Satnav Submissive

Satnav Submissive

Have you even noticed how obediently you follow the orders of your satnav, but don’t get the submissive pleasure you experience when obeying a human dom? This file will change that, it will give you a nice submissive bliss whenever you’re obeying the orders your satnav gives you. As long as you’re participating in traffic the subspace will stay at a low level, but will be very pleasurable. And once you reached your destination you will feel a wonderful state of subspace, staying with you for as long as you want and are safely able to enjoy it. You will also develop a strong desire to reply to your satnav whenever it gives you an order, and thank it when you arrived.

The file leaves it open if you want to see it as female or male (depending on the voice of your satnav) human dominant or if you rather want to submit and be ordered around by a machine.

READ THIS: This file is a curse. There are a lot of safeties that will keep you focused in traffic and prevent you from replying when it’s unsafe (with passengers in the car), but it will still make you permanently feel submissive whenever your satnav is turned on and giving you directions. Be sure you want it!

Satnav Submissive (Extended Pet Induction) mp3 40 min

Satnav Submissive (Extended Latex Induction) mp3 45 min

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  1. You Sir, are an evil genius. That’s an amazing idea, can’t wait to listen!

  2. How do you come up with those ideas? It’s incredibly scary and tempting all at one.

  3. The question is what will happen when the Satnav is wrong?

    • ViVe

      As a long time listener, didn’t you notice I’m a bit of a safety fetishist? Of course there are suggestion to prevent that… in that regard you’re probably safer with the file than without.

  4. I’m not really sure how to start. This file is really something different, and unlike anything I have experienced so far. Of course I gave in to the temptation and listened, and while driving home yesterday I gave it a go and turned on my gps even though I know the way. It was a weird sensation, I definitely felt the subspace sensations, but at the same time if felt locked in the moment (for lack of better words), I couldn’t really drift down too deep into subspace but stayed focused on the traffic. I was a bit worried about it, but it turns out it keeps you safe and in the moment. When I got home and heard the “you have reached your destination” bit, it hit me really hard. I felt incredibly subby, and as if I just did something that made my top really proud of me. I profusely thanked my GPS and it felt amazing. And the thought of being submissive and obedient to a machine was so arousing I had to do something about it right away! It was an amazing experience and I look forward to more. 5/5

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