ViVe’s SubWash

ViVe’s SubWash

It’s like a car wash, but for subs. Of course it’s not only about cleaning your body, it will also brainwash you. When you come out of the SubWash you will be completely calm, mindless, submissive, and very very horny. You can also write the name of your dominant on a piece of paper, if you do so only they will be able to give you orgasms for the rest of the day. The description in the file is for a female body, but anyone who can imagine experiencing it as a woman can listen.

Here’s the ad for the SubWash for anyone curious:

ViVe’s SubWash™

Come to “ViVe’s SubWash™”. In under 30 minutes we not only wash away all the dirt of the day, but also all your worries and cares of your submissive. We only use the highest quality SubCare products and the brainwashing chemicals on the market. Since the latest upgrade special SubWashBays we only use high grade rotating triple teaser nozzles and highest quality brainwashing grade brushes.

Try “Platinum Brain and Body Deep Clean Pack” program, including a mindnumming presoak, deep massage, multiple tease and mind rinse cycles, our patented “OrgasmShield 2000™”, our patented “Thought B Gone™” neural inhibitor, and of course our own special blend of sensitizer. For a limited time our platinum program comes with a free “ViVe’s Deep Mind Wash Guarantee” upgrade. With this upgrade your sub is brainwashed until they are completely mindless, happy, and obedient. No matter how much the try to fight and how much longer the brainwashing takes, it’s on us. Complete satisfaction guaranteed*.

Note that after your deep cleaning experience in “ViVe’s SubWash™” your submissive will be in a very deeply submissive mindset, they will be docile and obedient and of course incredibly aroused. Make sure you take good care of your submissive.

Ask us what we can do with your submissive. We have the right solution for all your sub cleaning and care needs.

* (Note that because of the application of “OrgasmShield 2000™” the submissive is guaranteed not to be sexually satisfied right after the SubWash.)

ViVe’s SubWash (Latex Induction) mp3 44 min

ViVe’s SubWash (Leash Induction) mp3 36 min

Car wash 2 CC License

  1. Wow! This just had a lot of great things. I don’t have a dom but I wanted to experience this and was glad that you included those without as an option within the file. Definitely left me feeling horny, mindless,controlled and submissive. The fantasy you created was awesome!! Thank you once again for an amazing experience!

  2. This was an amazing file, I was writhing in my chair and groaning in pleasure with what was going on in the file. And I felt so horny and submissive afterwards, kinda wish I had a dominate atm so I could experience that aspect of the file as well.

  3. Excellent fantasy! If you enjoyed the GCS files, I’d recommend trying this one out. I didn’t have anyone to play with tonight so I followed up with the slut fractionation file, which was a delicious pairing. The orgasm shield worked perfectly even after several repetitions of the loop, and starting fractionation already pretty mindless made it that much more effective.

  4. Wish there was an exact version for males…

  5. Wow. So, I’m a trans woman listening to this, pre op, and this was incredibly intense. I found myself twitching uncontrollably while listening. Great work, I enjoyed this thoroughly.

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