Sexed Up 1

Sexed Up 1

This series will turn up your sexuality to eleven. I got a lot of requests for something like this, and here it is. This is the first part and will lay the groundwork for your future conditioning. Whenever you see anyone sexually attractive, you will be triggered to have sexual fantasies. This will help to reinforce your sexual thoughts, as well as lay the groundwork to reinforce future training.

This series will only make you more sexual. It will no effect on your sexual orientation, and even though anyone you find sexually attractive will trigger erotic fantasies, you will stay faithful to your partner(s).

Sexed Up 1 (Fractionation Induction) mp3 40 min

Sexed Up 1 (Intention Induction) mp3 29 min

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  1. This is exactly what I need too, thank you!

  2. Finally! Getting sexed up w/o getting dumber… In that way 11448 can more easily serve her Mistress. Since this Drone is going to have a big future as rubber doll 24/7 with a big website (big plans), this is a good start to that life. Thank You, ViVe!

    • You might want to try the secret nympho file. It’s like this but more uncontrollable. You’ll have fantasies of everyone of your preferred sex, not just the attractive ones. I personally liked that one a lot.

  3. Amazing file, curious how it’ll work out. The fractionation induction really works well for me. Just one litle thing that bugged me during the induction though: I think you say 28 twice in a row. And near the end I think there might’ve been another extra one because I messed up the even- uneven order, I’m less sure though since I was far gone already.

    And at some point you said “little girl” was that a trigger of some sort?

    Other than that a great file! It’s a bit like secret nympho but more controlled and long term. I’m going to see just how strong and effective the trigger is. But I have a feeling it’ll work.

  4. j’ai vraiment aimer ça! vivement la suite!!!

  5. i’m using the fractionation induction. having listend to it some 6 times or so, sometimes 2 in a row bec. it seems i’ve been falling asleep or deeply tranced. during this induction i often lose focus.
    since one week or see the most remarkable effect i had was when i had great imaginations with a employee, what to do with that hot femme. made me feel great and alive *g*

    • … often lose focus, finding me skipped 10 numbers or so without any memory between.

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