This file is inspired by the classical “Sudo make me a sandwich” xkcd comic. Whenever anyone you allowed to use this trigger gives you a (safe and sane) command preceded by the word “sudo” you will feel a massive compulsion to obey. And as obedience and fulfilling their commands will feel amazing and fill you with pleasure, you will want to obey even more next time they use the trigger.

Sudo (Isolation Induction) mp3 31 min

Sudo (Leash Induction) mp3 22 min

Drinks are served. cc

  1. Maybe one day I’ll have some one to trigger me. How delightful that will be.

  2. Hey Vive,
    can I trigger myself with this file ? I have a big procrastination problem and would appreciate your insight on which obedience file would work the best for self-obedience to get my lazy ass to actually do stuff.
    Thanks !

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