Diaper Trap

Diaper Trap

This will trap you in diapers and has you wetting them on the day you listen and the day after. This is not for AB/DL, but for people who want to be forced to wear a diaper and enjoy the humiliation. You will need your diaper and you will wet your diaper. And of course you will always be aware that this little piece of plastic and fabric has so much power over you, reducing you from a strong adult into a little baby.

And if you don’t wear your diaper you will just wet yourself like a little baby. There are safeties to keep you safe from any real harm, but not from the humiliation of helplessly wetting yourself once you’re safe. But that’s not likely, because if you try to be without a diaper you will be terribly anxious, worrying you have an accident. This worry will grow in your head until it’s the only thing you can think about, making an accident that much more likely. Or you just behave like a good little baby and get back in your diaper.

This file is active on the day you listen and the day after. When you wake up the morning after that, you will be back to your normal self and all effects will be gone. But until then you’re trapped in diapers, and you will helplessly wet them.

You need to wear diapers when you listen, otherwise this won’t have any effect on you.

Diaper Trap (Isolation Induction) mp3 37 min

Diaper Trap (Leash Induction) mp3 28 min

stage 3 diaper cc

  1. Gave it a conscious listen to see if I could commit to it in a couple weeks. Can’t wait to actually trance and be trapped. It’s really a fantastic file. I would love to see more diaper files from you.

  2. Gave this a listen before bed a couple nights ago and didn’t want to change my diaper for work when I woke up! Haven’t used a toilet once for those two days and am completely convinced that I wouldn’t have to use it anymore if I decided to try.

    Very well done and thank you for this file!

  3. After training with so many files that make me more and more submissive to you Vive this file, when I first read it , just the idea seemed so humiliating. I don’t have an AB/DL or diaper based fetishes but loosing control is a theme that I grow to long for and love more amore every day But I tried to brush past this file, yet it would keep coming into my mind and my subconscious kept pushing me into planning out when and where to buy diapers, now here I sit this morning after succumbing to it yesterday . I Feel nice and safe and comfortable in a fresh warm clean diaper after well let’s just say a very arousing and humiliating night and morning. I barely even looked at the toilet this morning and the floodgates opened and there I stood in a heavy wet diaper and the humiliation and arousal and the trick you used to make that happen ,, oh my!! I really feel completely stuck in diapers. Wonderful file and this day has only just begun.

    • I’m going to run out of diapers!!! I went to wash my hands and the running water and next thing I know ……..

  4. Loved the file gave in to the suggestions I think I might be stuck in a diper a little more often my girlfriend heard me crinkle found out I was wet…Got a twinkle in her eye and asked where the rest of my diapers were I showed her…She now dipers me whenever she wants…it is weird but exciting..we have never been closer..but she is now in charge…Thank you soooo much

  5. Loved this file and found it really effective. I’m glad you did a file like this too since I know you’re not too fond of doing them, but maybe you could do more babish themed files centered around themes of control? Like being unable to talk like a baby or walk like a baby? Just some ideas as I think there is definitely people who would be interested in those sort of files.

  6. This file works well I am currently trapped in my diaper. I did try to leave it off earlier for a while even though I felt like I didn’t want to but being without a diaper felt wrong and unsafe. I didn’t wet without one but only managed to keep it off for a very short time (less than ten minutes) I have not used the toilet since 12.05 am today

    I did listen to it a few times and will probably listen again to reinforce as long as I do it before midnight (don’t want a extra day due to having to go to work)

    But I am not expecting being able to keep the diaper off (I am having to get used to calling them diapers as am british and used to calling them nappies but have been delibrately thinking of them using the word diaper

    • I have an account now but I am Neil I was most definitely trapped in diapers by this file being without feeling wrong I tried to be without the second time and had the same problem I had to put on a new Diaper within ten minutes I also found I was wetting little and often pretty much as soon as something was in my bladder it was in my diaper.

      I also suspect I sometimes wet without being aware of it during the day but particularly at night. The 3rd and final time I went without a diaper I put up with feeling the uncomfortable not to mention worried for a bit over 20 minutes which wasn’t easy. This however ended when I wet myself without a diaper. That was the last time I tried to defy the trap.

      I enjoyed being forced into diapers and will no doubt do it again some time. I don’t even have a diaper fetish I just love losing control.

  7. as i write this im sitting in a wet diaper, my punishment for trying to use the bathroom i thought i could manage since i have an ensuite but as i pulled my pajamas down to remove the diaper the flood gates opened so cruel it let me think i won until the last moment

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