Sissy Clean

Sissy Clean

This is a special cleaning file that allows you to let go of negative sissy stereotypes while allowing you to embrace your femininity on a deeper level.

This is for everyone who listened to too many stereotypical sissy files. You know the kind I’m talking of. The kind that tells you that because you have a feminine side, you are weak, dumb, less worth, … That kind of sissy file. This file will allow you to let go of all negative triggers and ideas while helping you to embrace your femininity on a deeper level. Because your feminine side is wonderful and amazing, and you should never feel bad about it.

Sissy Clean (Leash Induction) mp3 21 min

Sissy Clean (Isolation Induction) mp3 30 min

Fire in your hair CC License

  1. Wonderful idea! because i am no sissy, i feel 100% feminine.

    in combination w/ sexed up, Parts 1-11, a big step to a new life.

  2. Phenomenal; I love that this appreciates why we listen to feminization to begin with- while moving beyond the pretense.

  3. This file excites me for all of its usefulness. Although after one listen I do have a sneaky suspicion that there might be something a little devious and delicious that is hidden in the wording of the trigger. Thank you again Vive! Happy New Year!

    • Five listens in and this file is just a beautiful creation Vive. I started leading into this with Feminine Light . Such a great experience.

  4. I definitely identify as as a sissy when I feel safe, however this file was much needed. In the early days of my sissification I watched a lot of the toxic material on the web, thinking to hasten my progress and take it to extremes. Thank you very much ViVe. I miss you.

  5. Long-time lurker, first time poster. I had long believed, ViVe, that you are one of the most genuinely heartfelt, positive, yet still totally kinky hypnotists on the net. Your files have always been about the listener, you have always described in depth what the file does, both in the download page and in the file itself. Now with this file I just had to post this because I myself am a transgender female who has a habit of listening to sissy files long after I’ve abandoned my male identity, and now I can finally work towards letting go of my personally undesirable aspects of my transition, and work on being the woman I imagined.

    Thank you so much.


  6. Lovely comments from people who have been deeply effected.
    I will definitely put this on my ‘to listen to ASAP list’
    Way to go Vive!

  7. Well I listened this morning and I must say my mind feels clearer and more focused already. Let’s see how this works out during the day and weekend, maybe I’ll be back to let you know how Monique feels as she develops and grows. Till next time, love to you all.

    Monique xxx

  8. Thank you for this file. I had listened to some rough stuff and it’s nice to clean it out.

  9. Thanks ViVe for that file. It’s a great idea!!!

  10. WONDERFUL….Thank You Sooo Very, Very Much.

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