This is something experimental. It’s a masturbation fractionation loop for men which pretty much traps you in the loop and makes you very hard. And harder with every loop. It also makes it harder to achieve an orgasm, but that’s OK, because you want to train yourself more and become even harder.

I’m not really sure if it’s evil, that’s probably something you have to determine yourself… and depends how long you will be trapped in it.

Be careful, this is evil. If you loop it, use a sleep timer or something similar. When you loop it you will be out of it for the rest of the day, so don’t drive or do anything dangerous. Be safe!

Wood mp3 10 min

What is the tree doing? cc

  1. This is really hot. And scary effective.

    But make sure you have some lube handy. I practically rubbed my dick raw ^_^

  2. Hot indeed, rock hard and getting sore.
    But I don’t care, it just feels so good.
    M xxx

  3. I have tried this twice and ended up with some increased excitement but the results were more like Limp for me. I really would like for this to work but am I missing something. Should I use one of the induction files first or do I just need to be patient and repeat over several days?

    • Have you ever used his files before? If not than you want to go back and listen to his trance intro files to get comfortable going down with him and than you will want to just train with the Deeply Fraction Loop for awhile. It takes practice and patience and it is so worth it.

  4. this is my favorite file. i love the intense encouragement to stroke and get hard. i felt myself becoming harder than i’ve ever been.

  5. This file is amazing. I love your voice and I love your files that encourage stroking and staying horned up and just being a horned up manly man.

  6. Wood is fucking hot. It is also potentially dangerous. I’m not sure why, but Vive’s safeties from Subject 1.0 kept preventing me from going too far down into the trap. When I really got into the trap, it got WAY too intense. Now I can never do this file again, thanks to Vive’s safeties. As I said, I don’t entirely understand why I reacted this way, but my subconscious felt that it was genuinely evil. I had Wood set to loop 6 times after running Enter Trance, Subject 1.0 and Subject .5. When I was done, I wanted to go some more… and some more… and some more… All I wanted was WOOD. You have been warned.

  7. I started gooning just from the second round, make sure that you can get verbal and moan, it feels so great to have Wood and not cum

  8. I love this file. So much fun. The other night, however, I used it in a different way. I locked my cock in a cage with spikes and went to sleep with the loop playing. I woke up a few hours later with a raging hardon prrssing against the silicone spikes. It was so much fun. I was frozen solid. I couldnt even move when the file told me to touch myself. Perhaps because i was locked. It did change overtime, after my stamina was pretty drained. But wow, so much fun.

  9. Is there a file for women similar to this?

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