This is a little tease and denial game. For a time of your choosing, you will feel like you have magnets in your hands (and all toys) as well as in all of your erogenous zones. These magnets are powered by your arousal, so when you’re not aroused, you can touch yourself normally. The more aroused you become, the more your hands or toys will be repelled. They will becoming much stronger than you before you’re able to have an orgasm, and you will have to wait for the pleasure to recede to be able to touch again. I leave you a little out, you can still rub yourself against anything (that’s not a sextoy), or hump anything… that’s up to you.

Before you start this file you have to write down a number between 1 and 7, which will represent the number of days this will be active. If you don’t, it will only last 24 hours.

Magnets (Leash Induction) mp3 21 min

Magnets (Intention+Isolation Induction) mp3 29 min

Magnets cc

  1. Tried the intention+isolation induction which worked well (as most all your inductions do for me). I had a slightly similar suggestion a few years back that worked well. This set of suggestions is much more inclusive since it is all erogenous zones and includes toys and vibrators (a vibrator is how I got to orgasm the first time years ago). Curious to see how it plays out. Testing right after the file ended indicate it works as intended.

  2. Rats, this is the opposite of what I’ve been hankering for – one that magnetically draws your hands to erogenous zones! Still an A+ file though, enjoying a test run.

  3. Great file! I know Trash meant it as a joke, but I would love the opposite of this – having your hands constantly drawn towards your genitals for 24 hours.

  4. Now that would be interesting. One that draws your hands to your genitals and the one that repels. Listen to both and let the battle begin.
    I love mixing different files in strange and cruel ways.

  5. Yay!

    Especially if you combine this with other files or triggers to force you to be extremely horny, this pretty much turns into a longer duration version of The Humper once your body realizes that’s the only way you’ll get the release you require.

    Been hoping for the chance to be forced into humping for longer, for a long time.

  6. A no-humping, permissive, curse version of this would be awesome!

  7. That’s the file I’ve been waiting for. Very excited to try it soon.

  8. Ok, so I listened last night before going to bed. Did a little trial run and it seemed to work! Felt more like I ran out of grip strength than magnets but I was pretty happy. I did the default time and was looking forward to the experience today, but the magnets died over night! Someone help me out on what I’m doing wrong?

    • You’re not doing anything wrong. Some suggestions take a bit longer to stick than others. And it’s a fine excuse to keep listening to the files 🙂

      Keep practicing and have fun!

  9. Listened to it and tried to stimulate by rubbing my trousers (I’m male). No Chance, I always loose the neccessary power to press enough quickly, my hand slows down a bit and even lifts a little if I don’t stop.

    Not being able to orgasm while being horny and alone is something new for me – I enjoy it, it arouses me but its also frustating, I also told me that humping won’t work too.

    This is the first time with this file and it already works better than 10 day chastity (tried twice but I guess my sivconsious wasn’t ok with it), maybe also because I’ve chosen 1 day for the beginning.

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