Kidnapped. Drugged. Brainwashed.

Kidnapped. Drugged. Brainwashed.

As the name suggests this is an intense non consensual fantasy in which you are kidnapped, drugged, and brainwashed with pleasure. And of course it has a happy end.

And that’s ideally all you know before you dive into it. If you really need spoilers you can find them below the picture. There are no effects after listening.

This file is very intense. If you have any doubt if it’s for you, listen to something else. This uses a fractionation induction, so you shouldn’t drive or use machinery for the rest of the day.

Kidnapped. Drugged. Brainwashed mp3 67 min

Spirit Levitation – Out of Body Experience cc

*****SPOILERS***** Contains: Sleeper scenario, drugs, helplessness, being exposed, sensory deprivation, immobilization, breath control, extreme pleasure, orgasm, brainwashing, destruction of your old identity, turning you into a blank slate ready to be programmed.

  1. Just listened to this and i’m still a bit woozy. That was amazing. Just wow.

    I should probably add a spoiler warning. SPOILERS!

    I loved the forced breathing, it was incredibly intense, and combining the drugs and timing it to the breathing was just mindblowing. Even though I knew it was just a fantasy and I’m in my bed, I was feeling so controlled it was really scary. I was completely dependent on you just for my breathing.

    The whole drug thing was completely insane. Feeling pain and fear coming up, and feeling so good falling down, even though my brain was screaming it was wrong was an incredible mindfuck. A part of my mind yelling to wake up, to escape, but you made the bigger part of me wanting to fall, to give up.

    And the end. That was just perfect. Exactly what I needed. I won’t spoiler anything. But damn, it was the perfect resolution. Thank you for the file, and an extra big thank you for the end.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. That was completely insane. I’ve never been in trance so deep and I work with some hypnotists. I can’t even explain. I’m just in shock. Loved it but in shock.

  3. That was insane. Don’t have words yet, but wow. Incredibly intense!

  4. Oh my god. That was beyond words.
    A master piece Vive, a true out of body experience.
    I was captivated and transported from beginning to end.
    For number 2 (if there is one) can I suggest a reclining chair like a dentist chair or something and some restraints and a blindfold, while they’d be totally unnecessary they’d mess with the mind even more.
    Thank you thank you thank you. And thank you again. It was sublime. I’ll be back !

  5. Wow. I’m still woozy as I type this, can barely hold up my phone, guess I know what that “fractionated feel” means. I had a coughing fit during the induction but once I restarted the file I went right back down. Where do I begin? The drug in the beginning, knocking me out, really worked. I couldnt feel anything, couldn’t think, I don’t even feel like I was conscious. Very well done. I’ll avoid spoilers as much as I can but it was a phenomenal experience, best trance to date.

  6. Writing this the next day. I went really deep with this even though I got startled awake by a noise part way through the induction. Couldn’t really feel my body for most of it and the panic you described at one point illuded me completely. I went physicaly and mentaly deeper than I ever have before so it was overall an amazing experience. I did not reach orgasm when it came to it though and in most files with an orgasm command I feel the weak begining of one but never fully reach it. Would love some tips on how to reach that point but I still loved the file. Would rate 9/10 (Only lacking due to my lack of orgasm).

  7. That was incredible! I’ve been listening to stuff on this site for almost a year now, but this one had the best effects on me by far. Please do a sequel, or at least more files with this induction

  8. Wonderful! I think it is my new favorite (and I do love a lot of your files)
    The induction is incredibly effective.I felt under in only a few blinks and then it didn’t stop, I just went down, down, down…
    I really hope you do a secuel or use this induction in other files. I would like to see the aftermath of the brainwash in some file though, some action once the mind is gone and there is no choice whatsoever, I don’t know
    However this was really fantastic! I am so grateful for all of your files and all the fantasies we get to experience thanks to you

  9. Simply amazing. I wasn’t sure the fraction induction was working until i became lost deep in trance. The jolts were incredible.

  10. My new favorite!! Absolute work of art!! You have outdone yourself!! Thank You!!

  11. I liked this one too. Not one I’d use everyday, but it brought me down really far, and the “drug” really felt like it was there. Every movement I made felt slow and heavy. I’m still feeling the effects of it. Kinda glad I had my slut string on. 🙂

  12. What can I say, wow, just wow. I have never HFOd while under but this file did it. Along with the deep trance, the drugs made me tripping, just the whole thing was perfect!

  13. Oh my goodness. What a trip! And that ending! I liked the progression from confusion to being made aware of what’s happening gradually. Thank you for making this and making one of my wildest dreams possible.

  14. This sounds really fun! Unfortunately, I’ve listened 3 times before bed and keep waking up the next morning with no memory of the contents… the last thing i can remember is the fractionation. Do you have any suggestions for helping me remember this file when iIwake up?

    • Sure.. listen when you’re less tired. Or skip parts of the induction.

    • Yeah, I’ve had the same happen. For me, it’s generally just a matter of finding a time when your body doesn’t want to take advantage of being super relaxed as a lead in to sleep!
      Either a night where you’re not that tired, or even better if you can find a free bit during the day, it’ll probably go without a hitch in that regard.

  15. Oh my god. This is perfect. Never have I ever had an orgasm from a file before. The realism is amazing. I think this has to be the best trance I have ever experienced, including my experiences with in person trances. I am truly astounded by how deep I got. Thank you for making this.


    I could go for more of the fractionation induction. It’s so warm, heavy, and happy. I even numbed away from the fact I was in a bed after a while. I’m still really limp from it. ^~^
    Thoughts are still a little slow. Felt quite gender neutral too. Most of these arousing files tend to focus on one gender, not complaining, except when most of those target women. To have one that either gender can numb away to is nice. Really fast paced. Might be just that much better if there was a little less rush in your voice. It felt a little like there was an urgent emergency to get me into the trance. But again. Very very enjoyable. (Sidenote, I only came once… I think, So I’m not sure what happened.)


    This was totally awesome and was left in awe at how realistic it felt. Even though I have a very vivid imagination I do have problems visualising things yet with this particular hypnosis I could see myself leaving my flat and approaching the car and felt myself getting into it.

    I even found myself picturing what ViVe (my abductor) looked like and for some reason in my head he seemed to resemble the arms dealer dude from James Bond For Your Eyes Only. That fractionation induction always knocks me for six to the point where I eventually feel like saying “leave me alone and just let me sleep”, I guess that’s why it is so very effective.

    The drug effect was so lifelike and even after the session had ended I actually felt like I was sort of drunk for a bit. Thanks so much for letting me experience something very different yet at the same time feeling perfectly safe. Amazing!

  18. Wow. This sounds awesome — except the part about orgasming. I’m a brainwashed and addicted toy soon to enter Week 3 of its training and so orgasming has no place in my life. But if ever ViVe does command me to orgasm, this file sounds like a very good way for that to happen.

  19. This is going to be a long comment. I’ve been on the fringe of the erotic hypnosis kink for a while. I enjoy the fantasy of it, but didn’t really want to personally experience it, you know? I came across ViVe’s stuff accidentally many months ago and honestly, I’ve very glad I did. I finally decided to try a file last night since I had an evening to myself, and the fact that ViVe is so ethical really made me feel comfortable enough to do it.

    I decided to go for something not really involved in kink and tried the Deeply Fractionated induction on its own. For my first time with actual hypnosis I was surprised at how easily I went into a trance. It was a strangely familar feeling and I ended up listening to it three or four times. When I finally came back up (at least I think I was back up), I made a spur of the moment decision to try this file as well, since the induction on its own worked so well.

    There are spoilers below.

    This file was intense and extremely vivid. I didn’t expect it to feel so real; I felt true terror and dread well up inside me, as well was peaceful, drugged calm and tranquility. I also didn’t expect the orgasm trigger to work, and yet I had what was probably one of the strongest orgasms to date. Honestly though, it was the aftercare that really put me into a blissful, happy place.

    Thank you for such a great experience, ViVe. Your work is really enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to see where else you can take me!

  20. Wow. This file went through a lot of fantasies together. Very hot and enjoyable. Especially with the cuddling treat …

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