Toilet Curse

Toilet Curse

After you listened to this file you will only be able to sit on the rim of the toilet when you are at home or at your dominants home. You will give up using the toilet seat, giving up a little bit of comfort in this most intimate moment, and it will become a powerful symbol of your submission and a point of pride for you. You save the clean toilet seat for your dominant, and surrender something very basic for them. Whenever you do it, you will feel very submissive, controlled, and aroused. This file will also make you want to keep the toilet clean, so it’s safe to do so, and also keep the toilet seat clean for your dominant. It will also make you more submissive every time you do it.

If you don’t have a dominant, you will dedicate this submissive training to your potential future dominant, and keep your toilet seat unused, always perfectly clean, ready and waiting for them.

This is something I’ve encountered in a few different ways recently, it could be a pure symbol of submission, but also be useful for pets, that’s why I kept the underlying dynamic pretty neutral. There are of course safeties, and you will want to keep the toilet clean for you – and the seat for your dominant.

Toilet Curse (Fractionation Induction) mp3 46 min

Toilet Curse (Leash Induction) mp3 25 min

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  1. How about a similar file but to condition a woman to only use a submissive man’s mouth as her toilet, to be aroused and excited at the thought of it, and to obsessively want to use a man’s mouth as her toilet? (iIf really necessary, she could use something else, but the toilet would be the farthest option!)

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