My little Girl

My little Girl

This is a request by the Sissies, but it’s technically gender neutral. It’s a little fantasy in which you are my little girl… and my little slut. You will visit me, and I will play with you, dom you, fuck you, and make you my little girl! And you will feel really soft, feminine, and very submissive. Do you want to be my little girl?

This is a bit unusual for me, so feedback is very much welcome.

My little Girl (Fractionation Induction) mp3 56 min

My little Girl (Leash Induction) mp3 36 min

A Summer’s Day cc

  1. Oh Vive,,,,blush. Can’t wait to listen

  2. *spoilers*
    This was amazing. I had a while without going so deep. During the sucking part I really felt like I couldn’t breathe and it was scary but amazing.
    But for some reason I woke up completely when it got to the fucking so I guess it was too much for me to take at once. Definitely one of my new favorites and will try it again!
    I did the leash induction, maybe next time I will try with fractionation induction. Thanks Vive!

  3. loved it, wishing you did more feminization stuff.

  4. Thank you so much vive for this file, i was wishing for a file like that since i discovered your site. It was so amazing and it felt so good to be your little girl and to be used by you 🙂 i hope there will be some more soon !!
    thanks again,


  5. Really wished she did one about “panties” conditioning or a mindfuck something that would really fffff me up.

    • Like Magic Panties and MindFuck . you may also want to try Feminine Conditioning , I think if you look around you will find what you seek.

  6. This is like sissy crack 🙂 If crack was good for you 😉

  7. Oh my god. I’m still removing from this. So hot.

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