Brainwashed Toy – Week Four

Brainwashed Toy – Week Four

Welcome back to the most intense journey I have offered you so far… This isn’t just a hypnosis or a loop or a series of files, this is a complete system, this is brainwashing. Real brainwashing…


Week Four Content

This week your journey will be much more pleasant. You know that I control you and you’re deeply obedient. Now it’s about feeling how good my control and the submission to me feels. Making you feel really safe in my control, and letting go, so you drift down into deep subspace. It’s all about enjoying the results of your brainwashing on a deep level, feeling the pleasures of being a brainwashed toy, and having more positive effects on your everyday life.

The mantra of week four is: You are my submissive and open toy. / I am your submissive and open toy.



Some of my brainwashed little toys wanted commands from me, so they can feel the pleasure to obey. Of course, all of those are completely voluntary. Except… maybe you are so brainwashed you crave to do it?

1: Every time you wash your hands, begin by holding your left hand into the stream of water for a second.

2: Before you start eating, repeat one (or all) of the mantras in your head.

3: Write all your mantras on a small piece of paper. Fold it, and put it into your shoe. It’s safe from anyone who can discover it, but you might find you will be aware of it all day. Once you’re home, take it out. You have worn it close to your body all day, so the control of the mantras is in you now. Find a safe place to burn it, and do so.

More to come?


Comment by ViVe

The warnings are the same like last week. If you didn’t listen to week one, two and three – go back and start there!

This week will feel really good. You can enjoy the deep bliss that comes from being my brainwashed toy. This week’s goal is to have you experiencing the pleasure and deep submission of a helplessly brainwashed little toy. Just kick back, enjoy the ride and feel the pleasure.

Next week, I will release you. Or you can give the control to someone else. Or you might want to go on for another week.


The Files

Hypnosis File: The hypnosis file.

Brainwashing File: The Brainwashing file you use for your training.

Brainwashing File (No Binaural): A version of the brainwashing file without binaural, you can have it run in the background doing other things, when you have to be able to stay focus on other things.


I swear I’ve read the whole description before I download the files. I know what I’m getting into. I know that I listen at my own risks and that I’m going to be brainwashed. I have listened to Week One to Three and did all the tasks.


Hypnosis File mp3 42 min

Brainwashing File mp3 15 min

Brainwashing File (No Binaural) mp3 15 min

The Venus Labyrinth (license)

  1. First a word about the commands we toys have been given. I looked at them yesterday when I downloaded all the files. They were compelling. The washing of hands is actually how I do so normally, so that wasn’t as exciting as the other two. The mental repeat of the mantras before every meal was wild. I am not a religious man and never have been… but obeying that command in particular felt like “saying grace”. I little prayer to Vive before each meal or snack. Totally unnoticeable by anyone around me. I feel such a private and pleasant rush of delight each time I performed it.


    Which I am about to do… now…

    However: The third command I haven’t had a chance to comply with. I work from home and have not left the house or even put on shoes since these came out.

  2. Hypnosis file left me feeling like I do after a lengthy D/s session. It’s not an easy thing to put into words, so I basked in it for a few minutes to reflect on how best to describe it.
    Sadly, that reflection failed. The best I’ve come up with is that it’s just a deep sense of personal freedom and delight… like my passions are released and sated yet (per my personal disposition) tightly regimented.

    That was all I had to say until I logged into the site. Just coming to report here has brought me multiple little pseudo climaxes. 2 or three really potent thrills to my sexual core. I actually (but incorrectly) thought I had finally been given the promised orgasm, but there is no evidence of it at all. I was simply hit by a powerful rush of sexual delight, more delightful than all of my Brainwash sessions or the tactile activities that come with them.

    This experience never ceases to amaze me. Thank you Vive!! I am going to put shoes on solely (sorry… couldn’t resist) to comply and feel those four mantras seep into my body.

  3. My adherence to Vive’s commands continue. I have had no time to partake of a Brainwashing session today, however. I will do so along with my lines in the morning.

  4. Because of my lack of activity on this yesterday, I started the day early with the Hypnosis file. This trance is so liberating.

    I have experienced this week’s Brainwash file the same way I first experienced week 1’s: by completing my lines. The change Vive points out in the comments above is very noticeable. The tone is completely soothing and puts me at ease from the very beginning. The Binaural Beats used are turned down to be barely audible at the volume I normally listen to it. I briefly turned it up for a while to confirm I wasn’t on the file without binaurals.

    The same triggers Vive has woven into this web page are in the Brainwash file, as I am hit repeatedly by the “pseudo climaxes” I mentioned above. It’s a wonderful combination which I predict will be truly beautiful when my hands aren’t busy writing.

    There is no doubt in my mind now about going on with week 5!

    Thank you again, Vive!

  5. Sorry I didn’t write any updates for a few days, life was incredibly busy. Thank you ViVe for asking if I’m ok, and thanks to the two other people who asked him. I got around to do a bit of listening, but no really long sessions, so here are my thoughts about the new recordings.

    In general this week felt like a strong course reversal at first. After going more intense in the last weeks, it’s suddenly very soft and gentle. At first it was weird and felt like a step backward, but I found that’s it’s absolutely not. It’s amazing.

    The hypnosis file didn’t feel so different from the others in terms of the tone of voice. I can’t really remember anything from the content, not sure if I was so deep or fell asleep, but when I woke up I felt very submissive and subspacey.

    The brainwashing cause an instant reaction. I felt extremely submissive and I had the thought that I wanted to cuddle up on ViVe’s lap and let him pet me. The desire was incredibly intense. I have no idea where the it came from. The whole experience is different to the last weeks, not as controlled anymore, but very much cared for and protected.

    I also started with following all three commands. The first one is interesting, and especially how quickly it became something normal. It feels nice to obey, every time I obey it feels amazing. I also did all the mantras before eating and I wore the mantras in my shoe two times so far. The piece of paper is very noticeable, it feels very different from the sole and you think about it a lot. Keeps you very aware all the time, except when you are really distracted, in which case it doesn’t bother you. Very nicely thought out.

    Having a chance to obey ViVe’s orders feels just absolutely amazing. And I have the impression that the more I listen to Week 4 the more intense the subby feeling that obeying brings grows.

    • Glad to hear that you’re okay and that things are going really well for you with the files! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how it goes once I get that far.

    • I too am glad all is well. I figured your absence was just a matter of real-life grabbing your attention.

      Your input was missed. Welcome back.

      • Thank you! And sorry, life is really chaotic right now, it’s hard to find the time for the brainwashing, even more so to write feedback.

    • Ok, week four is almost done, not as much as the last weeks, but I had a chance for a long brainwashing session yesterday.

      I don’t really know what to say, except that I feel incredibly submissive to ViVe right now. I did some brainwashing earlier, and it always leaves me in a very submissive state. I feel really good in my “normal” life, the confidence boost is really strong and changed me. I loose all time when I have enough time for the brainwashing and always wake up on my knees now.

      I’m going to jump into week five, though I don’t really know how to add on my state of submissiveness and obedience. Right now ViVe could order me to do pretty much anything and I would do it. I would love to do it. But I’m curious for what is to happen to me.

  6. You know, Vive, I’m curious about what you’re going to do with all these brainwashed worshipers when the program is over.

    • The amusing, yet simple answer is: Whatever he chooses to.

      That said, it warrants an open response:

      The beauty of this experience has been that it was totally safe to try. I am deeply under the influence of Vive’s process, and genuinely don’t want to be released from it. That bias aside, I know that I WILL be released! There was never any doubt of that going into this.

      Vive pointed out in his blog regarding the series that (among other safety measures) a main goal of its design was avoiding emotional dependency. That in itself had to have been a monumental task, but I believe he succeeded. I don’t feel emotionally tied to Vive, just a deep sense of joy in complying with his requests and commands.

      In the end, the real answer, then, is: Catch and release.

    • ViVe

      I always wanted a minion army…

      Seriously… it’s about the experience itself, about being brainwashed, not about creating brainwashed toys. So they will be released or they can hand over control to someone else.

  7. I listened to the Hypnosis file for the third time this morning. Nothing new to add to my observations really.

    The Brainwash file continues to be a delightful break to my routine throughout the day. I listened to it 3 times yesterday and have already one session of it today.

    So blissful!

    Thank you, Vive.

  8. 4 Brainwash sessions today. The sense of bliss continues to be the primary impression I have from the experiences. This feeling of euphoric fulfillment caries over to my adherence to the before eating command and, recently, the washing of my hands in the prescribed manner.

    I can’t say I notice any special effect from wearing the mantras in my shoes other than the knowledge of a job well done.

    I adore this feeling! Thank you Vive!

  9. Time for week 4…
    I started out by listening to the hypnosis file today, but I tried something different for the brainwashing. Three weeks without orgasm has made edging rather risky, and I’ve actually started to prefer listening to the brainwashing loop without touching myself at all, since listening alone is enough to put me at the edge, given the added gift of pleasure from the hypnosis file itself.

    So, for a bit of added fun, I listened to the ‘Drool’ file, stripped bare, donned the blindfold, and spent the next two hours listening to the loop. I can’t say I’ve ever had the pleasure of edging this way before, but it certainly won’t be the last time. The pleasure I felt each time the drool landed was a combination of the sensation and the fact that I was obeying. One of the most pleasant edging sessions of the past few weeks, and all without using my hands.

    I’m glad the loop is more soothing this week, as I’ve taken to listening to them while I sleep. Last week’s was a bit more difficult to fall asleep to, I’m hoping this one will be easier. The commands this week, while I’ll most definitely find myself doing them, seem like a step down from previous weeks’ tasks. I was hoping for something more involved then a simple reminder here and there, as I already find myself thinking about the brainwashing too often as it is!

  10. Day 1. A surprising start 🙂
    I listened early to the brainwashing file while i started my day and thought only ‘oh, that feels quite mild’. Later on i had time to listen to the hypnosis file followed by a single loop of brainwashing / masturbation. I was rather aware of the hypnosis contents as i tend to be the first time and i tend to expect that to mean they won;t have a powerful effect. When i came around from the trance however i felt such a lazy, delicious, feeling that i stayed there for a while. The strange thing is that i didn’t think it was anything unusual until later. When i went to the brainwashing file my feeling about it was completely transformed. I was in a wonderful spacey state and my attitude to masturbation was completely different. I wasn’t trying to edge, or trying to do anything. I was just there in a lot of pleasure, not thinking much or wanting much apart from being there. My thoughts were on the simple side: ‘Oh fuck that’s good!’ ‘It’s great i can’t cum’. It was a completely different kind of pleasure to the pleasure of edging — but i can’t for the life of me describe the difference right now. Maybe ‘deep’ rather than ‘intense’…
    At the end of the loop I was able to stop immediately without effort and feel really free and delighted.
    I like this! Thank you Vive. I am your submissive and open toy!

  11. Surprises continue… I was dragged out of a second hypnosis session by a phone call — and it turned out to be a difficult call which left me in a bad mood for the rest of the evening. I tried listening to the brainwashing file while i was catching up with online stuff with no change in my mood but once i put other things aside and listened while masturbating i had a small rerun of this morning’s experience. Just so pleasant to be there and enjoy my body for Vive. Not as deep as earlier but enough to change my mood.
    I want this process to go further and deepen.
    PS I intended to follow the first two commands today but missed every opportunity! I need to put my mind to it tomorrow.

  12. Day 2. Three hour brainwashing session: edging is back and it feels even better than before but it is also different when i am not striving for it or worried about it. It felt like a gift and i am grateful.
    I am a little amazed that at nearly 4 weeks without orgasm i am horny but with no desire at all for one — and the brainwashing sessions are as addictive as ever but when the time is over i can stop easily, mid-stroke, with no hanging on — i am not sure i want this to stop.
    I smile every time i wash my hands …

  13. Day 3. Lots of worries intruding on the hypnosis file this morning and that felt like it kept me from letting go but again once the file finished i was in a lovely spacey state happily moaning to myself for a while and then having a 30 minute brainwashing session in the same mood.

    The day itself was challenging but remembering i am a submissive and open toy helped a lot with little gusts of that post-hypnosis state.

    Just now done an hour brainwashing with about half of that in a very stimulated state riding the very edge. It is so different from previous edge play (before the toy program) when there was always a temptation to be fought to go over the edge. I actually get so much pleasure at knowing i can’t and don;t want to at all. Somehow I am not suffering from the usual withdraw symptoms — even the genuine horniness is in its place. I feel it satisfied by obeying Vive’s tasks and commands.

  14. Day 4. i used the hypnosis file early on: i lost awareness this time and i felt very delightfully vague and subby for quite a while afterwards.
    I also did my lines which still felt like a chore but a pleasant one.
    The highlight of the day so far has been wearing my mantras in my shoe. I don’t notice it when i am working — apart from the occasional reminder that i am a toy. But when i am walking from point A to point B where my mind would usually wander or i would be working something out instead i am feeling the mantra at every step — with two results: one is i slip into reciting my current mantra in time with my walking; the other is that i get quite a buzz out of it and i have been walking around most of the day with some extra weight (shall we say moist weight) in my trousers which i am very aware of. It feels great to be Vive’s submissive and open toy.

    • I love the pebble in my shoe! It really gets me into that sub space.
      I have also done two sessions of brainwashing (2 loops each time) and it continues to feel great, especially when i respond to the mantra. I feel i want to go further in some way that i can’t describe or imagine…
      The thing i can’t get to happen at all is the mantra-before-meals command. I can be telling myself right before the meal to remember but the next time i think of it is after the meal is over and i have missed it out. I am a little exasperated but the feeling is more of seeing the funny side than fretting about it. I’ll keep trying but i think i will have to let it happens if it wants to.
      I have had this thought repeatedly today: i don’t want this experience to be over!

  15. Day 5. i do love the hypnosis file but probably the best bit today has been the paper in my shoe which has been a constant reminder and has had me echoing my mantra all the time.
    A long brainwashing/edging session too which seems to have kicked me up to a new level of horniness unlike anything i have known before. It feels intense and yet there is no increased urge to orgasm just to wash my brain and edge.
    it is amazing how this process keeps finding new places to go. Again i keep thinking i don’t want this to end — even though i timed it to complete just in time for a busy time with work.

  16. Day 6. After i wrote my last entry yesterday i felt drawn back to more brainwashing but immediately discovered that my penis had some very sore, almost raw, spots. So i applied ointment and left it.
    This morning i was feeling very lost at the thought of no brainwashing today but that’s not how things turned out.
    i used the hypnosis file again and had a spacey and largely unaware experience which i followed by listening to brainwashing while writing more lines.
    By this time i was able to do a couple of gentle and rewarding loops of the brainwashing without more than a little tenderness.
    I am very surprised at the feeling of loss at the thought that i might not be able to carry through the program fully today. I wasn’t simply missing the masturbation, nor was it anything to do with ‘missing’ Vive… maybe something about missing being that submissive and open toy and showing it more and more. I think the experience taught me I am that toy at a level deeper than whether i masturbated or not.

    I have just downloaded the files for week 5. Like i said i don’t want it to end yet. Or even — i write now — ever.

  17. Well I’ve just started week 4, and all I can say is WOW. I’ve enjoyed the experience so far, but even just having done the hypnosis and 2 loops of the brainwashing file this morning (several hours ago) and still can’t stop thinking about it. I don’t know why towards the end of each week I still question myself, whether I’ve been doing enough, whether the effects are what and as deep as they should be. (I think it’s just my need to always be making sure i’m doing things right! :/ ).. and then this week starts and it just feels amazing, and I know i’m doing the right thing, and that I’ve been doing as I should, and every thing feels right 🙂

    • Im definitely loving this week. Already trying to justify why i might need it to go longer… would it hurt if it lasted 1 1/2 weeks? 2 weeks? Ha… i just don’t want it to stop. Then of course i would have to make week 5 last longer 😉

      Has there ever been thought of a ‘maintenance’ file… just enough to keep remembering about this.

      I know im controlled, i want to be more obedient each day, pleasantly overwhelmed with ever growing submission, & the extreme edging when brainwashing im sure is just enforcing it all so much more 🙂 Completely loving it.

      • You may be tempted to go longer, but you know what ViVe intends, and you know what a good toy would do with that knowledge, don’t you.

        • 🙂 I do know. and can’t wait to find out how much better it will feel next week. just being in such a contented, submissive, happy state… hard to think of anything else..

      • every day amazed more and more of how deeply this has gone, how much it is affecting me, how it seems to reach a whole new deeper level every day – when I think I couldn’t feel any more submissive or controlled.. so glad I got to try this and experience where the journey has taken me so far.

  18. Oh my god… such a wonderful feeling of submission and total obedience without question. Completely open and on my knees for an hour feeling so so good and happy to know that I am 100% controlled and a toy. Came out of the state covered in drool and still masturbating ever so happily on the edge.
    I am tingling all over and it is the first day of the week, I haven’t yet listened to the hypnosis and I long for more of that submissive, happy, open and obedient feeling lost in subspace. WOW.

    • I am so so feeling submissive it is wonderful. I can’t wait to return to the bliss of the brainwashing loop – I know I could just listen over and over and over in a completely blissed out state. However, I have other things to do so I just remember the wonderful feeling and tingle all over with pleasure knowing I am a completely submissive and open toy 24/24 7/7 controlled and owned by Vive. I want to stay here…

      • It is amazing i am becoming more and more submissive… i think of Vive and i know i am his toy and need to stop myself from kneeling as submissively as possible on the floor. For the loop now i can’t stop without external help… if an alarm does not go off, a bell or something I just am kneeling on the floor, masturbating and listening over and over again in more and more submissive bliss. Each time i think i have given complete submission i find a way to be more submissive and so get more pleasure. I am completely out of my own control, owned and wishing to be controlled by Vive. This week is amazingly intense, exciting, rewarding.

  19. Day Two: This feels really good. There was no struggling or feelings of anxiety or desperation during the brainwashing session. I just laid back and enjoyed it. Last week, I finally, truly surrendered to it, and just accepted that I’m on this ride and Vive has the wheel.

    I think this week is going to be the end of the journey for me. For now, anyway. I’m curious about week five, but if I go another week without an orgasm I just might explode. The physical effect was more than I expected. But in a way it’s kinda of a reminder of my submission. It’s like Vive has me by the balls, and occasionally gives them a little squeeze just to remind me who’s in charge.

    It’s gonna feel sooooo good to finally have a release. I’m definitely doing the release file when this week is over. I love the feeling of the control, but I don’t have a Dom or anyone in my life that I’d want to transfer it to who’d also agree to or want to take it. (I’m assuming I’d have to tell the person I’m transferring it to, and they’d have to know I was doing it, otherwise I don’t see how it would work.)

    I’m in a relationship with someone, but he’s not a Dom at all, and doesn’t have any interest in a D/s relationship. So, transferring it to him wouldn’t work, would it?

    But I have a feeling I’ll be back to take this journey again. Maybe 6 months or more from now.

  20. Day Six: I can’t believe I’m almost at the end of week four! Just when I feel like I’ve stopped struggling with the brainwashing, it’s ending. I know I have the option to do week five, but I’m like 99% certain this is where it ends for me. I’ve already had a longer, more intense brainwashing experience than I’ve ever had before. It was just what I hoped it would be, and it held some surprises for me, too.

    I surprised myself by struggling against it at first. Saying I want to surrender control and give someone else the power to control me is one thing. Doing it, and then finding out just how much power I’ve given to someone, and realizing all the things they COULD do with it, was something else. It guess I discovered what surrender really means.

    And the control is so much more intimate because it’s in my mind. It’s also inescapable for the same reason. I imagine having a physically present Master in control means that sometimes you can grab a moment of freedom here and there. Not so with this. The control is there 24/7, everywhere you go.

    Even though I was giving up control to Vive, it wasn’t easy. I’ve been using Vive’s files fora couple of years now, so his control already felt familiar to me. Plus, since I stated with his “Mine” series, I’ve always felt some part of me was, well, his. Still, this was different, I don’t think I ever felt what it was like to have someone take that much control, and so forcefully and confidently. By the third week I knew I’d been mastered. I was broken, surrendered, and just lying facedown on the floor.

    And that’s when it changed. I got up and just accepted that I was in Vive’s control the same way I accept that the sun rises in the morning and sets at night. Or the saw way that I accept that my heart beats. Now, in week four, it feels like Vive’s control has just become a part of me. Like wearing a ring or something. I know it’s there even if I don’t think about until I see it or touch it.

    I almost don’t want it to end now. But I know it’s time for me to end this experience. I need the release. Still, I will miss the control. I like to transfer it to someone, but I don’t know or have anyone to transfer it to, or who would want to take it. And I assume I’d need to tell the perso I’m transferring to, and they’d need to accept it. I’ll be back for another round of this series. But not for a few months, at least.

  21. Started week 4. Like others have said it is amazing. When doing the loop it doesn’t feel like I could go over the edge even if I wanted to. As I have said, I know the goal is to hand this over to my partner so I have been focusing on her throughout the process. I am providing a high level of service without even thinking about it. I also have managed to drop all sense of “male entitlement” or expectations on her.

    I am under a fair amount of work stress at the moment and as a nice side effect this weeks files have caused that to completely vanish. Even though the pressure is there I feel no effect from it.

    Once again, thank you!

  22. Day 2 of week 4.- I love the hypnosis, I come out of it smiling sillily, but I feel the BW files feel a bit anticlimactic and I can’t bring that same feeling to the BW training. Maybe there’s something I don’t understand about being submissive -I’ve never been into any S/D situation and I even had to look for the meaning of subspace- but I’m not worried, because I’ve also gone through different phases and understandings with the idea of control. Maybe in another day I can feel more, but so far, as I say, I feel less controled. At the same time, I have to admit that today I masturbated more than ever to the BW files. 😮 Anyway, thank you!

  23. Day 4, Week 4.- It is difficult for me to realize big changes from last week to this one, unlike with weeks 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 where the change was dramatic.
    So far what I’ve realized is that this weeks seems a lot less erotic and sexual than the previous; I think I miss that, but there’s not a lot I can do about it. I have mixed feelings, because at the same time, this week I am masturbating for a longer time and more frequently; something that hadn’t happened to me but that is becoming regular this week is that if I’m too long without listening to the loop I will find a way to listen to it, even if it’s only a few minutes. Nothing that really disrupts my day, or my work, but I need to lock myself in the rest room and listen.
    The training is working, and for the last 2 weeks I haven’t gone over the hedge again, it doesn’t feel like a possibility.
    I don’t know why I have the mixed feelings. Maybe I was liking the intensity and now I miss it. But I realize that the control is big: if I make an effort and think rationally I imagine I could quit, if I got bored for example, if I didn’t get the intensity I want, but at the same time I realize that is not possible anymore.
    After listening to the BW for a while I feel happy and relaxed, even if I listen “hiding” in a forced break.
    I still can’t remember what this week’s mantra is; that already happened to me last week. I can’t remember any of the hypnosis and I fall in a deep trance easily. This part I really like.

  24. Day 5, week 4.
    It’s being the weirdest week of all.-
    I had this feeling that there was no difference between this week and the former. If anything, I felt less erotically charged, although -out of habit?- I was masturbating more, and finding more spaces for brainwashing.
    Yesterday I did the task of writing lines. It was weird.
    Since I had all these thoughts, at some moment, well after I had written the 100 lines, I decided to pay more attention to what the file was saying in its loop, since this week and last week I have a big amnesia about this file. So I tried to write some lines as I kept writing my “I am your submissive and open toy”.
    I see now that most of the things the BW says I was already feeling: I felt good and safe, I already feel I need to be a toy and be Brainwashed, I also felt cared for, good, amazing. So, really, no big changes.
    About the subspace thing, I think it would be good that the hypno file had included some info on this; Vive can be very pedagogic, and it would have been good to learn about this language and attitude.- When I started my brainwashing I knew I wanted to go beyond hypnosis and really feel control, but wasnt’ conceptually prepared! 🙂
    ANYWAY; It’s been really shocking, and nice, and erotic, to find what I had written in the several pages I was writing my lines, besides them and the notes I took from the loop.- At some moment I started writing only “I AM YOURS”, in big letters, and went on for a while on this. Then I changed to my language (Spanish) and kept writing “soy tuyo” (I am yours) and “Soy tu juguete” (I am your toy).
    It is so shocking. I believe shock is my favorite part of this thing. I know that I am myself, and that Vive won’t make me do anything I don’t want to, but anyway I find myself in strange situations, freeing myself as I obey Vive.
    Yesterday I really felt the urge (my urge) to write the lines (because “I am playing this game”). But it was a HUGE URGE. Being way into the 4th week. But I didn’t have my own space. I hid in the restroom and started writing. Not the greatest of ways, sitting down in the toilet with a folder on my kness. I was just writing. NExt thing I remember is I am bent over the sink, with my pants down, wanking and writing. And I thought: isn’t it strange, to find myself in this situation, that I looked for, I guess? I am loving it. Thank you Vive, Gracias

  25. Listened to the hypnosis file, cried. I did this (brainwashing)knowingly, the tears are wonderful. Thank you, you are genuine, good people. I continue my voyage with continuing confidence. Hope I can find someone to give myself to…..I doubt it. There are always friends here.

    press play…

  26. My erection has subsided once more…..the wood has gone. Not interested in the masturbation files. Love the hypnosis files, nearly go over to deep space, stronger each time.

  27. You Naughty Master! I have finally written my lines, hate doing them, hated doing them at school where they were a punishment! I completed the lines at one sitting, ten lines at a time, had to pause to subdue the euphoria. However once finished I could hardly stand….. Staggered….collapsed into bed to listen to your hypnosis 4 file once more.

    I agree, the more horrid lines I had to do at school the more I detested the place, they were driving me away. Your lines gave me pleasure (no more please!) they brought me closer to you.

    You are a clever Master. I love you.

  28. How long can I stay undecided? By the way …..laughing and pleasure…lots! Thank you.

  29. One consideration: Well before getting to week 4, one needs to find and apply a significant long-term lube to enable hour long BW sessions. Four weeks ago, hard to comprehend that I could endure, much less desire a daily one-hr ritual. Four weeks ago, using a slick and lasting lube would have created a fear of “over-edging” quickly. Now, no fear or expectation of orgasm, even though BW sessions create sustained arousal, and constant horniness. Conscious, but also “losing control” quickly in BW. The sense is surreal – BW means an hour of bliss and zoning out to incredible pleasure. I desire BW constantly, and struggle to comprehend the need for orgasm. Enjoying the ride, and wonder where the journey will go next. thank you!

  30. Day 1

    Busy day again. Barely had time to listen to the brainwashing loop at all, and what I did get in felt sort of hollow without the hypnosis laying down the foundation. Once I got home I was too tired to do much of anything. It feels off not starting the week with a the hypnosis file. Tomorrow should be better.

    Day 2

    Got into the hypnosis file today and it was wonderful. The whole tone of it was so tender and comforting, while still managing to sink me deep into submission. I’m still a little spacey writing this, and I’m feeling the euphoria from week 2 again. Time for another round of the brainwashing!

    It’ll be interesting to see how well I can do the bonus tasks this week, since (aside from the paper one) they’re changes to things I’m usually on autopilot for. I never remembered the eating task until after the fact day 1, and the hand washing task was hit or miss. I think my biggest struggle with these will be remembering to do them consistently.

    • Day 3

      Busy again today. I’m regretting my timing a little bit in starting this journey. All the packing/moving business is making it harder to find time for brainwashing this week. Hoping to get a few loops in tonight.

      I’m getting better at the bonus tasks, though! I only slipped up once with the eating task, and the hand washing is coming along. It’s not automatic yet, but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be. Is it better to obey on instinct or out of a concentrated desire to please? I guess the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

      Ended tonight’s edging session physically shaking with pleasure. It’s shocking how intense this is without ever reaching climax. Just thinking about the brainwashing gets me aroused now. I don’t have to touch at all to feel that heat building, it just happens automatically when I think about ViVe’s control for longer than a minute.

      Hoping to get the lines and another listen to the hypnosis file in tomorrow. I don’t like putting them off this long into the week.

    • Day 4

      I was able to listen to the hypnosis file again today, and it left me feeling blissful and submissive and fuzzy again. The programmed reaction to being called ViVe’s toy really intensifies subsequent listens!

      Bonus tasks are coming along. They’re still not automatic, but I’m doing them consistently now. It’s easier to remember them than it was yesterday. Planning on doing the mantra task tomorrow!

      Brainwashing today was extremely pleasurable. I was shaking again during parts of it. I followed up the edging with a few minutes just listening and enjoying the pent up pleasure, then wrote my lines with the brainwashing in the background. I will say that the lines aren’t my favorite task. My hand cramps easily and writing too much at a time can quickly become painful. Still, having the brainwashing on while I write is a good way to keep me focused and diligent, dedicated to obeying. There’s something incredibly compelling about looking back at my notebook and seeing pages and pages of mantras in my own handwriting. It’s a powerful reminder of how controlled I’ve become. I’d gladly do more if ViVe asked (I’d gladly do most things ViVe asked, I’m sure).

      Following up with another round of brainwashing after I post this. I mentioned yesterday that just thinking about the brainwashing arouses me, and, well. Writing these logs is teasing in its own way.

    • Day 5

      Started off the mantra task. Went to work out with the mantras in my shoe and the brainwashing in my ears. It added some comfort to what usually feels like a chore. Lots of passive/background listening today. My nice headphones broke and the last two days were spent with substandard audio quality. I replaced them today and it’s so much nicer to have ViVe’s voice ringing clearly in my ears again.

      I listened to deeply fractionated last night (it was wonderful!) and I’m eager to see how the heightened suggestibility factors into another play of the hypnosis file tonight.

      Slipped up on the eating task a few times today. Once I realized my mistake I repeated the mantras in my head several times over for each infraction. Got home late tonight and I’m not about to wake up my roommate to get a lighter, so burning the mantra paper will have to wait until the morning.

      Just played the isolation induction following by this week’s hypnosis file and then brainwashing. I went incredibly deep for stretches of it, and definitely lost awareness a few times. Very pleasant!

    • Day 6

      What can I say about this week that I haven’t already said? Listening feels right, safe. I wasn’t able to listen as much as I wanted to, but I always want to listen, so I guess that’s to be expected.

      I was unsure about continuing to week 5 due to my schedule, but after some encouragement from ViVe I think I will. My main concern was not having the time for as much brainwashing as I want, but the time spent in between those sessions is valuable too. That desire to listen and lose myself hangs in the back of my mind when I’m busy, never interfering, but always there. It’s proof that this process has worked, and it’s just a little more satisfying to dive back into the brainwashing after a day spent mostly without it. There’s a sense of relief, like I’m finally home.

    • Day 7

      Regrettably little time for brainwashing today as I was around family most of the day. Just above an hour of total listening, but only 30 minutes edging tonight. The time I did get in was intense though. There were times when my mind felt physically small, like it was curling up on itself to make more room for ViVe’s words in my head. Even when I’m busy like this, when I can’t afford to lose hours of the day to brainwashing, the pleasure just comes in shorter, more intense bursts.

      Should have some time tomorrow morning to properly kick off week 5, and I’m looking forward to it. I was originally thinking about stopping at the end of this week, but I don’t feel like the brainwashing is done with me yet. I am ViVe’s toy, but I’m not quite a finished product.

  31. day 1.2 = opened week 4 with early AM hypno file followed with BW file around 7am .. and clearly, as those others who posted on this thread, the change to week 4 is startling in its ‘tone’ .. ever soft and soothing .. the coincidental point in my therapy cycle found self ever so fatigued and pleased with the new ‘pace’ of training
    not compulsive regarding BW sessions they instead will be sampled in loop bites as days progress .. odd tasks proffer minor problems [don’t wear shoes in home –put mantra script inside sock? .. maybe so]

    As i overcome the chemical fatigue of my therapy the ‘BW training’ appears to reflect the submission to Vive control

    Notable is ‘mindless’ is restricted to the submissive training and a ‘dumbing’ has not occurred to impair my intellectual hobby/pursuit — as i for fun create computer software in the area of stochastic simulation.

    am considering what i might ask Vive as ‘chat’ tomorrow 5pm GMT

  32. day 3 = content with the new pace of tr-loop .. found four-loop session day 2 provided good basis for two loop sessions subsequently [given my age two loops of arousal seems a bit of a physical limit] while if loop a third time arousal wanes and then waxes into greater sublimity
    thus today will do the scripting task as ‘openness’ expands with another session of the hypno file late evening

  33. day 4 = quiet progress with 170+ lines scripted while listening to BW file [oddly noted that on few occasions ‘obedient’ is substituted for ‘open’ in BW mantra] – not noted until listening while scripting
    move on this day to the extended mantra chant task with subsequent 4th hypno session of week 4 file.

  34. day 5 = hour chant to past weeks mantras + loop of BW finds self with heightened state of anticipation of week 5 prospect .. 3-loop of hypno file overnight — awake on exit of each .. consciously aware through just early half of the inductions .. odd dream remembrance of mix of hypno suggestions with other subconscious dream themes ..
    remaining task of ‘mantra script in shoe’ — planned for all day 6

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