Orgasm Block

Orgasm Block

Ever wanted to listen to a hypnotic fantasy, and you couldn’t because the file gives you an orgasm but you are denied at the moment? Now you can. You need a string or bracelet you wear when you listen, and it will become your Orgasm Block trigger. Whenever you wear it, instead of having an orgasm when the hypnotist triggers you, you will only be reminded that you’re denied, and it will make you even more horny.

Orgasm Block mp3 18 min

Bondage Breaker. via photopin PD

  1. Believe i am partly responsible for this file as i was discussing denial and that i can cum only from a dom’s order and concerns about whether Vive would count as such to my mind in trance. I have just listened to it, linked it to a thick wristband so i will feel it surrounding my wrist whenever i am wearing it. I aim to test this out later and will give you feedback on how the effect worked for me. When listening to the file it was reminding me i was denied and made me get subbier

  2. Any effects if you’re not listening to a hypnotic file, but wear the object anyway?

    • I did actually experiment with one of my partners whether the command to cum would still send me over despite wearing this and it did seem to block it which was interesting. I used a very thick wristband (think sports sweatbands) which means its comfortable but you can feel the pressure and so are aware of it loosely in the back of your head. I tend to find myself feeling subbier as it is a reminder of my denial when wearing it 🙂

      When at my desk I tend to fiddle with things and I caught myself slipping it on a few times when i started feeling subby through the day or talking to vive once or twice which I just found amusing 😀

      The only thing in the file it does is just link the object with not being allowed to cum and anytime you are commanded to hypnotically it will make you feel more desperate and frustrated akin to being denied for a few more days each time. he words it as hypnotic triggers but with what training i received i am not the best person to test if physically i could get off from play with it on as I am incapable without a dominants command. (this is the remains of my first RL master 6 years ago training me, not hypnotically but via conditioning, often a firm few cane strikes whenever i went over the edge)

      I link being denied mentally with being submissive but if you dont then you can easily snap past it and not experience any effect through your normal day wearing the item, just for me its one I only ever wore for this file’s training and since so its got that connection now mentally.

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