You’re amazing!

You’re amazing!

This is a little self affirmation file, telling you that you’re wonderful, with all your quirks and kinks and fetishes. It’s intentionally short so you can train daily with it, and accept yourself more and more with every listen.

You’re wonderful (Candlelight Induction) mp3 14 min

You’re wonderful (Intention Induction) mp3 11 min

You’re wonderful (Clicker Induction) mp3 10 min

Storm in a Tea Cup cc

  1. How sweet! How endearing! Everyone needs to hear this! Goes really well with the intention induction.

  2. This is wonderful, I am wonderful 🙂 Thank you Vive

  3. Ohh, and really nice with the candelight induction! Perfect!!

  4. Whoa. Thank you. Just what I needed for a pick-me-up when I’m down. I used the one with the Clicker induction and I really appreciate how short and effective it is.

  5. Thank you, this is great. I would love more around self care and trusting our instincts, so much healing happening there 🙂

  6. I listened to the Intention induction version of this file. It was my first time with that induction and I found it fairly effective, especially the forceful clicks where the drop felt very noticeable.

    One part of the file that really struck me, though, was the part where you say “when you think about other people, those are the things that make them really lovable” the truth of this was so powerful I actually started to cry… Good job, and thank you!

  7. This was very nice, and I really liked the Candlelight Induction. I love candlelight. Some of the moments of my life I’ve enjoyed most have been lit by candles. They make it easy to feel peaceful and to enjoy both simple and profound things. I loved having the message of the file fit with the induction so beautifully.

    Thank you for this.

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