The Challenge

The Challenge

This is an evil little chastity curse. It only prevents one person from giving you an orgasm – yourself. Everyone else will be able to push you over the edge, only you yourself can’t do it. You can vary the length of the curse by writing down a time between 1 day and 365 days before you start, if you don’t do it, the curse defaults to one day.

The Challenge (Intention Induction) mp3 29 min

The Challenge (Leash Induction) mp3 21 min

Macro Mondays – Comforting – Madeem lock 5 levels cc

  1. Loving this. So far i am at day 3 of my 30 days journey. I combined this one with repeated listening to Anal Conditioning. I wanted to make some progress. So far the constant hornyness plays well into this. Will report back in a week.
    Thx Vive

  2. What an amazing file concept. Exciting just thinking about it. Went for five days first time. I keep craving a strong desire to try a longer period with this file, I just simply can’t explain how I keep finding myself desiring another round.

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