I’m going to fuck your mind. Literally. And roughly. And afterward you will stay in this mindfucked state for the rest of the day, completely happy, horny, and mindless with my cum filling your brain.

READ THIS: This file is gender neutral, but keep in mind that you will end up with my cock in your brain. It’s harder than my usual files, uses strong / humiliating language, and contains direct control. You will have my cum in your brain for the rest of the day, keeping you happy and horny. This file contains no permanent effects once the mindfucked state wares off.

I used the leash induction as it has the right vibe for it, and the isolation induction if you need to go a bit deeper.

Because this is different from what I usually do, feedback is very welcome!

Mindfuck (Leash Induction) mp3 25 min

Mindfuck (Isolation Induction) mp3 34 min

Brain Model cc

  1. So with my Sissy Pride training and What’s in a Name > and now the Curtsey Curse This file looks like christmas is cumming early! Excited to try ! Thank you Sir.

  2. Worked really really well

  3. Hey I never post comments but I wanna say: my dumb head is so full of cum it feels so natural and good and happy, I wanna feel like this way more. Pls do more mindfuck stuff, feeling your cum in my head soaking my brain is so good. thanks u

  4. This was incredibly intense, and quite pleasurable. It’s been a while since I’ve tranced to one your files, but I went under very quickly. I always do with your voice. I slip into a trance almost as soon as I hear you start talking. I waited until I didn’t have much to do, and spent the rest of the day blissed out and horny as hell. I’ll be listening to this one again.

  5. WOW. Just finished file 25 minutes ago. WOW. Hard to comment right now. Taking several minutes because I push thoughts in my mind and then they fade out. Feel amazing when they fade out.

  6. This might have been a bit too intense for me…. I’m pretty sure I ended up having a small hfo from this file.

  7. As soon as it saw this show up on it’s patreon list, it knew it was the exact experience it had been craving for months.

    Did not dissapoint! <3 <3

    Very hard to type whit cum between its lobes tho…

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