Quiet Trigger

Quiet Trigger

This file will give you a trigger than anyone you allowed to use it can use to hypnotically gag you, until they say “you might speak”. You can also trigger it yourself, in which case you will be quiet for 5 minutes.

This is a very short file, I’m experimenting with how far one can push recordings so you can have more hypnotic fun in less time. Please give feedback!

Quiet Trigger (Candlelight Induction) mp3 14 min

Quiet Trigger (Intention Induction) mp3 10 min

Quiet Trigger (Clicker Induction) mp3 10 min

They made us stay quiet. cc

  1. I thought this file was really great. The short length and the clicker induction were amazing. I hope you keep making these short files.

  2. Listened a few days ago, and it´s still working. I can think and create sentences as usual but they can´t leave my mouth. Writing is possible but it seems as it costs me a bit effort to start.

  3. Vive, I have a question. Can I listen to this file and give no one the trigger so I am in control of when I am quiet?

  4. Wow my spouse by accident used the trigger word and I had to let him know how to release me. So I used my phone and gave him a text.
    He laughed at me then made me suffer for 2 hrs.
    My mouth slammed shut and it felt like my tongue was filling my mouth. I could not make a sound oh I so did try the more I tried the more quiet I became, so after 10 min I gave up.

  5. Personally I really like the short file format, I really enjoy your files but it’s always been an issue for me to get half an hour to an hour of alone time in which I feel like I could properly enjoy the file without anyone or anything disturbing me. This was fun, and currently it works (not with text thought… could we have a text variant? I have an online Mistress I work with and and I think she’d really enjoy that).

  6. I echo ticklemeplease7’s comment about the text variant?
    And/or a limitation on words? If not total silence ?
    Your files are so great, nothing has ever worked on me before. You are very good!

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