Big Green Cock

Big Green Cock

In this fantasy you have been captured by a group of orcs and goblins. And they will slowly break you and turn you into their little fucktoy.

I don’t really want to spoiler too much. Just imagine being taken by orcs and goblins. This is your first night, and you will be broken in as their fucktoy. And these beasts will use you and break you. Completely and totally. If you want to know more you find a few spoilers at the end of the description.

I also added a little bonus file. It’s the loop of the drums from the file. Don’t listen if you haven’t listen to the main file first.

I tuned it down a bit from the original idea, but this is still quite extreme. You will feel completely used by these beasts and be broken in as their fucktoy. You have been warned.


Spoilers: This file contains (but is not limited to): Magic brainwashing drums, goblin magic, being fucked by orcs, being fucked by goblins, watersports, musk, being in heat, orc and goblin cum, deep mind control, humiliation.

Big Green Cock mp3 49 min

And as a little bonus:

Big Green Cock Bonus Loop mp3 7 min

ABC21206-01 CC License

  1. Somewhere in the back of my mind was a fantasy such as this. Wild, large, and powerful beings taking me..
    For the horde! 😉

  2. Love it! Can you do another where orcs fuck you and transform you into one of them? Letting you grow big and green and unable to resist as you join their horde

  3. Wow Vive, your imagination is running away with you, so is mine.
    This is number 2 on my ‘must listen to list’ right after Sissy Clean
    Or perhaps I shouldn’t mix them, what do you think?

    M xxx

  4. This is really best of all your tracks. Even if I cannot get to deep trance it was nice and enjoyable story. Keep up the good work! The story was very creative!

  5. Wow… that was an intense file, please do make more files like these where the listener gets tortured and humilated 🙂

  6. This is hands down the most erotic file I’ve ever listened to. I found my self actually moaning and whimpering. Please continue this, I want to feel it in so many ways.

  7. Oh god was this super fucking hot

  8. Woah… thank you so much, ViVe… I think I’m getting a bit addicted to your files. I loved this :O

  9. Wow… that was an incredibly intense fantasy.

    Which got me even more was edging while listening to the bonus file. The break between the drums allows you to chant extra suggestion. I want *big green cock*, i love *big green cock*, i need *big green cock*, i crave *big green cock*… you get the idea. Later it changed to i’m controlled by *big green cock* i’m owned by *big green cock* i pray to *big green cock* i’m owned by *big green cock*

    I was lost in the brainwashing for two hours yesterday, and i still desire Big Green Cock!

  10. You really should make a version of this file where you just go all out. This ile is among your best.

  11. Well, I’ve not listen to your files for a little while and now I regret! This one is just fantastic. I really felt it, everything suggested, I felt it. It was incredibly hot. And although I usually feel a bit frustrated after listening to a file (because I’m usually aroused but hardly, rarely orgasm), this time I felt just right. No need to orgasm, because this fantasy is so intense, it’s mind-blowing, and exhausting. I had no more strength to orgasm, but i was in such a good state of mind! Thank you for this fantasy. And please, go on!

  12. Very intense. Love the loop. Alas, I kept being pulled from immersion by the back and forth referring to the goblins as gnomes, as to my mind, those are two distinct creatures.

  13. Would you ever consider a file similar to this but where the mind control evolves into body control, kinda like a puppet file. I for one would love to be physically controlled by the horde’s magic :D.

  14. I have listened to this one 3 times already and it’s still very very good. I’m not usually into.. that.. but Yeah, it’s really really good. You really feel the mind control. And the drums..

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