The Little Monkey

The Little Monkey

Also known as ”Your other Brain“. This will give you a cock for the rest of the day. You know how some men think with their cock? Better be careful that it doesn’t happen to you…

You know how some man seem to have a little screeching monkey in the back of their mind, telling them to stuff their cock into every hole they can possibly find? It’s more like all men have this natural programming to keep the species alive, it’s just that some men can control it a bit better than others….

Question is: How would you do?

Would you be able to control your cock? Or would it quickly start to think for you?

This file allows you exactly that experience. You will have a cock for the rest of the day, and not just the hardware. You also get the software, the desire to find a hole to put it in. Can you imagine to have this little monkey screeching every time you see any potential partner? Every attractive woman, maybe even man, every potential hole making it go crazy? The little monkey begins to scream at you, your cock wants to think for you, and your mind is intoxicated with lust.

That’s exactly what’s going to happen to you if you listen to this. Will you stay in control or will your cock begin to think for you?

There are safeties to keep you safe and from going too far.

Note: This is hard, but fair. There is no suggestion that you will lose control. It’s up to you how this will play out. You will feel the strong desires, but that’s what you feel when you have a cock. It’s a fair challenge.

The little Monkey (Isolation Induction) mp3 37 min

The little Monkey (Leash Induction) mp3 29 min

Hungry Monkey CC License

  1. Ever since that other cock-having file, I knew I wanted something like this, and… fuck, I needed it. I’ve listened twice this morning, and it’s hard to think about much except..

    ..except fucking. Fucking the women I saw at the store. Stuffing cock in the woman I see in the mirror. Yearning to stick my cock in the holes I see in my boyfriend’s porn. Fuck, yearning to stick my cock in his holes, too. In every hole, everyone, everywhere…

  2. I’ve just had a listen to this file and it sounds HOT!
    Would love an equivalent for men to feel like a woman. There isn’t as much stereotype for women but something involving the desire to ride all kinds of objects and be filled by people you see could be great. And I wonder what would happen if you had a couple that each watched the opposite gender file…;)

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