Tamed Demon

Tamed Demon

I have a new sextoy. Yes, it’s decadent, but sometimes a wand or even a sybian just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you want more. That’s why I tamed a demon and trained it to be the ultimate sextoy.

And after you heard about my newest toy, you decided you want to test drive it. Even though you know “tamed” only means it won’t really fuck you up or eat your soul or something like that. It will still completely dominate you, fuck you senseless, and humiliate you beyond any believe. Because this demon is feeding on your shame, your humiliation, and your helplessness. And it will convert it into more pleasure it feeds back to you, trapping you in this loop of pleasure and shame.

Make no mistake, even though this demon is tamed, it will dominate you like you never thought possible. It won’t just fuck your body, it will rape your mind, and make you feel absolutely controlled and humiliated. You are the prey here. It will degrade you, enslave you, and break you into it’s little fucktoy. Oh yes, even though this demon is just my little fucktoy – you will become it’s fucktoy. This lowly demon, even less than an animal will reduce you even more. And it will savor every little bit of your shame as it slowly destroys you and fills you with it’s demonic cum.

So will you stand up to my new toy? Or will you become a toy?

Of course I trained it to release you again once it’s done. You will be free again, but you will remember every detail of being enslaved and broken in by the demon.

READ THIS: This file is intense. It delves deep into being used, being controlled, and being sexually humiliated. This should only be listened to by experienced subjects who enjoy intense control and humiliation. You will be completely enslaved and humiliated by the demon. Take this serious. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

This fantasy assumes that the listener has a pussy. The demon is male. It’s otherwise gender neutral.

Tamed Demon (Leash Induction) mp3 64 min

Tamed Demon (Isolation Induction) mp3 73 min

Inner demons CC License

  1. Oh my. Wow. That was completely out of this world. You are not kidding when you say this is intense. It’s only been half an hour since I woke up, and I am not sure what to say. I feel like this profound experience caused something in me. I was completely lost in my masters power and completely shocked about my desires at the same time. I felt so owned and humiliated and I just wanted more. But it feel like I rediscovered a part of me. I will have to listen again and explore this more. I hope this makes sense. I’m still a bit shell shocked, but I wanted to give feedback.

    • ViVe

      As the mail you gave is bouncing I try it here: Are you ok? Shellshocked doesn’t sound… good? Feel free to contact me!

      • Don’t worry, i am okay. It was just intense as hell. I am still processing. I will write a longer feedback later.

        Thank you for making sure i am okay. And for making this.

        • Mary, I’m looking forward to reading your longer feedback – hopefully in time for Christmas! 🙂

  2. I love the concept of this file. I just wish there was a version for men.

  3. to clarify, I meant I wish there was a version for gay men.

    • Seconded. At least, a version where the sex happens orally, which would be gender neutral.

  4. Wow, absolutely outstanding. I listened to the file last night and it was intense, I have had trouble experiencing fantasy type files I t he past but lately I have been training my trance and so I thought I would give this file a shot, my trance was better than normal and I experienced the fantasy which is better than normal, but now I am going to try hard to develop a better trance so that next time when I listen to this file I will feel like I am actually there in the fantasy.
    Suggestions for the sequel
    After being fucked and released by the demon all you can think about is the demon(this is humiliating) the humiliation and need for the demon grow for weeks until you finally beg Vive to be fucked by the demon again but Vive usually doesn’t let anyone fuck his sexyoy more than once as it is likely to break their minds, but you still need the demon and the need and humiliation are still building until finally you go back to Vive and beg him to let you become one of his fucktoys so that you can be fucked over and over by the demon, but Vive doesn’t have time to train his own sextoys no he leaves that job to his demon. This time it will not be pleasurable or not at least until the new sextoy is trained and the sextoy will be trained by the demon it will be trained through pain humiliation and the desire to be fucked again by the demon.

  5. Wow! This is fantastic! So intense and the isolation induction is by far the best induction I have ever experienced. I just listened and am still feeling the shame and humiliation and the need. Thank you for this amazing file!

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