Generic Taming Ball

Generic Taming Ball

Ever wondered how it would feel to be captured? And what’s really happening inside the taming ball? There are all these dark rumors about brainwashing…

According to GeTaCo (the Generic Tamingball Company) the captured pet experiences it like a luxury hotel. But you never really bought it. Why would a stay in a luxury hotel make the pet completely obedient to their trainer? And then there are all those dark rumors about brainwashing…

Today you’re going to find out.

Note: In this recording you will experience being captured and brainwashed by a taming ball. It contains themes of mindcontrol, brainwashing, unaware reprogramming, immobilization, drugs, scifi, light medical themes. There are no posthypnotic effects, you will only be left with the memory of the experience.

GenericTamingBall (Isolation Induction) mp3 39 min

GenericTamingBall (Deep Sea Induction) mp3 39 min

Headphone Pokeball 01 CC License

  1. That was intense, just the idea of what was happening in the trance had me aroused. And once I was deep in the fantasy I was even more aroused. But that’s just my personal reaction to it though.

  2. I enjoyed this file; however, I couldn’t remember it the first time I listened to it. I had keep going back to parts of the file before I remembered most of it. Trance frustrates me sometimes. I know you put the suggestion in to remember, but I guess I kept ignoring it. I don’t know. I kept becoming aware at the start of the count up so that leads me to believe that I was in trance. Who knows. It was fun though.

  3. Thank you so much for this. That’s exactly the fantasy i wanted to experience for a long time. And it’s absolutely perfect.

    Now all i need to be happy is a file where i can actually fight for my trainer.

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