Dildo Dominant 2

Dildo Dominant 2

This is the second “Dominant Dildo” file. Your dominant’s power over you will grow. They will learn to manipulate your emotions and put new desires and cravings into your mind. Only listen after training with part one for a while.

Dominant Dildo 2 (Isolation Induction) mp3 30 min

Dominant Dildo 2 (Deep Sea Induction) mp3 30 min

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  1. After eight sessions with part one I couldn’t wait anymore and I have now listened to this part twice including this morning. Haha, uhhh yeah wow,, It is so hard to explain. When I started going down in the induction I just got so excited and than aroused and than everything else and than I fell deep really deeeeeep . The amount of pull my dominant has on me is quite real and the out of nowhere it can come is quite powerful and joyfully humbling. It is so great to give in, don’t really have a choice. I feel like this file is going to really twist me up in a wonderful way. All of my depravity is being pulled into play against me or is it for me? , oh it really doesn’t matter:-)

  2. After 3 or 4 sessions with #1 I got curious about #2
    Oh boy Vive what have you unleashed.

    I used to have two friendly dildos that I used every now and again.
    The first is 10″ long , 3″ girth at the base and white. Oversized for most white guys.
    The second is only 6″ long, 1,5″ girth, smooth and chocolate brown. Undersized perhaps for your average Black guy.

    My two friends have suddenly become very bossy and demanding.
    It’s like they are taking to me and manipulating me. Mr Chocolate is the naughty one since he’s small it’s always him who chirps up first, suck me, deep throat me, go on just once. Problem is it feels to good, he wants me to swallow him for as long as I can before gagging, it used to be one or two thrust into my throat but now he just expects me to open wide, let him in and count to 30. Not satisfied with that, this morning he followed me into the shower with a tube of lube. I turn around and suddenly he’s stuck to the tiles all greased up at waist height beckoning me. I tried to resist but 10s later my ass was backing up onto him and he was in me, giggling and pulling me back onto him like a $10 whore.

    All that would have been ok but as I slip off him who should show up but Whitey. He started saying ‘well you let him fuck you sissy, now I want my go’ , how could I say no, he look so long and thick. 30s later I was riding him to the hilt, full length strokes and moaning .

    I’m in chastity so I’m not allowed to cum but I promise I was very close.
    I eventually prised myself away and here I am letting you and your fans know that this file is strong and that I can’t wait to listen again.

    Mr Chocolate has my throat train. White told me it’s his turn next to go balls deep on me. I believed him.

    • wow. awesome and very arousing review. i wonder if your dildos are likely to tell you to buy new larger dildos, and if you did, would they start to dominate you also?

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