Misogyny II

Misogyny II

So you’re back, aren’t you little girl? Craving another dose of misogyny? Do you need a strong man show you your true place in life and take complete control over you? Good little girl.

I’m still not buying into the concept that your gender or genitals say anything about you. Nevertheless, a lot of strong, independent women enjoyed safely indulging in this taboo little fantasy, and being just a weak and tiny little girl in the control of a strong and superior man. As a matter of fact they enjoyed it so much they asked me for more.

But this time, little girl, will be a bit different… This time it’s not just about fucking you into oblivion. No, little girl. This time it’s all about making you feel it. Making you feel how easy it is to control a mindless and helpless little girl. I show you how easy it is. I’m going to toy with your mind, and your body. I’m going to make you feel controlled, and I’m going to force you to accept the dominance men have over your fragile female mind and you weak body. That’s right, little girl. You will be mine. Are you ready for the journey?

Before you dive into this – know that one of my little slavegirls is going to help me to tease you. And be aware that I’m going to make you my completely helpless little girl. Just a weak little girl, completely dominated by strong male mind. And of course this is misogyny with a little ViVe twist…

Warning:This file is designed to make you feel weak and controlled. It will temporary turn you into a weak and helpless little girl. You feel very humiliated and controlled. It is very intense and extreme. Only listen after you have listened to and enjoyed Misogyny. You have been warned.

Misogyny 2 mp3 49 min

Style – The One With The Power CC License

  1. awesome! it feels so controlled still and so very submissive. yes please train it, change it, control it.

  2. So how does one go about moving into your neighborhood? Still reeling from this, Thank you for controlling your little girl.

    • This is my new favorite ‘date night’! This fantasy makes me feel so wonderful. sigh……

      • I have found over the last few months that I have been longing and began to wear a collar that I have and after listening to this for the last four days I find my mind calling you Daddy and longing to be on your leash so you can teach me more new tricks!! I love this feeling so much !!

  3. this is absolutely amazing! please train me Sir, your little girl needs it.

  4. I was a fan of misogyny 1 but this file just hit me so much harder. I wont say spoilers but some of it about the submissive desire not being as important as his choice in this file along with being nicely degraded by vive hit my sub side very well. Interesting induction which I found enjoyable but not sure how deep I went, but then I have a tendency to drop instantly to sleep now. If any women reading this like the thought of being overpowered alongside humiliated absolutely listen 🙂
    This is a bit more misogynistic than the first file but still done very well and is incredibly hot. You feel wonderfully controlled and put in your place as a weak little girl for him during it.

    As I’ve been blocked by vive it left me coming out of the file so incredibly horny and wanting to be used, he allows you to choose between the weak little girl state and coming back up feeling empowered at the end of the file. (although I did stay in the controlled mindset)

    Have a feeling I may wind up back here quite often 😀

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