The first Kiss

The first Kiss

This is a little fantasy where you’re bitten by a vampire. They will catch you on the street, bite you, invade your mind and mark you… and leave you in a very teased state.

The first Kiss (Latex Induction) mp3 35 min

The first Kiss (Pet Induction) mp3 30 min

The first Kiss (Leash Induction) mp3 27 min

vampire girl cc

  1. I listened to the Leash induction and you sure pulled me deep down.
    The story enthralled me I was certainly paralyses and I found myself tilting my neck slightly to accept the bite.
    It was so erotic.
    M xxxx

  2. I had a sexy and fun time with this one. Any plans for a sequel? I think they plan on coming back. They did something….

  3. I was curious to try this as soon as I read the description. Not exactly sure why. But vampires are often portrayed as charismatic and sexy. It was very late on Thursday and I was tired but it was still on my mind so… I tried the leash induction version since I had not tried it before. I went into trance more slowly with this one. My guess is it just was not as appealing to me as some of the others. But a great induction. And I really went deeper once the count got to 3. I remember being aware of the vampire. And then I remember being told I would be brought out of trance just prior to the count up. I am not sure exactly what happened. I felt a little sexually frustrated. In a good way. And thoughts of the vampire drifted through my mind. I went to sleep. Awoke the next morning still thinking of my vampire encounter. Still feeling an erotic connection. I wanted another encounter…

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