This is a cuckquean fantasy file. You will experience a day – or more a night – as my cuckquean. And no, there won’t be any cock for you, all you can do is watch and simmer in your lust. This contains pretty extreme humiliation and degradation. After all, you’re just my little cuckquean, and unlike real women you don’t deserve cock. Or cum. Or orgasms.

This is an extreme recording. You’ve been warned. This is one my rare gendered files.

Cuckquean (Isolation Induction) mp3 40 min

Cuckquean (Leash Induction) mp3 31 min

Teardrops cc

  1. Thank you so much for making this!

    My husband and I have been talking about this for a while. He wants to have sex with other women, and I definitely want him to experience sex with many different women. I just don’t think it’s fair that he does something so tremendously wonderful as marrying me and being my best friend and partner for life and as a result, being punished by being told that he can never feel another woman’s touch, smell her hair, or have his cock and his ego stroked in any number of different ways again. I was his first, but I don’t want to be his last – I want him to have every experience possible, while remaining his friend, lover, and guide through it all. He wants that too.

    The problem is, that while we’re both on the same page regarding his non-monogamy, he would never dream of humiliating me. However, it’s a huge turn-on for me. He’s thoughtful and caring, great with people in general, and he wants everyone to be happy and comfortable all the time. He just can’t speak to me in a way that would leave me feeling degraded or humiliated, and I respect that. If I didn’t want him sleeping with other women, he wouldn’t do that, but I’m surprisingly more than okay with it, so he is too — which is the only reason he’s decided to proceed with the idea at all. It all seems like it would be very contradictory, but it isn’t — he respects my boundaries, and I respect his.

    Sometimes, you just want to feel like a used-up, dirty little whore that he would never fuck until he ran out of options, though, and well… that’s where you come in. You combined these things so well, and with that beautiful, sexy as fuck accent too =). I would never want to betray my husband’s trust, but you make such a fantasy possible, all while I remain safe and secure, both emotionally and physically, in my own room. You combined the things that turn me on most, and I reached orgasm without having to lay a finger on myself. This was amazing!!! I hope I don’t sound creepy or anything – I just really enjoyed this a lot, and it helps to put all of this in words too! =)

    Thank you very, very much!
    <3 Synn

    • Thank you for writing this. You inspired me to finally listen to this file. Especially the part about being able to listen safe and in your own home helped me. Thank you. <3

  2. Thank you for making this. I didn’t even know that I swing that way until I read the description. I didn’t even really consider it, but it got stuck in my mind. I came back and reread it a few times, but I wasn’t really sure if this isn’t too extreme for me. Then I read the review from Synn, thank you so much for writing it. It gave me the confidence to finally listen to it.

    It was all I expected and then some. I’m not into humiliation or I didn’t think I was, but this pushed all my buttons. I never wanted to be fucked as desperately in my life before. Combined with the humiliating knowledge that I’m not good enough to be fucked and with the buildup of desperation it’s just heavenly. Thank you for this amazing experience.

    Is there any chance for Cuckquean 2?

  3. Last night i was in the mood to revisit this fantasy, had listened to it a week or so before. This time however as well as having spoken to vive I had listened to the deeply fractionated file earlier that day and was craving going that deeply under again. I decided to queue the fractionation loop followed by the orgasm blocker then finished off with the cuckqueen file. (the orgasm blocker makes me feel so subby and i hadnt listened to it beyond the first few days of it being released so thought i ought to effectively boost the connection to the wristband)

    After the other 2 files i was nice and relaxed and i dropped instantly under cuckqueen, listening this time sent me very submissive and into a deep trance instantly. In the more suggestible state from the fractionation I felt more humiliated and claimed by vive than my first listen. This file is very hot and makes you feel wonderful used.

    If you are a woman (or can identify as such) who has any interest in being humiliated or cuckolded then give this file a listen, It may be a bit intense for some people but remember this is vive, in any file or fantasy he makes you feel safe and comfortable as well as always prefacing play with if it gets too intense you will snap out of it safely. At the end he does allow a reward if unlike me you may be permitted to cum 😀 which you can enjoy from the wonderful aroused and slightly frustrated place he leaves you. If you are like me in being denied this file will leave you craving use and frustrated in such a cruel but erotic way 🙂

    This file is top on my list out of his fantasies to listen to so far when i eventually get a belt, going to be so delightfully teasing.

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