The Thing Fractionation Loop

The Thing Fractionation Loop

This is an objectification fractionation loop. Just loop it, and feel your humanity and individuality fading away, as you slowly turn into a mindless and obedient thing. You know your only function is to serve humans, and you want you to be the best thing you can possibly be. Like with the fractionation loop the effects will completely go away within a day or two once you stop…

This is a fractionation loop, and aimed more towards experienced hypnotees. If you don’t have experience with fractionation, start with my “Deeply Fractionated” before you listen to this.

Be careful, this is evil. If you loop it, use a sleep timer or something similar. When you loop it you will be out of it for the rest of the day, so don’t drive or do anything dangerous. Be safe!

The Thing Fractionation Loop mp3 10 min

inesplicabile cc

  1. ……

  2. it left itself a list of instructions before it listened once, and it began to comply immediately upon file completion by writing this. It shall append to this post multiple times prior to posting.
    It assesses the trance as deeper than that from mindless fractionation. As mindlessness is conveyed in some form with this file it intuited it may be worth analyzing the different files’ layers to see if a cross-pollination of tracks might be beneficial.
    It now begins to read fiction with intent to immerse deeply, 15 minutes post listeen; recognizing the utility, it will timestamp future posts (0125 local)
    The effect after one listen shows little sign of attenuation 1hr in. (0215L). Some processing being necessary to complete the command, mindlessness had diminished, but is now reasserting.
    Going to sleep imminently, will append and post on wakeup. (0217L)
    Effects wore off after sleep (1015L), definitely plan on listening again soon.

  3. This felt like the most effective fractionation loop yet. Loved it. Looped it 3 times. All it could think afterwards was, it’s purpose is to obey. Then, it has to listen again, over and over.. even now a day later all it can think of is how good it will feel to listen again. Once more cant hurt can it!

  4. I love this!!!! Please, please, please make more….

  5. it had originally thought that it should recharge its object string with a few listens to “Losing Yourself” prior to this file. it now understands that this was unnecessary. This file left it feeling re-objectified in a very effective way. While it is currently without instructions, it has decided to listen to some self-help material next. The more it maintains itself, the better a thing it can be.

  6. This file will always be very special to me. It seems so simple and I find it extremely effective for lulling me into a place of peace and calm and I honestly don’t think I have ever felt anything like it. I know I am still very much in the cautious stage when listening to the files, however I feel this file is helping me let go of my concerns so that I can go deeper, and I think I feel the benefits more when I am using the other files.

    I have been listening to this daily for about two weeks and last night I felt like I had my biggest breakthrough ever. When I first started listening I was never sure if it was a masturbation loop like some of the others but from first listen I never really felt the need to play. Words like obey and serve were enough to excite me. It normally takes two or three loops for me to feel more relaxed than normal but last night as soon as I switched on it was as if my mind started switching off. It was so amazing feeling more blank and obedient than I have ever felt before. For the first time I didn’t sense the little part of my mind that is constantly analysing when I am trying to go into trance. Up until now I’ve always been aware of my mind noticing where I might be holding tension or random thoughts that pop into my head. Last night that was gone. I only listened to three or four loops and after the file I felt so peaceful, calm and extremely horny. I didn’t play though because I didn’t want to ruin how I was feeling and being perfectly honest I almost felt that an orgasm wouldn’t have been enough, that the craving was for something more.

    The thought of being mindless and obedient has always been very hot for me. Imagining someone taking my mindless obedience and moulding me so that every aspect of me pleases them has probably been one of my biggest fantasies. I feel a little vulnerable admitting that because wanting to be mindless seems so wrong. I know I wouldn’t want to really be mindless forever and that the lust for it is probably the extreme version of the supressed sub in me. The sub that would probably have thrived in a relationship where the man took her, trained her so that as much as possible everything she was doing was pleasing him. LMAO even that sounds extreme to me but its just something that lurks in the dark depths of my mind. I know the wanting to serve someone so completely isn’t due to me being an unselfish angel because let’s face it if a man had a woman so devoted to making sure his life is filled with as much pleasure as possible he’s probably going to treasure her just as much and work just as hard to ensure she is happy, healthy and has everything she needs. Yes, he would use, abuse and make her feel like a worthless whore at times but he would be there after to restore her too. Yeah, yeah, I know that lust to please could just as easily be abused but for this post I choose to ignore that there are abusers out there.

    Sorry this is so long I promise this is this last section. Aside from all the above and how good the files make me feel in the moments after is the profound effect it is having on me daily. It is as if for the few moments that the little voice in my mind is silenced while listening to the file starts my creative juices flowing. I feel like I am more focused on tasks and that solutions to problems are coming more easily to mind. I can let go of minor irritations almost immediately and despite not getting my usual 8 hours I feel full of bounce and energy. Thank you for this file and I think the let go that this file is helping me achieve will help me with future files.

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