Magic Panties

Magic Panties

This file will make you experience having female genitals whenever you wear female underwear. It will slowly train you to the point where every time you wear female underwear, you will see a smooth mound, you can feel and play with your pussy through the fabric, because you will be unable to reach into them. You will also find that you get easily aroused and starting to produce precum, which you will perceive as being wet. Over time you will learn to completely forget that you have a cock, whenever you wear female underwear.

NOTE: There are two versions, the full version will also make it impossible to get an erection while you wear female underwear, in order to keep up the illusion. If you’re uncomfortable with it, the cut version lacks this part.

Full Version

Magic Panties (Extended Pet Induction Full) mp3 41 min

Magic Panties (Extended Night Ride Induction Full) mp3 38 min

Cut Version

Magic Panties (Extended Pet Induction Cut) mp3 39 min

Magic Panties (Extended Night Ride Induction Cut) mp3 36 min

Lady in black panties sleeping on the sofa cc

  1. Wow, have to think about this one. All I ever wear are panties….

  2. What if you already have a vagina?

  3. O h my, how wonderful is this file.
    Giggle, that silly little clitty is all gone.
    Now I have a pretty little mound and super soft sensitive lips.
    Feel so girly, thank you Vive.
    Now I need a cock to fit inside !

    Monique xxx

  4. i know maybe i am the only one but if u can make a briefs version of that lol it will be so nice tank you anyway. 🙂

  5. Could this effect removed by the Deep Clean? So is it more a trigger or conditioning file ?

  6. This works ..Try the FULL Version ..I have had a limp penis ages in panties ..listen 2 times for best effects and sleep in panties as well

  7. I’m currently working with a hypnotist to make me permanently unable to get an erection or orgasm whilst still being able to feel highly aroused and leak lots of precum. This file looks interesting since I wear panties all the time, even in bed under the nightie.

    As much as I would like the effects described here I’m concerned as to whether it would interfere with the work of my hypnotist. Should I wait before listening or can it be complimentary to current conditioning ? Irreversible conditioning to believe I have a pussy would be nice.

  8. I’m so glad I I used your trance booster file first. It allowed me to relax and truly let go completely for the first time. THat was wonderful! I can’t express how much I’m enjoying your voice and your files; they are amazing thank you so much!

  9. Can we plze get a hypnosis that would make one uncontollably horney for panties when sees them or even if that one looks at where panties would be worn they would rape the wearer mercilessly

    • We call them knickers in the UK.But yeah, I’d love a file like that makes me want to buy, wear, and become incredibly aroused in knickers/ panties.”You want to wear panties” hypno is my favourite video, and also “Panty Hypno”. Str8 guys like me don’t want to be entirely sissified, but just enjoy a knicker fetish.

  10. While the main part didn’t work, I wasn’t able to get hard at all. As soon as I took the panties off, I got hard. That was worth this being my first.

  11. After a first listen, while there was some confusion, the only thing that stuck was the suggestion that I couldn’t stick my hands in my panties. It was perhaps slightly more difficult to get hard, but I didn’t notice much. I should note that I didn’t actually wear the panties while listening, just put them on after.

    After a second listen, during which I actually wore panties while listening, I achieved partial success. While touching myself, I still felt my factory-standard equipment, but it felt like it was in the way, and that my actual (female) genitals were somehow just underneath. I masturbated to orgasm by touching my “clit” and “labia,” and I only got about half an erection, so that’s working somewhat as well. Also, it was really hard to think that I had a “cock”– in my head, I had a very large clit.

    First day and already results… I’m hopeful.

  12. Hi folks,
    I came back to this file last night.
    After listening I slipped on a pair of pink cotton panties, very girlie, just couldn’t resist.
    I was hard as anything waking up but was surprised at the speed that I went soft and flaccid once the panties were on. Fun that and no matter how I rubbed my mound that was it. Until the panties were off and n the draw again I had a pussy and not a cock. Curious hey.

    Vive I wish you’d done a grow boobs file. Any plans?

    M xxxx

  13. Yummy a boobies file would be fab I for one would never have my bra off

  14. I was wondering about the effects of the FULL version:

    Will there be any erection issues when not wearing panties?

    I guess Vive is using a few of his “evil tricks” to generate limpness, so… do these limp effects ONLY affect the listener while he is wearing panties?

    • Yeah, you’ll be able to get erections again after you take the panties off. There’s no permanent effects outside of what happens whenever you wear panties.

      • Ok cool. I’m super excited and super scared at the same time… haven’t tried it yet.

  15. Magic! This file certainly has magic.
    I listened to it a first time last night and was amazed by its impact on me.
    After a second listening I confirm, there was zero chance of me getting a hard and I was convinced I had a pussy. So much so that I spent a lovely evening ‘jilling’ off and finally cumming in a spectacular orgasm, all without any sign of any form of erection. WoW Vive!

    Merci Monique

  16. after listening could I listen to female only files while wearing panties?

  17. at a bit of a loss with this. nearly everything with this file works apart from the getting hard part. dunno why but it doesnt.

  18. Is the listener supposed to wear panties while listening to this file?

  19. A lingerie pride file would be amazing! Just like Bimbo / Sissy pride, with a focus on wearing panties, bras and stockings.

    It would combine really well with this Magic Panties.

  20. I just listened to it and I am even masturbaying as I right tis and now I don’t want to take my panties off.

    I am a slut

  21. Listening to this everyday while wearing panties everyday would make the illusion a permanent effect right?

  22. Oh my god!!! I used to struggle with staying limp when I tuck myself but now I not only stay limp but I actually feel like I have a vagina after listening and obeying this only once 🙂

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