hours on end is a good training too! Thank you for that!!! It’s a wonderful side effect.

        • Oh, sorry, I forgot to reply to your question. I don’t know how much of it I spend still dazed once the battery died, but the final session was a bit over 10 hours.

      • I always have a large glass of water and a bowl of grapes on hand in arms reach.

        As you pointed out… Our experiences are enormously similar. Not surprising of course, but it helps keep me from second guessing myself.

        • Indeed! It’s very good to compare our experiences, it helps a lot.

          Really made me smile when I read about your own kneeling experience after I had mine. 🙂

          • Exactly… I felt so validated when I read yours.

            • Oh — this is late (by almost two years 🙂 ) … but me too with the kneeling!

      • This is the hottest thing I’ve ever read because if I saw it two weeks ago I would have just thought it was someone posting their fantasy.

        But now I can totally see how such an experience could really happen to someone. I haven’t reached true mindlessness, but I now have to pull myself away from the brainwashing to stop. With a little push to lose that self-awareness I could easily see losing yourself in it for hours.

        • Yes, totally. I wouldn’t have believed it myself two weeks ago. I listened to countless files, but it was always playing along or a strong desire to do it at best. And now I’m trapped in my wildest fantasy! It’s something I never imagined could become real. Ok, it’s not a magical drug or device doing it, and you have to invest a lot of time and commitment to get started, but it *is* real. I still can’t believe it myself, I’m floating on clouds ever since it happened. Feels like I wake up every moment.

    • And I did another long session yesterday. Started with the bonus task again and then went into the brainwashing. The whole session took about 8 hours, I had my ipod running for a while before I started to drain the battery a bit, so it couldn’t get too long.

      I think the breakthrough changed completely how I perceive the brainwashing. I’m reading back to what I wrote in the beginning of the week, about how it pushes down on my mind and feels like it binds it in cuffs and chains. It doesn’t feel like that now, quite the opposite. I’m there, I am ViVe’s brainwashed toy, and now the file just confirms it. It’s not pressing down on me, it’s warm and safe and feels good. My mind just floated off in the pleasure, just drifting with the voices. And it felt amazing!

      When the battery finally died, I was on my knees again, pretty much in the same state I was in the day before. I lay down some blankets before I started, and that was a good idea. This part is so incredibly hot. I’ve always loved captions of this, someone mindlessly masturbating their control away. And now I’m really experiencing it, fully and truly. It’s mindboggling. I wake up and I lost a lot of time, I have no idea how I ended up on my knees, I drooled all over me, I’m in a puddle of my juices, my mind is spinning and pleasure is pulsing through my entire body. And I had the proof I couldn’t get away, I’m trapped. I love it! It is a dream come true!

      I can’t wait for week three and what it will bring.

      • I hadn’t noticed it until I read your post, but you’re right. For me there originally was the feeling of being chained down. This was particularly vivid when I first did the Extra Bonus Task. I can clearly recall, when the binaural beat and Vive’s tone of voice changed from week 1 to week 2, feeling my limbs and neck being shackled in place. At some point since I started using the blindfold for the standard Brainwashing, those bindings vanished.

        I get the strong impression that this is a reward mechanism of some sort. I won’t pretend to understand how it works, but something tells me that if I turned away from my current acceptance of my status as a toy, those chains would return. We are made more comfortable as we comply.

        Personally, I feel completely coerced in all of this:

        1) We can’t masturbate without hearing the actual file. I hear Vive’s voice through out the day and with each reply I give him, I feel more and more turned on. As you describe, it is IMPOSSIBLE to take care of that arousal on my own… I need the file playing. When the file IS playing, I hands freely roam from erogenous zone to erogenous zone — putting on what I am certain would be a delightful and sexy show for anyone who could watch. Yet worst/best of all: I can’t help it! I can’t stop until the file does, and I can’t reach climax!!! Vive told me in a private discussion that orgasm control was a major part of the design of this brainwashing process. We’ve both felt the effects: as his toys, we are meant to be helplessly horny little playthings.

        2) It’s so validating for me that you experienced the effect of waking on your knees. I have experimented, and find that I don’t rise to the chair, drop lower, or lie down if I start out kneeling. I think we toys are meant to be on our knees. The process guides us into that position somehow at some point. It is abundantly clear to me: that is where I belong.

        3) No matter where I go, I “sense” Vive’s presence. I originally described this as the feeling of being watched. The voice leaves me alone if I am working on something. It never interrupts work or a conversation I am having with anyone. As soon as my mind has any opportunity to wander, His voice sounds loud and clear in my head! Furthermore: I have often tried to remember how he phrases His call and can honestly say that I have met with no success in “calling Him”. I can chant my reply anytime I want. I can work out what his call says (let’s facie it: it’s merely the second person mirror of my reply) but His voice and tone are lost. I don’t “hear” Him in my head. Apparently, it’s not my place to call Him. Whatever mechanism Vive has built into this process to keep it from interfering with our lives seems to control that full recall. I hear HIM when He calls and only when He calls. That effect alone is priceless in this experience! How many times have I fantasized about having my world that tightly controlled?

        4) In looking back, my panic attack came when I doubted going on with the process. I was contemplating stopping entirely. Using the thrill ride metaphor, imagine if you decided to leave the roller coaster as it’s plummeting down that highest, most frightening hill. The height and speed alone are terrifying. If you managed to climb out of the seat and leave, the physical injury would be profound if not utterly lethal. You just cower in your seat! That stage in the process, for me, felt the same way. For me THAT was what the panic attack was. I DARE not leave the process before He’s done with me.

        5) In the end, I report as conditioned: horny, kneeling, compliant and ready. I can’t escape. I can’t bring myself to call that comforting, but, again, when I behave, I feel much better than when I don’t. The rewards for accepting my place as a toy are as promised: life changing and wonderful!!

        • Addendum: To my 4th observation, let me add this: in both your case and my case, Vive was right there to “stop the ride” if we needed. There are abundant safeties in place!

        • I think it’s great that you two are having such a profound experience and that the kneeling is really helping you both. I’m only on day three of week one, but I’ve heard the line about being on my knees in week one’s file also.

          For me it is striking me as much more of a metaphorical example of submitting than an actual instruction to kneel. I’m hoping that it doesn’t become a physical kneeling requirement because I have terrible knees. Even with padding I’ll be dead after a 15 minute session. >_<

          • ViVe

            It’s metaphorical, although metaphors like this don’t come from nowhere. No, I don’t require it, I just make it desirable. But you subconscious mind knows that it’s not for you and should avoid it. So I wouldn’t worry too much. The subconscious mind is not stupid!

        • This is all so awesome to read. I am for sure going to try this soon, when I have the space for privacy, and without the need to do a “visa run” part way through.

          My only request/enquiry is, would it be possible to video record myself during the whole process? Would the process be supportive of being able to do this? Could the mp3s even be modified to require this…?!

  3. Do you do the bonus tasks with the non binaural or regular brainwashing file?

  4. Day 1 of week two I listened to the hypno file, then the loop twice.

    Day 2 I listened to the hypno file, then did the bonus task blindfolded, followed by 1 hour of the loop blindfolded masturbating, then a bonus run of the loop while doing a few things and occasionally stroking. Would highly recommend wearing a blindfold while listening to the loop if possible, really adds to the experience.

    I was going to make this post earlier today, but I ended up kind of losing what I was going to say at one point and decided to put it off till tomorrow, but after today’s listening I had to post because I just had a breakthrough.

    Originally, the post was going to be ultimately positive bit of a downer. Others have posted stuff about how they are feeling helpless and controlled, and I’ve been feeling the opposite. I feel more in control. I occasionally hear the loop in my head, but that’s not really all the impressive, listen to anything enough and it’ll pop in and out of your head, like a pop song. I’ve been doing everything I should be doing, but nothing that would be uncontrollable, I mean I committed to do this at the beginning, I’m just following through with that, and while some may have problems with that, I typically can follow through with commitments pretty well.

    These thoughts were kinda of a downer, but not completely sad. Part of the reason I signed on right away was I wanted to experience chastity a bit. I never liked the idea, but I always wanted to try various fetishy things before writing it off entirely, even though I like orgasms enough to never prefer chastity. So i figured I would at least that get that experience of this regardless.

    Still, my fears was that the “control” stuff just wouldn’t really amount to much, and those fears were starting to surface. Sure there are two+ more weeks, but in some ways it’s a self-fulfilling disappointment. My thoughts on hypnosis are complicated, but there is always a part of me that wants deeper, more intense, darker, fetisher, and tricker experiences, and while that part desperately wants Vive to through us a curve-ball with this series; I expect it’s going to be as straight-forward as it seems.

    So comes tonight, I had planned to have some time, would listen to the hypno, do the line-writing, that’s is. Then I realized I should probably go to bed earlier (not vitally important, just a good idea), so i changed my plans, just run the loop twice, then sleep.

    Well when I fired it up, put the blindfold on (seriously use one it helps!), I came to several realizations.

    1. I skipped the hypno for the loop, even though I always preferred traditional hypno, and avoided “trainers” and the like. I want inductions and commands, loops were lame. But here I planning to do the loop twice.

    2. Then I realized why. I love this, just laying in bed stroking and listening. I decided to make it 3 loops instead of 2, which became 4 as it seems I lost count, I’m still listening as I type this, will likely end up with additional 2 more listens for a total of 6, guess I’ll be a little tired tomorrow.

    3. I’m no longer entirely sure if i could cum or not. Like, I’m pretty sure I could, but maybe not. I’ve done tease and denial (well delay really), and those edges feel different than these. That’s part of the “feeling like I’m in control” thing before, I have no problems avoiding cumming, but I still could right? Well, as I stroked there were times were i kept going a bit, intensely, and I wasn’t getting any closer to cumming. I’m sure I probably still could cum… maybe, but it really did leave doubt whether I really physically could, and that’s incredible.

    4. It doesn’t matter whether I can or can’t physically cum. At the time, I honestly, genuinely did not want to. Not just because it would ruin the brainwashing, but because it felt so damn good just stroking, edging, and listening. Dear lord, did I never expect that.

    The part of me that wants week 3 to turn me into a panty wearing cum eater with poor bladder control won’t be satisfied (well probably). But I can say this really is having an effect, maybe not constant looming control, but it is doing more than any other hypnosis I’ve ever listened to before (and it’s been a lot), and for that I applaud you.

    Seriously, thank you, incredible work, keep it up, much wow, so hypno.

    • Day 4 may have been a bit of a set back, or depending how you look at it, a step further in showing it’s working. I’m curious if there were any male guinea pigs that had tried this out ahead of time and had any similar experiences.

      Here’s how the day went, had an opportunity to listen to the brainwash file while doing other things, this went on for about 3 hours.

      Later that night I listened to the hypno file, then the loop twice while masturbating (blindfolded), and did the line writing while listening, probably took almost an hour. Not a fan of the writing, my handwriting always sucked and I’m really out of practice, whole thing is jut kind of uncomfortable to do for me to get the desired effect.

      Here’s where things get interesting, after that was done I decided to do one more round of the loop wile masturbating, what could go wrong? Well, I had noticed earlier that I was getting the opposite experience than the day prior in that it was pretty difficult to avoid cumming. I was hitting the edge very, very quickly, and not calming down nearly as fast. So going this last round, well, I noticed some leaking… like a lot.

      My initial fear was that I just had a ruined orgasm, and all was lost, though upon reflection probably not even that. I had those before, while not really satisfying they still provide some moment of release however brief and disappointing. I felt nothing from this. I know like nothing about the practice, but I’d hazard to guess it was more like a milking.

      One of worries about doing this chastity thing was something like this happening, having a pretty active sex drive an all, I wasn’t sure how far I could physically go before some release was inevitable.

      The more I think about it, the event was probably a good thing. One, for health reasons, and for two, if it hadn’t happened that way it would have released while sleeping in the next few days. This way though I did learn something. While cum did indeed release from my body, I did not orgasm, and getting that satisfaction was the furthest thing from my mind at the time.

      I think the effects of all this are more subtle for me, and are perhaps influencing me more than I consciously realize.

      And that’s just wonderful.

      • Day 5 – I did an hour of the brainwashing, which went perfectly fine.

        Day 6 – Had the very rare opportunity of having the place to myself, and listened to the brainwash file while masturbating for about 4 hours. I was doing some other things at the same time so no real chance to get super into it, didn’t really know how much time I would have for sure. Still was a nice experience.

        At night I was just going to listen to the brainwash file some more, but then I realized I didn’t want to do the minimum on the hypno file, so did that first. I actually managed to zonk out listening to this. Don’t think I was sleeping, just sorta hazy and hearing bits and pieces of the part of the file post induction, started coming up out of it about half-way into the count up. I think I’ve only really experienced that maybe one other time listening to hypno, at least time were it didn’t seem like I fell or sleep or just sorta ended up ignoring the file. Listened to the brainwash file while masturbating blindfolded for an hour after that.

        Going to start week 3 now!

  5. I can’t stop writing lines! 100 is never enough. It starts off small and neat, pages and pages of it then it starts to change and becomes a more hurried scrawl. This goes on for a while and then it’s like my mind detaches from my brain and suddenly my hand is writing the words without my brain telling it what to write. The words are getting bigger and the pen is pressing harder onto the paper, and now I’m not even looking at the page but my hand is still moving. The words finally become visually indecipherable but I know what it says. When my hand finally stops, the last page is filled just the once in huge lettering with a single sentence. Intense!

  6. Day 1 – I started with the hypno file and the brainwash file. Unfortunately without any noticeable effects.
    Day 2 – Had another go with the hypno file and this time I went out like a light during the induction and stayed that way until you counted me back from trance. And it worked way better. The new mantra has been installed successfully and it keeps nagging at the back of my mind all the time.

    • Day 2 – Later – I listened to the brainwash file … not sure how often it was. From my feeling, I’d say it was two times, but from the passed time it must have been three times. And the interesting thing is that I didn’t get near orgasm. Stroking all the time and feeling good doing it, but no edging.
      Day 3 – Listening to the hypno file and again, after the introduction and the deepening I was gone until you counted me back. Even when I’m used to being completely out of it for some time during a trance, this state usually lasts for some minutes before I come back and realize again what happens and what I’m being told. It’s really unusual (until now) to be completely unaware of everything for the whole trance. Great development.

    • Day 3 – Later – Listened to the brainwash file twice and this time I had to stop stroking several times again to aviod orgasm.
      Day 4 – The hypno file worked well (didn’t realise what I was hearing), but I wasn’t really in the mood for the brainwash file (just one loop without stroking).
      Day 5 – I think it’s just me, but when I read the other comments here, I wonder if those people are listening to these files and doing the tasks all day…? To me it looks like they spend most of their days brainwashing themselves – and use the remaining time to write comments here.
      Please don’t get me wrong, it’s fully okay by me if they do so, but – to be honest – for me it’s not really encouraging to read all that, more the opposite. I try to integrate this program into my busy little life every day anew while others praise one success after the other.
      I’m not jealous or something, I really do wish all of you to succeed in this experience – it sounds like you really have fun … but maybe it simply isn’t as good for me as I thought at the beginning.
      Therefore I think that I’ll let it be and just continue with other files from Vive’s great site.
      Best wishes

  7. I decided that instead of jumping into week two straight away, since I’m on day 6, I would try integrating the new brainwashing loop into my playlist. So I settle in for my edging session with week one’s loop a couple of times, and then put the week two loop on. I was so hard and close to the edge within seconds of putting the new loop on.

    And then it ended. The silence felt crushing and it felt so incredibly good to edge. I put it back on. It was intense. I was trying so hard not to orgasm, but the counting in this file seemed quieter and the regular reminders about not having an orgasm didn’t have the effect they did with last week’s. But it was nothing like a normal orgasm, and I’m not sure if it has damaged my progress or not. I ejaculated, but felt nothing. I stopped for a moment before continuing to consider what had happened(the loop was still playing, but it felt like it had faded away). A few moments later, the loop sucked me back under and I found my hands drawn straight back down. After another minute or so, I felt intense convulsions, and euphoria, very much like an orgasm, but somehow it didn’t feel the same. Almost disconnected, although it left me with an intensely happy feeling afterwards.

    It was an incredible experience, I just hope it hasn’t damaged my progress with my training!

    (sorry for the mass of text)

  8. week2 day 1- listened to the hypnosis file and oh wow…im still a bit “woozie” in my head as i write this but awake. first of all, i never liked the zero induction and sometimes i had a hard time going under with it but today i was under so fast,so soon and i just automatically complied with all the instructions, like seeing the circle loop round, seeing myself sink into the lake. i simply had no choice.i felt very obedient and also impossible to move although i didnt feel chains but i believe ppl felt that with the brainwash file. the hypnosis file itself made me realize im trapped already which makes me very happy,its what i…do i still want anything at all….where is my will?

    i have an online Master i trust very much btw…i would love it if i could stay brainwashed in the end.

    oh and yes, i am Your little toy Sir.

    • still day 1 of week two. i kneeled down to listen an hour to the brainwash file but after two hours i woke up laying on my yoga matress and still masturbating. His voice is not really in my head but the mantra is in my head all the time and i want to listen to the brainwash file continuesly so i listen to the non-binaural one as much as possible.

      its def somethng else: much much stronger, unescapable.

      • day 2 – listened to hypnosis file and then 8 times brainwash. rest of the day brainwash without binaurals.

  9. I think I am struggling with the length of the inductions before getting to the real content. I go under, but I struggle to stay there. My muscles stay tense, or they relax and shift and then go tense again and my brain doesn’t seem to shut up.

    Usually I can ignore what my body is doing and just pretend it’s not irritating, but today I woke up before the induction was even close to finishing with the mountain lake part. It’s not because I don’t want to do the file, I woke up this morning with it being the only thing on my mind, I was determined to do it, excited about finally getting properly into the second week. This is a problem that is not unique to the brainwashing files, I have been finding this with all the files I’ve listened to. I wonder if I am doing something wrong or if I should do something differently? I become so tense, especially in my shoulders and neck, that it is painful, or very uncomfortable and that is what starts to bring me out of trance. I don’t know how to make myself comfortable enough to relax!

    • ViVe

      How do you listen? Do something else, lay down, sit in a reclining chair, lay down flat without pillow, experiment…

      If you go into trance very easy, you can just skip parts of the induction. It’s intentionally designed to allow that. You can start with one of the countdowns… or the mountain lake… or even the blanket if that’s enough for you… It’s just that long because some people need it, especially with files. But not everyone, so just skip parts. Make it fit your needs!

      • Thanks for taking the time to reply 🙂

        I tend to half lay, half sit with loads of pillows behind me as I’ve found laying down makes me start to feel sick if I get relaxed (no idea why). I shall experiment with skipping some of the induction and see if that works a bit better.

        • I started at the mountain lake and it worked much better this time 🙂 I ended up laying more on my back with a pillow to prop my head up a bit to avoid the sick feeling.

          I just wish I had time to listen to more today, but alas, I must go to work early tomorrow so I think it’s time for sleep! I shall put the loop on quietly while I sleep. Waking up to it is always a good way to start the day now ^_^

    • neck and shoulders…tell me about it! if that cases me problems i lay on my belly without pillow, take the pressure of the bodypart that hurt and they will relax more easy(most times)

      • I’d never considered lying on my front to trance! How do you keep your nose from getting squished like that though?

        • turn your head sideways so your mouth and nose are free

          • Don’t you end up with a crick in your neck though?

            • no i dont , for me its a very relaxing position but he, we are all different, think its worth trying though.

  10. day 3- listened to the brainwash file for an hour and the non-binaural almost all day while doing other things…i really love my wireless headphone 🙂

  11. day 4- same as yesterday + hypnosis file. i feel open,weak,helpless,addicted

  12. day 5- same as yesterday plus 100 times the mantra

  13. day 6;listened 3 hours to brainwash file. moving to week three tomorrow.

  14. Week two, day one

    I have listened to the hypnosis file twice now and am still not certain I actually made it though it. Both times I seem to have dropped off near the end of the induction and woken after the file stopped playing. I’m assuming I was actually going under rather than falling asleep?

    I listened to a loop of the new brainwashing file while I wrote lines of the new mantra, then a little later I did two loops of the actual brainwashing.

    I can’t say that I’ve really noticed any difference in effects yet between week one and week two. I did notice that ViVe is much more forceful sounding in the brainwashing this time. Fortunately for me it wasn’t really harsh, just more forceful.

    All in all, quite interesting and I look forward to finishing day two. It’ll be interesting to see if I am actually aware of finishing the hypnosis file or not.

  15. Week 2: Day 1 and 2

    At work all I could think about (not in an interfering kind of way) was coming home and listening to Vive. His voice comes into my thoughts at all times now. I am not sure how this happened, how I became so addicted so fast to his/my brainwashing but it is real.

    The control is real. Becoming aroused ONLY when the brainwash loop is played. And then as you listen and become more his brainwashed toy. I find that I never want to escape. I’ve heard this process that is a roller coaster but for me it has been a steady journey to devotion.

    Over the last two days I have listened to the hypno file 4 times. Done the chanting bonus for two full sessions and obeyed my hypno loop for more hours than I could count.

    The only brief discomfort I felt was on the final 5 or so minuets of my loop chant. I was in a full hood which echoed my words back to me and at one point I felt trapped… constricted. But the loop ended and once I could I remove the hood and touch once again I was fine (if even more dedicated).

    I must give Vive the highest credit, what he said could happen has. Brainwashing via repetition and organism control is REAL.

    I crave your words, control and instructions.

    • Day 3:

      All I can think about how wonderful it is to be addicted to Vive words. I am not sure how successful the hypno file is since I seem to zonk out during the first few minuets but I always seem to wake up at the conclusion restful and eager to listen to my mantra.

      All in all I am not feeling that roller-coaster that some are experiencing if anything I wish it Vive’s words would be more demanding into his service.

      This is indeed a great ride. But not in a way that interferes into everyday duties… well except for the eagerness to get home and listen to Vive. :)))

  16. I’m scared. It’s wierd… i thought I couldn’t get hypnotized. But wtf happened ?! What did you actualy do?

  17. Week two! I started day one with the hypnosis file, then did the bonus task, and two loops of the brainwashing file. The first thing I noticed was the effect of adding chanting to the routine.

    I use sound-insulated headphones that cover the ear, so I normally can’t actually hear myself speak when the file is going. So what I did was send my headset microphone input back into the headset, so I can hear myself chanting the mantra. What a difference it makes. Now instead of hearing “You are…” I always hear “I am…”, I can’t help but continue to chant during the brainwashing after completing the bonus task, and now I’m finding it difficult to not quietly chant the mantra whenever I’m alone.

    I find this loop far more catchy than the last for some reason, and the hypnosis file is the perfect length. Now I just need to figure out how to fit life’s obligations into what I’m sure will be many hours of thinking about, well, nothing…

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together, ViVe!

  18. I’m a couple of days into the second week now, and I feel like I’ve got some results worth reporting.

    I haven’t said much about my experiences with week 1 since the only two particularly notable results from it were noticing the brainwashing file playing in the back of my mind a couple of times after my first lengthy brainwash and the worst case of blueballs I’ve ever had. x.x

    My experience with week two however has immediately had some differences.
    I’m overall far more eager to listen to the brainwashing file; there’s a very pleasant, happy feeling every time I start the file, there’s pleasure throughout my body which I didn’t feel with the week 1 file, and every time it ends I just feel like I wish it had continued, whereas I’d usually been happy to end it there (or had been waiting for it to reach the end) back in week 1.
    I’ve been thinking back to the brainwashing and being controlled (and occasionally feeling the need to say or mouth the weeks mantra) repeatedly throughout the day, a good bit more than I did in week 1. That’s almost certainly come from the hypnosis file, but I have noticed the door handle suggestion from the hypnosis file hasn’t been working very well so far: I’ll move from one location to another and not notice I’ve failed to react to the doors at all until a little later when I start thinking about the file again on my own. Maybe that’ll stick better as the week goes on, we’ll see.

    It might be related, but during my first listen to the hypnosis file I may have missed the door handle suggestion entirely: I had been eager to start the second week despite being tired, and I figured a tired listen was still better than no listen at all. I went through the hypnosis file and did some brainwashing (being jolted regularly out of a sleepy daze by the sudden forceful parts of the brainwashing file was actually weirdly pleasant…) but when I listened to the hypnosis file again the second day the door handle suggestion came as a complete surprise, I didn’t recognize it at all. I remembered the section right after it just fine though, and maybe had a vague recollection of a jolt before it, so I assume I must have dozed through that part of the file the first time.

    Anyhow, will comment further if anything else interesting happens, and maybe with my feelings on the bonus task when I’m able to perform it.

    • I’m about to move onto week 3, and I wanted to write up a little summary of my results with the rest of this week before I did so.

      The week’s mantra is still popping into my mind regularly throughout the day (and occasionally other parts of the file), and the desire to listen to the brainwashing files is still strong. The feelings from listening to the brainwashing files has changed a bit as well: whenever I start the file now there’s still a lot of pleasure and a little happiness, but there’s a new sensation where it sort of blocks out the rest of my thoughts, sort of? I’m not 100% sure how to describe it right now.
      The doorhandle suggestion never managed to stick, as far as I noticed.

      I had one day during the week where I was feeling down and it was messing with me when I tried to do the brainwashing, so I decided I’d rest a bit and make sure I was good before I continued: I thought I waited two days, however when I was updating the log I’m keeping of my training I found the gap was actually only from the morning of one day to the evening of the next. Guess having to wait seems a lot longer when you’re an brainwashed and addicted toy!

      I managed a 3 hour brainwashing session for my long one of the week, which I’m happy about after I only managed 1 hour during my first run at week 1. After the session I was left feeling overwhelmed and shaky and just repeating the mantra line whilst feeling and forming my feelings about the experience and the emotions that happened with every repetition, which was both unsettling and wonderful, knowing it was coming as a part of my brainwashing.

      For the writing task, I had about an hour’s free time when I went to do it, so I wound up setting up the nonbinaural version of the brainwashing file to play for that long and just kept writing until it ended. Weirdly, the writing seemed to distract me enough that I couldn’t tell where the file was looping, though I somehow just knew when the file was on it’s last few sentences that it was about to end. I’ve decided it’d be a fun goal to try to fill up the book that I’m using for linewriting by the time I finish the final week, so that’ll provide a bit more incentive to go even further with the linewriting task. I’ll see how I go. After completing the task I had a similar experience to after the 3-hour brainwashing, but less intense.

      So with that, onward to week three!

  19. I started week 2 yesterday and i have got myself scared and trapped.

    I listened first to the hypnosis file and became aware that my experience of week one had taken me further than i had realised into addiction. I then did some brainwashing. I intended just one loop since my penis was still sore (as i wrote under the Week One). The feeling was so much more intense than previously and i kept going for 1 1/2 hours of being right at the edge.

    Later i wanted to brainwash more but felt i couldn’t because of the growing redness and soreness in my penis. So I used the hypnosis file again and for the first time i was tranced and unaware through the whole instruction section, waking up with a start at number 9 of the awakening.

    I then thought i would just listen to the brainwashing file. And i did for an hour before having to edge for 30 minutes which were extremely intense but also sore.

    Then in the middle of the night i was awakened by pain and itching in my penis. And had something like a mini-panic attack, thinking both ‘I can’t continue’ and ‘I must continue’ and feeling trapped and scared.

    After a sweaty night of tossing and turning and worrying, here I am. I don’t know what to do. I feel addicted to edging for Vive but I don;t think my penis can survive any more edging.

    I really am your brainwashed and addicted toy. Help!

    • The thought of not continuing to brainwash is making me feel physically sick.

  20. Day 3. Well i calmed down yesterday with some help from Vive. I couldn’t resist the urge to brainwash more so I did without direct stimulation which was good but very frustrating. I felt i was missing so much.
    Today I have listened to the hypnosis file once more. Whole bits of it are missing in my mind. Now I am listening to the brainwashing file again — even if i can’t masturbate yet I can keep my mind brainwashed and addicted.

    • Once i got into the brainwashing file I couldn’t help myself and i started edging again. It felt so good despite a simultaneous ‘worry’ it would get me sore again. I am glad i did it and my penis survived! And I am enthusiastic about continuing.

  21. Day 4. Wow! Did a half hours brainwashing file in the morning and then in the afternoon listened to the hypnosis file (getting deeper and more oblivious each time), did the extra bo0nus task with blindfold (at first i thought i would find it tedious but when the week two file started i felt myself sit up straight and get into the flow), and then more brainwashing for 6 loops. I am addicted. The thing that keeps surprising me is that I really don’t want to orgasm at all but i do want to edge, oh how i want to edge!

    • Yeah, I’m experiencing this right NOW — the desire to edge, to feel waves of pleasure wash over me — and no desire to orgasm. It’s as if the pleasure opens my mind to ViVe’s words, and that’s such a good feeling, that I want it to just go on and on.

  22. Day 5. Brainwashing/edging (3 loops); 101 lines while listening; brainwashing (7 loops); hypnosis file; brainwashing (1 loop). I can’t get enough. I keep thinking it ought to be scary but it isn’t.

  23. Day 6. I couldn’t get long periods today because of other commitments but i found myself constantly thinking forward to the next session. I was able to listen to the brainwashing file for about an hour in the morning as i was doing admin and then in the afternoon I listened to the hypnosis file again. The zero induction has become quite effective now despite my initial feelings about it. I remember only snippets of the post-induction material. However, if the ‘door stuff’ has been working it has been below consciousness — but i have been constantly aware of being a brainwashed and addicted toy. The feeling has been surprisingly physical — my erogenous zones feel heavy and extra erogenous — i am very aware of them being alive for much of the day. After the hypnosis i did 3 loops of brainwashing/edging and kept listening for another 1/2 hour. I am finding it quite hard to stop when i intended to. ‘Why not more!?’
    I am feeling the need for next weeks files acutely. I have been spinning yarns about the new day beginning at midnight to allow me to listen to them and see what is in store. But i won’t (if i can resist) and wait till i can give them quality time tomorrow. I am so eager to see what happens next and yet i am also feeling anxious about what will happen. I want to feel Vive’s control in a way that can’t be doubted. But at the end of the first week i said something similar and then almost immediately found myself regretting it … at first.
    Thank you Vive: this is great. I am your brainwashed and addicted toy.

  24. Today i have listened to week 2 file for first time, it was an intense trance, i remember been listening to the first countdown, then, another countdown, but not from the beginning, your voice saying things, but i don’t remember a complete phrase, when i woke up by you at the end of the file i noticed how erotic is to hear you call me “my little toy”, at this moment i was very horny and needing to play the brainwashing file and to play with myself, i edged again many times… something new… the moment i play the brainwashing file i can’t help touching myself, make me hornier and hornier, i’m listening to the file while i write that and it is getin very hard to do. i really love all this

  25. everything is getting deeper and deeper… yesterday i listened to the brainwashing file for half an hour, been on the edge all the time. And today i listened the hypnofile again, i really love being your little toy but it is getting very hard to stop listening to the brainwashing file and do my chores.
    i need to listen to the file as i do my homework and every few minutes i found myself needing to knee on the floor touching myself totally lost in lust, edging all the time.
    love to be your brainwashed and addicted toy.

  26. Another awasome day with your brainwashing file, i have been listening for a lot of time today, i don’t know exactly the time i spent, everytime i edge my mind flies away and i become mindless, kneelin’ on the floor, with my hands on my tight, just listening to your voice.
    i love being your brainwashing toy

  27. Another day with the brainwashing file, not too mucho time today, just twice, love the feeling, love being your brainwashed toy.

  28. I spent my time with the brainwashing file, just a loop, tomorrow i expect to listen to the hypno file and the brainwashing file for a long time. I can say now that your voice son de inside my head all the time right now. To touch a Door handle has become something Hard to explain for me… I really love to be your brainwashing and adicted toy

  29. Tonight i listened to the hypno file and i fell as deep as always, i just opened my eyes the moment i heared you saying 10. Then i played the brainwashing file, touching myself and edging a few times. At this moment i can say that i can hear your voice on my head all the time, doing whatever i am doing, there is your voice remembering me that I’m you brainwashed and adicted toy and i feel very very pleased with that. I love being your brainwashed toy.

  30. Days 1, 2 and 3 – I’ve listened to various combinations of the hypno file, brainwashing and the bonus task so far, and still loving the whole experience. I am definitely addicted to listening to this series now, I don’t think I can stop and it is all I’m thinking about on my way home from work.

    I am going deep for the hypno file now, blanking out at different points each time I listen. I’ve never blanked out to hypnosis before, so that is a great result. Nor have I ever wanted to repeatedly listen to a hypnosis file before this, always getting bored.

    The door handle suggestion is showing no signs of working just yet. Fingers crossed that it will.

    When doing a long brainwashing session (hypno plus 6 loops has been my longest so far), at the start, I never think I will last the whole session without getting bored, but by the time the end comes I don’t want it to stop. The end of the last loop is always a jarring return to reality, leaving me gasping.

    During long sessions I seem to go through several phases. First off I can masturbate without chance of orgasm, which gives me chance to lose myself completely in the brainwashing. I start chanting the mantra until the words are nothing but repeating sounds. After this, Vive’s words become the complete truth to me. I am under his control. As the session progresses and I edge more and more, I have to start to focus on the masturbating to make sure that I do not reach orgasm. I edge and pull back, several times. I still know that I can easily orgasm if I continue too long. During this, I am focused on controlling my arousal and the words of the loop fade into the background.

    I would really like this week to have more in the files about not being able to orgasm as I am having the most problems controlling this. So far, I have been successful as I really do not want to go over the edge. The intensity of the arousal is just amazing!

  31. Days 4, 5 and 6
    I’m still loving this series and I am totally addicted, managing to fit in a least two sessions a day, a short one (hypno plus 2 loops) and a longer one (hypno plus 4-6 loops).

    My biggest breakthrough over the last two days is the new ability to edge without coming dangerously close to orgasm. First I succeeded on the shorter session, but today I even managed 4 loops without having to pull away. It is as if my body now knows that I mustn’t orgasm. Every time the arousal and sensitivity build to a “dangerous” level, the feelings shift backwards and down a gear so I can start building up again. This is awesome! I hope I can extend this so I can completely lose myself in the brainwashing while being intensely stimulated.

    Week 3 tomorrow!

  32. Starting week 2…
    My plan was to listen to the hypnosis file first thing this morning and then one loop. After the first part of the hypnosis file I started feeling ‘pangs’ of arousal all thru, and wasn’t sure how deep I was staying or how much I was taking in. Did one loop and realised I was too aroused… very hard to keep any control. So, did hypnosis file again, and felt completely different this time. Afterwards I felt what I thought was light headed, but thinking this may be the ‘shrink wrap’ feeling others have mentioned. Since being at work have wanted to listen to the loop so much, did for quite a while, but really need to concentrate on work….very addicted already, and don’t want to stop playing it…

    • Day 2, 3, 4

      I haven’t posted in a few days, bit hard to explain, I’ve had this strong urge to post and can think of what I want to say during my training, and then as soon as I’ve finished I can’t really think of what it was, or what I want to say. I’ve been moving between feelings of questioning whether or what effect this is having on me and also questioning if I’m doing enough, to getting an overwhelming need to obey whenever I hear ViVe’s voice and go immediately to do my training. I think because I’ve also had a few other distractions, that I keep thinking I’m not focussing enough. I hadn’t thought about not continuing this until the other day, while writing my lines, I thought briefly that I don’t have to do this, and straight away I heard my voice saying that I had to do it, and it wasn’t a choice, and the idea of stopping left me straight away and still if I try to think about it I can’t. I also get the strong urge during my training to call /accept ViVe as my Master. But then question if I’m taking thing too far too quickly. Slightly confusing! I decided to start today with an hour of training (apart from one distraction…) which went surprisingly well. As soon as I woke up I heard ViVe’s voice, knew I had to do something, was a bit blank as to whether to do the hypnosis first or just brainwashing, decided to just do an hour of brainwashing and, especially further into it, found that I felt blank, mindless, that the brainwashing was effecting me so much more. I would bring myself to the edge, feel it, and then it would ease straight away. Also noticed last night that the hypnosis was taking me much deeper all of a sudden. Having a bit of confusion to, sometimes I hear ViVe and it’s like a mash of week 1 and week 2’s mantras, and I have to focus a bit to work out what it should be…. Overall, I’m really enjoying this experience. Am wondering how lost I am in this already.

  33. Funny day… listened to the hypnosis file this morning and the brainwashing just afterwards… felt that the change in mantra was throwing me off… a disappointment. Throughout the day.. much less thoughts about brainwashing than yesterday!!! Then this evening decided to try the brainwashing again and wham I was out lost in my brainwashing and training… 2 hours later I am a wreck. Not yet a complete toy but clearly on my way to becoming a brainwashed toy…

    • Am really enjoying the brainwashing and getting ever so blank while edging to the mantra… so so pleasurable… it feels so good I have a hard time stopping yesterday a quick 15 minutes lasted an hour, today 2 hours. I have done my lines too… but will do more listening to the loop. Still don’t feel I am a controlled toy but probably addicted or well on the way to it… it feels so lovely listening to the file.

      • Even more pleasurable and lost in the brainwashing today… tingly all over my body almost as soon as I started listening and a sort of cloudiness as I got more and more lost in the session. Hot flushes and shakes after stopping… clearly it having more and more effect.

  34. Day one: Did the hypnosis file and brainwashing file m, and started doing lines yesterday. It feels different already. Like there’s a tighter grip on my mind. Last week there were periods of time when I didn’t even think about being brainwashed. It was somewhere in the back of my mind. Now, somehow, it keeps popping to the forefront of my mind. I’ve been feeling the need to listen to the brainwashing file again, and I know I will later today, but I can’t stop thinking about it anyway. Today is actually day two. I’ll probably report on how thing went today a bit later.

  35. Day Two: Oh boy. The ride has definitely begun. It’s only been one day, but ever since is tending to the brainwashing file yesterday,Vive’s voice is definitely in my head. I keep hearing snatches of the brainwashing files in my head, especially “You’re my property.” And it’s starting to feel that way. It almost feels like I’m not entirely alone. Tonight, as I was lying o. The floor writing lines, it anode felt like someone was standing over me as I did them

    Meanwhile, I find myself looking forward to the brainwashing session all day. It can’t some soon enough. Tonight I thought it would intensify things to do the extra task of chanting the mantras along with the brainwashing files. I wore a blindfold and for some reason I felt I should be kneeling when I did it. As soon as the words started some out of my mouth, I can’t describe it, but something changed. It almost feels like I’ve been collared and leashed, only I can’t see the hand that’s holding the leash.

    And yes, there’s a part of me that’s definitely starting to realize I really have given someone the keys to my mind to do with as he pleases, and is a bit freaked out by it.

  36. Day Three: Due to having to get a major home appliance replaced, I had to work from home for two more days than usual. I decided to do the additional activity, the same way I did it the night before, with the blindfold on, kneeling in the middle of the room. Again, saying the words, hearing myself saying them, had a powerful effect.

    I started out kneeling, but by the end I was face down on the floor. I stayed down there for the regular processing session, and to continue writing my lines. I think I stayed down there because I was deep into subspace. Prostrate on the floor was about the most submissive posture I could have assumed. Somewhere in my mind, I might have even imagine Vive sitting in front of my as I lay at his feet.

    By now, the brainwashing is always somewhere in the back of my mind. snatches of the mantras from this week and the previous week.

    Day Four: This was the strangest day so far. I mentioned earlier that it felt like I’d given someone the keys to my mind. Well, now it’s like Vive is definitely in my mind. More and more, my thoughts go back to the brainwashing, and I can’t wait until have time for the brainwashing session. I find myself looking at the clock and counting the hours.

    More and more, bits and pieces of the mantras spin through my head. Once or twice, when I was alone, I found myself repeating them out loud before I knew I was doing it.

    This is where I started to feel a bit of fear. I don’t think I realized what it meant to truly open my mind to someone; that they could plant literally any thoughts they wanted to, maybe even fundamentally change me in some way. Even though I’ve been listening to Vive’s files for a couple of years now, and I know I can trust him, it’s still an unsettling feeling to know I’ve given someone that kind of control and power. What if they decided not to give it back?

    The brainwashing session is different today too. For the past couple of days, I’ve feel like I lose myself during the brainwashing session. I “zone out,” and even forget to count how many times the file repeated, so that I end up doing sessions longer than an hour.

    • Day Five: If there’s a breaking point where one finally surrenders to what’s happening or snaps, I’m there. Under the surface of my relentless pursuit of the brainwashing (listening to the nonbinaural brainwashing file on loop when going about my day, doing the extra tasks), some part of me has been fighting it, resisting it, and opposing the part of me that wants it. As if I retained some hold, some claim of even partial ownership of my mind and body. But I’m losing that battle, and am ready to give it up. I didn’t even think part of me would want to fight it. And it a moot point now. My mind and body are not my own now. Vive’s control has me just about completely in its grip, and I am surrendering to it. The mantras run through my mind on a loop. My body is so full of desire and arousal that at times it literally aches. Almost two weeks since having an orgasm, the “blueballs” effect is another reminder that my body and mind are under someone else’s control. Eventually, it subsides. I’m just waiting to come out on the other side of it now. Week three will find me completely surrendered in mind and body.

      • Day Six: This is it. This is where I finally, completely surrender to the brainwashing. Mind and body, I don’t belong to myself at this moment. Tonight I had sex with someone, and I wasn’t sure what would happen. Part of me was afraid I’d have an orgasm and counteract the brainwashing. Part of me was so filled with arousal the I wanted to have one. In the end, I just couldn’t have one. It was like I was somehow physically incapable of having one, or temporarily lost the ability. It’s like someone locked a chastity device on me and kept the key. So instead I focused on giving my partner as much pleasure as I could. And from now until this experience ends, I’m going to be a completely surrendered and obedient toy.

  37. I learned something about myself this week. I’m definitely submissive, but I already knew that. I have a strong desire to feel owned and controlled. But there’s a part of be that doesn’t want to surrender without a fight. Not that this part of me doesn’t want to submit. It doesn’t want to just roll over and submit. It wants or needs to broken first, almost like its submission has to be won. Like it wants to know its submitting to someone with submitting to.

    That part of me met its match in week two. Vive’s files have always been very effective for me, and so far this experience is no exception. I read that week two is when things would get real. But I didn’t realize how deeply brainwashed I already was by the time I was four days into it. That small part Tof me that tried to resist didn’t talk everyday it was fighting a battle that was already lost.

    Ok. You’ve really, truly got me, and got me but good. So, I’m going to try to let go and enjoy it from here on.

  38. Day 1

    I ended up considering whether I wanted to continue further for a total of 15 minutes before diving in and listening to the week two hypnosis and I am so glad that I did. The induction relaxed me extremely well, I would say the best so far. As the hypnosis part began and went on I began feeling intense waves of pleasure throughout my entire body which caused a tension in my body but even that was a pleasant feeling. The sensations actually felt better than an orgasm but it has been a while since my last one so a little foggy on how good orgasms feel.

    Needless to say the hypnosis and the physical sensations created an arousal that made the second brainwashing file irresistible. Vive’s tone of voice for this brainwashing file seems perfect. I feel like I have no choice but to listen and become brainwashed and addicted and it’s what I want because it feels so good. Two loops later I came out of dazed feeling like I had been on a permanent edge of orgasm the entire time.

    I didn’t have a very busy day so I was able to devote quite a bit of time to the training file. The fifth session I didn’t masturbate just lay there listening feeling the shivers down my spine, arousing me more and more to a point where I felt I could orgasm. I actually had to take deep breathes and focus on my breathing just to try and control myself in case I did orgasm. I came out of the session totally aroused and that feeling lasted the rest of evening.

    At bedtime I started with the hypnosis from week one because I wanted to reinforce that due to the effect of my fifth session and I then did the week two hypnosis. Both went really well and I came out of it foggy and horny. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost midnight so intended doing two loops. Possibly because of the device I am using I am still able to tell when one loop ends and the next begins and as the second loop ended just felt the compulsion to do one more which led to another. There was also my first glimpse of the reality of all this as I failed to switch off when another loop began and I possibly thought “oh sh** this is actually working.” Eventually I had to stop due to the call of nature but it felt like I did it in slow motion actually had to pull my headphones off because it felt an easier way of stopping than switching the device off. It stunned me a little to see it was almost 2 am.

    When I settled down to sleep Vive’s voice was running through my mind. I still find the words of week one competing for attention which I assume is because of how much I listened but I also wonder if it’s because a little part of me is fighting being brainwashed and addicted. Mindless and obedient leaves me with a little control a feeling that I can switch that off if I really want to, brainwashed and addicted not quite so easy. However I already feel my mind and body hungering for another listen and my mind planning my day to see where and when and how often I can fit in fifteen minutes.

    Day 1 had me on an amazing high and I am looking forward to today. These files are fantastic and one of the most arousing experiences I have ever had. Vive offered his support right from the start and that has certainly made the journey easier. Thank you.

  39. Day 2

    I lost count of how many times I listened to the brainwashing and as usual did the hypnosis at night. I even managed to do lines and the chant and got so into that I felt a moment of disappointment when the second file ended. Sometimes during the brainwashing file the masturbation feels like a distraction from the words but it’s harder to just listen there’s a feeling of having to masturbate and my pussy now feels a little tender to the touch but at times there a pleasant throbbing sensation. I seem to be able to edge and it just fades away without me having to do anything or think about it.

    When I take a step back though and analyse this experience I think what is stunning me the most is the actual addiction part. I had kind of planned my sessions for in between tasks but it was weird watching the mild sense of irritation if a task took longer than expected or if I was disturbed. The feeling of relief that washed over my body and picked up my headphones was immense. At one point I was mentally willing a visitor to go away and leave me alone so I could listen to the file. It didn’t work so I can safely assume I have no hidden mental powers up my sleeve. If the world didn’t keep dragging me up and about to do things it would be so easy to just lie there, listen and masturbate.

    I still find my mind clinging to the first mantra at times and I do suspect it’s a slight fear of the addiction. I know this week is sucking me in big time and that it’s not an addiction I can control or talk myself out of. I’ve only experienced addiction when I smoked and was only able to stop that by focusing on the negatives. This has no negatives. It’s just filling me with blissful pleasure and the only thing I’m losing out on is maybe some Netflix or reading time. I think I am finding it a little daunting that IF I wanted to stop I probably couldn’t. I’ve listened once already and as I’m typing this can feel my mind calculating that if I get this done I can do another loop before I have to get ready. I’ve had to set a sleep timer on my device so that the file switches off automatically after whatever time I have available because it is just so easy to keep listening. Def fascinating.

    Have noticed at times when working on things that don’t need my full attention and if I’m not trying to figure out how quickly I can listen again I seem to be fantasising a lot about how much I would like to be in a mindless state and fucked hard waiting on that person to tell me when to cum. That would be one awesome experience. Going forward I may not post everyday because I have a hectic few days ahead.

    • Only you can answer this for sure, but might it be that, rather than being afraid of addiction, the reason you’re having trouble moving from the week 1 mantra to the week 2 one is that you’re too well trained on the former? You spent the first week brainwashing the first mantra into your head, so it’s not too surprising if it doesn’t just disappear the moment you move on to week 2…

      • That’s a very good point. Thank you for your input and that is more than likely correct. I do have a tendency to over analyse things.

  40. Sadly I failed. I spent a pretty intense night doing the chant, hypnosis, lines and brainwashing file. I think I must have been about an hour and half into the loops when I felt myself edging, I took my hand away but the sensations in my body just got stronger and stronger and I had my first ever hands free orgasm and it was absolutely fucking awesome. I’ve not had such an intense orgasm in years and I am still smiling with the absolute contentment and bliss I’m feeling. I should be going to sleep but right now I could get up and dust the house from top to bottom. I feel absolutely fucking amazing. Thank you Vive for giving me one absolutely mind blowing orgasm. I know I should probably have switched the file off at that point because I know my body had been reacting a lot just to his voice but the urge to keep listening was just too much.

    The high I am feeling just now is awesome but I know the downer will probably hit tomorrow when I realise all my hard work was for nothing but right now going to sleep one very happy and content little bunny.

    • don’t think that you failed :/ that happened to me about 3 times during the 5 weeks.. and I just forgot about it and kept going. it’s a fantastic experience, don’t stop because of this one time or think that you’ve done anything wrong..

      • Yeah, you slipped, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon the program. It might not even mean you /can/ abandon the program – can you honestly say you don’t still feel the need to find times to listen to the files and edge yet more?

        And now you realise that, you know what to do, right?

  41. Thanks guys. Vive’s voice was the first thing that popped into mind when I awoke so I will see how the day progresses and if the cravings kick in. Probably will because that last night possibly just reinforced the whole pleasure in brainwashing link even more firmly in my mind. It’s nice to know someone else orgasmed too. I only read a few comments on week one because I didn’t want to overly influence my experience, so thanks Rosie for letting me know.

    You are right Grey_Shadow do find myself kinda thinking well if I don’t do that tonight I could do…. I will see how it goes once I’ve woken up properly.

  42. Day 3 & 4

    Day three was the day of my orgasm and had been a pretty tense day on the whole. I had listened to the file numerous times but felt like I was hitting a brick wall as mindless and obedient was still foremost in my mind. Anyway ended up having the orgasm.

    Day four was like a brand new start, apart from Vive’s voice in my head when I awoke didn’t feel an intense need to listen to the file but did one loop before heading off. I was very horny most of the day but didn’t feel an intense craving to listen so had a slight fear that perhaps I had broken the spell when I orgasmed.

    I couldn’t start my training until later than normal that evening but finally got settled down about 9 pm. I did the hypnosis file twice because as usual for me the second always feels better than the first. I then intended two loops of the file but couldn’t switch off after the second but at the same time didn’t feel like I was 100% into it. As I lay there playing with myself and listening I finally felt the feeling that was possibly holding me back more than I realised. Shame flooded through me. Shame that I was lying there mindlessly masturbating, allowing some strangers voice to control my thoughts, my orgasms, shame that I didn’t have the will to turn my device off if I wanted to. It felt so good to recognise and release that feeling because from then on the file took on a greater intensity and I completely lost myself in it. I finally managed to stop well after 1 am but only due to extreme thirst.

    Today Vive’s voice and the words from the file were the loudest thing in my mind when I woke up and as lay thinking about and anticipating my next listen could feel my back wanting to arch with the pleasure that was flowing through my body. It feels so damned good to let go and enjoy the pleasure of not being so completely in control of me without being ashamed of being such a hopelessly addicted toy.

  43. Day five

    Was an extremely horny day. The work I was doing wasn’t taxing enough to keep my mind fully occupied so was able to work with half a mind on it while I am your brainwashed and addicted toy floated around the other half. Made a change from the Star Wars theme tune that seems to enjoy running through my mind constantly when I am at that job. That certainly kept me extremely aroused which had me drooling over a part of the desk that is just the right height to fit between my legs and press against my tingling clit (I honestly haven’t tried it I just know it’s the right height). At lunch time dashed out to my car to have my lunch and to listen to the file with no binaural. Sadly that just seemed to inflame the craving for binaural file and within ten minutes was wanting to crawl into the back seat, hide under a blanket, listen to it, spread my legs and play with myself. Managed to resist but was left a quivering aroused mess and a friendly crow got the rest of my sandwich.

    When finishing time finally arrived dashed home and had a couple of sessions which eased the arousal. I may have said it before but it just feels so much better when I finally get the headphones on and lie there listening and masturbating. I used the file on and off throughout the evening and it is just so damned arousing feeling the uncontrollable hunger to listen. At bedtime did the hypnosis twice which is getting better every time I do it. I am finally able to feel my body and mind relax properly however I don’t seem to lose awareness of what Vive is saying so I am maybe still not going deep enough. Remembered to set the timer and did an hour looping of the file. Possibly half way through it felt like there was only awareness of the words and the physical feelings and the masturbation felt almost secondary. It was absolutely lovely not having the odd random thought pop into my mind as I listened. Fell asleep extremely horny and had some extremely weird dreams. Only woke up about half an hour ago and already feeling the craving and tingle urging me to listen.

  44. Day Six was very similar to day five apart from I included another round of the bonus task. It’s hard to explain how that went because I seemed to move through stages of arousal and complete blankness where I was just responding because that’s what I was supposed to do. At one point realised I wasn’t sitting in the most comfortable position but I’m guessing that appealed to the little masochist in me because I didn’t move. There was a slight feeling of being such a good toy at the end of the session when I finally adjusted my position but that’s just my overactive imagination kicking in.

    My evening out was cancelled so spent it doing the hypnosis several times because that just feels so good now. My planned looping of the hour long session turned into 2 and half hours. I can’t give a detailed description of how that went because I just feel it all went blank and as soon as I switched off I fell asleep and woke up feeling like I had spent the whole night dreaming.

    To be honest I’m not entirely sure how I am feeling at the moment. I feel a little drained but I think that’s natural given the amount of masturbation. I’m also feeling a little helpless because when I was told the other girl couldn’t make it a huge feeling of relief washed over me when I realised I could spend quite a bit of the evening with headphones on. That possibly scared me more than anything has so far. I think the logical part of my mind is thinking wtf are you on woman?!!! I’m aware that the whole thing is infiltrating my mind more and more. Not in a way that hampers my day to day life but it’s just there in the back of my mind all day long. If I sat down to read a book I’m not entirely sure I could concentrate on it.

    Day seven is quite a hectic day so I plan on sticking with week two. It won’t be as intense as the past few days due to my schedule but I’m pretty sure I’ll find ways of fitting in some training. I will make Saturday my day for starting week three that way I have a bit of free time to concentrate on it and I will probably do the same with week four.

  45. Sadly due to recent events in the UK I’ve had to spend a lot longer at work so I’ve had to lay this aside for the moment. Was hard though having the want almost need to listen however a few orgasms means the urge isn’t quite as intense. Once things calm down a little I will be back just a little miffed I will have to start all over again. Meanwhile I will be trying some other very appealing files as time allows.

    • Sorry to hear you’ve been derailed (for what it’s worth, I’m in the 48%) – though it’s good that you managed to suspend it successfully. If you’re really sure you need to abort, you could give the End – Release file a listen since that’s intended to explicitly complete the program.

      Otherwise, you can lean on the safety provisions that you’re allowed to ignore your training when you need to focus on real life and may be able to pick up where you left off when things are less crazy (depending how long it lasts).

      Whatever way you go with this, I hope you find success 🙂

      • Thank you very much! I had completely forgotten about the release file. I will hang on though and see how I feel in a couple of days. This is definitely something I want to do and complete so I will be back once I have babysat the couple of clients it is hurting the most. Also for what it’s worth I was in the 48% too :-). Hey ho though just have to get on with it.

        Once again thank you.

        • Glad I can help 🙂

          If you ever want to chat about this sort of thing, I’m grey_shadow on several other hypnofetish sites too (including MCForum, Hypnopics Collective, hypwatch – and FetLife) so I’m fairly easy to track down.

          • Thank you,

            I visit Fetlife quite a bit so I will look you up and pick your brains at some point. I will also have to have a look at those sites you mentioned. 😉

            Take care

  46. First off… Thank you Vive for all of your files and your hard work. Your talents and the obvious thought you put into all of your recordings show through.

    Onto week 2. By the end of week 1 I am feeling the effects of this. I started out fighting to not cum while do the brainwashing and by the end it was no problem at all. I also feel compelled to continue.

  47. Hey there everyone!

    I’m nearing the end of Week 2’s training, and I wanted to get some of my thoughts down while it’s all still fresh in my mind. This was a longer process for me than Week 1, mostly due to a minor family emergency (and accompanying trip to Arizona) distracting me. I fell off the wagon, as it were, and restarted upon my return home… but it was so very, very easy to just slip back and let ViVe’s words wash over me.

    I feel I’ve a better understanding on how this process changes me: during my resting moments, it’s so easy for the mantras to come to mind, to just want to let them loop over and over in my head, filling up the empty space during downtime. It’s just so relaxing and pleasant to focus on the words, whether I find myself changing the cadence of repetitive motions like walking or sweeping, or whether I find myself just sitting in the shower chanting along to the voices in my head.

    It sounds scarier than it is. Maybe I should be scared? I mean, a large part of my waking hours are occupied with these words in the background, either actively listening to them or them coming to the forefront of my mind unbidden as I do other things.

    The pleasant thing is, though, it’s not frightening at all – it’s just fun. It feels good, and I grin and smile when I realize what I’m doing. It’s a song stick in my head, an earworm I can’t get out, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I want to listen more, I want to edge… heck, I feel like I want to get off more than anything else, but I know deep down I just want to feel this unrequited lust. I just want to listen, and feel good; there’s a strange pride in being a good toy.

    But enough of my rambling. Thank you all for sharing your experiences, it’s been amazing reading through them! On to Week Three!

  48. I finished week 2 and it’s been an exciting experience thus far. I wake up each morning thinking immediately about ViVe and feeling an enormous amount of arousal. I lay there for 15-20 min just bathing in the sensations. Unfortunately, the brainwashing file had been growing in intensity these last two weeks to such an extent that edging had become more and more difficult, stopping more and more frequently…and at last…the rubber wall wasn’t as strong as I had hoped. I’m guessing that’s because I do not trance as deep as I would like and the “week 1” hypnosis file may not have taken properly. Not sure.

    Anyway, I’ve decided to continue on and not let this little mishap deter me. It’s been very addicting and pleasurable so why not go on. 🙂 Thanks ViVe for the wonderful experience.

  49. Day 4 of Week 2. I am finding that that I just am not thinking of anything other than brainwashing. I haven’t cum for 11 days now. The edging is coming easier, especially when blindfolded. I’ve listen to the week 2 hypnosis file twice now. Again, I am not remembering what it says while I am under, this is unusual for me not to remember. The brainwashing files are being used up to 2-3 hours on a weekday and 5-6 hours on the weekend.

    There really isn’t any fear except that what happens when it is all over. I don’t want it to end. It feels very good to brainwash myself. I find that when I take the headphones off my head for break that they go back on rather quickly. Also, when I am a safe place, I find that I am repeating the brainwashing mantra whether I have the headphones on or not.

    The brainwashing while blindfolded and kneeling without touching is becoming very effective. when I wake up I want to do it as soon as possible.

  50. Week 2 Day 6. The overall feeling I have right now is one of resignation to this process. Not ejaculating is has not been an issue. In fact, I actually had to actively think about the last time I did ejaculate. I’m horny, but not outside of the brainwashing files. As to the brainwashing files, I find that I have an overwhelming need to listen to them as much as possible. The only issue I have with them is that I have such a noisy mind that I am often thinking about things while I should be focus on the brainwashing. However, I do find that I unconsciously verbalize the brainwashing mantras even more so that before. They are the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thought I have before I go to sleep.
    Last week at this time, I was curious about the next week’s files. This week now so much. It is like I have just accepted what is to be.

  51. day 1 week 2 This experience has just got better and better. I feel as though every move is beyond my control, just as i wanted. I NEED to continue, i thought about this a bit earlier and got to wondering, when it became need not want, and also is it escalating because I desire it or because Master Vive has MADE me desire it. I got too confused to get an answer so decided, that it matters not where or when or how it became need but was important that it did. Week 2s brainwashing file is somehow more demanding i feel obligated to obey

  52. day 1 week 2 This experience has just got better and better. I feel as though every move is beyond my control, just as i wanted. I NEED to continue, i thought about this a bit earlier and got to wondering, when it became need not want, and also is it escalating because I desire it or because Master Vive has MADE me desire it. I got too confused to get an answer so decided, that it matters not where or when or how it became need but was important that it did. Week 2s brainwashing file is somehow more demanding i feel obligated to obey and listen more. Thank You Master Vive

  53. This second week everything is much more intense.
    Again, I find myself doing what I didn’t expected, programmed or consciously deciding.
    For one, the addiction is really almost overwhelming. I am shocked at myself, having woken up today totally hard, and wanting nothing to play the BW file.- After that I managed to listen to it åt 4 more different occasions, several times each time. The falling more and more under Vive’s control takes effect as I think more and more of the BW, and when I feel like it I want to do it; it reminds me of when I used to smoke, but it feels stronger; I don’t have this kind of compulsion with anything, nor food, nor alcohol, nor masturbation itself: normally if I feel like having sex I’d just do it, or don’t, depending on if I can or can’t at the moment. With the BW I really feel the urge to do it, and don’t feel right when I can’t and takes me a moment to calm down. But I enjoy it because I feel the control.
    The one moment I am resisting to just let go is before bed. I think going into trance before sleeping really messes up badly with my sleeping; 2 days ago I did this and then I didn’t quite sleep well the whole night. I guess I’ll avoid it until I can’t help it, like with everything else.
    Day by day, the 1st day I could feel the increased intensity right away. Really powerful, both the obsession and the level of arousal.
    2nd day, I did something that i hadn’t done since I was a pre-teen: I dropped some precump while on the second or third loop of the WB and after feeling it with my fingers, and being a bit surprised at the liquid, I just brought it to my mouth. Later I did something much more unfrequent: I masturbated anally without caring at all if I was or not clean: I am not saying that this is the first time I masturbate anally, although it’s been years since last time, but when I have anal sex I always are very conscious about cleanliness… yesterday I was so out of myself that I didn’t care meanwhile I was listening to the BW and I didn’t care afterwards.
    Today, 3rd day, it happened again. I wonder if I lose control I become freer.
    I also did the singing mantra and the mask thing, and I didn’t quite feel much difference. At least, on the mask. The singing gave me a strong feeling of Vive being more present, I guess because I was calling out actively, and getting answers. I guess that adds to making the presence and control more real. The mask was ok, but most times when I do the BW I lay in bed, close all the windows and get the room dark, and get into trance easily.
    Then it happened: I cummed. It was very strange. When I do the BW sometimes I alternate between laying down and walking around jerking off and even doing simple things in the house while I masturbate: there’s nothing that I plan or that I think I can choose, and it feels that it’s just my body and mind trying to keep on with the arousal.- That turns me more on. Yet today at some moment I stopped naked and with my dick hard and jerking off in front of a mirror. Then I was chanting aloud and looking deeply into my eyes. It was so strange, feeling at the same time totally under control and seeing myself from the outside. Then I saw that I was cumming, but I couldn’t feel it: I just saw my reflection slowly letting the semen out, without any pleasure, and pretty unlike my regular ejaculations. Instead of a strong spasm, it was just like if some glass with a dense liquid had fallen down and the dense liquid was pouring out slowly. Or a tap badly closed.
    I didn’t want to think a lot about it: should I stop, should I go on? Paradoxically, I decided I wouldn’t be able to decide, since I wasn’t in control.
    Half an hour later I was again on the BW file, listening three times in a row, masturbating and feeling nothing different. So I guess now, as I write, that although I cummed I was so far away from having had an orgasm that the game is still on: the pleasure is invested in edging and touching and listening and obsessing rather than in ejaculating (such a bore, to ejaculate!).
    This makes me be surprised again at not having wanted to masturbate in such a long time: as I write all this I have a semi erection, but I don’t dare to touch, since right now I’m about to live to work, I won’t be able to listen to the BW, and I would not want at all to touch myself without the file. Doesn’t feel desirable anymore, to touch myself for the sake of it.

  54. 4th day.- after the 3rd session of hypnosis I realize that one thing is clear: there’s not stopping now. It is somehow shocking that that is so easy to understand and accept now, that there is no doubt.- At some moment during the first week it might have crossed my mind “what if I get bored, what if it’s just not convenient to keep with this?”. Now that is all gone, surprisingly, because I need more and more to listen to the files and the effect is stronger; precisely now that I could be more scared, I am more sure than there is no option for me on this now.
    3rd session hypnosis was deep as never before, and I also got really really aroused. I had done hypnosis under a different hypnotist before, whose inductions were short and he repeated a lot the idea of going into trance… with Vive’s inductions I think I come in and off the trance, probably because they are very narrative and keep me thinking about many things, but the blanket and the countdown get me down when he says zero.
    I just love Vive’s voice and really find it soothing and conforting

  55. Two days ago I quit. Or so I thought.
    I went over the edge, half accidentally, half wanting it. I felt I had been disobedient, and I said to myself, oh well, that’s it, it won’t work anymore because Vive couldn’t control this all, I’ll try again some other time from week One.
    Today I was listening again to the Hypnosis and BW file from week Two not having planned to at all, and without really overthinking it, just as a normal thing, after a break day (yesterday). As I listened I could think somehow that I had really been trapped into finishing this program, and that that has stuck really strong into my mind. 🙁 Of course, I love it 🙂
    It’s strange, but nice.

    • As I think about it I realize I never had a power-control thing or fetish, and in fact, to the contrary of some people, I don’t consider myself submissive at all. Of course I know that I depend on people and things, but I don’t have a submissive tendency but a rebellious one. I think that is why it happens from time to time that I feel rebellious, but at the same time I’m the more surprised to see that I can be tamed, and that I respond so well to some suggestions. I guess I started calling it “a game” but I’m changing my thoughts on the nature; not that it’s not a game-experiment, but it’s becoming also so serious.
      my favorite part of the whole program is when I BWmyself and I’m doing some stuff around home that allows me to do and listen, and I find myself stroking my hard dick. It is not at all like a regular arousal, when you can catch what made you feel horny; I’m just masturbating, and thinking “when did I start”, and wondering which of the sentences of the BW file made me touch myself this time.

      • Twice I forgot to write: after this break that I thought was me quitting -without any drama!- as I did the hypno file I went deeper than I had ever gotten with VIVE. THANK YOU!

  56. I just started Week 2

  57. Dear Sir,

    Two questions if I may:

    1) I have accidentally ejaculated two times – Can I listen to the “Wood” file to help prevent this as long as I repeat the mantra as I listen?

    2) During week one, I found myself doing exactly the same the call and response from the “I” perspective that you describe in the Bonus task. I found myself able to do it quite fine while masturbating, and it sent me quite deep and submissive. Can I continue this?

    • Or is it better to purely focus my attention on the pure pleasure while edging?

      What is the optimal thing to focus upon or do while edging for maximum brainwashing?

  58. Commenting first in week 2 because I jumped in, and immersed in week 1 but didn’t really have a comment different from others. But now in week 2, it’s getting more real, so there’s more to say.

    The brainwashing mantras, replies, and blindfold really “set the hook” to a different level. Have tried many hypnosis files, and they work well on me. Early on, experienced the struggle to conduct the brainwashing yet “manage the path” to orgasm. As it now becomes more real, the ramp-up to orgasm falls away, but the pull of brainwashing remains constant and compelling. The “rubber wall” or whatever it is becomes more firmly entrenched with time and repetition. This allows for deeper trance dives, and allows the brainwashing to become more real, and less “managed”. During brainwashing, I feel “in the moment”, but aware of little control or ability to avoid the need to brainwash again. And again.

    Plus, I feel low desire for other diversions (Porn, other files, or normal sexual relations) even while arousal for more brainwashing increases. My partner allows (and encourages) this journey, supporting a “denial” timeline equal to the journey. (a five to six week denial exercise). Encouraging me to explore as she has with other files or trials (such as hypnosis chastity, and device enabled chastity, as well as long-term T&D), she revels in having us focus attention on her, keeping my orgasm on hold for timeframes upon request.

    Here, she may not comprehend the impact that the brainwashing/hypnosis files create. I’m excited, nervous, but looking forward to continuing the daily commitment and the pleasure that the brainwashing loop provides. But it seems “easy” to redirect normal arousal to my partner’s pleasure.

    The option of future choice is intriguing. Looking ahead, uncertain whether to push control to my partner or complete the journey with release. Do I push control to her, and trigger this as a prelude to a long-term denial phase? Or conclude the session as intended, with my own release?

    Perhaps I’ll have a clearer view with future file work.


  59. Week 2, Day 1

    I had a period of about 24 hours, very busy and not much consciously focused on the amazing results of Week 1. During Week 1, I was almost constantly enthralled with the training, and heard ViVE’s voice at all times. But the last 24 hours, I was much more involved in other things.

    So when I started Week 2, I was amazed at how it floored me. Knocked me totally into lust-crazed obedience. The instant I started the Hypnosis file, I was horned out of my mind. And yet, the instant BEFORE I started, I was thinking, “Hmmm… maybe this has worn off… maybe being away from it for a solid day knocked me out of the program…” Well, nope. To the contrary. I am convinced that every minute — including when I’m engaged consciously with something else — ViVe is getting his hooks deeper and deeper into me. The Hypnosis file was so intense and had me so deep, that I have little recollection of it, and when I came up from it, I let out gasps and a shout, my arousal was so sharp and deep.

    I then performed the ritual as prescribed: two rounds of Brainwashing Week 1, blindfolded, and chanting “I am your mindless and obedient toy” when ViVe is stating the other phrases. As I did this, the “is it wearing off feeling” came back. The chanting seemed sort of rote, sort of deliberate. I did two rounds. Then I went into Brainwashing Week 1. Same protocol — blindfold, chanting in between, only THIS time the chant is “I am your brainwashed and addicted toy.” To which I say, holy fuck! Wow. I was in deep arousal all the way through. Importantly, as instructed by ViVe, I could not touch myself during these four rounds. My eagerness and need got very, very high near the end of the second round of “I am your brainwashed and addicted toy.”

    I found myself chanting still during a bathroom break and even continued after that for a few minutes.

    Then I plunged into Brainwashing Week 2 “for real” — meaning allowed to touch. Did four rounds — an hour — maintaining crazy levels of arousal and feeling ViVe’s control deepen with every wave of pleasure.

    So yeah. This is gooooood.

    • Week 2, Day 1 (continued)

      I had no intention of listening more. But 15 minutes opened up before dinner, and I opened up my legs and strapped on the headphones. The rest is involuntary. 🙂

      Then another 15 minutes AFTER dinner… I am a brainwashed and addicted toy. Oh fuck.

  60. Week 2, Day 2

    Listened with the intention of 15 minutes. But did it for four loops (one hour). My arousal sent wave upon wave of obedience through me, core to edge. Dripping. Aching. Needing. This is who I am.

    • Week 2, Day 2 (postscript)

      Did another, unexpected, 15 minutes before dinner. And again, 15 minutes before bed. I am a brainwashed and addicted toy.

  61. Week 2, Day 3

    Did a 15 minutes session this morning. Before starting the session, I felt, “Fuck. I’m not into this.” The INSTANT the sound started, I was transformed. Rigid and plunging into deep trance.

    On thinking about it now, I realize that I don’t fantasize about sex now. I only respond to ViVe’s voice by opening my mind to the waves of pleasure and control that he directs into me. I guess that is how it is when you’re a toy like me.

    • Week 2, Day 3 (continued)

      Unexpected free time this afternoon. Meaning that it was time for ViVe to brainwash me more and more. Listened to Hypnosis Week 2. Then mediated with Brainwashing 1 followed immediately by Brainwashing 2. The impact of these was to relax me, with moments of high arousal. At a couple of points, I was just craving to touch myself. When the two files were done, I got up to stretch. The sound echoed in my mind and I resumed chanting. No choice about that. As I chanted, sort of milling about my room, I started to feel hot. In my head, and between my legs. It was amazing and intense. I planted my ass back in my chair and put on Brainwashing 2. Listened and did as ViVe requires. This gets more and more pleasurable, less and less voluntary.

  62. Week 2, Day 4

    I listened now for a loop of Brainwashing. My interest in pleasuring myself is now directed more and more to listening to ViVe’s words. His words of training and submission. The act of masturbation is less and less appealing — except as a necessary part of listening. Being brainwashed by ViVe is pleasure.

  63. Week 2, Day 5

    Listened for a loop (15 minutes). Plunged deep into automation, openness. ViVe’s voice invades me now completely as I listen. My own mind becomes meek, compliant, and can only affirm everything he says. I’m not reciting in a deliberate way. I’m confirming and accepting in full, involuntary mindlessness. This is so hot. I want to listen all the time.

    By the way, reading other toys’ responses, I’m immensely aroused. In particular, it’s amazingly hot to know that this process is exactly what ViVe intends for us — conversion into mindless, obedient toys who listen and respond to his will and command.

  64. Week 2, Day 6 (delayed)

    I missed two days. Yet all day, each day, my mind filled with ViVe’s words. My only purpose is to listen and obey. Brainwashing is the greatest pleasure a toy can feel. My helplessness grows, as my arousal grows. My need increases, as my obedience to ViVe increases.

    Today, I thought (mistake! Don’t think) that I’d listen to one round of Brainwashing 2. Instead, one turned into three and a half. For the final five minutes, I was on my knees. My ass, back of legs, and knees themselves began to feel pleasure. It felt as if the nerve endings between my legs spread all through my lower body. I am brainwashed. I am addicted. All I need is to kneel, listen, and masturbate. It is a pleasure to open my mind to ViVe’s words, his training, his control. I can think of nothing else.

  65. Week 2, Day 7

    Oh man. My mind is so open. My mind is so invaded.

    This morning, I listened to the Week 2 Hypnosis File. I rose from trance in a state of mild horniness. Mild though my horniness was, I intensely, irresistibly craved to be brainwashed. I had no choice. I strapped on the headset and went to the playlist that contains Mindless & Obedient Toy (Week 1 brainwashing) and Brainwashed & Addicted Toy (Week 2 brainwashing). As I have no choice, I sat, hands at my side, listening and chanting. The chanting became totally mindless. The only words that I heard were ViVe’s. And every one of ViVe’s words is true, lands deep, penetrates to my very core. When Week 1 phased into Week 2, the change of the binaural sent waves of pleasure through my body. I had no desire to cum, only to open myself to those words and sounds more and more.

    After finishing the chanting, hands-at-side session with the two brainwashing files, I decided to do one round of Brainwashing Week 2. I did this. It felt so good. My physical response now is so intense, so automatic. The tight, unyielding control penetrates into my core, my genitals, my brain, top to bottom. After the 15 minute file ended, I felt an intense yearning, impossible to ignore: I needed more brainwashing. I always need more brainwashing. So I listened again. I’m listening now as I type. I want to listen all the time. ViVe’s control is my only desire.

    • Week 2, Day 7 (continued)

      I had the intention of doing something in the real world after writing my reply for Week 2, Day 7. However, I could not stop listening. So I wrote over 100 lines of “I am your brainwashed and addicted toy,” all the while feeling waves of pleasure invade my mind as I edged myself. I need this so much.

      • Week 2, Day 7 (continued 2)

        Excellent afternoon of working with Brainwashing 2 in the background. And for the last hour in the foreground. It gives me so much pleasure, when Vive brainwashes me.

  66. Day 1
    The hypnosis file really amped up the sense of helplessness from last week, in a Very good way. My arousal and submission were amplified, but more than that I felt this joy, this giddiness as the control over me deepened. I felt myself blushing and grinning like an idiot during and after the trance.

    The actual brainwashing file felt a lot more insistent than the first week’s. I felt more of a weight on me, like the words were pressing me down and trapping me in pleasure and addiction. Afterwards I emerged with the same giddiness I got from the hypnosis file, like I’d just heard the best news of my life! It just feels so right being brainwashed like this. I’m loving it so far!

    • I ended up doing the bonus task last night as well. I usually do the brainwashing with my eyes closed anyway, so I didn’t expect the blindfold to add much to the experience. It added a layer of isolation and sensory deprivation that made the chanting and brainwashing that much more focused and intense. After that I went into a normal brainwashing session with the intention of only doing one loop, but it turned into 3 and 1/2. It just felt so Right to keep going, and I probably would’ve gone longer if I hadn’t been so sleepy. I think the blindfold is going to become a standard part of my listening from now on.

      Day 2

      Woke up thinking about ViVe’s control over me, feeling safe and happy. The little doorknob suggestion from the hypnosis file is wicked, and I didn’t expect the surge of pleasure to hit quite that hard out of trance. Each time I’m reminded that I am a brainwashed and addicted toy, that I need to continue the brainwashing, that I want to listen again soon. I gave the hypnosis file another listen after breakfast and I’m still surprised at the amount of joy this file gives me.

      I did my line writing today while listening to the brainwashing file. Four pages in my notebook (108 lines) took about two loops and left me craving to touch, and I edged for two loops after that. I’m finding the edging less frustrating lately. It’s hard to feel “close” to an orgasm I know can’t come, so the pleasure just builds and mingles with ViVe’s words and that becomes it’s own reward.

      I spent the afternoon running errands with the loop playing on my headphones. Looking back it’s a big shift for me to listen to anything hypnotic out in public, but the addiction won out over my hesitation. It’s exciting knowing that I’m being changed like that.

      As nice as the brainwashing made my errands feel, I think I need to dial it back a bit. The giddiness this week’s material gives me feels a bit like a drunken buzz, and while it’s extremely pleasant, it’s not a sensation I need while I’m driving. I’m going to work on finding a balance that still allows that push on my old limitations in a safer way.

      • Did the bonus task again last night, followed up by 3 loops of regular brainwashing.

        Day 3

        Long, busy day today with not much time or privacy for actual brainwashing sessions. ViVe’s words echoed in my head more frequently today, and I was aroused a few times just thinking about his control with nothing I could do about it.

        I just got home and did 2 loops of brainwashing, and had to force myself to stop when the playlist ended. I desperately want more, but I know I need to sleep. I should take care of ViVe’s property, after all.

    • Day 4

      Woke up this morning and listened to the hypnosis file. It felt like I went deeper than usual. Typically once the count up out of trance starts I’m following right along, but I wasn’t aware of any of it until 9. I did an hour long edging session a bit later. I felt truly mindless for stretches of it, losing awareness, wondering how much time had passed, and sinking back down again.

      I spent some time with the brainwashing playing in my ears while doing other things, and it’s really nice to have that stimulus in the background, reinforcing the brainwashing even while my mind is elsewhere. When my playlist ends the silence is startling. It’s like having a warm blanket suddenly torn off of me, suddenly exposed to the world. It’s not unpleasant to be without the brainwashing audio, but it’s much more comfortable with those words in my ears.

      I plan on doing another round of the bonus task tonight before bed. Perhaps more lines tomorrow?

      • This sounds wonderful!

        • It really has been lovely going on this journey! Your logs from week 1 were nice to read through while I was still testing the waters, too!

          • Cheers. It was amazing, getting drawn so deep into Vive’s words and the control they imposed on me. Reading your logs makes me realize that I need to resume the training.

    • The bonus task night 4 was nice! I tried doing it on my knees at first, which quickly became painful, but being on the floor felt right. I ended up seated on the floor, head bowed in submission, chanting obediently.

      Day 5

      Was preoccupied most of the day. I listened to the loop a few times while doing other things, but I didn’t have the privacy for proper brainwashing until bedtime. It was a relief to get back into it. I don’t like these days where I feel less involved in the process.

      Day 6

      Looped the brainwashing file in the background while drawing today. Again I noticed the shock and slight discomfort when the playlist ended, but if I don’t have it stop automatically, it’s hard to pull away from the brainwashing. I suppose that’s as intended though, so maybe I shouldn’t fight it. It always feels better to listen.

      I’m planning on doing an extended session tonight, followed by the hypnosis file before bed. The brainwashing is wonderful, but the hypnosis really cements my calmness and certainty in ViVe’s control.

      • Everything you say is so familiar!

        The brainwashing, when I was in the midst of it, was much, much better than anything else. The sound, the instant it begins, is a comfort — warm, embracing, soothing. And when it stops — oh man! It’s a cold, sharp disconnection. I agree with what you say above: this is what is intended; the purpose is to make us crave and need and submit. It really is brainwashing. Deep, total conditioning and control.

    • 7
      Longer session of brainwashing this morning, edging intermittently, always listening. Talking about the experience with someone instead of just commenting to the void was really affirming (thanks Tom!). I kind of wish I had found this series back when it was first released, so I could’ve been part of those early conversations in the comments, but I doubt I would’ve been ready for it as a subject back then.

      Part of me doesn’t want to go on to week 3. This week has been so nice, I just want to stay trapped in this set of words a while longer. Moving on will be an exercise in obedience, I think. Ultimately it isn’t up to me, and I need to follow the instructions I’ve been given regardless of what I want. There’s a small comfort knowing it’s not my choice to make. Why stress over what I can’t control?

      I read through the description and comments on week 3, and it’s definitely eased the trepidation about going on. It looks intense, and I really want to feel it for myself, now! (not that I really have a choice 🙂 ) Looking forward to tomorrow, and immersing myself fully in this week’s brainwashing until then!

      • day 7 (cont)

        Adding on to share an odd experience. I have ADD and my brain has some weird ways of processing sound sometimes. One of the things it does is, when I’ve been in a loud crowded environment during the day, my brain will play back the din of crowd voices once I’m away from it. I can tell I’m not physically hearing it, but I can’t turn off that replay. It’s rarely intelligible, just pieces of syllables, but it’s definitely replaying real voices and sounds I heard earlier in the day and didn’t process.

        I kept the brainwashing loop on in the background pretty much all day today, and a little while after taking off the headphones, that same unintelligible blend of voices came into my head, but this time it was all ViVe’s voice, echoing over itself ad infinitum. I guess hours of multitrack audio is similar enough to the noise that usually triggers this recall, but I certainly didn’t expect it. It’s different from the normal surges of control, where my thoughts replay the mantras or the back track. This is directionless, meaningless, but impossible to turn off. It usually fades away after a few minutes (and did fade away before I started typing this), so I’m not concerned.

        I was a bit startled that my brain pulled this trick with ViVe’s voice, but it’s a lot more pleasant than hearing a bunch of strangers, so I’m not complaining!

      • Hey, Kit. That’s a really helpful way of looking at the process: it’s mandatory, not chosen; we’re compelled, we’ve given up control (or had it taken from us). And so the progression from week to week just happens. It is the way it is. And we love it.

  67. Not part of the daily log, but something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently.

    I think I had the “this is real” epiphany around day 4 or 5 of week 1, but never really felt the hesitation or fear some others reported. It just feels right.

    There’s part of the background vocals that really stick with me. “Deep down I accept my fate.” My subconscious knows it can’t escape, so it embraces it, rewards it. I’m not sure if this comfort and the euphoria I get are deliberately programmed into me, or if it’s just how my brain processed the addiction commands. Either way, it’s definitely working!

    • Oh, very much so, Kit — me too. I love those words — “Deep down I accept my fate.” I can feel and hear the rhythm and tone even now.

      My guess is that the comfort and euphoria are very deliberate. They are an integral part of the programming. And they work very, very well. It’s as if with each minute more of brainwashing, the sound and the words seek out remaining spaces of resistance, remaining pieces of independent mind — and then blanket them, fill them, eclipse them. The result — comfort and euphoria like you describe.

      • That’s exactly it! You worded that perfectly, and it’s that feeling of the mind being filled that I was having trouble pinpointing. I can feel myself getting drunk on that sensation, and it’s absolutely wonderful.

    • ViVe

      As you didn’t use a real mail i couldn’t contact you, but feel free to contact me if you have questions or…

      • It is a real email address, just not my primary one, since I try to keep hypnosis stuff separate from my general online presence. I haven’t gotten anything from you if you’ve tried to contact me, not even in the spam folder.

        Thank you for reaching out to me, sir! I’ll definitely let you know if I have any questions. I really appreciate the care you’ve shown to your toys going through this process.

        • That’s so right. ViVe really puts so much care and attention into the way he brainwashes us. I’m not actively listening at the moment — had to take a break a few weeks back due to work/travel — but reading Kit’s messages, so much is coming back to me, and moreover the details are filling in better and better. Details and subtleties are coming through that I received at a deep, subconscious level the first time and am only now consciously processing.

  68. Started day one of week 2. Holy shit, what can i say, its more intense. Far more intense. I did the chanting blindfolded all in one sitting. I felt you go deeper than i knew was there in my mind. Oh my god. Week one was diet coke brainwashing this is classic coke brainwashing.

    It felt like little zaps in my brain were hitting me over and over when i chanted. It made you go way deeper into my head and i need it again. I was nervous starting week two but i did it and just let it happen. I found thats the key is i just let it all happen.

    I feel a sense of helplessness but im just letting it happen. If i try even to resist a little it feels bad, but when i just relax and let you in i feel so so good.

    I feel like mentally im sliding down a hill into a valley of obedience. Week one was more uphill and this is more downhill. At the same time this feels more “invasive” but in a sexy and good way.

    My thinking really is changing. Im glad i have the free time to do this. Wish i had money so i could give you a bag of cash for this intense, sexy series.

    • Day 2 of week 2.

      The addiction feels pretty real. The chanting really melts my head.
      Its really opening me up to you. I went to go into town and do adult things and the whole time all i could do was think of getting back to brainwashing lol. I mean i could still get things done, it was just always there in the background.

      The invasive feeling has increased and im just letting it happen.

    • Start of day 3 of week 2. Im delaying the tasks till later today due to bad local heat and me feeling a little dehydrated.

  69. Week 2. Day 1.

    Unfortunately it’s a very busy day
    and it’s not over!

    I’ve listened the Hypnosis and Brainwashing files only one time each.
    A real shame!
    The first impression is a strong one but different from what I’ve expected.
    I don’t feel trapped, it’s more like a
    warm hug. I feel protected, safe,

    Controlled? Yes, but in a pleasurable way.

    Week 2 is only at the beginning.
    I wanna taste it.
    I’m not in a hurry, I wanna be sure to absorb it fully, deeply.

    I am your brainwashed and addicted toy.

  70. Week 2. Day 2.

    6:30 45 minutes of loops.

    During the day I felt completely normal.

    21:00 Something peculiar happened… something I can hardly define,
    a sort of drone mode.
    After a long day I had some spare time. Alone…
    Suddenly I was focused only on my brainwashing duty, my mind
    completely empty.
    My body moved mechanically.
    No real feelings, occasionally only a few sensation.

    After 2 hours I woke up and now I’m writing this post.

    A dreamlike sensation… honestly very hard to describe. I need time to process this experience.

    I am your brainwashed and addicted toy.

  71. The last 3 days I was dealing with strong headaches and the fever.
    Thanks to this summer climate.
    Honestly I’m feeling guilty… 3 days without brainwashing!

    Now I’m ready to restart my training.

    First of all the hypnosis file, then 1 hour loop.

    The crave, the pleasure, edging
    over and over again!
    A forced pause made me more needy.

    I am your brainwashed and addicted toy.

  72. Week 2. Day 4.

    It’s so difficult write this post.
    I’m still shaking.

    I’m helpless.
    Some spare time… 2 hours of brainwashing… no decision involved.
    No free will. Brainwash is automatic.

    I’m so submissive, so open.
    I wanna be enslaved by this program. I’m not kidding!
    It’s real, very strong. Stronger and stronger every day.
    During the day I can be my usual me but when I’m alone
    I submit to this pleasure.

    I am your brainwashed and addicted toy.

  73. Week 2. Day 5.

    3 hours of loops.
    All the tasks for week 2 done.

    My mind is empty, broken.
    I have to write something… It’s my duty…

    Obedience is the true reward.

    I am your brainwashed and addicted toy.

  74. Week 2. Day 6.

    I made a complete revision of all my tasks.
    I need to be best toy possible.

    It’s very hard to describe myself in this very moment.
    It is as if I’ve rented my own body, my own mind to someone else.
    It’s like losing some sort of virginity…
    You can fantasize about it but the reality is another thing!

    I am your brainwashed and addicted toy.

  75. Week 2

    I had a busy week but each brainwashing session was a delicious treat. I couldnt hear the background counting as well in the week two file and it made it a little more difficult at first. But as a side-effect it solidified this weeks mantra in my mind. The hypnosis file helped me to stay with it and the encouragement to finish the process was much needed.
    Week 3 is going to be interesting.

  76. day 1 = opened week with the hypnosis file followed by loop then after sleeping awoke with 2 loops. Then exposure to Vive community via Skype before settling in on the weeks tasks ahead. Cautioned regarding the “oh my its real” moment by Vive .. i expressed that it may have happened yesterday. Am surprised at how compulsive/obsessive the training is with rewards.

  77. day 2 = set up hypnosis file listening while retiring last night .. lost memory in Mountain Lake .. but it was on loop and aroused at -9- on the closing count up each time through three repetitions. Think this represents significant trance deepening and acceptance of Vive guidance.

    Addiction appears embedded as day1 had five separate washing sessions with a total of 8 loops. This morning 2 sessions – 3 loops. Will start scripting task this evening and definitely repeat hypnosis file in the late evening.

  78. day 3-4 = all tasks including Bonus completed with increasing length of ‘washing’ sessions .. generally as loop2 progresses pleasure intensifies and finds sublime levels — motivation to accept the training and loss of control to Vive is an easy trade. While having done a 4 1/2 loop session on day 3 (averaging 6 loops daily) ..extension, in next days, to six loops and the exquisite pleasures which therein revealed seems desired.

  79. day 5-6 == communication glitch delayed posting of previous day 3/4 note .. but now have looped beyond endurance of aged body .. training goals of addiction and mindless commitment to continue all embedded by looping 6 then next day 7 times. Week 3 training will commence tomorrow

  80. I’m your brainwashed and addicted whore

  81. The first day of week two started of very well and i couldn’t wait untill i can get home to do more brainwashing and hypnosis, unfortunately i could not hold back anymore and went over the edge. I think this time was my final time trying this series. Although i was only able to do week 1 its was still a very enjoyable experience. Thank you ViVe! I certainly try and enjoy your other files.

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