Forget a File

Forget a File

This file helps you to forget any other file. Put this in a playlist before the file you want to forget. There is no awakener at the end, so you start into the following file already in a deep trance. It will not only make you forget the content of the following file, but also reinforce all the effects. It’s kept short, so it’s easy to add it to any file you want to listen to.

Forget a File (Intention Induction) mp3 11 min

Forget a File (Clicker Induction) mp3 11 min

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  1. Was just thinking something like this would be handy. Definitely testing out later.

  2. What whould happen if you used this file to forget this file

  3. Is this good for conditioning files or better served towards fantasy files or both equally ?

    • Since it aims to have you forget what happens during the file, but experience the effects more strongly, my instinct would be that it’s better used for files that are intended to have a lasting effect (such as conditioning files) and not so great for files where the experience during is most of the point (fantasy files).

      Disclaimer: I’ve not listened to the file so I’m only going by the file description.

      • thanks Grey. Shadow. I listened again and this time I picked up in the file what you said. Not sure why my first experience made me think it would take away the effects of all the training I had done with those files up to this point. Silly ditsy moment I guess. I use the clicker induction and I l like how quickly it takes me down.

    • I tried it with conditioning file. When this file ends i really didn’t remember what i’ll listen to next. But i was sure, that it will be safe, so i had no doubts about listening to it.

    • ViVe

      Both… it can be a booster for conditioning (as it’s all new, and you have certain mental processes again, thereby boosting it)… but the basic idea was to be able to experience a fantasy for the first time again…

      • So would it be worth it to always play this before a repeated listening of a conditioner or rather every once in awhile? I think I have a grasp, but want to make sure.
        Thank Vive

  4. What if you have already listened to the file several times already? Do you forget the previous listening too?

    • My experience is that you subconscious doesn’t lose anything, so the conditioning and triggers are not lost, but your more present mind will have a mild amnesia regarding to the file while you listen to it. So when you listen to a file after this, it feels like the first time. One example for me is Feminine Conditioning. I have listened to that file for over a year so many times , sometimes I feel like my mind gets bored with the over saturation. When I used this file before it for the last listen, it really felt like a new file and the feelings and emotions the file creates were definitely back to where they used to be when I first started with this file. Really great little add on Vive. Never would of thought of this.

  5. Please do make this In a flac version.

  6. If I put this in a playlist with another file, do I need to remove the induction from the other file? or does it make no difference?

  7. Why cant I access this file, it keeps showing me a 403 forbidden error

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