The Edge – Level II

The Edge – Level II

This is Level II of “The Edge“, and it will introduce orgasm control. You can still decide how often you want to have an orgasm, but you have to wait 24 hours so you can reconsider if you want to throw all the built up arousal away for just a second or two of orgasm…

If you want an orgasm you have to write “I want an orgasm” on a piece of paper, then wait 24 hours after which you have a window of one hour to have an orgasm.

The Edge Level II (Deep Sea Induction) mp3 30 min

The Edge Level II (Leash Induction) mp3 22 min

Over The Edge of Birmingham cc

  1. Thank you so much for doing the edge series. It’s like a dream come true for me.
    After listening to level 1 file I tried the loop and it did wonders – I’ve never been able to reach the edge so quick. And level 2 file is even better. Eliminating the risk of slipping and going over the edge gives a certain security and confidence.
    I’m positively beaming with delight, imagining the sweet frustration this is going to bring.

  2. it agrees. Can’t wait for level III. Just love turning over control, and edging is is exciting:)

  3. This is a very well made file, however the mental block did not work as intended(it’s normal for me to have problems with files). As a suggestion one of the loop files could be made to strengthen the block. I am very much hoping that level 3 will make the orgasm controll work. Thanks for this amazing series though I am enjoying it greatly.

  4. It has been 2 full days since my last orgasm. This is a record for me! The Edge level 1 was the first time i was able to stop and just walk away before orgasm. Since listening to the edge 1, I’ve masturbated 4 times, edging multiple times per session and been able to stop before I cum. You’ve convinced me that I truly don’t want to cum!

    I listened to the Edge level 2 last night with three loops after and masturbated during them. A strange thing happened, twice. I was on the edge and I pulled away when I thought I was about to cum. I thought i went over, so it was going to be a ruined orgasm. But I teetered right on the edge for a few seconds, no muscle contractions, just intense pleasure, then it came down off the edge. I don’t think it was a ruined orgasm, I think you blocked me from cumming and forced me back to the edging side of the brink. Twice! Then I was able to stop and let me desire simmer. I am already thinking about writing the phrase to be able to cum, but I also am enjoying the endless arousal. I will probably wait until I can’t stand it, then have to wait 24 hours. I did also consider using Your Next Orgasm file too, write you to ask permission, then I have to wait 24 hours after that. But that may be too much for me!

    Thank you for letting me be on the edge for you!

    • You don’t need to cum yet slut.

      Just edge for ever

      M xxx

  5. Great experience so far, started yesterday.

    Suggestion: create a background loop that will hold the pleasure up while you can do some other tasks and strengthens the effects of the rubber wall for active sessions.

  6. Greetings!
    I LOVE edging. I started doing this on my own a few months ago and I agree with Vive that the few seconds of orgasm are not worth losing all the passion. What totally turns me on about this file is that, when it works, I won’t be able to have an orgasm.
    As I mentioned in Level 1, I listened to this file, and the next day I tried the edge loop, but I knew I was going to go over the edge so I had to turn off the file. Hopefully if I listen and train a bit more, that will no longer be the case.
    My question, is kind of a general hypnosis one. I’m pretty new to all this, having only done it for the last month or so. Last night I listened to level 1 and 2 again. About halfway through both of the files I lost “consciousness”. I don’t feel like I fell asleep, but I certainly lost track of my life for awhile. Is this normal? Will my subconscious still benefit from the files, or do I need to have a conscious recollection of the file in order for it to work? Thank you!

    • Yeah, it’s normal to lose track of what’s happening during a session, and it’s generally a good thing – the message still gets to where it needs to go, and bypassing your awareness of it means you’re not questioning it.

      Of course, if you actually fall asleep, that’s an issue, but if you’re coming back at the end of the file or during the wake up, that’s a pretty good sign.

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