This is an experimental deepener and also a brainwashing fantasy. You take part in an experiment about isolation, only to find out it’s also brainwashing… This is the empty version, the only suggestion rewards you for giving feedback.

Warning: You will be locked in an isolation tank. It’s spacious, but you might want to skip this one if you have claustrophobia.

Isolation (Deep Sea Induction) mp3 36 min

Isolation (Leash Induction) mp3 27 min

Isolation cc

  1. I enjoyed this quite a lot. I went with the Deep Sea induction since it seemed more appropriate, and it went quite well with the file itself.

    I thought the practicalities/stage-dressing of the secret research facility, how the isolation tank worked, the mask etc. was all quite good and believable.

    I am new to hypnosis and so it’s hard for me to go into trance, but I still felt pretty empty and drained in the emptiness. I suspect that if I trained with this file regularly it would have a pretty substantial effect, so I’m excited to see if you do another version of this with some substantial programming/suggestions.

    You could also perhaps make this a kind of extended induction? I.e. the file fades out when the listener is told that your words are coming out of the mask, and those words are the next file in their playlist. Just a thought.

  2. I just finished listening, as I caught the link in your tumblr. I felt very empty as I was going through the deep sea induction. I cane out at the tail end of being in the isolation tank. I don’t remember anything in between. I’m feeling very floaty right now and mildly aroused. Right now I just want to listen to more files. I’m glad my evening is free.

  3. Just finished listening with the Leash Induction. Loved how the suggestions of your words controlling my thoughts helped me immerse myself in the fantasy. The reassurance that I could come out of it if I found it too intense was also very comforting.

    Even with this empty version, my mind feels cleaner and calmer, and it’s just so easy to follow the command you gave. Mmmmmmmmm.

    File probably could use a needle warning though?

    I eagerly await the next experiment based on this one!

    • Oh, and the reward for obeying works. Perfectly. Immediately after seeing that my comment hit the moderation queue. So strongly that I’ve just come out of it enough to type now (though I do have time to indulge at the moment). And I only listened once.

      I’d like to see this used for much more than just conditioning files, but it would absolutely work for that purpose if my experience is any indication.

  4. I think I went a bit deep in the middle. I remember going into the chamber but suddenly i was being fed the instruction to post a comment. Will try again tonight.

  5. Listened to this again tonight after a failed attempt yesterday where I fell asleep shortly after the muscle relaxant was administered.
    The big parts that stand out to comment for me were that the closure of the tank, and the isolation and everything felt reassuring, and calming, and made me feel happy. Which felt like an odd reaction? But I’ll take it. 🙂
    Additionally, the description of melting into the darkness and silence, and blending with it, happened to be a lot of the description of one of my favourite inductions from elsewhere, so there was a lot to love there, too.
    Real-life body kept popping up again at certain points when IRL sensations of note happened such as noticing my body when cool air flowed across it. I think that got less as it went on, thankfully, though I do remember at one point becoming aware of my mouth again and sort of a circular area around it after taking in a deeper breath of cool air, and later again while smiling.
    The part where we were deemed completely open and got to have the words sink deeep was wonderful, and I only wish there had been more to listen to for that part.

    The wakener seemed a bit abrupt, and didn’t have the bit for allowing the listener to readjust to their settings from being brought back from nothing, which I think has been done in a previous isolation-tank themed file? Not entirely sure if that’s necessary, but it did also feel like a little more gradualness or something to actually take you out of the state explicitely would have been nice, though maybe a bit less valueable if this is going to be used as a deepener without that part in future.

    Overall really liked it! Will likely listen again. 🙂

  6. Mmm. Nice second listen. Completely lost any feeling from my body and really did feel like an open empty vessel ready to be filled. Can see this a a wonderful method of being brainwashed and fed more instructions in the future. A chance to just lie there with the instructions floating around in my mind for longer might be nice. Thank you Vive

  7. I listened to the deep sea induction. I recall the numbers in the sand washing away. And the surface of the water when breathing under water. I would say I thought I went to sleep (it is around 2 am) except I recall very clearly (and suddenly) hearing you tell me “And now you are mine!” (or something like that). I felt very blank, empty, distant, and weightless at that moment. So calm. And I drifted off again until the awaken count.

    It was interesting reading the other comments though. I just do not recall that much. Almost feel like I missed something. Except I do feel great right now. And I did want to leave feedback. Really enjoyed the deep trance.

    Thanks ViVe!

    • What a wonderful rush of sensations! Thanks again for the reward ViVe!

  8. Very nice file. I went very deep with the leash induction. It was a very calming file for me, helping me to regenerate. Thank you so much for your work!

  9. Just. . . . Wow.

    I listen tona playlists of yours every night. Isolation was . . . wow. Just so heady. That was another level and I must continue.

    Im still a bit light headed. Was phenomenal. Just so. . . I felt it.

    Thank you

  10. Would also like to say I am extremely claustrophobic. So the facr I idnt break out just shows how well you word 🙂

    Got my burst of joy when posted

  11. The time seemed to go by very quickly.

    I now feel rested and at peace.

    • Having submitted the above comment I now feel a rush of something. I feel great!

  12. I’m not sure what happened with this one…I think I fell asleep somewhere in the Deep Sea induction…but I distinctly remember waking up because I heard the awakener.

    However…I didn’t really wake up. I had some sort of sleep paralysis that I had to fight with for what seemed like quite awhile before i could get up, and I felt like a hot mess (the bad kind) afterward.

    I’ve taken some time to think about this before I posted my comment and…I want to try again. I’m not sure if this was my body or a reaction to the file or both that caused this reaction, but I would like to try again and see if I can actually consciously experience the file this time.

  13. I zoned out more than I expected with the Deep Sea induction since it was new to me.

    The file was cool but I wish the deepening in the isolation tank had been a little longer.

    Not sure the suggestions about feedback and feeling great had that much of an affect.

    • I completely forget I already listened to this file once. I listened again tonight and it was much stronger.

      I kept having thoughts external to the trance while the scene was being set but once Vive started talking about being put in the tank my mind quieted down and I focused intently on what was happening.

      I focused so much that I made physical movements to go along with what was happening and when the suggestion was given it felt like it ingrained deep and played back to me in the recesses of my mind a few times to solidify.

      I felt the suggestion intently and obeyed instantly and in depth. I feel like I would obey other suggestions strongly as well.

      I think this would be a really powerful deepener to be used before other files.

      I think this file is great

  14. That was really nice. I listened to the sea induction, really liked it. as soon as the relaxant was administered I fell asleep I think because I don’t remember anything until vive counted up. Nice power nap. I feel really happy and calm and relaxed. 🙂

  15. That was really good. I still feel very empty even after being brought out, like my brain still feels numb. I listened with the leash induction though, and I’d love to hear a petplay piece from you with that same sort of power fantasy as in the induction.

    Good stuff!

  16. I can’t remember

  17. Deep sea our like a light. No memory but knew I must leave feedback. Wow time flew by. I want more please am compelled to write more what is happening. Wow

  18. Absolutley fantastic. Just discovered your site today, cant wait to listen to more😁

  19. Great session. Don’t remember much but anyway good and relaxing.

  20. I felt submerged in my mind. I barely remember anything, but your words were so soothing and protective. I feel aroused from the experience and just thinking about it.

  21. I have not had much luck with other files, but this one worked great. I used the deep sea induction. It took a while to quiet my mind, but somewhere after the bio-luminescent fish I was finally able to focus. Once I entered the tank and the sedatives were administered, my mind shutdown and I remember losing all sense of my body. I am pretty sure Vive could have suggested anything at that point. And I feel compelled to comment, so something must have worked 😉

  22. I… don’t exactly remember what happened. I used the leash induction, and was very subby from that to the point where I was dimly aware of the I.V. tube just before dipping into the chamber, and then suddenly I was being counted up.

    Now, these relaxing and blanking files are wonderful in giving me a break from my back pain from work and this file appears to have done a very good job of that. I feel so floppy and loose and relaxed after waking up!

  23. That was a relaxing file. I used the Deep Sea induction which I like pretty much. I love the idea of sitting on a tropical beach. Maybe because I’ve never been at one bur I one time want to go to one…
    When you were talking about a heavily secured research facility I just had to think of Aparture Science and used the imaginary of it. Like the elevator down into the bunker was like an elevator down into the caves of Portal 2.
    I didn’t liked that needle part that much because I’m not really a fan of getting a needle in my arm. Thats why I’m currently not going to donate blood. But maybe it’s time to get over it.

    However, I could really relax and enjoy it.

  24. I have enjoyed this as part of an induction with other files so I decided to listen after a stressful day. I think I fell asleep. I don’t remember parts. Will probably listen again some other time.

  25. I’d been having some trouble with other files, mostly zoning out for the entire thing, but this one… wow. I really like it.

  26. Probably need to listen again as I slept through part of the recording so did not go fully under but I love the concept as it seems like a great way to zone out from the world for a bit.

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