Brainwashed Toy- Week Three

Brainwashed Toy – Week Three

Welcome back to the most intense journey I have offered you so far… This isn’t just a hypnosis or a loop or a series of files, this is a complete system, this is brainwashing. Real brainwashing…


Week Three Content

This week your journey takes you even further down into my control. After we opened your mind and made you helplessly addicted and unable to get away, now it’s time to take more direct control. You will feel my control snaking around your mind and holding it tighter and tighter, it will invade your mind, and slowly make you completely helpless against my will. And once you are there, it will slowly fade into the background, replaced by a willing obedience, a desire to obey. You will willingly surrender your will to me and be ready for the next week of the brainwashing program, where you will enjoy the bliss of deep surrender and submission.

The mantra of week three is: You are my controlled and obedient toy. / I am your controlled and obedient toy.


Bonus Tasks

A few bonus tasks for all the toys who can’t get enough and desire a bit more:

1: Like the bonus task of last week, with all three parts, then brainwashing.

2: After you write your lines, read them out loud to yourself, record it, then listen to yourself repeating the mantra.

3: Sit down (or kneel) in front of a mirror. Make sure you are comfortable, if you kneel use something soft so it is comfy. Focus on your own eyes during the whole task. Listen to the brainwash file(s) while staring into your own eyes. Bonus: Reply to the mantra in your head.


Comment by ViVe

The warnings are the same like last week. If you didn’t listen to week one and two – go back and start there!

So this is week three. I’m going to turn the heat up a little bit. This is the part where you really lose control. At the same time I start with some other side effects, turning the whole experience into a source of strength for your everyday life. Next week it’s more about the enjoyable side of submission and surrender, of being totally open to me.

It’s also a kind of hinging point. Until now the control was relatively subtle, just an ability to stop, to get away. Now the control I already have is unveiled, you will actually feel it in it’s entirety. Stay calm, you will get through this. And talk with others.

And of course – enjoy the next part of your journey.


The Files

Hypnosis File: The hypnosis file.

Brainwashing File: The Brainwashing file you use for your training.

Brainwashing File (No Binaural): A version of the brainwashing file without binaural, you can have it run in the background doing other things, when you have to be able to stay focus on other things.


I swear I’ve read the whole description before I download the files. I know what I’m getting into. I know that I listen at my own risks and that I’m going to be brainwashed. I have listened to Week One and Week Two and did all the tasks.


Hypnosis File mp3 45 min

Brainwashing File mp3 15 min

Brainwashing File (No Binaural) mp3 15 min

The Venus Labyrinth (license)

  1. Had to test the new loop when I saw it. This is amazing. Only gave it a two loops so far, but it’s amazing. It feels much more controlling than the other loops. It’s amazing, I will go back to it now and listen to the trance, then give it a few more loops.

    • Yesterday I started listening to the loop and got lost in it. Wanted to do the hypnosis, but the loop got me completely.

      Today I couldn’t wait for my work to be over so I could finally listened to the hypnosis file. It’s intense, and I really love that there are some positive effects. It’s a weird thought at first, but I really love it. It’s a wonderful idea to make my will stronger in general while it’s zapped for ViVe. It makes it balanced. Take some and give some. I really like this newest twist. The file itself makes me feel very helpless and controlled. I like the shrink wrap analogy from hypn0slave. It’s constrictive and controlling, yet has some give and a protective quality. A very nice sensation.

      Listening to the hypnosis changed the perception of the brainwashing file. I did a two hour session afterward, and it’s really intense. Indeed, now you can feel the control. It feels as if my control, my resistance is completely drained out of me. The experience is really hard to describe, as if some magic spell is draining my will, and there is nothing I can do about it.

      I feel more trapped in it too. It’s really hard to stop, ViVe has so much control over me now, and maybe it’s the obedience already kicking in, but I want to keep listening to please him. It’s a very specific thought, as if I’m worried to disappoint him, and I just don’t want to. It also makes me feel helpless.

      Yes, this is definitely more control. Or maybe more visible control. I feel incredibly trapped and controlled right no, even after the brainwashing session is over. A part of my mind says I should freak out, but I don’t. Maybe it’s the positive aspects of this week, maybe the trust I that has grown to ViVe, or maybe just the brainwashing? Whatever it is, the sensation is just amazing. Feeling your will slowly drained out of you, while you are forced to help the whole process. It’s a mind control fantasy come to life. The helplessness, the control, the obedience. And still feeling safe in it. Everything I always wanted and more.

      • Reading it now, I think I was still deep in the effects of the brainwashing!

    • After yesterdays feedback I did another brainwashing session, and there is something else I noticed. When I listen to the brainwashing and I have to work next day and go to bed at some point, I never get completely lost in it. I am lost, but I always come back when it’s my bedtime. Like the control recedes when I have to go to bed. It’s almost as if it sends me to bed, so I can function in the morning.

      The sensation of my will being completely drained was so strong when I went to bed. I felt so deep in ViVe’s control, and so powerless to his will. And yet today at work, I feel the boost in confidence, I feel stronger and more in control. I feel really good about myself, as if my will and strength has really been shifted. As It become helpless and really drained towards ViVe, it grows for everyone else. Which is absolutely amazing, because I realize I had this worry in the back of my head that I might turn into a doormat. But no, quite the opposite. It’s just getting better and better all the time! My fantasy is coming true, and I grow stronger in my life. Amazing!

      At this point I’m not really worried about being trapped anymore. I’m on the ride and it’s thrilling and wonderful. Yes, I feel ViVe’s control pressing down on my mind, doing things with me. But I can already see that those things are wonderful. After just two days of it, I feel a massive boost in confidence and strength. I feel my will to resist him drained, yet I know I’m safe. And I’m really looking forward to the point where the obedience kicks in.

      I hope I don’t ramble, I’m completely amazed. A few days back I thought I’m *in*, that I know what to expect and that nothing could surprise me now. And her I am, totally amazed about the twist of making me stronger in my life. And how quickly it works, how fast the new file changed me. Because that’s the best proof of the control so far.

    • I didn’t have much time yesterday, so I did the bonus task three with all three brainwashing files and repeating the mantras in my head. That was really intense. I completely lost time, I know the three brainwash files run for 45 minutes, but I could have sworn it was only one or two. I folded a blanket, knelt down on it, started the playlist, looked into my eyes, started chanting, and it was over. Just like that. When I came out I was incredibly aroused, so I did another hour of brainwashing before the usual bedtime effect threw me out. I felt my will being drained even more, it’s getting to a point where it would be hard to resist any command from ViVe.

      The confidence boost at work is even stronger today. I feel on top of the world, and it’s amazing! I don’t even know what to say, just wow. I would have never even considered experiencing the brainwashing can have such a positive impact on my life.

    • Didn’t have any time to do brainwashing on Thursday.

      Yesterday I did 250 lines, with the second bonus task. Hearing myself repeating the mantra over and over was a whole new experience. It was *me* saying the mantra, telling it myself over and over that I’m ViVe’s controlled and obedient toy. I kept the recording and I’m going to have it running in the background when doing other things.

      I followed on with a 2,5 hour brainwashing session. I think the shift is happening or might already have happened without me even noticing. I want to obey ViVe, and I want to be his toy. Just knowing that the bonus task was something he “ordered” me to do made it so desirable. I’m reaching the point where I actually desire ViVe to give me any commands, so I can show him that I’m an obedient toy. It’s insane. And amazing.

    • Saturday I started the day with the first bonus task, with blindfold, then did another hour of brainwashing. It’s really nice to start the day with brainwashing before you do anything else, it feels much more intense. The only problem is that at some point I have to get up and go to the toilet. After a quick breakfast and writing feedback, I listened to the hypnosis followed by a long brainwashing session. When the battery died about 11 hours later I found myself on my knees again, in the usual state, and all I can say is that I’m there. I feel absolutely obedient. I actually crave to obey, I wish ViVe would give me more commands beyond the brainwashing. When I listen to the brainwashing it feels as if my brain is screaming “Yes, yes, YES!” with every suggestions.

      Sunday I repeated the same program, though the brainwashing was only 8 hours.

      I feel very submissive and obedient to ViVe. I start daydreaming about getting any commands from him, ranging from harmless vanilla things to more exciting stuff. But really any command I could follow would be amazing.

      It’s completely insane that I willingly go into an 8 or even 11 hour masturbation session. Three weeks ago I wouldn’t have thought I’m physically capable to do it. Much less without having an orgasm. It’s almost as if I discovered a whole new part of my sexuality.

      On Thursday I met with some friends, and they were all bragging about how good their sexlife is while giving me pitiful looks, because I’m single. Of course I couldn’t tell them how satisfied I really am, but I was seriously tempted.

      People actually commented on my new confidence and strength. They tell me that I’m almost a completely different person. I guess part of it is also the deep lust burning inside me. And of course living this dream. Who would have thought how beneficial brainwashing can be for you.

      • I know what you mean about the dreams and the craving for Vive to command me. The dreams are some of the most vivid and memorable I’ve had in years and run the gamut from being his chauffeur to a whole host of personal services.

        I can’t imagine a command I wouldn’t follow at this point. It would be so exciting and delightful.

        I love your description of this experience being a new part of your sexuality! I agree. It’s a form of self discovery as eye opening as sex itself.

  2. I just finished my first session of the hypnosis file. The sensations with this file were noticeably different than in previous files.

    Before I try to describe those, I feel it’s worth noting how excited and nervous I was at the outset. I had just finished my lines from week 2 when week three posted. I felt that I could not devote the full 50 minutes at the time, and didn’t want to unintentionally rush myself in the attempt, so I simply downloaded all of the files and even went so far as to create play lists for bonus tasks 1 and 3. I then used all my self control to refrain from listening to any of the new material until this morning.

    The whole process got me so wound up, however, that I couldn’t resist 2 more Week 2 Brainwash file sessions before bed and a third in the middle of the night.

    So I come to this morning: nervous and excited to start the next phase. Even with (and perhaps because of) my restraint in starting, the rushed feeling was still with me as I listened to the first, short count down of the induction. By the time the first count down from 10 had reached 7, I was preparing to abort the attempt because I clearly was over anticipating the effects. But the number 6 never arrived. I know I felt myself listen more closely at that moment and can recall hearing the number 3 counted. Then I am waking up and stretching. Marvelous execution, Vive!!!

    First impression after waking is a renewed sense of trepidation. I’ve shared before how I suspect that the fear of this process comes from my resistance to it. I am not sure if I am resisting anything or not. I am not panicky, but there is a definite sense of “my word, what have I done”. To be honest, I feel better about it now that I have typed it. This is weird. I am tempted to delete this last comment, but I suspect there is relevance here. I am leaving it in for now.

    The only other thing I feel is a gentle pressure on what I perceive as my brain. The sensory image of a snake like constriction I would have been prepared for given the posted Content description. This is more like a shrink-wrap. It’s tight enough to feel, but almost has an antiseptic quality to it. It tingles, pleasantly so, but with enough foreignness to it that I am honestly turned on by it.

    I will have time later today to test-drive the Brainwash file. I will post more at that point.

    • The new Brainwash file is far more insistent and stronger than previous files. As so often happens, I sat down for a single 15-minute session, but kept it up for a second and third loop.

      The shrink-wrap feeling on my brain is tighter now. The masturbatory activity is more of a drain now as well… like my strength is sapped out off me as my arousal grows in spite of it all. Not like a marathon session, which leaves me exhausted. I feel physically weaker as I grow more and more excited.

      It is harder to change what areas I stimulate as well… like my hands are insistent on first driving any given erogenous zone to its limit before I can move it elsewhere. I am familiar with losing myself to these Brainwash sessions and stimulating myself on autopilot. This is different now… I start stroking and then it’s not just that I can’t stop, I can’t adjust it at all… I am aware of a desire to play elsewhere but can’t act on it. When I do change my angle or move to another part of my body I am aware of it happening on it’s own. My hands know what needs to happen next and my awareness or initiation is irrelevant.

    • Yesterday was riddled with appointments to a degree that lengthy sessions with the Hypnosis file or the Bonus tasks were not viable.

      I did manage to keep with my Brainwashing however, and love the new effect. Where before my ministrations during Brainwashing have been driven by the need to get off, I now realize it’s all about following Vive’s instructions. The sexual energy has direction and purpose. I am generating the electricity to keep his changes moving forward. It’s blissful to be this useful!

      I am going to perform Bonus Task 1 at lunch today and will post results from that at that time.

      • Didn’t end up having a lunch today, so the Bonus Task 1 will have to wait.

    • I’ve just spent the last hour and a half experiencing Bonus Task 1, (blindfolded of course). As I expected, the change between each binaural beat was dramatic and tactile. I feel a definite change in my mindset. The shift to week 3 was accompanied by what felt like cold water poured across the plastic wrappings on my brain. The chill radiated out every nerve in my body. As my nerves warmed back up, Vive’s voice became more and more important and wondrous to hear.

      I am left with a deep sense of belonging. I don’t know what doubts I could possibly have held about this process. I find I hunger for more of Vive’s voice and commands. My efforts to build more sexual energy for Vive’s use just seem so right now.

      Even that felt good just to type it. I AM Vive’s toy and love this feeling. I am going to listen to a standard Brainwash session or two as a kind of bed time treat.

  3. Day 1 – Listened to the Hypno file first, and it’s the best one so far. Zero induction is getting more effective, and I liked how while it was more serious with the control aspects it still had some positive stuff to keep it all balanced and good.

    Then I listened to the brainwash file for an hour, and things got a bit exciting. I’ve been listening to the brainwash files in bed, and since week 2 blindfolded too. Since the whole experience is highly pleasurable, and this position allows for some freedom a movement, there is a degree of writhing in pleasure going on.

    The pleasure this time was more intense than ever, and I was moving around a lot more. I imagine to look at me it would probably look like I was physically fighting the brainwashing, but really it was more like just trying to cope with the pleasure.

    By the time I got to the 4th loop, I was feeling pretty exhausted, I originally took it as just being tired from moving around so much, but considering Hypn0slave also mentioned feeling weak; it makes more sense it was more due to the brainwashing; I wasn’t moving around that much.

    Where it gets really exciting though is, I finally put the program to the test. I always opted to just not try to cum, but when I hit the 4th loop, something kind of clicked and I wanted to cum. Maybe it’s was a way to escape all the arousal, or just to follow through with the hypno file and really feel controlled.

    Well, I didn’t cum. Every time I picked up my stroking speed I always ended up slowing down as I got to the edge to the point I couldn’t go over. Tried a half dozen times, but just couldn’t do it. It didn’t feel like i was purposely doing it, I just didn’t have the strength to follow through, even though physically it should be no problem.

    After the 4th loop finished, I rested for a minute and tried to cum again without listening to the file. That time it seemed like I could go over, but it was kind of starting to hurt a little as I reached the edge. Waited a bit more, tried again, same effect. I probably could cum, and it probably still be pleasurable, but there was concern that it would hurt or something was wrong kind of crept in and I just decided against it and stopped.

    I really love how each week the series just keeps upping the ante. Certain parts may be faster or slower to some people, but it’s just so wonderful to have this nice progression through it. Always something to look forward to, always increasing the pleasure and control. I just love it.

    • Day 2 – Listened to the hypno file again. Noticed how effective the induction was getting. I’m now to the point where I just start going down as soon as the file starts. Ended up blanking out during the file again after the induction. Was surprised it happened on just the second listen, but it was very clear I had lost time as 30 minutes of file felt like maybe 5. I started coming back around the count up and was confused at first because I initially thought it was another count down. So nice.

      Then I did the brainwashing for an hour again, this experience really changes how I look at day 1. This time I wasn’t moving around nearly as much and the fatigue set in early and stayed throughout. It got to a point a few times where it felt like it was taking all my strength just to keep masturbating, at least as far as the right hand goes. My left, while weak, had no problems adjusting the headphones or removing them when the time came, so I never got “stuck”, or felt there was a risk of that happening. If I could describe my feelings during it with one word, that word would be “defeated”.

      On day 1 I said that it probably looked like I was physically trying to resist, but then dismissed that as just really enjoying it, well, that was probably a more accurate statement than I realized at the time. Week 3 is about the control becoming real and more prominent, and I’m pretty sure in previous comments I mentioned that for me some of this experience it was hard to tell the difference between the files’ influences and my own commitment to the program, like am I not trying to cum because I committed to the chastity, or because I really can’t. The only way the control could ever be real for me is if I tried resisting it, and that, whether it was happening consciously or subconsciously, is what happened day 1. For the 3 loops I physically tried to resist the pleasure and feelings only to lose, then I tried to cum, only to lose again. With day 2 there was no more resistance left, I was defeated, and all I could do was surrender and be ViVe’s controlled and obedient toy. It was fantastic.

      “Defeat” might sound like a negative, but this is exactly the kind of thing I wanted. Kinks and fetishes are a weird thing, but I think most would recognize for many there is a duality in them. Like people who are normally assertive wanting to submit sexually. My mind is my greatest asset, and one appealing aspect of hypnosis is that allows to be seduced, tricked, trapped, subdued, or just plain dominated, not physically but mentally.

      The reality of getting a great hypno experience though has always been problematic. A mix of wanting something that has a noticeable affect, but not be something I wouldn’t want. But then if I want it, am I just playing along? And then we go into a logic loop that generally leaves for an unsatisfying experience.

      I’ve had some good experiences of course, but this series really stands far about the rest of 99% of hypno I’ve experienced. Amazing work Vive.

      Oh, I feel I should mention that outside of using the files, I haven’t had any negative effects. Don’t really get any looming sense of control or anything, but that may have to do with the fact I don’t have the opportunity to engage in the files most of the time. I’d say the safeties are working well.

      • Day 3 – Same deal, hypno file then 1 hour of the loop. Hypnosis was pretty much the same as last time, except it didn’t go by quite as fast. Post-induction was rather hazey, like I was still conscious but not really aware for a lot of it, though I believe I was completely out for at least some of it.

        Brainwashing was also similar until the 3rd loop, then it was like I was entering trance. Eyes closed and movement was down to near nothing, with no desire/ability to open them or move much. Still aware of everything and still masturbating, but otherwise felt like trance. Keeping the eyes closed is especially noteworthy as the reason the blindfold has been such a benefit for me is that my eyes usually stay open for it, and attempts to keep them close fail. At the 3rd loop, they decided to close and stay closed, and trying to open them was like trying to open your eyes during a hypno file.

        I don’t think I went super deep, but I imagine if I did I could end up having experiences like Hypn0Slave or Brainwash Subject F 0001, which would be pretty cool even if it did cut into my sleep time.

        I think I’ll turn the repeat function off and just make a longer playlist in the future, that way if it happens I’ll get an awesome experience, but won’t have it go on for an excessively long time.

        • Day 4 – The day has gone poorly. Started doing the line writing, with the brainwash going. About halfway through I decide to take a little masturbation break to discover I need another milking. Not surprising at all with how I’ve been listening to the brainwashing more since week 1 and 2, and I was kind of expecting today would be the day that would be needed.

          Leaked a bit before I even finished getting fully hard, and didn’t take long to reach the edge and more came out. Considering this happened in week 2, and just how quickly it took to release it didn’t bother me, as it clearly needed to happen, so I continued the line writing.

          When I finished I started masturbating expecting to get a nice session in, but again I was getting the same feeling as before of needing to get more cum out. It’s kind of hard to describe the difference between this kind of edge and a normal one, it’s usually a matter of speed, feeling, and how long it takes to decline. The problem becomes it really disrupts masturbation because now it’s like walking on eggshells to edge, but avoid coming and waiting longer and longer periods to cool down. Hard to be mindless, when you need to be so mindful. So okay fine, let’s let out a little more, and I do, everything is fine.

          So now I’m pretty confident that’s it, wait a minute or two, and continue, and everything is going great. Masturbation feels normal again. I’m actually sitting down rather than laying down because of the line writing, but I was starting to get down into a trance feeling like the day before.

          Everything is going great for most of a loop, probably at least 10 minutes, then as I’m getting to another edge, that feeling comes back again. A bit annoyed at this point, but I get to the edge, stop stroking and…. orgasm. No idea how it happened after I stopped stroking, and I wasn’t even trying to milk or anything. Bizarre.

          This happened about an hour ago, I’m still listening to the brainwash file, but not masturbating. Will have to pick this back up tomorrow and see how it goes. Sucks it happened, but bodies are weird. If anyone else ends up having their body demanding a little release, I wouldn’t fret too much about milking it out, but I’d recommend leaving it at that for the night and not try to masturbate further till the next session.

          • Day 5 – Continuing on despite the previous day’s setback, I listened to the hypno file followed by an hour of the brainwashing. Brainwashing went well, had a pretty similar experience to earlier in the week. With the hypno file I went pretty deep, but didn’t lose any awareness this time. I did however get this odd wave of pleasure sensation while listening to the file. Happened maybe 5 or 6 times, seemingly randomly at various parts including the induction. Don’t what caused it, but it felt good.

            • Day 6 – Just did the brainwashing for an hour, had similar feelings as I did earlier in the week.

              Day 7 – Decided to do bonus task one, playing each loop and repeating the mantra. Starting to again get into a nice trance feeling, deeper than just doing it normally, probably because without masturbating it’s easier to relax and let go.

              Then I started the normal brainwash, and I ended up cumming again, pretty quickly. Unlike last time, this felt a lot more uncontrollable. Not sure what’s happened exactly, I certainly wouldn’t say the program isn’t working. I’ve been “behaving” outside of the files, and lots of other suggestions are taking effect. Like the fact I’ve been increasing listening as the program has gone on, and my comments here more frequent and longer.

              This is the third cumming incident I’ve had now, day 4 of week 2 had a ruined orgasm where I felt nothing, day 4 of week 3 had a full orgasm that was accidental, and now day 7 has one that’s less accidental and more uncontrollable. Are there subliminals that increase arousal and their effects have somehow outpaced the chastity ones? Why has this happened in increasing frequency? It’s really odd I needed some release a week and a half in, then 1 week later, and then only a few days after that. Logically, it should be the opposite of that. Could the safties cause it? Or has it becoming more real, and all the submission/obedience, just causing arousal to become so much more heighten?

              I have no answers, but the experience has been nothing but positive and fun, and I’ll keep going on the week 4 just to see what’ll happen next.

  4. I just completed the Hypnosis file for the second time. It is clear to me that I needed to listen to it again. I am not sure why, but the first listening and the Brainwashing file sessions that followed were highly emotionally charged. I am palpably aware of changes happening to my mind. The sensation of my brain tightly sealed in shrink-wrap is vivid and at times harsh in the tingling that accompanies it. Unlike week 2, during which I felt watched, week 3 is keeping me acutely aware that my mind is sealed off. (From me? I can’t tell).

    And that is where the extreme emotional nature of this week kicks in. I mentioned yesterday the return of the trepidation, the fear that doesn’t quite reach panic. That emotion stayed with me all day yesterday. My arousal is so intense that masturbation now feels 100% necessary. The need is greater than I’ve ever felt with any orgasm denial games I’ve played before. It is not just a pleasant diversion. Masturbation has become a physical need and necessity. The trouble is, I can’t act on that need without listening to the Brainwash file. It’s no longer a case of my trying to masturbate then finding things not quite right and THEN resorting to the Brainwash file. Instead, those urges scream at me and I grab my headphones and indulge.

    That indulgence isn’t conventional either. As I mentioned yesterday, my technique is still not my usual approach. I genuinely don’t guide anything anymore. It’s like being a prisoner in my own body. It feels incredibly good, but it’s just not me doing it!

    As an example of how intense this is: last night I woke to Vive’s call – week 3 verbiage – so demanding, so loud and insistent. I answered, partially out of shock, but mostly because I knew I had to. Then, swooning with the sudden swell of desire, I felt myself slide out of bed to my knees and quietly slip on my headphones. The next 15 minutes were an intense combination of edging bliss and the consequential loss of any physical strength I still had. When it was over, was so emotionally shaken and in such a weakened state, I had tears rolling down my cheeks. It was a struggle to climb back to bed. But when I did, I was out like a light.

    Which brings me to this morning. I needed the Hypnosis file. The emotional state I am in is so confusing: arousal at the fact that I am helpless to resist these recordings and the fear of what that means is happening to my mind. It’s intense beyond words. But this is exactly the kind of experience I know I wanted! It’s not what I expected. It’s not me daydreaming of some sexy diversion. It’s real! And I can’t stop it.

    I feel the compulsion to hear the Brainwash file again. I am so horny now that I have typed all of this, I don’t think it can be avoided. I plan on writing my lines over lunch.

    More to come.

    • Are you still fighting against it on some level? Because after my breakthrough last week I just let it all happen to me, and since then it feels really amazing. I feel safe and protected. Yes, it’s there, but it’s something that watches out for me, that is good for me. As you said last week, it’s like bonds if you fight it, but once you stop and give in it’s amazing. I totally trust that it will be something very positive, and I almost feel rewarded for it. Maybe it wants you to let go and give in completely, and you just hang on to this worries about what’s happening.

    • In other words: (monotone voice) Give in and become a mindless and brainwashed little toy just like me. It feels wonderful!

      I couldn’t resist this. It’s too much like a lot of captions I enjoyed. And now I live it.

      • Excellent suggestion, thank you! I do recall that epiphany from last week.

        I will give that a try right now while I am writing my lines. Stop resisting, give in, and let the voice do what it wants.

      • Oh my stars, you hit the nail on the head!

        I put the headphones on and began writing my lines. For the first 10-20 written repetitions, I started feeling that fear building again. I kept the Vive web page open for just this possibility and re-read your reminder. This process DOES reward compliance.

        I took another deep breath and kept writing. You meant it as a joke, but I helped myself give in by mentally vocalizing each line I wrote in a vacant monotone. Very soon, I could feel the compulsion to masturbate again. This time, instead of trying to rationalize around it or circumvent it, I just went with the feeling. The Brainwash file ended, and I found myself stopping… panting and still hopelessly horny and drained, but with a very fascinating difference: I felt a strong sense of purpose to the energy I lost!

        I stood up (yes I was back on my knees) and started the file again and completed the lines two loops later. It was so SOOTHING this time! Vive’s voice is not foreboding and threatening, it’s firm, powerful and so riveting. The feeling that I am being watched is a sense that I am being looked out for, guarded against escape attempts.

        It is enormously like the captions I’ve read over the years. Yes we ARE living this out! It feels amazing.

        Plus, I got a shiny, shrink-wrapped brain out of the deal.


        • Wonderful! I’m really glad it helped you. Yes, it’s a good description. Watched over, maybe like your parents did. It feels protective yet firm.

    • I am just noting briefly a new effect I noticed about the nature of these new changes I am experiencing. I just tried to experience Bonus Task #3. It’s already set up and, let’s face it, it’s easier to accomplish than Bonus Task #2 because it’s all pre-recorded.

      I couldn’t do it. It’s not the way Vive wants it. I just kept back pedaling and pulling the headphones off knowing that the way He wants this done is mapped out… do them in numerical order.

      I have now downloaded a voice recording App for my IPAD and have recorded my voice chanting the mantra in reply to the Brainwash file. In a while, I will perform Bonus Task #2 just as Vive wishes it to be done.

      • It’s a haunting feeling to hear my own voice saying a mantra like week 3’s and not feel your voice doing it. The voice is mine, but it’s not me. The separation does have a deepening effect, however, on the intent of the message. Am I convincing myself of something that I should have known all along?

        The effect of stereo headphones also add the illusion that my voice is coming from between my ears: i.e. inside my head, but I am not thinking it. In fact, as the repetitions played on, I wasn’t thinking anything… just listening to myself affirm my new reality.

        Sobering yet intoxicating. I see why Vive made this the second Bonus Task.

        I have a an hour or so before I should think about heading to bed. I will post in the morning the effect of Bonus Task 3.

        • Well… my batteries died about half way through the first of 3 brainwash loops I had planned to treat myself to tonight… looks like I take up Bonus Task 3 tomorrow.

      • I started my morning today with my 3rd dose of the hypnosis file. The most curious feeling from it is the loss of the shrink wrapping on my brain.

        I’ve had this feeling that it was part of some illusory surgical procedure, so I suspect it’s done.

        While I will miss that sensation, I take comfort in my status as Vive’s toy. I eagerly await his new commands and the next phase of the process in week 4.

        At lunch, I will perform Bonus Task 3 with the added bonus of mental repetition.

        Thank you, Vive!

        • Bonus Task 3: Kneeling before the full length mirror and starting the Brainwash file was an unusual way to start the session. I confess I have been looking forward to this task, but the reality of it was stranger than I thought it would be. At first, it seemed funny. I was nude and exposed and had to suppress a smile that bordered on laughter.

          The masturbation started and all of my humor seemed to vaporize. I locked eyes with my reflection and could see the expression within them grow glassy and empty. As my eyes became vacant, I remembered that I had planned to reply to the mantra mentally (per the bonus). But I swear my reflection remembered FIRST. I could “hear” my reflection’s reply start before mine. I was a little shocked and followed suit… but that pattern continued. I was not able to get ahead of my reflection.

          It was shortly after that that I felt the question cross my mind: “The reflection doesn’t lead, it follows” and SWEAR I switch places. I was stuck on the other side of the glass and my body started pleasuring itself in the manner that I’ve described before: outside of my normal patterns… and I had to follow along because I was just a reflection.

          The whole experience was intense and delightfully fun. It was all just one 15 minute loop. I am enormously curious as to how it would work to listen to each week’s Brainwash files like this in sequence. Not sure when I will have that chance, but it’s on my list now.

  5. Week 3.

    I have not been able to listen to the week 3 hypnosis file all the way through. On three separate days, I listened to the file and went deep as usual. However, about half way through I wake up, somewhat confused with no desire to continue on.

    Similarly, I have not been able to get through a single 15 minute loop of the brainwashing file.

    I went into this series looking forward to the experience and had positive results with week 1 and week 2. I completed all of the tasks and enjoyed the experience.

    I have no explanation why suddenly I am receiving very strong signals to STOP.

    • Try to give in and just let it happen, don’t fight it.

  6. I have not attempted to listen to the hypnosis file in a cognitively aware enough state to analyze how week 3 differs from the first two weeks, but as my posts indicate, there is a strong difference.

    While I didn’t get the urge to stop outright, until I recently approached the files with an intent to give into them, something in me fought them.

    You might want to try the Hypnosis file immediately followed by the Bonus task above. That might make the change feel more gradual and allow you mind to recognize the things it followed well in the first two weeks. I know hearing the shift from one binaural effect to the next had a marvelous effect for me.

  7. 3rd week us a great experience with very deep perceptions. Thanks so much for your work.

    • Week 3. Listened to the hypnosis file and 2 loops of brainwashing. I am a controlled and obedient toy. I feel compelled to leave feedback. I do not feel in any way taken over or controlled – I feel like I am going into a deep trance with the hypnosis files (though still cognisant of the whole file with no amnesia) and listen to at least two loops of brainwashing a day. I have a strong desire to be obedient – week 3 is hitting the spot for me. Thanks for your work.

  8. i am Your controlled and obedient little toy. but…………..during the brainwash file i almost stopped because i got scared, really,really scared. i was also extremely wet.

    the fear is still not completely gone but manageble and i expect itt o get less over time.

    this was my first time listening to the hypnosis file and one time brainwash.

    yes i feel very controlled and the will to obey.

  9. day 5- its has been a weird week,busy and when not busy i listen to either the normal brainwash file or the one without binaurals. also did the hypnosis file 3 times and today i wrote the mantra.
    the fear has turned into an exciting kind of feel of loss of control and blissfull obedience. been dreaming and fsntizising a lot about what Vive could do with me xDDD

  10. yesterday was day 6 anf i did everything in 6 days, so moving on to week four now.

  11. Have been listening to week three files for a few days now. I wrote to you privately but am having the strong urge to comment here, so I am going with it. You are constantly in my head now no matter if I am listening to the files or not. When I am not listening I am looking forward to the next time I will listen and hoping that you will reply or respond and tell me something to do. I am having a hard time with doing the bonus tasks as it is not always safe for me to do so. Looking forward to when I can start week 4. Never thought I would feel you having that much control and that I would enjoy it so much.

  12. last week i restarted the brainwashed toy series. After my first attempt at it, i needed to stop for personal reasons. i had to wait for three weeks and i couldnt wait to restart. i haven’t felt the rolercoaster that some have felt. i just feel the need to listen and brainwash myself for Master Vive’s pleasure.
    i felt like such a disapointment when i had to start, but now i can continue with renewed vigor.
    i feel like i really am Master Vive’s brainwashed and obedient toy.
    And, most of the time i listen to the lipgloss file before or after my brainwash training. Each seems to reinforce and reward the other.
    Thank YOU Master Vive

  13. I have been listening to the Hypnosis and Brainwashing files for several days and did my writing, but just recently did Bonus Task 1, and I just felt amazing afterwards.

  14. Week 3, Day 3. So far this week I’ve only listened to the hypnosis file once each day and followed it up with a few loops of the brainwashing file each time.

    This week I’m noticing a distinct, and rather jarring shift. The experience has begun to shift from a pleasure-filled fantasy to a pleasure-fueled reality. Typically, for me at least, hypnosis has been a tool I’ve used to explore and experience various fantasies. However, I’m starting to notice the difference between a fantasy experience, and a rather real one.

    The brainwashing file this week, rather than leaving me in a trance-like state, ends up feeling, well, normal. Today while doing my brainwashing, I decided to try something. While doing my brainwashing, I thought to myself, “Is this control real, or something I can stop at any time, even right now?” So, even while busy edging to the file, I attempted to close the media player, and stop. I sat there with the cursor over the red ‘X’, and focused entirely on what I was feeling. It started with that familiar feeling of what can only be described as ‘feigned resistance’. That’s normal, nothing new there. I focused on what my finger, rested on the left mouse button was doing. What I found was that, even after that moment of “Okay, that was fun, now time to actually try…”

    I couldn’t do it. No matter how much I focused on the task, I just could not make myself close that window. In fact, the harder I tried, the more my pleasure built up, making it that much more difficult. It may be, and I imagine most hypnotists will tell you that it is, entirely my fabrication, but in the end isn’t the result the same?

    I think I might give this week more time before moving onto this week’s tasks. I want to really explore the experience, and I’m not sure I can do so in just one short week.

  15. Day 1. First impression… I haven’t had time yet for more than a listen to the brainwashing loop. At first i couldn’t tell what was different apart from the obvious change of mantra .. but already i begin to feel something like claustrophobia in my own head. It feels like there is less space in here, which is really weird, quite arousing, and I so want to plunge in deeply.

    • Later i listened to the hypnosis file: i was slow to settle down as i was somewhere between anxious and expectant about what would happen. I was glad the file was longer. I felt quite fuzzy for a while afterwards. I went straight into 4 loops of the brainwashing file with some ferocious edging. I felt not exactly forced to go at it but motivated somehow. Maybe it was just the extreme pleasure. And then it stopped quite suddenly after the 4 loops. I kept listening for an hour while i attended to other tasks. Then i felt the urge to do another loop of edging and brainwashing. it was powerful, not quite violent but i certainly wasn’t being delicate. I loved it.
      Thank you Vive.

  16. Day 2. Wild ride! Not sure if it is supposed to work this way but …
    I listened to the hypnosis file this morning and zoned out completely for most of the post-induction stuff and ‘woke’ feeling quite fuzzy for a while. Afterwards i was thinking ‘but HOW is Vive going to express his control? — there doesn’t seem to be any clues in the files’.
    Just now I set out to do the mirror bonus task for just one loop. But no sooner had i got going i thought to myself ‘i only have to do this for 15 minutes’ when i felt ‘someone’ say ‘no, your are here for an hour’. And the ‘voice’ felt utterly convincing. I thought at about the 40 minute mark of standing up but i couldn’t or didn’t. The experience itself was a surprise too. After an initial rapid climb to hardness and pleasure i sort of plateaued. It was deeply pleasurable as usual but i never got near to edging no matter how hard i tried. I put it down to the strange experience of looking into my eyes for all that time. No porn, no chance even for fantasy, not even able to focus on my genitals, just me looking at my eyes. Or from time to time it felt like i was Vive looking into them. I am not bad to look at but apparently not edge-worthy 😉
    I just watched myself go in and out of flow, get more and more sweaty, more and more hot. I felt helpless to stop and helpless to get to the edge. At some point i realized that the experience was totally different from others so far. So far I have been using the files as an excuse to have extreme pleasure. This time i was there because Vive said so and — yeah it was a lot of pleasure but — i was not in control, even of edging. So i settled down to masturbate as best i could, and repeat Vive’s words.
    Now the hour is up i feel shaky and sore and sweaty and … used. 🙂
    So as I say i don’t know whether this is the way Vive’s control is supposed to manifest but … WOW!
    Clearly I am your controlled and obedient toy!
    I am looking forward to the future with eagerness and fear.
    Does anybody have any insight or comment?

    • After a break i felt the need to brainwash some more and was instantly able to edge and stay close to the edge for 2 loops. The thought kept crossing my mind that i was only able to do this because Vive allowed it. I stopped abruptly after two loops feeling a lot of gratitude.

  17. Day 3. Is it only day 3?!
    I started the day with the hypnosis file followed by brainwashing/edging for 4 loops. The edging was easy and full of pleasure. Right at the end i had something which i can only describe as a dry orgasm — i was close to the edge and i immediately stopped stimulation and tried to let the feeling pass but there was a small throb, followed by another and another and on for about a minute. i thought i had blown it but there was no emission at all and i was able to go on. I have never had an experience like that before. It was a such a relief not to have had a full blown orgasm.
    When the edging was over I suddenly was aware what i had to do next — the lines. I have a lot of trouble with repetitive fine work of any kind and handwriting in particular. My hand and arm cramp up very quickly and my brain feels like it will explode if i don’t stop. The lines tasks so far have been a trial. I have done just the number demanded and done them in increments. That’s background. I think my personal inner voice ‘said’ ‘it’s only a hundred and you can do it bit by bit’ but another ‘voice’ ‘said’ (sorry about the quotation marks) ‘no, i want 250’. Arrghh. I never thought of pretending or dodging. But i entered on the tasks with a certain fear and grumpiness. Though the task got physically more demanding as it progressed it became emotionally easier as i realized i was not doing the task because i enjoyed it but because i was controlled and obedient. I was quite shaky by the end.
    I spent some time wondering about these ‘voices’. I am not hearing them and i don;t think Vive is communicating with me mysteriously. Rather i worry that my subconscious is getting to throw its weight around! And i wonder what lengths it will push me to as we go on. And whether i will be able to resist if i get tough on myself.
    Last of all so far today I thought i would try out some new silicone lube and edge/brainwash for an hour. I don;t know whether it was the lube or Vive’s control but i was stuck at the quite pleasurable plateau again, unable to get to the edge, but unable/unwilling to stop. Again i wrestled with the question of who i was gratifying. The file’s language about surrendering, giving in, being trapped seemed very pertinent and helpful. It seems i can’t even control when i edge for myself, even when i do everything i can think of to excite myself. Amazing!

    I wish there was someone here to talk to!

  18. Day 4. Scary!
    Before we started this program I would never have believed i could ‘go under’ for most of a hypnosis file and only come around for the wake-up count with no idea of what happened. I would never have believed that hypnosis could work, as in make changes to my experience.

    After the hypnosis file today i started to brainwash/edge and was instantly hard and horny but i very soon hit that same plateau from yesterday. Or rather i slowly moved up in intensity but so slowly compared to normal. I got frustrated and tried harder. Tried all the tricks, but the same slow increase. Then something distracted me and it felt like i was starting again. By the 30 minute mark i was ready to give in and accept that i was not going to go past the plateau. Giving up seemed to help! I just about edged for the first time and dammit but didn’t i start to go soft. I carried on brainwashing and masturbating a half-hard cock until the end of the third loop. I was exhausted and sweat soaked and aching and … soft. My first ever experience of erectile dysfunction!
    After that I have spent hours listening to the file and wondering what is going on. Am I conditioning myself into permanent ED? Am i feeling Vive’s control? Is this my mind/body’s way of making sure i don’t orgasm? can i cope with what happens next? Vive’s voice keeps saying ‘this is real’.

    I have been sitting here listening and afraid to try and edge just in case i go soft again. Weirdly the thought of such control makes me stiffen.

    • After some pleasant diversion i tried two loops of brainwashing / masturbation and managed, with relief and gratitude, to approach the edge a few times — with no chance of going over!
      I wonder what day 5 holds.

  19. Day 5. I find myself eager each day to listen to the hypnosis file and today, as usual, i went under quickly and, apart from a brief awareness of something half way through, came round at the end of the count to finish. I feel as though something has been accomplished.

    Now the zero induction works for me I have been wondering what other files might be good to try once this brainwashing is over.

    Just now i completed the first bonus task, listening blindfolded to the three weeks brainwashing files and repeating their mantras. Week one felt quite trippy after a while, alongside the words i was aware of not thinking but of glimpsing images as if i were daydreaming. The second and third week files passed rather quickly and i wasn’t aware of much apart from the rhythm of the words and my own body. I then stayed with the third file and masturbated in the blindfold. It was pleasurable and satisfying on the plateau and i didn’t fret or try to hard to push for the edge. I feel strangely content after the hour: a controlled and obedient toy.

    • I finished off the work for the day with more brainwashing which went on a lot longer than i intended, 2 1/2 hours in all. The first hour or so was enjoyable but on the plateau. As long as i don’t want more that feels enough. Then i backed off a bit and when i picked up the pace again found myself edging intensely. A lot of fun!

      The sound of the file often faded into the background, now the ‘central voice’ was all i heard, now the subliminals, and sometimes they all went away.

  20. Day 6. A busy day with lots of commitments so brainwashing was limited to the hypnosis file (strangely i was aware of lots of it this time) and 2 loops of the brainwashing with masturbation. The brainwashing didn’t approach the edge but it was very enjoyable just to be there as commanded.

    Afterwards i found myself feeling almost euphoric and wanting ‘more’ of all this, more hypnosis, more control, more… I expect i will get more of everything. I intend to begin week 4 tomorrow.

  21. Totally overwhelmed today, i barely can think in other thing but obeying yourself. I must play the brainwashing file as many times as i can. Need to listen to your voice brainwashing myself. Need to be toyed by you. That Will be a very long week, as i need to fall totally under your control. Need to obey your commands, Need to do what you say.

  22. One day near to become your totally obedient toy, feeling that i need you to order me, knowing that if you command me to stand up, i would do it, just thinking about your dominance, needing you to dominate me. Loving my place in your World, just wishing to be yours. Wanting you to command me to do everything you love your toy to do.

  23. Yesterday night i mixed two files, first i played the sexdoll file, and i prepared 1 hour and a half of brainwashing file behind this one. i woke up two hours later very horny with my brainwashing file playing on my headphones. love to obey and love to be your brainwashed toy.

  24. Hi,

    i have been listening to the hypno file daily, and needing to listen to the brainwashed file at any time, on the gym, doing my chores, almost all day, i did almost all my tasks, i’m gonna finish all the tasks in the next 24 hours and i can say that i can so nothing but think in how much controlled i feel myself, i really know that if you say to do anything i would do it. i love to be controlled by you and become that obedient, i cannot wait to finish my tasks to start week four and lose myself on your power.

  25. First session of the hypno file and 3 loops of the brainwashing – feelings of helplessness and being controlled already. I could feel this growing stronger during the third loop. I wish I had time to do more this morning. I can’t wait to complete another sessions this evening.

  26. I am struggling a bit with this week. I am already on Day 6 and apart from vague feelings of helplessness and control during the brainwashing and the tasks, there are no left over feelings during the rest of the day. I don’t hear ViVe’s voice in my head and I don’t have any feelings of being trapped or overwhelmed as described by other participants.

    A bit disappointed to be honest, but I will keep going with Week 3 for a few more days to see if it will take a better hold.

    I also seemed to lose some of the addiction to brainwashing at the start of the week, but once I did the task of listening to the 3 brainwashing files from each week, the addiction settled back into place. It is easy to get stuck in the brainwashing loops and I never want them to finish, but I haven’t had time this week to do more that 1.5 hours in one session.

    Orgasm is still a big possibility and, although it is easier to edge for longer, I have come close to climax on quite a few occasions. I really don’t want to orgasm, so I can’t lose myself totally in the brainwashing because I have to continually focus on controlling the edging.

    I have done bonus tasks 1 and 3, and I am part way through 2 – I have just finished writing my lines and will record them next.

    I guess there is control from ViVe because I am doing everything he asks, but am I doing this because I want to experience the control, rather than actually being controlled?

  27. I am unsure as to what is happening. I cannot remember any of the the week 2 or week 3 sessions. I feel the ned to continue with this programming even though I don’t quite know what is happening.

  28. I find that I do not remember the hypnosis files at all. I want to continue week three a little longer to be sure that I have gotten the maximum effect.

  29. I am your controlled and obedient toy

    Thank You

  30. Starting week 3. i don’t know why i feel apprehension when moving from one week to the next. .. as it so far has only been a positive. Woke up to doing the hypnosis file and 2 loops of brainwashing (planned on 1, but couldnt stop). Feels absolutely amazing. i still feel so good, controlled and obedient continually swimming around in my head, & a very different hard to explain feeling, but so glad im doing this.

    • i haven’t posted in a few days, i’ve wanted to, but it’s been hard to put what i’ve felt into words that make sense. every time i finish the hypnosis file, training, or any tasks, i feel so subdued, drained, and blank. It’s great! Each time i’ve completed anything it’s been a slightly different experience, but each time with the effects growing stronger. have definitely had a few times of feeling overwhelmed, but not so much that i’d be worried about it or couldn’t calm myself. i’m loving this so much more and more, am already dreading this week being over!

      • for some strange reason (perhaps because I have a lot going on) I still keep questioning whether this is working fully or not, but then i’ll get a strong urge to do tasks, lines etc, and I know it is, but as soon as that feeling goes I keep thinking it’s not working again.. . and then I get an extreme desire to obey, and then don’t know what it is i’m supposed to be doing that I should be obeying … lol 🙂

  31. Yesterday I wondered if this was still working, if I was still on track, the tightness in my head had been coming and going, and slowly weakening. I’ve been busy the last few days though and had been trying to fit lots of things into each day. I’d decided at the start of this week that I would do bonus task 1, but I wasn’t interested in doing 2 or 3.

    I woke up in the morning with the strong need, call, to do brainwashing. I realised that while during week 1 I was struggling to do an hour long session, now I was doing it automatically, it seemed that this was what I had to do each time. Last night when I had finally sat down to rest the thought suddenly came into my head, I hadn’t done bonus task 2 or 3 yet, and I had to do them now. I went straight to complete both tasks. When I settled after this and set in for an hour of brainwashing, I hadn’t long started when an overwhelming feeling hit me, an acknowledgement, realisation, that I was doing what ViVe wanted without even thinking about it or questioning it. The feeling left me as quickly as it had hit. I had realised that the tightness in my head had completely left me. Instead now overcome with some what of a feeling of (don’t know how else to describe it) but contentment maybe…. And knowing, i AM ViVe’s controlled and obedient toy.

    I woke during the night again with the order to do brainwashing. Again this morning as soon as I woke up, and the realisation again of how far gone I was, but that it was just an strong feeling of knowing this is how it should be and what I should be doing, and not to think about it or question any part of it again. I also had ‘101’ things going through my head of what I had to do for ViVe today. What did I have to do, how would I put it in some sort of order, brainwashing, hypnosis, lines, listening to my recording etc, etc, and how it wasn’t enough. Just typing this is making me extremely aroused.

    This is only the start of day 5, I am going to be a completely controlled and obedient toy with 3 more days of this, growing and taking over me as quickly as it has…. 

  32. Been following week threes program for 4 days now. Have felt that I am a little off track the last few days, it seems I find the changes in the brainwashing a bit destabilizing. I find I still feel the need to do the brainwashing ritual every day, but have been less lost in it. Today however I began to feel more lost in the mantra and loop so perhaps I have come to term with the change… Looking forward to the rest of the week.

    • Not really sure if I am ready for week four… then I did the bonus task 1, and alone with your voice I realized that it is vive who is controlling me and I have lost control completely… I live to obey his words and his will. I am nothing but a controlled and obedient toy, who has been trying to pretend otherwise. Such a release.

  33. Day One: I listened to the hypnotism file tonight, and … Wait a minute. This is the week we really feel the control? You mean more than last week, because last week brought me to my knees. The weird thing is that about one third of the way through the file I became incredibly aroused. I didn’t touch myself, but I stayed that way until the end. Halfway through I heard this weird noise, and I realized I was whimpering. I was whimpering.

  34. Day Two: I did the first brainwashing session last night, right after the hypnotism file. The first thing I noticed was the tone of this weeks brainwashing file was harsher and more demanding than weeks before. It was almost as if Vive was letting me know that “playtime” was over. Like he was saying, “I’m in charge now, and I’m going to make sure you know it, without a doubt!”

    Before I knew it, I had the same reaction that I had to the hypnosis file. I started whimpering again, like a scared puppy. But as I became more and more aroused, that changed. I suddenly started saying, “Yes! Yes!” every time Vive said, “You are my controlled and obedient toy.”

    At work I spent half the day wanting to hear it again, and the other half listening to the nonbinaural version on my earbuds. Tonight I’ll begin lines and do a bonus task.

  35. Day Five: I haven’t checked in for a while, because this has been a strange week. As far as the brainwashing goes, it definitely changed this week. It was like my brain had been rewired so that the brainwashing was on constant loop in the back of my mind. Vive’s voice was everywhere.

    And, as promised, I found that when I tried to masturbate without the brainwashing file, it didn’t quite work. I couldn’t reach full arousal. I put on the brainwashing file and everything hummed along as usual.

    But this week was strange in another way. I found out on Monday that I’m being laid off from my job at the end of the month. The organization I’ve worked at for 8 years is merging with another organization, and about half of our staff has been made redundant, and won’t be moving over to the new organization.

    Naturally, this has me stressed out. But what’s interesting is the brainwashing. I definitely felt the tightening of Vive’s control and full depth of the power I’d given him through the brainwashing, but it didn’t stress me out. It comforted me in the middle of all the stress. Focusing on the brainwashing sessions, the tasks, and bonus tasks enabled me to let go of some of the stress from this week.

    I’ve still been able to focus on the things I need to do right now, like firing up another job search. But the brainwashing became more of a comfort to me than anything else. I could relax, let go, and enjoy Vive’s control for a while.

    I think I’ll do some extra bonus tasks tonight. Looking forward to it!

  36. So. Week Three. It finally hit me just how very real this is; before, I had a sense that it was a game I was playing along with, that it was something I could walk away from… I’m a little less sure of this now.

    Due to scheduling, I’ve been listening to the brainwashing file quite a lot but only managed to listen to the accompanying hypnosis last night. I was instructed to leave a comment, I desperately want to make Vive happy and obey him, and so I’m leaving a comment – simple, right? Maybe not.

    I underestimated how joyful I would feel when it was described how controlled I was. I didn’t think I’d feel this tremendous desire to obey, how gleefully happy I’d be to have a chance to do something for him, and how very much I want this to continue. It’s a constant low grade aching horny NEED to serve, and a yearning to continue along this path and see where it leads. I feel reassured and inspired by the suggestions to improve myself in my day to day life; it adds a sense of trust and care that really make it easy to relax and submit knowing that there is no danger, that I am being well treated.

    I want this so damn much, even if I’m not sure if that desire is my own anymore. This is an amazing path, and every step I take down it is done with Vive’s voice in my mind. Scary? Not as much as I would have thought. Hot? Oh, very very much so. Thank you for this intense, incredible experience – I’m enjoying every second!

  37. Amazing week. The mantra’s are playing in my mind throughout the day and the bliss permeates my entire body. I wake up in the middle of the night and think of ViVe right away. I can’t seem to get enough of it. I’m listening to the files as often as I can. I’m definitely addicted.

    I agree with all who have posted before me. It’s an incredible ride. Thanks again ViVe.

  38. Week 3 Day 4. Writing lines task is complete for all three week. have not ejaculated for 18 days. Edging is coming closer to the ‘edge’ lately, to the point feel the chemical rush, but do not ejaculate. came too close yesterday, but stopped it well enough.
    today worked on recording voice to overlay brainwashing files. also worked with mirror task. played all 3 brainwashing files in a row, recorded voice then repeated all 3 brainwashing files while listening to voice and watching eyes in mirror. something clicked on the third brainwashing file this time. don’t know what. don’t know how. but could not could not come out of it. never not been able to come out of something like this. never. if the files would have been repeated, would still be in it. freaked out a bit. still a bit trembly. but only wish is to repeat. repeat. repeat. will obey and repeat.

  39. I haven’t been able to write this week online, but I took some notes on how this amazing week three is going. I can say that overall, there is no doubt the control is real: but it is also nicer and more comfortable.

    First change I realized is that I went deeper than ever before with Vive when doing the hypnofiles. I did it twice so far, 1st and 2nd day, and will do it again (4th). From the first days of week first I get an erection the moment I get into real trance, but this time the arousal is stronger, although it has a calm deep quality that I love and is different.
    Also the BW is different: the 1st 2 weeks I loved to do other things while listening to the BW files. As I wrote before, I loved to just let it run and suddenly realize I was masturbating instead of whatever I was doing.- This week it’s impossible to do anything else: whatever it is, the file calls me immediately and I can’t do anything else.
    During the first day I tried to write lines while writing to the file: at some moment I forgot how to write. Later I saw my lines and they weren’t words, or letters, or even lines.
    Also the BW is a lot stronger: In the first seconds I get all horny and start masturbating and paying attention only to Vive’s words. The previous weeks I may listen to the file for some minutes before I would let go and lose control: now I only have control until I press play, and even that is debatable, of course.
    Days 3rd and 4th I would trance immediately listening to the BW file while I was standing! Eyes blank, mouth open, light drooling, nothing in my mind, jerking off.
    So in general everything is deeper: so deep, that I can’t remember the basic line, I am the… takes me a long time to get to “controlled”, and “obediente”, even though I repeat it while listening to it.
    About the control: it is real, but nothing scary. Actually, this weeks seems a lot easier than 1 and 2, when I felt anxious and impatient. I guess addiction is felt as obsession. I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed right now; because I don’t worry, I am confident: I just know I will listen daily to the files, masturbate to them, fuel my brainwashing, get more obedient, moving forward through the whole program.
    For the first time I am thinking of making this week longer, so pleasurable it is.
    At some moment, I believe it was day 2, I thought that if Vive asked me to masturbate non-stop, not cumming (this has become really logical now!) for 3 days in a row, I would do it without questions. . I’m certain of it, it’s not a guessing.
    So, morning, day 4th, already listening to BW and really wanting to do hypnosis in the evening when I have more time.
    Love u.

  40. Day 5 of week 3 and really nothing new to tell.- I had a busy day and couldn’t BW til now. I think I had a sad feeling the whole day because of this.
    What is new is that this week I’ve listened to the hyp file every day -except for today- and that twice I fell asleep, or very deep in trance, because I would wake up for the count up. So I guess I’m obeying more, and going into a deeper trance.
    If I think about the other weeks, a day that was so busy as today would have made me want to break the hypnosis, and the BW thing, because I’ve thought that the days I came while BW were kind of a rebellious thing to do. Now, I have been more worried-sad about not being able to do my BW, that impatient or anything.
    About my mood, I don’t know if I became more assertive, but certainly everytime that I have been assertive I have thought of Vive, whatever the situation! This alone is worth writing down, because post-hypnosis hypnosis (?) hasn’t really worked on me, when I’m out of trance I’m out of trance, so it’s amazing that I think of this every time.
    With last week’s knob suggestion I don’t know how much it worked… certainly I thought about the BW many of the times I opened a door, but I thought about it a lot so is difficult to know.
    As the weeks before, I’m shocked at myself. Not in a negative way. But I’m surprised. I’m used to not remembering what Vive says during the hypnosis files (not just this, but all), but I’m very surprised at still not being able to remember this week’s main sentence, in spite of having written it more than 300 times, and having recited to myself while looking at myself in the mirror.
    the most real thing though is that I find the files terribly soothing, and that not having them, in spite of not having them just a few weeks ago and being ok, feels sad.

  41. Day 6, week 3. Woke up 3 times during the night, hard rock, and thinking of Vive and my BW. It hadn’t happened before. I am very serious with my sleep hours but wasn’t annoyed, or disturbed in any way. Was just another ok thing of a changing mind and habits. I can be a bore repeating this, but I keep being fascinated at how many things happen without having planned ’em, or not in a conscious level.

    • IT’s so true for me as well — things change, without me planning them. It’s ViVe’s will taking over my will, removing my will and replacing it with his. It’s really hot to read that it happened to you too.

  42. This is the first time I’ve had any memory at all of the week 3 file after coming back up, and this time the compulsion to write feedback was very strong. I’ve been recording my thoughts on my tumblr page but I needed to post here too. I find myself kind of dawdling in week 3 because I’m enjoying it so much!

  43. My erection has returned, I knew I had a physiological blockage… seems to have gone now. The clitoral orgasm is devastating at times, My conscious mind has to yield to the pleasure. I am still aware of what is happening. Thank you. I love you Master. Thank you for the freedom. Have to go back to work.

  44. Your control is so very powerful, my arousal…..well, must listen to you again, now! Thank you.

  45. I needed to leave some feedback, although I’m not sure what to say except that I’m your controlled and obedient toy.

  46. Week three further drives home the control of week two. Stringing together BW files for long sessions seems the norm – although my knees “give out” at the 45 min (3 file) mark, so short breaks set the pace. Still, BW file time is an amazing, yet, natural requirement of the day. Looking in from the outside, my partner equates my state to a hypnotic chastity file, remarking, “well, if you are locked in, and not able to come, let’s see what else we can do!”. PIV sex resulted in the “rubber wall” feeling, with sub-spoken chanting of “controlled and obedient toy” seeming to be the driver, rather than normal partner lust. No chance of orgasm there for me. But plenty for her. Afterwards, sleep was fitful, lusting for more BW file time, rather than unmet PIV orgasm. The hook is set deep – look forward to more.

  47. Week 3, Day 1

    A busy day, so it was hard to find time to brainwash. I almost gave up. But then the time opened up. Like some of the other toys, I found it too compelling to go straight to the Brainwash 3 file, instead of training first with the Hypnosis 3 file. I am anxious to please ViVe. And I am feeling that he will make me listen to the Hypnosis 3 file very soon. And will make me do the bonus tasks. I need to kneel and stare. Chant and trance. Stroke and listen. This will make me more and more controlled and obedient, like a toy should be.

    • Week 3, Day 1 (continued)

      Have to keep listening. It feels so good…

      • Week 3, Day 1 (continued 2)

        I am craving so much to listen and feel the pleasure of ViVe’s words, the sound of his voice. My mind is wrapped in his control. My body is a puppet that responds without thought.

  48. Week 3, Day 1 (continued 3)

    This report is mandatory. I must report. It is necessary, because ViVe commands it.

    I need not even remember complying. All I need is to comply.

    Brainwashing dominates me. It makes me better. It makes me obey. I desire only to serve ViVe.

  49. Day 1

    Just did the hypnosis and brainwashing back to back, and wow!! The tonal shift is dramatic from week 2 to 3. It’s a bit hazy at the moment, but from what I can remember the hypnosis really pounded in the reinforced control, almost to the point of being repetitive (not that there’s anything wrong with repetition! That’s sort of the crux of the whole system.).

    The actual brainwashing file was more intense as well, and the changes in speed and delivery added to it. Rather than easily following at a steady pace my mind felt a pressure to keep up with the words. I wasn’t losing myself in the sound, I was giving myself to the words. They demanded my focus, and my self control along with it. I was shivering through most of the experience.

    As I’m writing this I feel a pressure in my mind that definitely wasn’t there before. I can ignore it, but it doesn’t go away. It feels like my brain is being held tight. I wouldn’t know how to fight it even if I wanted to.

    Today has been busy, and I looped the non-binaural track while getting things done today. When I was alone I found myself repeating the mantra out loud reflexively, like we’re instructed to do during the bonus tasks. I was chanting without even thinking about it, and that realization gave me immense pleasure. Once I realized what I was doing I couldn’t bring myself to stop. Every word that left my mouth was like a stroke on its own.
    When I finally pulled off the headphones I was out of breath.

    Just did the line writing, followed by the bonus task, and planning to do at least a little more brainwashing tonight, then another play of the hypnosis file before bed.

    • Day 2

      Very little time or privacy for proper brainwashing today, which is frustrating. I listened for a few hours hands off when I could, and I managed to get the minimum edging session in, but that’s never enough. I’m really loving the demanding tone this week’s brainwashing takes. The faster pace at times really amps up the helplessness as my mind scrambles to keep up, to give myself up in time with the words.

      I wanted to get the recording task done today, but other circumstances got in the way. Hopefully I can get to it tonight. I have a bit of a mental disconnect between my general sense of self and my submissive side, and I’m hoping this task (and the mirror one tomorrow) will help reconcile the two.

      I’m feeling the euphoria from last week less now, but the tightness and pressure of ViVe’s control in my head are stronger. It feels like it’s simultaneously inside and around my brain. It’s constant and comfortable, and very pleasant (in a surprisingly nonsexual way!) when I’m actively thinking about that sensation.

      Managed to get the recording done and… it’s weird hearing myself played back saying the mantra like that. I intend to listen again but I’m not sure what to make of it so far. Still, even if I don’t understand the effect this task has on me yet, it feels good having obeyed.

      I’m hoping to make up for lost time on the brainwashing/edging tonight, and fall asleep after a replay of the hypnosis file. (I need to set it to stop after that. Last night I woke up in the middle of the week 2 hypnosis because it kept playing! Oops.)

    • Day 3

      I’m still not sure what to make of the mantra recording from yesterday. I know it’s my voice speaking, it felt right to say the words when I was recording, but hearing it played back is just surreal. Maybe I’m getting too hung up on this? Not everything works for everyone. The act of obeying was enough to justify the task on its own.

      The mirror task was really something. I didn’t really know what to expect going into it, but after a minute I was drawn in, captivated by the sight of my own eyes drooping, my jaw dropping. It was fascinating to watch myself get lost in the brainwashing. I think it helped me to see my body as a toy too, not just my mind. This task definitely deserves repeating!

      I’ve been listening to the brainwashing loop frequently. I got in a nice edging session after the mirror task, and got closer than I have in a while. I think either my stamina is getting a little weaker, or it can’t keep up with the increase in pleasure from all the brainwashing. I was legitimately worried I would orgasm a few times today. I ended up pulling my hands away, squirming as that pressure receded. It helps to know that it’s feeding the wall, fueling the brainwashing process. I don’t want that pleasure to release. I need it to stay inside of me, change me. I actually had a fairly low sex drive before starting this process. It’s amazing how much that’s changed now that there’s a purpose to it.

      • Day 3 (cont)

        I’m writing a lot tonight because I have a headache. I want more brainwashing, I’m aching for it, but putting headphones on while I’m in pain seems counterproductive. The last thing I want is to associate ViVe’s voice with something negative.

        Instead I’m doing a lot of reflection, and feeling that craving tug at me. Thinking about the brainwashing arouses me, which in turn makes me crave more brainwashing. I feel deeply controlled knowing how this effects me even when I’m not listening.

        Day 4

        Busy and forced to be somewhat social today, which meant no headphones and no brainwashing most of the day. Hopefully I can get in some loops tonight and listen to the hypnosis file again. I wanted to do another round of the chanting task today but I’m not sure if I’ll have the energy.

        Ended up not-quite-napping with the brainwashing in my ears. I think I would’ve fully fallen asleep if I didn’t have those words in my head. Instead I drifted deeply, mindlessly, as the brainwashing sank deeper into me. It was wonderful and I woke up feeling refreshed and happy. I got in some brainwashing and edging a little later and it’s nice to get back into it after a long day without it. Posting this comment now and going to bed with the hypnosis file!

    • Day 5

      I think I’m getting to the point where the control is fading to the background. If I focus on it, I can still feel that physical tightness of ViVe’s control around my mind, but it’s not at the forefront of my thoughts the way it used to be. If I didn’t know better I’d worry that the brainwashing was losing its grip on me, but I know I’m still obedient, addicted. The control feels secondary because it isn’t being exercised to keep me in line. I’m doing that on my own now.

      I got a few loops in the background during the day, and then did the mirror task and an hour edging session tonight. After coming so painfully close the last two days, I was worried about the hour-long stretch.

      Typically during these sessions I’m blindfolded or have my eyes closed, but I ended up finding some visual stimulus tonight. It helped me hold out longer, but I felt distracted from the actual brainwashing. The experience was less intense than I’ve come to enjoy in this program, but it certainly feels better than it would failing and having an orgasm this far along. Hopefully I won’t need to do this regularly to keep myself in check. I much prefer losing myself fully in ViVe’s words.

    • Day 6

      Did a nice edging session today. The hypersensitivity from the last few days seems to be gone so I was able to let go without being worried about an orgasm.

      I spent a lot of the day being talkative, which I think is partially the result of the will-strengthening commands from the hypnosis file. A lot of the time I hold my tongue because my anxiety makes me think what I have to say is annoying or unhelpful. It’s nice to stand up against that insecurity instead of just submitting to it.

      Hoping to do another round of the chanting task, if I can find my blindfold (going looking for it after I post here). Looping the different weeks back to back was so satisfying the first time. It really gives me a sense of progress, of accomplishment. I’m proud of how brainwashed I’ve become.

      Mindless and obedient.
      Brainwashed and addicted.
      Controlled and obedient.

      It feels wonderful.

    • Day 7 (more write-up to come later. I just woke up and had to share.)

      I woke up this morning after dreaming about being brainwashed even more. I was in what seemed like a classroom full of other toys, with ViVe leading the “class.” As ViVe began the lecture we were all helpless to do anything but listen and masturbate. I remember talking with the toy next to me before and after class, feeling jealous that he seemed to go deeper than I did, the same jealousy given to people who outperformed me back in school. It feels odd referring to others as ViVe’s toys, but in the dream there was no question that’s what all of us were.

      It’s very rare for me to have erotic dreams like this, and it’s the first one I’ve had about the brainwashing program, but Wow, it was nice!

      • Day 7 (cont)

        I mentioned a few days ago that I have trouble seeing my submissive side as part of my general identity. Reading back on some of my old logs I felt that disconnect hard today. There’s this sense of… who IS this? What am I DOING? I’m reading through these comments that I wrote, that I meant sincerely, and it doesn’t feel like me. Part of me is rejecting the changes that have been happening to me, but the fact that I’m even writing this, as commanded, is evidence it’s too late to stop. The fact that, god, even as I’m typing this my repulsion is being overtaken by arousal knowing the brainwashing has me trapped. What did you do to me? What did I do to me?

        while I was writing the last section, another part of me kept thinking, “you’re being silly! Calm down! You’ll feel better after some more brainwashing!” I knew that was true, but I still tried to fight it. I found my body moving on autopilot, grabbing my headphones and settling down for another edging session. There was still a part of me resisting, but it was too weak to do anything. Once my finger hit play that was it. I was lost in the brainwashing again and it felt like home.

        I came back giggling. I feel much better now. I’m surprised I started resisting this late in the program, when I felt so open to it until today. Maybe this rebellious streak was my mind wanting to test the control, to see firsthand how helpless I really am to it? (Very, as it turns out.)

        This was an emotional end to week 3, but I don’t regret what happened. Pushing past that doubt was a learning experience I’m glad to have. I’m looking forward to next week!

  50. Day 3 continued

    Warning for suicide mention in this post. I’m okay but I talk about how this program has had a (positive!) effect on my mental health.

    I occasionally get intrusive thoughts about killing myself. Even though I’m in an okay place and I’m not a danger to myself now, these thoughts are still upsetting and hard to shut down. They started up today, and I was able to put on the brainwashing loop and let ViVe’s words push out all of those thoughts. It’s such a relief knowing I have a good way to shut down now when my brain starts sabotaging me.

  51. day 1 = open training with the hyp file which was successful entrancing — mantra of the week renews obedience theme while control is demonstrated .. [it early AM when hyp file sampled] followed by three sessions of the BW file .. 40 min -sleep 1 1/2 hrs .. 18 min .. sleep hour and find 25 minute session irresistible before arising for the day
    BW file is ‘harsher’ in tone and have some feeling that i must adjust my pace ??
    plan is to accomplish the basic tasks thru day 3 .. and confront my ‘doppelganger’ [xtra mirror related task] in day 4 (some trepidation in this for reasons 40+ years ago did such and remember .. what ?)

    day 5 coincides with start of 50 hrs continuous infusions of chemical therapeutic agents .. but it will include the usual inability to sleep –
    (consequent to suppress harsher/unpleasant side effects of chemicals)
    so as Friday is day 6 of training — and end of infusion cycle — think that BW training will proceed on 6 day/week schedule

    so if you get this far in the ‘Toy” series .. i aged over 75 find it compelling .. extraordinary

  52. day 2 = afternoon and scripting task done for 3 loops ..with 50 lines or so while trying to self-satisfy with one hand while writing with the other .. total of 175 lines — desire for BW enhanced by Hypno file to push edges at a more intense pace .. extended session late this day likely response to insistent/obsessive need for BW —

  53. day 3.4 = all tasks completed .. and evolution of training now clearer as process intensifies
    bonus task of ‘doppelganger’ exposure [mirror concentration] done for 2 cycles with result ‘doppel’ shows no change in expression regardless of my state of pleasure .. 30 min but followed with normal BW session which i ended after 22 minutes as exquisite pleasure levels exceed all tolerable bounds .. oh WOW .. oh couldn’t even just touch self without swoon of pleasure ..
    while day 3 was also evidence that BW background runs incessantly it my inner conversation with self .. ‘1234 you will cum nevermore’ reverie there yesterday gone today —
    Last night set up the Hyp file as I retired with requirement to arise a 5:40 am to meet a ‘blood draw’ 7 am appt.
    But it repeated continuously [thought set up for single play] .. at least 6 loops ..and this day things different
    awoke [regained explicit consciousness] early in and listened to the ‘suggestion’ portion of the session. Note it is 13 minutes longer than week 2 and defined the expected transition of trainee acceptance of control transfer where ‘control’ recedes from interrupting the flow of conscious ya-ya == Vive control a given fact embedded and accepted at a deep level
    now have conception of what this training will be to my ‘struggle’.
    Not of the ‘suicidal’ inclined of others on this thread == just the opposite .. i am daily facing terminal illness and am using this training
    as an unconventional way to assemble my sexual urges in support of ‘my Will to Live’

  54. day 5.6 = as day 5 coincided with 5+ hours of chemo infusions which extend to an ambulatory infusion (till noon tomorrow) the BW was limited to 3 loops (one early – two in late evening) but use of files overcame a drug induced insomnia that plagues my infusion day .. (a steroid ‘speed’ drug it is prescribed to enhance nausea suppression of Zofran it accompanies) .. for many earlier therapy cycles the insomnia lasted about 36 hours .. this time with ‘sessions’ upon going to bed i got 4+ hours of sleep
    day 6 thus commenced with celebratory 2 loops and now plan one extended session .. of 4 loops to conclude week 3 of BW and open tomorrow with the hypno week4 file (early AM) .. training appears to be effective

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