Pig Identity Generator (PIG)

Pig Identity Generator (PIG)

This file is for a certain little pig… and all other pigs.. it’s not really pig 3 but more like a booster file, helping you to accept your real identity as a pig… no effects like in the other pig files, just helping you to accept that you are a pig… it’s what you’re meant to be! Use headphones…

Pig Identity Generator (PIG) mp3

Pig Identity Generator add-on – The Task

This is a little add-on to the PIG file… (though you can listen to this alone) It will give you the desire to do a little task… something that always reminds you what you are… just a little pig! use headphones…

Pig Identity Generator (PIG) mp3

Pig Ident
thornypup via photopin cc

  1. it feels good snorting listening to this file again. it always keeps coming back too these files. binge and purge then binge again. thanks for these files vive.

  2. I really appreciate your “Pig …” series. I can understand everything quite well so far, though, but as you’re a native German speaker like me, I was just wondering, if and how it were possible to get a German version of these sometime :)

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