You have two choices in this file. The first is how many ruined orgasms you have to have before you’re able to finally have a real, satisfying orgasms again. And once you made this choice and listened, you’re only have one real choice left: Do you ruin the orgasms yourself or do you let the file ruin them for you and leave you even more desperate and horny afterward? Whatever you choose, it will be completely impossible to have a satisfying orgasm before you have had enough ruined orgasms.

You have to write down a number from 1-50 ruined orgasms before you listen. This file is limited to a maximum number of 50 ruined orgasms.

Ruined (Isolation Induction) mp3 30 min

Ruined (Leash Induction) mp3 22 min

52:Numbers:13 cc

  1. ViVe

    P.S. To the first person complaining about the limit: Go for 50 and give feedback – then we talk!

  2. Vive challenge accepted.
    50 ruined orgasms.

  3. Sounds fun I’m in for 10 to start.


  4. Holy shit. I went out on the Isolation version like I never have before – and I nearly came handsfree during it. Five is my number to start…

  5. I signed up for 10 as I said I would.
    I felt so aroused after my first listening.
    I watched some porn, listened to some sissy hypno and edge for an hour or so.
    I got close, so close and something inside me said ‘Mmm go for it’ my excitation increased my jerking got faster and I pushed myself over the edge and ….. My hand came off my clitty at the first spasm and I watched as I spurted, once, twice, three times, even four times, with suddenly zero pleasure, except that of seeing someone cum. It was an out of body experience as if I’d really shifted instantaneously from the moment before having an orgasm to watching someone else have an orgasm.

    I’m at 1 out of 10 Vive
    What will the next 9 feel like?
    And then what will #11 feel like.

    This is the best you’ve ever done

    Monique xxx

  6. 2 out of 10 now Vive
    It felt so good build up to that edge and then ….
    … I just let go of my dick and watched it pump cum out, not caring that there wasn’t feeling anymore.
    I’m becoming a self voyeur.

    Monique xxx

  7. Well. This is certainly going to be quite the experience.

    I was entirely skeptical about this working at all for me. Most anything I find on this particular area of hypnosis almost always seems to center on the more male side of the gender spectrum. It can be rather frustrating for a woman. So I have learned to come into these audios/videos just a bit on the reserved side.

    I listened to your isolation induction for this, which by the by played up some very ‘interesting’ feelings. I was pleasantly surprised. After coming out of it I didn’t waste very much time in the testing. Today is an off day anyhow so I made it a bit of a treat. Went to the bath with some nice oils, soaked for a while in the hot water. Got myself in the mood with a bit of self-massage, then I turned on the shower head and went to work.

    Worked myself up fine and well, fully intending to ignore all suggestion against orgasming. Got right up to the point of completion, only slightly disappointed that the hypnosis hadn’t worked. Then my hand not holding the shower head went from kneading my breast to being a bastard and turning off the water. I hadn’t even realized I was doing it at all! I spent the next however long looking at the ceiling being frustrated and I suppose in a small amount of shock. Now I confess to being excited for the next time.

    I chose a decently high number of 20 ruined orgasms and I dearly hope this hypnosis will hold all the way through. I will not be posting at every tick off of ruin and building frustrating. I did, however, want to issue a thanks. I’m still in my now slightly cooler bath and still very excited over my next week or so ruined orgasms, so while the curling frustration is still there, thank you. I might post again once I’m done but probably not. Hoping that you don’t mind the long post.

  8. I don’t know if I should be glad or not that this is the first erotic hypnosis file that has ever had basically any effect on me, and I’ve been trying this on and off since Isabella Valentine made the Jackpot. It’s like I wanted to move my hand away when I started cumming… It remains to be seen if it was just a one time fluke that doesn’t repeat, but I have a feeling it isn’t(which probably is a good thing in the long run). Luckily I picked a low number, just to be safe.

    • A brief update from round 2: still not cumming the way I want to. It’s a love/hate thing. Thanks Vive!

  9. ive never felt so compelled by personal feelings to write a response to a file. i listened to the isolation induction, which was very pleasant. the number of ruined orgasms i chose for myself was 5, and i soldiered through 3 in ~15 minutes immediately after listening. i couldnt help it! after i let the file ruin the first one, it left me so fucking hot and horny that i was immediately on the edge again (and ruined it again). after that i got desperate and started humping my pillow (side note: im a long time vive fan! this file just replaced the humper as my favourite file). i got sooo close and it felt good but i was staring blankly at my bed thinking “ive only had 2, ive only had 2” and even though my body came, i was still. so. horny. i’ll be honest, im still super horny now, abt half an hour after listening. i really want to try to go for a higher amount of ruined orgasms, especially since at the pace i’m going, i might have a successful orgasm today. *shrugs* either way, fantastic file, keep up the great work!

  10. I’m at 4 and counting.
    Seems a long way to go till 10
    Everytime I get there and decide ‘screw this I have to cum’ my hand just comes off my cock and it starts pumping but without sensation. Mmmmmm Its delicious!

    Monique xxxx

    • 5 and counting.
      Funny I’m not even in a rush to get to 10.

      M xxx

  11. Just listened to it and just wimped out with the number 3. For some reason this time I focused on the background whisper and it felt like the main dialog was just bypassing all filters and going straight to my core. My Dom didn’t give me permission to cum today so I’ll have to wait until I get the go ahead to test it out.

  12. Interesting experience.
    I listened to the file and had a basically normal orgasm that night.
    But on the next day when I trying to cum, I had a completely ruined orgasm. I did not realize it was because of the file until several minutes after the ruined orgasm.

  13. the Core has commanded me to listen with a count of 5. It also made a point of making me aroused and then locking me down at the end of the count-up. My first ruin has been assigned for tonight.

    While I have always liked the idea of writing down a trigger or a safety beforehand (as it gives you something tangible to think about and remember during the suggestions), the separate piece of paper has another advantage here. Namely, for those who have picked a higher number, they have a handy space to mark them off (just like this file’s picture) and not lose count.

    I am already incredibly horny…this is going to be a looooong week…

    I submit to the Core.

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