After making the “Wood” file, I got quite a few requests for the opposite, so here it is. A file that will take away your ability to get an erection. Permanently. Now this is really evil. It uses the red light to condition the ability to have erections out of you.

It has a safety, that only allows you to experience the effects if your subconscious mind agrees with the desire to get rid of erections.

WARNING: Take this serious. It’s not a joke or fantasy food. This file will make you impotent. Be sure you want to be permanently unable to have erections before you listen to this! You’re listening to this at your own risk. I mean it. Don’t come complaining that it worked.

Limp (Intention Induction) mp3 13 min

Limp (Leash Induction) mp3 17 min

Limp (Fractionation Induction) mp3 38 min

Sad Carrot cc

  1. This looks useful. I’m trans, so having the ability to kinda just /shut down/ any erection before it happens is pretty appealing to me. I like that it’s designed to not impede orgasms, as well. Granted, I’m asexual, and would rather not have a sex drive in the first place, but humans are practically hardwired to enjoy them.
    As for the file itself, it’s kinda hard for me to picture the red light. I can visualize it a bit, but not very well. Still, not too bad. I’ll listen to it a few more times and hope it works. ^^

  2. Are you saying, that orgasms are still possible although you stay limp???

  3. 1st attempt with this file, i fell as deep as usually and for now it seems that it works, i’m not gettin’ hard. Let’s gonna listen to the file periodically.
    thanks again VIVE!!!

  4. Listened to it on a loop while I slept. Cannot get hard at all! Very happy with the results

  5. Id love a reverse file, one that makes you always hard or never flaccid or even when flaccid always precum

  6. Do you think you could make a temporary version of this in the future? like maybe have the effects active for the next 24 hours or something?

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