Temporary Animagic

Temporary Animagic

This is a more intense but temporary version of the “Animagic” feminisation file. Before you listen to this, you have to choose an animation movie or an episode of an animation series, prepare it so you can watch it after the file, and choose a female character by writing the name on a piece of paper. The file will help you to safely store away your normal identity, and after the file is over you will be in a waking trance. You will start the movie or episode, and you will absorb the identity of the chosen character. And once the credits roll, you will become this character. You will be her until the next time you go to bed.

Of course there are the usual safeties, and you won’t do anything this character does which could be dangerous for you.

Temporary Animagic (Leash Induction) mp3 24 min

Temporary Animagic (Intention+Isolation Induction) mp3 33 min

cosplay: wonderful cc

  1. I suppose it’s expected for me to thank you for this. It is an interesting effect.

  2. I thought of you first, when I read about this file, Ayanami San. And yes, that is the correct response; thankfulness. It is often accompanied by a smile ( ^_~)

  3. Wow Vive I love you!!

    This was like a dream coming true for me. Thank you so much for doing this.

    If you do this for movie actors, it would be a huge hit. There are many anime fans, and even more movie fans in general.

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