This is something I wanted to make for a long time. It will allow you to experience your packer as your real cock. You will also experience the psychological effects of having a cock.

The main part of this file is a slow and very deep approach to have you perceive your packer as your cock whenever you wear your cock. Every time you wear it, it will become a little bit more a normal part of your body. At the same time it works on slowly dissolving all potential dysphoria you might experience.

This will also have you experience the psychological effects of having a cock. It primarily uses your own idea of what having a cock will do to you, tailoring the experience to your expectations. Using your own ideas and stereotypes, something you already worked out in your mind and waiting to be implemented will make this file incredibly powerful. Beyond your own ideas of how it will affect you it’s mostly about feeling comfortable with and confident about your cock.

To round off the experience and turn having a cock into something more realistic, I will also include a little drawback. You will not only feel your cock rubbing against your legs / clothes, stimulating you and reminding you that it’s there (and thereby reinforcing all effects of this file), but you will also feel an intense pleasure if anyone touches / brushes up against your bulge. If someone were to stroke your bulge the pleasure would be incredibly intoxicating, and it would require a lot of self control to stop them. Adding a little drawback takes the whole experience out of the realm of fantasies and makes it a lot more real.

There are two inductions: The “Deep Sea Induction” is vanilla (but has a aquaphobia trigger warning), the “Isolation Induction” has themes of bondage and isolation.

Packing (Deep Sea Induction) mp3 46 min

Packing (Isolation Induction) mp3 46 min

Photo-132 CC License

  1. Long time listener, first time commenter. I’m normally really shy about reviewing these sorts of things, but I had to say something about this file.

    Wow. Just wow.

    First of all thank you for this. Truly, deeply, thank you. I had just about given up on bothering with my packer because it was no longer doing much for my dysphoria, but this… endless thanks.

    I’ve only listened one time so far, but I was very hyper aware of my packer after, but in a way were it didn’t feel like flaccid silicone in my underwear but rather like… something else? It is really hard to describe, but I seriously can’t wait to wear it again.

    Thank you so much for this. Really, as a non-binary person who doesn’t always want to have a dick, having a file like this, that makes the ones I own feel realer when I want to wear them, but also allows me to take them off when I don’t want to have one… well it truly is amazing.

    Thank you.

  2. I haven’t listened yet, but thank you so, so much for making this and the boxershorts one. There are files I’ve been hoping to find for a long time, but couldn’t. I’m not sure exactly where I am on the gender spectrum, but something like this can at least help me figure things out.

    I really appreciate it

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