Porn Addiction

Porn Addiction

This file will make you addicted to porn. Nothing more and nothing less. It will set you on the slippery slope into complete porn addiction and make sure you won’t escape. The only safety this file has is that you are able to push the craving for porn to the back of your mind in certain situations.

For even deeper porn addiction this file is available with my most brainwashy inductions.

WARNING: Take this serious. It’s not a masturbation fantasy, it will make you addicted. The file will also be far to tame for fantasy purposes, but it will have a deep impact on you. Only listen when you really want to become helplessly addicted to porn.

Porn Addict (Fractionation Induction) mp3 47 min

Porn Addict (Isolation Induction) mp3 36 min

Tv Bath cc

  1. Oh what have I done. I feel good, feel good really good

    M xxx

  2. Second listening and I’m slipping deeper.i just couldn’t stop surfing last night, it felt so good to watch and to imagine and to stroke. Then I wanted to listen again an I couldn’t resist.

    M. Xxx

  3. I had a slight distaste towards porn. After listening to this, porn is now more enjoyable and I really like listening to the file. The only thing that throws me off is when he calls the Listener a “little girl”. I thought this was gender neutral, but tbh, it doesn’t really hinder the effects.

  4. Love your work. Especially eternal lust and they cum first. Could you please make a similar file to this one, but for sex addiction?

  5. damn now i am a certifiate virgin nerd for ever tank you i love it

  6. Yes – please make a sex addict file.

  7. This file really change my life for the better i hopw because porn can be so degrading for the user like me because when you realize that you have never been hard for real people but too much aroused for porn that you chose to stay home than going out … i think this file is just the begining

  8. I would love a less permanent take on this. I’ve been listening to Boxershorts Magic, and some other stuff. It just feels better to have a cock in my pants, and to let it… think for me.

    My boyfriend came back from his business trip to find me enjoying his porn collection, and after I fucked him, I showed him how horny all those big titted bimbos make me with his boxers on. He agrees, that’s best. But I’d rather not commit quite THIS much?

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