Hypnodrug Experiment Kit

Hypnodrug Experiment Kit

This is a hypnodrug file that allows you to experiment with the effects. It uses candy covered chocolate by default, but you can use any six colors of candy, just write a list which color relates to which original color. All “pills” will work for 30 minutes, and you can combine the different effects. The effects also vary depending on the dose (from 1 to 3 pills), giving you a total of 4095 different combinations. The different effects are:

Red: Aphrodisiac
Green: increases sensitivity / sexualizes every touch
Orange: confusion / intelligence suppressant
Blue: memory / knowledge suppressant
Brown: muscle relaxant / limiting physical strength
Yellow: will suppressant – external orders / suggestions > own will

Before you listen to this file you need a glass / container you set aside for this purpose. The effects will only work when you take them from that container, eating the same candy from any other source will be safe.

Hypnodrug Experiment (Leash Induction) mp3 27 min

Hypnodrug Experiment Kit (Intent+Isolation Induction) mp3 35 min

More of that yummy rainbow cc

  1. Brillant!!!!!! Thats all I can say. You never cease to amaze me with your work. One of the best days of my life was when i discovered your site, just love it!!! Best Wishes PJ

  2. This is one heck of a Christmas present! Can’t wait until I have the time and privacy to experiment with it…

  3. LOL…just listened. I won’t have time to experiment with this until later tonight, but I had to send in a compliment on the writing for the file itself right away. 😀
    You did a great job of building a sense of verisimilitude, and made the suggestion set fun as well as engaging. Plus, if you happen to have someone who wants to play with you, they can skip to the suggestion set and use it as an instructional sound byte.
    Also, the end of the suggestion set made me grin pretty wide. 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing how it works!

  4. Oh good grief, I’ve been wanting this for ages! I’ll need to find somebody to do this with.

  5. That was a lovely file. Whoof, it’s a doozy when you take a bunch of ”pills” all at once because you severely misjudged the effect they’d have. Still a bit swimmy, and now I regret putting all my ”pills” into this one bowl. I’m hungry and want chocolate, but……

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