Little Boy

Little Boy

So you want to be my little boy, huh? Want to be taken by a strong dominant man? You want me to take control and put you into a deep trance? To make you my subissive little boy and fuck you? Then this is for you.

This has been requested a lot and here it finally is. You’re going to be my little boy, and I play with you. And I will play with you. I will make you feel submissive and controlled. And I’m going to fuck you. You are going to be my little boy.

This file is a bit different, it doesn’t use a formal induction but integrates it into the experience. While this is primarily for men, everyone who can imagine to experience it as a man can listen.

This file is very intense and extreme. You have been warned.

Little Boy mp3 41 min

Pendant – stone CC License

  1. Geil! Danke für dies audio. Have you ever considered a file where the listener is dominant, and the tist sub? Is it possible? Must be interesting to experience.

  2. This file is incredibly strong. I felt cumming all around, and now that I’m awake… my ass hurts! Like your real hard cock fucked me, and I feel your cum inside me… It’s the 1st time I’ve got real sensations lasting after a file… thank you so much !

  3. I agree with LoDr, this file is incredible. I don’t really post comments even though I’m a fan of a few years. I have got to say that I usually go under and respond well to most of your files. This file is by far my new favourite as for the first time through one of the files I actually had came when I woke up. Will definetly be listening again and again!

    Many thanks 🙂

  4. I’ve just listened a second time. This time, it was more intense and vivid. My ass doesn’t hurt but I see a lot of precum down here. I also think i’ve had a hard-on sooner and longer. Thanks again. I’ll listen to it another time in a week or more, just to see if I’ll really cum. As I respond very intensely to this file… I cannot not to hope !

  5. First of all thanks for writing a file directed to submissive men who want to get fucked. Those are definitely harder to find and it’s always great when I can find a good one.

    And WOW is this a good one. Definitely the most powerful file Ive listened to and the most I’ve ever really felt like I was experiencing anything

    I loved the kneeling/repeating induction and I thought that was a great and clever way to do an induction that’s still really sexy and part of the scene. The kneeling/following your cock and the licking were also both really powerful and sexy inductions—but I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

    [Don’t read on if you don’t want too many spoilers for the file]

    I really felt everything. Even with my eyes closed, things went “more” black with the choking and my legs starting quivering when you pulled me up onto the balls of my feet.

    When the file started, I was skeptical about the hands-free orgasm, since that’s something I usually have trouble with. I also realized, when we got to the licking part, that I was REALLY thirsty and I had been since before I started the file. My mouth was so dry I thought the salivating would never work, but it actually did. Not too much, but then I really do need a glass of water. If i’d been better hydrated, I’m sure I would have been salivating all over the place.

    The orgasm command was… powerful. Surprisingly powerful. Like I said, I was a skeptic but. I didn’t “orgasm” in the usual sense with any kind of emission, but like you said at the beginning, the brain knows what to do, and I felt myself thrashing and twitching and feeling all of the physical sensations. I even feel relief, even though nothing actually “came out.” I just realized that actually. I was so incredibly horny throughout the file and then I sat up, started writing this, and just realized that I’m good? I feel relieved and euphoric, like I actually did have a full orgasm.

    And like someone else pointed out, I definitely feel it in my ass too. Maybe it’s from all the muscle clenching going on or maybe you’re just THAT good (I think you’re just that good).

    I definitely feel satisfied. I feel like I just got fucked really, really well. And I feel like i had an incrdible orgasm.

    This is an amazing file and I can’t wait to listen again. I know i will.

  6. I LOVED this file Vive! Your fantasies are always my favorite, and this is no exception. I sincerely hope this will become a series. I am SO ready to be your Good. Little. Boy.

  7. One of your best easily! Would love a continuation of the LB series, potentially involving different acts of submission.

  8. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Love being your little boy!

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